The Model

Being new to my EyesOnUSA blog, I felt it important for you to understand the genesis of EyesOnUSA, how it is set up, how it works, and how to get the most from EyesOnUSA.  EyesOnUSA was modeled after my Facebook DTC (Debate Team Club) model.  My goals were simple:  One, select important topics/issues that I felt were being ignored by the main stream media, but I had become aware of them.  Two, explore the “why” the main stream media might not be reporting on relevant and important topics to us Americans.  Three, state my position on the topic (to get the ball rolling).  Four, propose some questions to stimulate our thoughts, and to get ready for the debates.  The DTC became very successful, exciting, and at times we had some heated debates over the topics.

We learned quite a few things from our DTC experience.  We needed to move the DTC past Facebook, and we needed to expand our debaters and get more input.  We found out that more Americans were more informed than the politicians and the talking heads gave them credit for and more of us Americans wanted to get to the truth of important matters such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS and countless other scandals.  They felt stunted that they could not get all of their thoughts expressed but, had to do them in sound bites of 140 characters or less, which can be an unsatisfactory experience to say the least.  Another unsatisfactory experience was attempting to call into talk shows to debate the talk show hosts, waiting forever, and maybe having the wonderful experience of the phone slammed in your face because the talk show host was tired of hearing from you or your opinion differed from theirs.

Our DTC debaters found out that there was no real place to debate the issues, no real place to vent your feelings in depth, and no real place that wouldn’t attempt to belittle or discount you.

The DTC gave all Americans a place to get the topics/issues out right on the table, a place where they can search for the truth or bring their facts to the table, and a place that they can speak truth to power.  Through our debates we empowered our Americans and gave them a voice in their nation.

Our EyesOnUSA is the next step in that evolution of putting the real power and authority back in the hands of we the people.  It is your real opportunity to move real information (without the main stream media or government) between us.  When you join us you will automatically be placed on our EyesOnUSA Oversight Committee.  You will become one of our watchdogs on government, business, or other organizations and be part of holding them accountable.

All Americans are welcome!  Every American’s opinion has value!  Every American is powerful and with every American pulling together through information sharing, healthy debate and fact finding, we can and will reunite the United States of America.  Through EyesOnUSA we can, and will, build new generations of informed and knowledgeable voters.

I look forward to everyone’s contributions…


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