Welcome to Eyes On USA! The real debate starts here.

Thanks for stopping by EyesOnUSA; the only weekly report that debates the real current political issues in America, as well as, world events.

EyesOnUSA was started out of admitted frustration watching the main stream media failing Americans by withholding stories about our President and our government that impact Americans.  By purposely making the choice to withhold these stories, they have helped to dummy-down America; causing Americans to be less informed and more vulnerable to government abuses, as well as, blind to government corruption.  As such, Americans have turned to alternative sources to try and stay on top of the issues.

Social media, cable news, and talking heads are replacing the valuable old school networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC.  Throughout the past several years we have even learned how much they have become politically biased (for example, leaving out chunks of critical information from the stories that would show unfavorable light against the President,  government officials, or even citizens!).

Many of us who want to stay involved, have also become disenchanted with the likes of Fox News, the Five, Megan Kelley, Sean Hannity, Meet the Press, Face the Nation or radio talk shows for one reason.  We are frustrated that when we want to join into the debate, we can’t get into the program to give our input (even though we might be remembering something really relevant and important to the discussion or we are asked to send in an email or “tweet” them.)  The responses, if there is one, are usually “talking points,” or sent out by staff.

You’ve just jumped into EyesOnUSA because your frustration has matched ours.  EyesOnUSA gives you the opportunity to bring your valuable information to the table of our debating club and to get into an instantaneous discussion on the topics and issues of the day with your fellow Americans.  Together, we will keep our eyes on America (and, the world), keep each other informed, get the real truth out, and become the world’s most knowledgeable citizen and voter to remind the American government that WE ARE THE PEOPLE AND WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT (not the other way around; they work for US).

You benefit from EyesOnUSA by learning what the main stream media is not telling you.  You learn what the politician is hiding from you.  You will learn new and truthful information form one another (as our debaters keep us on our toes), and you will benefit by getting instant feedback.

All you have to do is to visit EyesOnUSA, read the current topic/issues, and chime in!  Our debates take on a life of their own!

We do have some ground rules.   Please keep your comments civil, no name-calling, or profanity.  We are more interested in healthy, deep, and well-thought out debates, information sharing, and fact finding.

We have learned that the Federal Government (through the NSA and the CIA) have its eyes on the Senate, world leaders, and us.  It is time that we the people have our eyes on them…you will be our OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE.

Again, welcome to EyesOnUSA! Let the pursuit of the whole truth begin..!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Eyes On USA! The real debate starts here.

  1. Thanks Debbie for being a part of EyesOnUSA and happy to see that the urged stirred you to comment and that you will be debating with us for a long time! You are a great addition to our EyesOnUSA Oversight Committee!


  2. Thank you all for visiting EyesOnUSA.org! Everyone is invited to join our EyesOnUSA Oversight Committee, read the latest posts that our main stream media won’t report to you, bring us new information to post, comment and debate other contributors. EyesOnUSA is a place to vent, to bring your facts, to debate the hot topics/issues, and to bring your solutions to help solve our nation’s and world problems. Jump right in…the water is fine!


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