The Model


Being new to my EyesOnUSA blog, I felt it important for you to understand the genesis of EyesOnUSA, how it is set up, how it works, and how to get the most from EyesOnUSA.  EyesOnUSA was modeled after my Facebook DTC (Debate Team Club) model.  My goals were simple:  One, select important topics/issues that I felt were being ignored by the main stream media, but I had become aware of them.  Two, explore the “why” the main stream media might not be reporting on relevant and important topics to us Americans.  Three, state my position on the topic (to get the ball rolling).  Four, propose some questions to stimulate our thoughts, and to get ready for the debates.  The DTC became very successful, exciting, and at times we had some heated debates over the topics.

We learned quite a few things from our DTC experience.  We needed to move the DTC past Facebook, and we needed…

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