Our Captain Obama went down, but not with our ship!

EyesOnUSA has been analyzing and investigating the rise of Barack Hussein Obama to the Captain of the USS Ship of State.  Early on We were not made privy into his birth, his ancestors, his parents, his teenage age and high school years, his colleges, his community activism. We learned more, but not enough, regarding his political life as a State Senator from Chicago and a US Senator from Chicago, and ultimately to beating out the favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton, for the highest office in the land and the Captain of our USS Ship of State.  “Hope and Change” were his lancers, a new logo was his headlight, and a speaking voice to sing all Americans to sleep…the pied-piper of Waikiki. He also brought with him his worldly experiences, his early questionable associations, his Constitutional law experiences, his criminal friendship experiences, and his political crony experiences.

Even though the mainstream media rolled over and played dead in vetting Barack Obama, information regarding this biracial young man surfaced.  It seemed like his meteoric ride to the top of his Captain’s bridge was too swift for the truth regarding Barack Obama to surface, but some people continued to question who this man truly was, what was his agenda, and how did he rise so fast to take over the helm of the most important Ship of State in the world.  Apparently, Barack Obama wanted some information withheld from the voter and Americans by sealing vital personal documents. Why did he need to do that? Some even argued, and even went to court, that many of his documents were false and fraudulent.  They questioned his years at college, his years as a college professor, his years as a State and United States Senator, calling him the most liberal in both governments and one that preferred to vote “present” in the Illinois State Senate rather than to stake out a position.  They even went so far as to say that he flipped from one flop-to-the-other, changing positions like his golf shoes.  They still couldn’t quite grasp how he unseated the queen of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and actually beat her in the primary and went on to become Captain of the Ship.

Even more remarkable was the information regarding his apparent fascination with Muslims, Islam, socialism and Marxism.   Names such as Saul Alinsky, Mao, his father, Barack Hussein Obama Senior,  Frank Marshall, Van Jones, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Tony Reskco, Rob Blagovich, and domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn, David Axelrod, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and Mary Landrieu also began to surface and Americans began to question his influences and his associations.  Beginning with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, we learned how one man could sit in a radical church and not listen to the reverend spew venom against the United States and not hear a word.

A questionable purchase of his Chicago home with Reskco even surfaced with not so much as a whimper, as the mainstream media and other Democrats were still basking in the glow of our first African-American rising to power, and still in the glow of Chris Matthew’s leg tingling every time Barack Obama spoke.  Despite Reskco going to prison, Barack was still at the helm of the most powerful ship of state.  Numerous cases were, in fact, filed against Obama, however he hasn’t seen the inside of a court room in the past five years (even though a lot of his attorneys have).  These cases have been tied up in court with game after game being played by the courts to keep these cases without an end in site for numerous years.  The “most transparent President and Commander-in-Chief” turns out to be one of the most secretive in history.

With the Democrats and the mainstream media paving the way, Barack Hussein Obama was the first African-American President in history with “no red states, no blue states” and no white states, only the United States of America.  There was a new dawning, hope and change, a new transformation, and better race relations  There were Barack Obama’s speeches to tell us that, however we quickly learned that the new Captain’s “talk was cheap, and his actions did not back it up.” 

Then the tidal wave of scandals began to rock our Ship of State: the Solyndras, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, the DHS, the HHS, the EPA, the Secret Service and on and on.  New names were now associated with our new Captain, Hillary Clinton (again?), Leon Panetta, General Paetraes, General Ham, Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, Assad, Putin, Maliki, Loretta Fuddy, Governor Neil Abercrombie and more.  Other things took center stage during these scandals: guns to the cartel, the video, the red line, flexibility with Putin, ISIL.   Can  this Captain even handle this ship of state?  Was this Captain even prepared to handle this ship?  Weren’t even at least two of his shipmates held in contempt?  Didn’t we find out that he skipped school, used drugs, and hang out with his friends?  Aren’t we finding out that this behavior pattern still appears to be alive and well by skipping Washington DC and the ship of state when the tides turn rough, playing hooky by playing golf with a hooked stick?  Didn’t he skip his National Security Briefings? Didn’t we find out that he is playing golf with his old buddies?  Didn’t we find out that in times of trouble our Captain of our Ship of State skips going to the bridge and goes instead to Las Vegas. Didn’t we find out early on that he was going to play the “blame-game” and accept no responsibility? He blames the troubles with the USS Ship of State on his watch on everyone else but himself. 

Didn’t we point out in our previous posts that no matter what was brought to our American passengers (voters), we still elected him over more experienced people who would probably pilot this ship of state in a direction that would get us to our prosperous and healthy destinations?  We can certainly understand electing him the first go around but, the second!  And, we reelected him having the above information.  What was that all about?

More information regarding Captain Barack Obama will surely be surfacing in the future.  EyesOnUSA.org knows that many people will have egg on their faced for staying the course with Captain Obama long after it was clear that he was taking us way off course and putting us in more danger.  In the past several posts, we explored ways to remove a wayward and incompetent steward of our Ship of State; there can be a mutiny, a revolution, an impeachment, a resignation, and/or continue to wear blinders and let Captain Obama finish out this trip with us, while trying to marginalize him to prevent further damage to our ship of state.  Whatever the case, we have to insure that we minimize the damage, keep our eye on the ship and our destination, and hire the best qualified Captain for the next trip.

Our trip with Captain Obama has gotten to the point of no return.  He was obviously ill-prepared to lead this ship, he blamed others forever and took no responsibility; he was not transparent, clearly divided our ship instead of uniting us, he was indecisive or just plain late to the party. More Americans felt a lack of confidence in their Captain the more he spoke.  His own biases surfaced time-and-time again and those wonderful speeches regarding civility, unity, and race-relations turned out to be hollow.  This emperor, it turns out, had a great bully pulpit, a big megaphone, and tiny little five pound weights and shoes.    The skinny little Captain kept drawing lines in the sand and the big bullies out-squatted him like their gym workouts.  He simply can’t do the job!  Finally, our American passengers don’t have confidence in his leadership at the helm of our ship of state, and unfortunately, the American passengers also know that the experiment in choosing Barack Hussein Obama as Captain, not once, but twice, failed!  And also sadly, they just know that they don’t want to be on this ship with him any longer.  They don’t want off the USS Ship of State, they want him off, but how will he leave and if he doesn’t, how can we contain him until this ship is with the proper Captain for the seas? They are also becoming clear, they want Barack Obama off the ship, but they don’t want the USS Ship of State to go down with him. They want to bring her back to the good old USS Ship of State, the most majestic ship to lead the world’s fleet.

Our Captain went down!  He failed to lead us in the right direction!  We didn’t know where we were going!  He was not the best steward for the USS Ship of State!  He took no responsibility for the decisions that he made on his watch and took the easy way out, blaming his predecessor!  Most obviously, he did not leave the USS Ship of State better off than when he took over from Captain George W. Bush!

EyesOnUSA.org questions for this post are:  We have arrived at the point of no return for Barack Hussein Obama as Captain of this ship.  Will Americans begin to convince him that it is time to leave?  Will he get the message, a la Richard M. Nixon, and resign?  Will Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee find the evidence of “high crimes and misdemeanors” committed by Barack Obama?  Will Fast and Furious, the IRS, Sgt. Bergdahl, or the EPA scandals provide the evidence collectively to provide a Case-in-Chief against Barack Obama, which should get him impeached?  Or, will we have to do our due digilence as voters, who will seek out the truth about our candidates? Will we insist that our mainstream media vet candidates and bring the information to our attention in a timely fashion, in order for us to elect the person who will uphold their oath of office, protect and defend their Constitution, protect our nation, balance our budgets, put our Americans back to work, harness our energy to keep us warm and moving forward, and, one that will thank our Creator for giving us such a majestic land to raise our families and majestic ship of state?


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