Aiding and Abetting/Harboring

We might as well start off this new blog site with a bang and present a real controversial topic that you will never see the main stream media touch.  You will also never see our Attorney (lock step) General, Eric Holder, pursue as well.  This comes under the heading of:  Aiding and Abetting/Harboring.  We have always been told that crossing over someone’s border without their permission is a crime.  Some people have lost their lives by encroaching on someone’s sovereignty, some have spent time in Turkish prisons for bringing in something illegal; such as pounds of drugs.  Others have lost their lives or spent more years in prison instead of getting their law degree for aiding and abetting or harboring those who broke the law.  Not in the good old USA.  The issue of Aiding and Abetting or Harboring an illegal immigrant hasn’t even crossed their Constitutional, law professor, and Top Cop minds.  Our President Obama and our Attorney General have turned a blind eye to enforcing these laws on the books.  Our EyesOnUSA questions for today are:  Are the Aiding and Abetting and Harboring laws being broken and if so, by whom?  Are President Obama, Attorney General, Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and others breaking the law by not enforcing the Aiding and Abetting and Harboring Laws?  Should they resign or be Impeached for not enforcing the laws?  Should John Boehner cave in and help to change the immigration laws which in effect allows President Obama, Holder and others to get away with breaking the laws themselves?  Should John Boehner be held to the same fate as Obama, Holder, and the others?  I cannot think of a more serious issue for our EyesOnUSA Oversight Committee to tackle.  Everyone is welcome to join in on our debate and voice their opinion…we all have one so let’s share it…Jump right in…the water is fine


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