“We, the People, Can’t Handle the Truth”

In our last EyesOnUSA.org post, “NEWSFLASH-PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS NOT A BOY SCOUT,” we explored how America got to where we are today, in chaos, in a mess, and in dysfunction.  We began our analysis at the top with the captain of the American ship, President Barack Hussein Obama, who sets the course, sets the agenda, sets the tone, and gives us our marching orders.  Our premise, if he is a successful Captain, he would have begun to right the ship (if it was dysfunctional) when he took over the helm, analyzed what went wrong, did an assessment of the ship needs to function better, rallied his forces, made great decisions, made corrections to his not-s0-good decisions, watched the fruits of his helmsmanship grow into the greatest Ship of State in the world.  If President Obama did not turn out to be the greatest President or Captain of the American ship, if you will, our EyesOnUSA Oversight Committee needs to investigate the reasons why and recommend changes to save a dysfunctional Ship of State.

We began our investigation going back into a young President Obama’s background.  Due to limits with our writing space, we only analyzed a few factors, and did not look into his social history, character, behavior dynamics, or family background in-depth.  But, we did want to know the answer to our central question here: “Was he prepared enough and possessed solid qualities to become the Captain of our American Ship and to lead us onto further glory?” Our second question:  “Did  Americans only see the good qualities in Barack Obama and ignore those qualities that would make him a poor Captain?”  We presented some of those poor qualities and suggested that, for whatever reason, the majority of Americans ignored them, gave Barack Obama a pass, for whatever reason, and elected him and reelected him.  Why?

Over the past (nearly) six years, we can examine the results of our majority votes.  One would be hard-pressed to find people in America who would not join in our chorus that we are in chaos, in a mess, and we are dysfunctional.  No one seems to know what President Obama’s game-plan for America is, and he seems not to know either (or isn’t telling us) what it is.  Everyone, except a few, would say that we are going in the wrong direction (well, who is taking us there, clearly not the crew).  Our Captain, Barack Obama, is taking us there (wherever there is)!  Clearly then, Barack Obama was not, AND IS NOT, prepared to be President of the USS Ship of State.

In our last post we pointed out some flaws in the young Barack Obama (cutting school for at least his last two high school years, hanging out and using drugs), pointing out that his resume showed him to be a Community Organizer and a Constitutional Law Professor (but not possessing many leadership skills), and pointing out other “red flags,” with the influences in his life, such as Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers, Anti-American Reverend Wright, criminal Tony Reskco, Saul Alinsky, and more.  Even the warnings of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity did not give our American voters enough pause to rethink their vote for Barack Obama for the highest office in the world.  We gave you some possible reasons, such as single issue voters, as to why he was elected and reelected.  Today’s post offers a bit more for our questions and our debate.

We have seen indications on other social media sites of a phenomena that is hard to watch and difficult to explain.  When someone is hit with a fact, a truth if you will, instead of simply agreeing to the fact/truth, they hunker down and will attempt to argue against the fact/truth.  Is this simply a case of human nature?  Is it a flaw in their makeup?  And more importantly, will they repeat their connection to the lie rather than make a correction and go onto the more factual course, as in our case in pointReelecting Barack Obama!  We cite the Valerie Plame case.  Even though Richard Armitage admitted to outing her as a CIA agent, people will still say that it was Vice President Dick Cheney, Skooter Libby, Karl Rove, or Carl Novack!  They cling to the people that they have demonized instead of the actual outer Richard Armitage!  People feel, even a Senator, Al Franken, slandered Karl Rove in one of his books about Plames’s outing, yet became a Senator after it was published.  Why will intelligent Americans hang on to these non-truths?  The signs were there that he was not going to be a great Captain, the “red flags” were there that he was not going to be a strong leader, and now the results of the past (nearly) six years is that President Obama hasn’t been the great unifier that he promised to be, has not transformed America into a stronger America, and has not been “the most transparent President” in history!  Many say that the best way to describe his decision-making is “loosey-goosey!”

The truth to these outcomes was right in front of our noses had we either taken the time to look into them, to heed the warnings of others who were looking into them, or we made justifications and rationalized our own decisions to vote for Obama, or made sure we stayed within the party lines.  Many simply “couldn’t handle the truth,” that between the lesser of two evil candidates,  Romney, it turns out, would have been the better President (at least his history of leadership, governorship, savior of the Winter Olympics, and as a businessman demonstrates).  As suggested in our last post, America, again for whatever reason, had lowered its expectations and standards to clearly elect the lesser qualified candidate (miles away from the tradition of trying to vote for the best candidate of the two).  Why?

It is too late to change our votes for Barack Obama today.  There are only those future elections tomorrow.  Can the American voter become more skilled in choosing the best candidate for the job, one that clearly has America’s interest in the forefront of his mind, who will solemnly follow the Constitution and defend it (instead of making up his own rules as he goes along and tries to change the Constitution by fiat), and one who will care more about our economy and putting more of Americans back to work than raising funds for his party (It is not the “red states, the blue states” of the United States as you are quoted, President Obama; you’ve made it your playground for your Democrats.).

For America to truly change, in our opinion, it must learn to deal in the real world, not the manufactured world of a party that uses hyperbole, Hollywood scripts, Oprah’s endorsement, lavish inaugural sets, and lofty promises that will never see the light of dayLife just doesn’t work that way or that fast and we hope it would or could change that fast.  We need to give ourselves reality checks from time to time and bring our feet back to earth and really elect candidates with the right history, a history of quality, an awesome resume, and abundance of proven leadership.  If our leaders don’t know where to take us, “we will end up someplace else!”

To avoid ending up someplace else by choosing the wrong candidate for President to lead and Captain the USS Ship of State, the American voters can choose the better of the two evils by looking at their history, their experience, their resumes, and the “red flags” and acknowledging the truths about them instead of connecting to their lies and ignoring their shortcomings.  They can start with Hillary Clinton who presumably has already been anointed to be the front-runner for 2016 and apply this same analysis and higher standards to her and the other candidates!

The EyesOnUSA questions for today are:  With respect to President Obama’s leadership, is there anything that we the people can do to help right this ship and make it more functional?  Can we help right this ship with more letters to Congress regarding our solutions and demands?  Can we demand that the mainstream media report the truth, cover all stories, not cherry-pick their stories, and help to produce a well-rounded electorate to choose the more qualified candidate who will steer the Ship of State on the right course?  Can we demand that the mainstream media investigate the issues and provide us with the best information for the people to make informed decisions as to our leaders?  Can we the people, en masse, speak truth to power (as one voice) to demand that our leaders go in the right direction and in our best interest?  What some other things that Americans can do?



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