Our Flag Ship-The USS Ship of State (The Final Transformation)

This is the sixth article from EyesOnUSA.org which has been investigating and analyzing the Captain of the USS Ship of State, Barack Obama, how he became our Captain (twice), how he was chosen to be our Captain (twice), how the electorate overlooked the “red flags” (twice), how he chose his crew (twice), and how Americans overlooked that we never knew what was in his destination for the USS Ship of State and still traveled with him (twice).  We did know however, that he was going to “transform” the USS Ship of State, but we did not know what he was going to transform it into nor did we know what it would look like or function like when he was done.  We did know that the USS Ship of State was a majestic ship which commanded outstanding prominence in the world fleet.  Would that position remain intact after Captain Barack was placed at the helm?

Numerous questions were posed to our readers over that past five posts and numerous facts were pointed out to help them with our investigation and analysis.  It was pointed out that Barack Obama obviously was not a Boy Scout as he seemed ill-prepared and too inexperienced to be put in charge of such a wonderful ship.  He would probably be steering the USS Ship of State in circles, since he appeared not to know where he was sailing this wonderful ship.  The only thing that he seemed to know for sure was that he was going to transform this flag ship and we hoped that he would change it for the better (whatever that was).  With no solid plan of action, no apparent organizational skills (except being a community organizer), no apparent skills on how to implement this transformation (see the implementation of Obamacare, a “train wreck!”) and  a lack of knowing how to deliver directions to his crew (Who is running this ship?), it became abundantly clear during his first trip (first term as Captain), that Captain Obama was taking the USS Ship of State off course.

Captain Obama’s first trip included what appeared to be mutiny and disrespect for his leadership aboard the USS Ship of State.  It became apparent that the crew was running amok with breaking scandal after breaking scandal.  The scandals included:  overspending passengers (tax payers’) dollars on lavish training, parties, travel, and enjoying the ladies of the night by other government agents (Secret Service).   Some passengers felt money was misspent on private ships, such as the Solyndra, the GM, and the Wall Street.  No matter who spent the money,  the money was being misspent and the Captain apparently had no clue!  He obviously had trouble early on at the helm of the ship and demonstrated to the passengers that he couldn’t manage the Ship of State.  Other types of scandals landed at the feet of the Captain during his first trip at the helm.  Let’s just call those scandals:  Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS.  However,  American passengers ignored those red flags as well and brought him back for a second trip.  Captain Obama then showed his American passengers his flaws as a Captain,  his indecision regarding giving Syria’s Assad a “Red Line, then allowing him to step over it!”   After telling the world that Captain George W. Bush put us in the “wrong war, Iraq,” he prematurely removed our troops, created a vacuum for ISIS terrorists to fill, making a decision not to return and then returned us to that region again (we had to go back).  Probably his biggest flaw on the world stage was losing face when it came to Russia’s Vladmir Putin.  Putin looked better than our Captain regarding President Assad of Syria and looked stronger than Captain Obama with his decision to invade Crimea.  (It looks like Captain Obama should not have pulled out the missiles from Poland.)

The American passengers finally stopped looking at the sights, the trappings of the ship of state, the ocean and began to look at the destination of the USS Ship of State.  They concluded, “that if we don’t know where we are going (or where the Captain is taking us), then we will probably end up some place else.”  They began to question this Captain and began to disprove of his leadership and began to voice their displeasure.  Passengers will go along for the ride as long as they know where they are going, know that the Captain is steering them away from danger, has a good crew, and know that they are going to arrive at the destination that they (the passengers) wanted to be takenThey lose confidence in the Captain when they think they are being taken for a ride, realize that the Captain didn’t even have the skills of the entertainer aboard ship, or worse, lied to them regarding transforming a wonderful ship into a scow that isn’t respected anywhere in the world.

We have come to expect (and give leeway to) a new Captain of the Ship of State.  We even allow him to blame the previous Captain  for the state of the ship when the new Captain takes over, for awhile.  We allow the new Captain to rebuild the ship of state, to set the course, the destination (have a vision), pick his crew, get his vision financed (through the American passengers’ dollars), set sail, know what to do in times of crisis, and get us to where we, the American passengers, want to go.  Along the way, the American passengers want to be entertained, stay healthy, get some sunshine (but not from Solyndra’s solar engergy) stay out of other ships way (unless confronted), and when they arrive at our destination we would be grateful for our Captain’s leadership, grateful that we arrived in one piece, and if we had a good Captain, prospered from our experiences.

When we interviewed Barack Obama for the position of Captain of USS Ship of State, he presented as bright, articulate, and stately.  He spoke in general terms as to what was wrong with the ship, what the previous Captain had done to the ship, and that he was going to transform it.  He didn’t, however, provide any specifics nor would others allow him to do so.  Eventually, the American passenger learned that Barack Obama was, in fact, overly protected and rather than be the most “transparent” Captain, specific details about him were, in fact, sealed.  No American passenger could find out anything about this new Captain who they were about to entrust the grandest ship of state in the world to and to travel with him on this four, oops, eight year journey.

After approximately six years sailing with Captain Obama, we were able to see clearly where he had taken us.  Looking beyond the scandals for a moment, we could see his assaults on his charter and maps (the Constitution, the Amendments, regulations, the budget and the passengers’ privacy).  He apparently would have no trouble violating his Oath of Office, ignore the Constitution, and ignore other branches that would help him steer the USS Ship of State and keep it on the right course.  From his bridge, he would command that the passengers would no longer arm themselves for self-defense (eliminate the 2nd Amendment) and would insure that whatever they did upon the Ship of State would be known to him (lose their privacy as a passenger), and totally regulate what they put into their bodies (regulating how they ate and how much weight they could keep).  American passengers finally began to see that they did not hire the Captain of the Love Boat, they hired the Captain of the Cain Mutiny:  a tyrant, who would not compromise and didn’t play well with others!

Journalist/Psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer has provided the American passenger the best analysis of their Captain Obama.  He started us off with his July 1, 2014 interview with Fox News talk show host, Bill O’Reilly.  In the interview, Krauthammer describes Captain Obama’s “apology tour” whereby he confesses to the world the ship of state that he is now commanding is not in that good of shape (thanks to his predecessors), has sinned in the world, and is not “exceptional.”  Simply put, he aired the American Ship of State’s dirty linen and put its business in the streets of the world!  He noted and confirmed, that our Captain was good at campaigning for his job (great at the rhetoric, short on the substance).  He noted that Captain Obama did not know how to lead (govern), didn’t know how to work with others (“It’s my way or the highway”), and lead defiantly.  Lastly, and most importantly, he abused his authority to Captain the ship of state and had to be “slapped down” by another body (the Supreme Court).

While the passengers were looking the other way, the Captain of the USS Ship of State was sailing in circles and not toward that prosperous,  glorious and exceptional destination.  The Captain was putting them in more peril than the previous Captains had done.  After ignoring the warning signs (twice) the American passengers were themselves running in circles as to how to remove Captain Obama, as it became clear that his final transformation for the USS Ship of State under this Captain was to retreat from a glorious, prosperous, and  exceptional ship to a step aside nation.  They began to see him as the “Step aside” Captain-in-Chief.”  They saw him as disengaged, not on top of issues (learning everything from the ship’s newspaper), not doing his homework (studying the charts, the winds, and whether he has enough to sail the ship), and that he would rather have dinner with the wealthier passengers and play shuffle-board (ships don’t usually have golf courses) than with the running of the ship.  We find that his final destination for the USS Ship of State is to run it aground a la Saul Alinsky-type of ship of state. We might have known that had we interviewed Barack Obama in-depth (vetted him properly), had broken through his protection (took on the mainstream media and forced them to do their job), had looked into his sealed records, and had the American passengers done their due diligence to really find out who is going to Captain their glorious ship of state, we might not be off course and run aground.

Captain Obama’s record as the commander of the USS Ship of State for the past six years is a matter of record.  It is a failed record as evidenced by the above and where our exceptional ship is today.  The American passenger may not be able to undo the damage soon that Captain Obama has caused due to his taking us in the wrong direction.  Our options appear to be limited and he only has two years left on his contract with the American passengers and time appears to be running out to hold him accountable for his failure of running our majestic ship into the ground.  The American passenger can’t just get Donald Trump to utter those famous words, “Captain Obama.  You’re fired!”

The only course that may be left available to our American passenger is the hiring of a new Captain in 2016.  Hopefully, they will not ignore the red flags. For example, Hillary Clinton demands between two hundred and three hundred thousand dollars per speech.  She also demands a 16 plus seats Gulf stream private jet, and the “Presidential Suite” at the best hotel.  Maybe they will be more diligent in 2016, such as looking at her red flags, her baggage, and not be taken for another ride.

The EyesOnUSA.org questions for debate today are:  Is Charles Kruathammer’s assessment of Barack Obama accurate?  If not, what changes would you make to his assessment?  In your assessment, have we reached Barack Obama’s (hidden) destination and agenda?  What do you feel is his hidden agenda?  What was his transformation for America?  Will the American passenger (voter) do their due diligence in 2016 and hire a Captain for the ship of state that will steer it in the best interest of the American passenger or will they find yet another Captain (such as Hillary Clinton) and ignore the red flags and hire him/her anyway?  Will they allow them two trips if they find out that the new Captain was taking them to a destination that they did not want to sail to?


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