Frontpage: Crickets: No outrage from Democrats with regards to beheading of Children.”

Reportedly, ISIS has beheaded numerous children in its quest to establish a caliphate state in the Middle East.  They have used this barbaric form to help them establish fear in the hearts of Iraqis, Syrians, Kurds, and others, as well as using the threat of death should Christians, etc. not conform to Islam.  Most decent, non-political and partisan Americans, upon learning about this method of killing children became extremely angry, viscerally emotional, and yelled at the top of their lungs, “Why isn’t our President (Obama) doing anything to stop them in their tracks and help to commit genocide on them?”  Most Americans who learned of this most abominable practice reacted as normal people would, feeling depressed, sympathetic , frustrated, helpless, and feeling hatred for those who would do such things to children.  But, what we did not see was a similar outcry from the Democrats, the self-professed advocates and crusaders for children’s rights, those who continued to blast the Republicans for not signing onto President Obama’s request for billions of dollars for the children who illegally crossed our borders to allegedly run from the violence in their countries.

Where are the Democrats on this issue?  Where are their voices now?  When are they going to be standing on the steps of the Capital to shame the Republicans again for not following them or the President on Obamacare, etc.  Where is the President making statements regarding this behavior that he won’t tolerate any longer and that he will do whatever it takes to eradicate this practice, even if we have to put troops back into Iraq and elsewhere?  Where is Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi echoing the President’s statements?  Where is the United Nations, the Muslim world and Islamic leaders, and other countries on the issue of beheading children?  Yes, where are they?  They are silent and they are hiding!  Clearly, they don’t want any of these children’s blood on their hands, but aren’t they duplicitous for allowing ISIS to emerge as a terrorist force in the world?  Shouldn’t they also be held accountable for their hypocrisy to say the least?  Hasn’t our Commander-in-Chief been the weakest American President as evidenced by his laid-back approach to terrorism, war, and foreign policy?

A party, be it Democrat or Republican, can’t set themselves up as being the voice of the children and then go to sleep when children’s heads are being cut off (even if its in a different country)!  Without saying a word, the Democrats have lost all of their credit regarding children’s human rights and their rights to live.  Hopefully, they can wake up in time to regain some credibility before the next election.  Or, of course, they can confront this charge with their rebuttal that when Boko Haram kidnapped over 200 girls the President’s wife, Michele Obama, did hold up a sign on Twitter which weakly read, “Bring back our girls.”  It should have said, “My husband, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is coming to get them back, you’ll be sorry if you don’t bring them back!”  Haven’t heard any outrage from the top Democratic leaders and have not seen any signs from Michele Obama.  Have you?

What has learned over the past eight years (two years as a candidate and nearly 6 years as President) is that a house of cards is truly built without character, integrity, substance, weakened mortar, and no backbone!  It can’t, and doesn’t, stand up to the truth; it doesn’t stand up in times of duress, and it always chooses the path of least resistance.  If  the United States does not stand up to ISIS yesterday, President Obama’s house of cards will be falling tomorrow!

The questions for today’s debate are:  Where do you feel that today’s EOU Commentary has gone wrong?  Have you seen comments from the top Democrats regarding the beheadings of children by ISIS?  If so, who made them and what did they say?

Were you outraged upon learning that ISIS has been beheading children and forcing people to change their religion?  What do you think of President Obama’s response to ISIS so far?  Do you consider President Obama to be a weak or strong President and Commander-in-Chief?  How far will ISIS go in the Middle East before they are considered they are stopped and eradicated?




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