In the age of Technology and Communication Hacking it and Hiding it have become the Norm

We break today from the topic that was to be covered (Immigration to be put into perspective) to bring to the table for our debate the letter to Congress by 47 out of our 73 Inspector Generals of the United States.  Multiple scandals and lawsuits have occurred on President Barack Obama’s watch!  EyesOnUSA will list just some of them to jog our memory:  Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Secret Service,  Lois Lerner and the IRS are just but a few.  What President Obama is having  trouble with is the ability to blame the above scandals on George W. Bush or Congress.  They are the makings of President Obama and his Administration.

At least the Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the IRS have found their way to many congressional committees for investigation (remember, the members of these committees were elected by us to represent our best interests).  More scandals may be on the horizon and they will probably make it to the committees for investigation as well before President Obama leaves office.

Besides investigating these scandals, what other experiences are these committees experiencing?  President Obama promised to be the most transparent President and have the most transparent administration in history.  Yet, all of the committees, the press, and now, 47 IGs have the same thing in common: the lack of transparency by President Obama and his administration.  The Congressional committees, and now the press, have complained that this administration has spied on its own Senators (and other world leaders), spied on (and hacked into) its own citizens, while stalling, stonewalling, and hiding information.  Even under subpoenas Congress has found it difficult to get documents from President Obama’s administration, etc.  (The IGs’ letter is quite revealing and it is suggested that every American go to the Internet and read it.)

One more point to bring to our EyesOnUSA Oversight Committee members is that the same stalling, hiding, and stonewalling behavior is occurring within our justice system.  Presidential appointee (and, confidant) Eric Holder has refused to bring cases against people where at least a prima facie case has been made as well as personally lying to Congress.  He was held in contempt of Congress for his behavior and should have done the honorable thing and resigned; he didn’t but continued to withhold documents from Congress.  Those conservative organizations who were targeted by Lois Lerner and the IRS (and possibly the White House and President Obama himself) have had to take their matters to Court and file FOIAs (Freedom of Information Act) with the Courts to get compliance from the IRS and the documents they are seeking.  Another person finding difficulty getting through the justice system is Doctor Orly Taitz who has approximately 5 cases pending in court against President Obama for Fraud, etc.  She filed her cases several years ago and continues to complain regarding the judges hearing her cases regarding  being stalled by the judges themselves who refuse to rule on the cases or rule on her motions in a timely fashion. would like to hear from Americans and their feelings regarding the lack of transparency from the Obama administration, their stalling, their stonewalling, and their defiance to turn over critical documentation in a timely fashion.  The EOU questions for today’s debate are:  How do you want your governments and their agents to work?  Do you want complete transparency from each and every one of them (including your President)?  Do you want Congressional Hearings to wrap up their investigations in a timely fashion or do you want the government’s behaviors of stalling, stonewalling, defiance, and contempt to prevail which would cause these hearings to be protracted and help the President and his administration “run out the clock” with no consequence for their maladaptive and malfeasant behavior without being held accountable?  (We learned a lot in the 1990’s regarding Richard Nixon’s maladaptive and criminal behavior that occurred in the 1970’s; much too long for Americans not to know what Nixon actually did and how his behavior truly impacted Americans); and we are still awaiting the Kennedy documents from his assassination in the 60’s.

Doesn’t Doctor Orly Taitz (whether she is right or wrong) have the right to have fair and impartial hearings?  Shouldn’t our Congressional Committees, our Inspector Generals, and our attorneys be given what they are seeking in a timely fashion so that truth and justice will prevail?


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