The Captain of the USS Ship of State doesn’t Know How to Steer! has been doing a series of posts on the head of State, President Barack Obama, who is also the Captain of the USS Ship of State.  In the first several posts we analyzed the traits that would demonstrate if he had the potential to lead and the “red flags” that we should have taken a serious look at and weighed as if he really could be a great leader.  The conclusions drawn out of those posts were that the American voter concluded he would be a good leader of state, could grow into the job and “transform America,” into what? Americans never asked and never received a clear message from him.  His “hope and change” message (repeated over and over until it was imprinted on their minds) was all the voter needed to know.  It also became abundantly clear that at the same time they were deluding themselves, they were ignoring the obvious “red flags.”  The first one, he had never handled the helm of a ship (he had no leadership skills); he had no experience of leading a firm (He was a “community organizer.”).   He was not a “first stringer (Varsity),” (He once played football.”)(Hillary was supposed to have been the first stringer).  Obama wasn’t even a long-standing politician (a State Senator, who lost his first campaign, voted “present” 130 times, and a US Senator who campaigned for most of his term for President with no major legislation under his belt)!  But, the voters ignored these “red flags” and elected him anyway; they then ignored his childish and immature behavior and other little things; such as major scandals during his first term and elected him for second term apparently thinking that he would be better now and take the USS Ship of State in a direction, any direction.

If we remember, President Obama, when criticized for anything had a ready-made demon in his pocket, President George W. Bush (and the Democrats helped him along).  Everything that was going wrong was “Bush’s” doing, Obama just inherited the mess from Bush.  Again, the electorate ignored reality, blamed Bush, gave Obama another pass, and President Obama sailed away scott-free.  Nothing seemed to stick to him even his lying about not knowing anything about Solyndra, Fast and Furious (even though he authorized it; see the March 9, 2009 former Assistant Attorney General David Ogden’s Press Conference), and, “You can keep your doctor, PERIOD!” (a statement made by him which was spun over-and-over by Democrats)  Nothing stuck to President Obama and no one seemed to care to ask, early on, where are we going as a nation, what is our destination, what is your vision for America, are you just flying by the seat of your pants Mr. President.  Oh yes, we forgot! We couldn’t ask because he wasn’t taking many direct and hard hitting questions.  Americans didn’t know where we were going that first term, couldn’t, or wouldn’t, ask the Captain of the Ship of State but, they knew (as passengers know when there is trouble on the ship even though the Captain and crew are playing it close to the vest), something was amiss with the ship of state and they weren’t getting the truth.

Finally, (as with some passengers), they put two-and-two together to seek out the truth.  They began to ask:  “What is truly wrong with this ship?”  “Where are we going, and what type of Captain do we really have at the helm?” The polls (in a number of areas) began to change.  President Obama’s job approval ratings began to drop, people were not going back to work, more people deciding not to go back to work, more scandals indicating that the public was not getting the truth (“it was the video”), more crisis in the world and Obama finding out about everything from the media instead of his crew, and the big one, “Where in the hell is this guy taking us!  Americans woke up, smelled the coffee, and realized this Captain had no clue how to steer this ship of state, in fact, he didn’t seem to know where he wanted to take the USS Ship of State.  What Americans did know (finally) was that the direction he was taking us was in the direction that we did not want to go.  The polls began to see a major shift when this question was asked, “Are we going in the right direction?”  The answer came back, “NO!”  The Captain of the USS Ship of State doesn’t know how to steer!

After concluding, finally, that they were on a ship with a Captain who was fine when blaming everything that was happening on his watch on his predecessor, they also concluded that Captain Obama had set the wrong course for the USS Ship of State by making poor policy decisions). The concluded that he was not the great unifier rather he attempted to divide his crew and passengers.  They further concluded that he failed at making the right decisions between other Ships of States (see Syria’s Assad, Russia’s Putin, Iraq’s Maliki, and Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai) and kept the USS Ship of State running into them time-and-time again.  Finally, they concluded President Obama can not lead!  Americans had chosen the wrong leader, were now experiencing buyer’s remorse and another poll showed that they should have voted for Captain Romney, the more experienced Captain!

What are the crew and passengers left with when they have no confidence in their Captain?  What do they think when they now view their Captain as ill-prepared to lead, ill-prepared to set the proper course, does not know how to navigate the ship of state, or worse, purposely setting the wrong course, wanting his ship not to have value, wanting to scrap it, or is apathetic regarding the ship getting to its proper destination!  Where does Captain Obama fit?  They just knew that this Captain was taking the USS Ship of State in the wrong direction and this powerful, beautiful, and shiny ship of state had lost its standing amongst the world fleet.

The American voter was now left with a dilemma; President (Captain) Obama had two more years left on his contract!  If he remains at the helm we don’t know if he will continue to take us in the wrong direction (he’s already made the decision to go back to a destination that he took us out of (Iraq). He’s now steering us back to Iraq where his predecessor for which he said was the wrong war.

As the book title states, or words to that effect, “If you don’t know where you are going you will probably end up somewhere else!”  We don’t know where we are going, and more importantly, we don’t know where Captain Obama is taking us.  Our dilemma continues so where do we go from here?  Mutiny?

There are only a few options left to Americans to get rid of a poor President/Head of State/Captain:  Impeachment, his resignation, wait until 2016 and “hopefully” “change” the course by electing a more qualified leader who knows how to steer a ship in a healthy, positive, and prosperous way and steer our ship away from hidden icebergs.  Although many would argue that President Obama has violated the Constitution and his Oath of Office and committed other crimes (see the cases brought against Barack Obama by Dr. Orly Taitz), and should be impeached they are running into a major stumbling block at this time.  Speaker John Boehner is apparently attempting to stifle Impeachment discussions.  President Obama resigning on his own is a non-starter, he simply is too vain and narcissitic and has convinced himself that he has done nothing to warrant him stepping down (it is other people, not me, who need to be blamed.  No one tells me anything.  I have to find it out from the press, he would say).  The only avenue left open to the electorate appears to be the vote in 2016 which presents another dilemma; a similar Captain Hillary Clinton with enough of her own baggage accumulated to date to sink the USS Ship of State.

But are these the only options for America.  We explore other possible options in my next post.  However, I put that question to our EyesOnUSA Oversight Committee.  The questions are:  Are these the only options left open to the American voter (Mutiny, Impeachment, Resignation, Elections)?  Should the American voter begin with the 2014 primaries and dislodge incumbents who do not have America’s best interest at heart?  Should Americans seriously take a good and deep look at electing Hillary Clinton the next Captain of the USS Ship of State?  Should we have training classes set up to give our voters training in looking deeply into a candidate and teaching them not to ignore the “Red Flags” or just voting for a single issue candidate?  What are your suggestions for dealing with a President who appears to be a poor Captain, who appears to underestimate, undervalue, can not be forthcoming, blames his crew and others, accepts no responsibility, sets the wrong course, doesn’t follow the charts, blueprints, and the waters to steer the USS Ship of State to a strong, healthy and prosperous destination?


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