NEWSFLASH: Barack Obama was not a Boy Scout!

We start today’s post by looking back into Barack Obama’s history to search for clues as to how he makes critical decisions.  We looked no further than to his own admissions made in his book whereby he states that he did not attend his last two high school years, instead he spent them hanging out and smoking marijuana.  Much of his life, however is shrouded in mystery since no one can break through the seal he put on his birth certificate, college records, passport, and Social Security Numbers, etc.  In fact, he has been in a major fight in various courts with Doctor Orly Taitz to keep them sealed and his history secret.  It is believed however, that we can conclude from the history that he is making as President that he was never a Boy Scout!

The Boy Scout Oath contains three major elements:  Duty to God and country, other people, and to one’s self (some would argue that he has excelled at the latter, but failed at the former).  The Boy Scout Motto is always be prepared.  Upon our look back today at Barack Obama’s history as President, we see that he has failed in that area as well as he never seems on top of his job as President nor as Commander-in-Chief as evidenced by his own admission of learning about major crisis by way of the media.

Our commentary attempts to put into context and perspective of how we got to where we are today in the world and in the United States; we are in chaos, we are in a mess, and we are a dysfunctional lot (and as we stated in our last post it’s because of the policies generated at the top of this administration.  The lay people of the United States didn’t get us here…President Obama and administration did!)

Again, looking back candidate Obama was not supposed to be here; it was supposed to be Hillary Clinton.  However, Barack Obama presented to the electorate that he could be the first African-American to break the cycle and become President, however to accomplish this feat he had to rise to an unprecedented level, the coming Messiah and he had to be anointed by the main stream media, (“a tingling came up my leg,” said Chris Matthews when Barack spoke), and the populace (He is going to transform us.  He is finally going to give me what I want same-sex marriage, legalize drugs, bring our troops home, and open up the borders and provide amnesty0.  Barack, they later learned, was also going to give them a bonus (and himself his legacy) Obamacare!

History has shown that when people forget to look at the bad side of the coin and only the shiny side they will learn one day that the coin was a counterfeit with less or no true value to them.  By ignoring some factors and building up others, Americans wound up where are today: in chaos, in a mess, and dysfunctional.

A concrete example is in order.  A major league baseball scout is looking at a high school player who plays right field.  He tells the General Manager of the club that the player has speed, a strong arm, and is a solid team player.  The wily old GM asks, “Yes, but can he hit.”  The embarrassed young scout replies, “Well, no.  He’s batting around 138 and can’t hit either the fast ball or the curve but, he’s bright and I’m sure that we can work with him on that!”  Against his better judgment he decides to sign the high school player to a contract for 8 years.  After six years, the player averaged 136 and still couldn’t hit the fast ball or the curve.  The scout considered the positive, however overlooked a big impediment, the high school player couldn’t hit.  Americans looked at a good speaker who looked good, but overlooked his baggage and the fact that he was not a leader.  They thought he would grow into the job just like the scout convinced the General Manager that the high school player would learn to hit (He was really a second stringer who was put on the varsity due to an injury to the first stringer.).

Was Hillary actually the first stringer and Barack the second stringer?  Did we only concentrate on what Barack Obama did well (as speak well and look good) and overlook his shortcomings (or not know them because of all of the secrecy and protection from the main stream media)?  We signed him for eight years. What did he hit in his six?

We can today and now take a good look at those shortcomings and make a determination of whether we looked more at the flash and dash rather than Obama’s true grit leadership qualities.  We can now evaluate both sides of the Obama coin and make a determination as to whether it was best to listen to Chris Matthews tingling leg or heed Sean Hannity’s warnings regarding Barack Obama and his relationships with Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Tony Reskco and others.

The warnings were clearly there!  Like the scout, Americans ignored them.  People were yelling at the top of their lungs to look at the dark side of Obama’s coin, not the pumped up sides of Chris Matthews and the like.  The evidence was there that he would falter and fall short as a President and Commander-in-Chief of our military, but it was ignored by the electorate and we are where we are because of it.  Red flags were waving in our face, but we were more impressed by the Obama (beautifully crafted) logo.  He candidly told us of his shortcomings in his books (that many of us did not take the time to read and analyze).  He skipped school, hung out, and used drugs and did not join the Boys Scouts to take advantage of its Motto, “Be Prepared!”  Simply, he was not prepared to be President of the United States let alone Commander-in-Chief of the military.  He was prepared to be a community organizer and questionably a Constitutional Law Professor, but not prepared for the world stage, he simply lacked the first stringer’s skills.

Where would we be today if he was a first stringer?  Maybe if he listened and heeded the calls not to pull out the missiles from Poland, there might not be a Ukraine today.  Maybe if he actually heard and heeded the calls from the Iranian students, we wouldn’t be in endless negotiations with Iran.  Maybe if he listened and heeded the words from Senator McCain and armed the Syrian rebels, we would not have over 170,000 Syrians killed and the ISIS caliphate.  Maybe if he listened to and heeded Prime Minister Netanyahu’s warnings and been a better ally to Israel, the rockets would have ceased a long time ago.  Maybe if he truly understood “red lines,” he wouldn’t have used it and his credibility would still be intact and the other world’s first stringers wouldn’t be laughing at him and, in turn, America.  Maybe if he was prepared, and had a sense of urgency, we wouldn’t be in the mess today.  Maybe if he attended his National Security Briefings earlier in his Presidential career instead of regressing back to the last two years of high school, (or voting “present” 130 times while being a state Senator in Chicago), he would be doing his homework, studying the issues, and be prepared to act (instead of talking).  Looking at the total Barack Obama coin we feel we now have a better handle on how and why President Obama makes the decisions that he does.

The has presented a perspective on how we got to where we are today in the world and in America.  The EOU questions for Oversight Committee are:  Do you share this perspective?  Where did we go wrong in our analysis?  The majority of Americans have felt that we have been going in the wrong direction under the leadership of Barack Obama, do you concur?  When Barack Obama spoke of ISIS as “second stringers,” do you feel he was projecting and that he is actually a “second stringer?  Where do we go from here?


2 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH: Barack Obama was not a Boy Scout!

  1. Laurie says:

    Great post. It is nice to read the truth of what is really happening with this administration. I find this post fair and balanced as well. It saddens me that people got so taken with the President while campaigning without really accepting the cold, hard facts regarding his true character, and now, sadly, we Americans are paying a very hefty price due to the lack of preparation by our President to successfully run this country. Running a country is not about just winning a popularity contest, you have to back your play.


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