We chose this American President (twice)! Why? To lead or…what?

EyesOnUSA.org Oversight Committee members are reminded of the purpose of this website; to bring important information to our members that the main stream media is not bringing to Americans: to make us more knowledgeable voters, to provide a forum for our members to debate the issues (there’s no talking heads here), to empower our members to feel ownership of this forum, and to present some current thought-provoking topics/issues through questions to stimulate our debates.  Our EyesOnUSA.org topic for debate begins at the top: where all such matters should begin when discussing governments, systems, organizations, and other agencies.  What better way to look at why our government is functional, dysfunctional, or completely out of whack than to begin with who set our laws, polices, and regulations; the lay person didn’t do it!

Another friendly reminder, EyesOnUSA.org was also implemented as a tool to study if these bodies are successful, unsuccessful, or oppressive.  For example, if we are really concerned about becoming a winning race car driver, we do not study the losing race car team and its driver; we study the team that has won the most races and try to emmulate it.  A California high school, De LaSalle, has the longest winning football record in high school history (believed to be approximately 151 wins).  How did it get there?  Follow and study other losing high schools?  We think not!  They either studied winning schools or built their own winning model for which every high school coach in America should be following if they want to reach the same goal.  America also built a juggernaut from the ground up, borrowing positive elements from other countries and adding other marvelous tools, such as the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.  One would think we could keep on this same glorious path if we continued to stay the course with what works and discard what clearly didn’t work in our best interest.  Since the United States has been in business for over 200 years as the number one super power, clearly our past Presidents and our Congress saw the value in following them so that we can keep winning and being number one.

Unfortunately, something took us off course and away from “USA we’re number 1!”  Some might say it was our leaders (and there have been some that clearly did not have America’s best interest in mind) and some would say that it was us, the voters, who put the wrong leaders in power, whereby their party, their self-interest, and the own legacy were more important!

EOU (EyesOnUSA.org) proffers another suggestion.  Perhaps we have seen the “dumbing down” of Americans not only of their knowledge of government, current issues, and other administrations but, also a dumbing down of our own expectations and standards.  The expectations are reciprocal contracts.  For example,  policy makers lower the standards and expectations for the citizenry and we the people lower the standards and expectations for our leaders.  Do we have a concrete example of this reciprocal contract?  We do!

The title of today’s post says it all, “We chose this American President (twice)! Why?  To lead or…what?”  Many when asked said they wanted to elect an African-American President to finally break the ceiling and to enhance and enrich race relations.  In a speech, President Obama stated that there are no red, blue, or white states only the United States, intimating that he was going to unite us and sow stronger race relations.  Has that occurred?  Has he reached his goal?  Are race relations better off today because he was elected?  Others say that Barack Obama was elected (twice) because he was better than George W. Bush and was going to take us in a stronger direction (the transformation was coming).  Well, has he taken us in a better direction?  Has he spent more than George W. Bush?  Has there been more terrorism, war, and chaos in the world since Bush left office?

Let’s review:  Before becoming President, Barack Obama was clearly African American (he met the voters standard and goal of breaking the ceiling to elect an African-American).  Was he a great speaker?  Again, that apparently met the voters standard and goal of having someone in the Oval Office present well to the world (when he was at his podium and teleprompter) but, we quickly learned that he did not speak well without them and quickly limited the questions (or took none at all) in his press conferences.  The voters also learned that he was not totally truthful with us when he spoke (“You can keep your doctor, PERIOD!”) and the voters learned they he wasn’t quite living up to our speaking and presenting standards as well as his popularity as a leader quickly diminished with his drawing a “red line” with Syria’s Assad, then allowed Assad to step over it without substantial penalty.  Yet, another standard and expectation shot down for the Obama voters.  Obama’s job approval rating also took a substantial beating with all of the scandals surfacing, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Selective Service, DHS, and the IRS, Obamacare, etc. and, in particular his handling of them!  The electorate learned that he was NOT the “most transparent President in history;” as his administration were not forthcoming with documents or the truth.  The electorate even learned that the transparent President would rather blame a video instead of terrorists for the killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.  Did he meet our standards and expectations on these occasions as our number one leader?

We also learned prior to Barack Obama becoming our President and Commander-in-Chief that he was hanging around some unsavory characters, such as domestic terrorists, Marxists, socialists, or anti-American reverends, yet he wouldn’t earnestly acknowledge these relationships.  Did he meet our standards and expectations here (before he became President)?  His resume included being a community organizer and “Constitutional” Law Professor.  Did he meet our standards and expectations for becoming the most powerful man in the world with this Curricula Vitae (he might have been as a constitutional law professor) however, he kind of blew that when he decided that he could make (instead of just enforce) his own laws.  Did he meet our standards, etc. there?

We could not end this post without pointing out another of President Obama’s episodes and the main stream media’s lack of in-depth reporting it.  President Obama just gave a dinner in OUR WHITE HOUSE for dictatorial African leaders who have committed atrocities and numerous human rights violations against their own people.  Instead of having them arrested and taken to the Hague, he served them dinner.  Instead of condemning their behavior he conjoined with them saying that America has had our own human rights violations.  If that is true, then maybe (in a reciprocal contract move) they should have had him arrested too and taken to the Hague.

President Barack H. Obama is our concrete example of a reciprocal contract.  The American voters limited their votes to single issues:  finally an African-American in office (with the outcome being better race relations), same sex marriage, illegal immigration, or the legalization of drugs.  Many voters have admitted to voting for the candidate that would satisfy their most important single issue.  They did not consider other major issues, such as their protection, their privacy, terrorism, their jobs, or their health care.  Their vote therefore, came with lowered expectations and standards and Barack Obama was elected and reelected by these same single issue voters.  History (as with Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton), of course, will determine if these are remarkable Presidents who were held to higher standards by the electorate and met them, or not.

Selecting the right person for the job can be pretty tricky unless our standards and expectations are clearly established, met, and achieved.  They must also be broad enough to cover a multitude of the behaviors, characteristics, goals and objectives that we, not the candidate for the job, seeks.  Lowering our sights, standards, expectations, objectives and goals, or voting for a single issue candidate, (we voted for an African American just to break the ceiling), will dummy down America and many of the other things we’d like to concentrate on, such as protecting America, more Americans working, a stronger economy, less terrorism, peace, and healthier and smarter students, etc. America  will not be enhanced and enriched!

Today’s EOU questions:  Where do we go from here America?  Are we to raise our standards and expectations or are we to watch them march over the cliff of total dysfunction?  Will we select our President and leaders with a better understanding of raising our standards or will we continue to be mesmerized by party and smooth talkers?  Where are you on the subject of our current President?  Did you vote for Barack Obama and have you changed your position regarding your vote?  Would you encourage President Obama to change course?  How would you advise him as a member of the EOU Oversight Committee?


4 thoughts on “We chose this American President (twice)! Why? To lead or…what?

    • EyesOnUSA continues to focus this series of posts on President Barack Obama and his leadership. Our central question for debate is: “Has America declined under President Obama’s leadership?


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