We hope we’ll change by throwing Captain Obama off the Bridge!

EyesOnUSA.org has been doing a series of posts analyzing and investigating Barack Obama’s rise to power and his fall from power. It became crystal clear that very, very little was known regarding this young man with an unusual name, his ancestors, his background, his early years, his college years, his years as a Senator from Illinois, his years as a United States Senator, and as a candidate for the highest office in the land, President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief. In point of fact, some would argue (and even went so far as to go to Court), that there was a concerted effort to keep Barack H. Obama in a state of mystery as evidenced by the mainstream media not pursuing obvious new stories, not vetting this young candidate who was in direct competition for office with one of the masters of politics, Hillary Clinton, and a public that appeared to buy into everything this young man was selling to the point that Obama and his team sold the American voters that Barack Hussein Obama was the next coming and the next mortal that could “make the seas” rise. But there were early warning signs. Rush Limbaugh tried to warn America, Sean Hannity tried warn America, and the undersigned tried to warn America. What did we see and what didn’t the American voter want to see.

Along with the warning signs came the red flags! A number of them were pointed out to the voter: Obama’s high school record, his associations, his losing his first campaign for State Senator, his purchase of his Chicago home, no leadership skills and a lack of experience, a recipe for disaster! As stated in the movie Midway, “We gave him his command,” but he didn’t command! When his job approval ratings dropped into the 40s it finally had become clear that the American passengers aboard the Ship of State had come to the realization that this Commander-in-Chief wasn’t in command, the ship was floundering, and the Commander had no clue what to do to get it back on course; in fact, he seemed to be just giving up on his command and heading off to play golf. The crew didn’t seem to be in charge either as they kept handing out mixed messages. The lack of leadership finally surfaced regarding Captain Obama’s no decision on ISIL.

Americans couldn’t believe when an American President and Captain of the USS Ship of State uttered the words, “We don’t have a strategy regarding ISIL.” It was akin to Captain Queeg of the Cain Mutiny stating that he didn’t know whether to turn to the starboard or port in the typhoon; a mutiny was brewing. It was clear that Captain Queeg was lost, he was overwhelmed, and his paranoia had caught up with him. Captain Obama appears to have come to the same point in commanding the USS Ship of State: He is lost, he is overwhelmed, he is over his head, he is being out-maneuvered by the other Captains in the world, and he would just like to take his putter and get into a fetal position. Like Queeg, Obama made a mess of things too big for him to clean up; he can’t blame anyone for his mess; that game is over. He can’t give a direction, he can’t steer the ship of state to equilibrium, he hired a terrible scandalous crew, and he, like Queeg has been frozen in time. But, he’s got two more years to command the USS Ship of State. Or does he?

Our last post introduced ways to remove Captain Obama from the helm of the USS Ship of State. EyesOnUSA.org has posted questions to the American passengers to get them to think about his removal as well. The first thing that the American passengers must think about, talk about, write about, and shout about is that Captain Obama must be removed before we feel ISIL at our borders, Russia further into Ukraine, Hamas further into Israel, and Boko Haram further into the schools of Africa taking the school children. Additionally, they must talk about removing Captain Obama or we will find more over-aged illegal aliens enrolled in our schools putting our children and our budgets at risk. What commander of a ship would allow criminals to get aboard his ship that poses a threat or a risk to his passengers; in particular the children aboard ship…this commander did and so did another commander Governor Jerry Brown!

Our last post spoke of marginalizing Captain Obama while he remains in office to minimize further damage to the ship of state. We also spoke of earnestly beginning the drums of Impeachment or waiting till all of the select committees did their work regarding the numerous scandals. Or, we can just send him on a two-year vacation and fund-raising tour to get him away from making a bigger fool of himself with more no strategy decisions. Whatever course the American passengers decide, they must begin to coalesce today, they must come together and discuss the possibilities for removal or marginalizing this captain as he is too dangerous to stay at the helm!

Captain Barack Obama has painted himself in a corner and he cannot get himself out. His stated goal for America when he was placed at the helm of the ship of state, was to turn it around from the great direction it was going; simply put, he promised retreat, he promised appeasement, and he apologized to the rest of the world for us going in that great direction in the first place. He was going to close Gitmo (it’s still open), he was going to get us out of Iraq (he did prematurely and without a Status of Forces Agreement and it’s a mess with ISIL taking over), he promised to get us out of Afghanistan (he will because he is also stubborn and it will probably also turn out to be a mess with the void left with no Status of Forces Agreement). His pattern of ineptness and fecklessness will continue. While he wants to retreat from the world, evil-doers want to do us in (and, Captain Obama can’t seem to get others in the world to fight the battles for him; he has lost his persuasiveness and his red-line credibility; his eloquent teleprompter speeches don’t work anymore!).

The first phase to begin this process is to elect Senators and Representatives to Congress in 2014 that will give the Republican party enough seats to begin the Captain Obama’s removal process be it to marginalize (really make him a lame duck), impeachment (really engage in impeachment discussions), give out prison terms for those who broke the laws (such as Lois Lerner allegedly did). Unfortunately, we have run out of time to see if his Birth Certificate is a forgery (but, maybe we will really find out if Dr. Orly Taitz gets a court to rule in her favor in her numerous court cases).

The second phase is to really campaign for his removal or marginalization at every venue, to talk about the mainstream media’s failure to properly vet candidate Obama, to talk about his lack of experience (particularly with respect to the world stage), to talk about removing those of his crew who should never be on this ship of state in the first place: Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Jim Brenner, James Clapper, Eric Holder, John Lew, and the list goes on. It’s been pretty nice with Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney, Rob Emmanuel, and others gone. They couldn’t keep the Ship of State moving in the right direction either. All Americans must keep up this talking throughout Captain Obama’s time in office or hopefully, that office is changed with him leaving early. Should that happen, Second Mate Joe Biden better learn to be the best Captain for this great ship or that process can follow him as well.

The third phase is for the American passengers to become really savvy and elect (hire) a real commander, not one who thinks he’s commanding the love boat, (also, not one who is of one party or another, one gender or another, or one race or another), but one that knows he’s commanding the greatest ship of state in the world and will do nothing to tarnish, bruise, or hurt it.

The fourth phase is for the American passengers to develop our EyesOnUSA.org Oversight Committee, making it the strongest oversight committee in the world that will watch over our commanders and crew. We must also establish new ways for their quick removal should they not follow their hiring oath of office, our charters, and our laws. No can be no more lying to the American passengers, no more reaching in and taking money from their pockets for pet projects, no more forcing dependency on them, no more making war without Congress and the American passengers on board. They have been there and done that…It is time that the ship of state be sailed in an honest, straightforward direction, that will protect each and every passenger, provide them with the best journey they can have in life, and one that doesn’t have its Captain or crew lie to them, make up stories about videos, shove massive programs down their throats without their permission, stonewall, cover up, or crash emails.

As we learned from the Saudi Prince, ISIL is planning to attack Europe in a month and the United States a month later. If this is true, Americans don’t have anymore time to waste finding a leader and commander in Barack Obama. It is just not in his DNA and we should not waste anymore time looking for it…it is just not there! He is not going from lifting five pound weights to lifting the world onto his shoulders, a la Atlas. Americans must come to grips with this based upon Captain Obama’s own words, “We don’t have a strategy.” Real leaders and real commanders drew up their strategies yesterday, their contingency plans months ago, and counters to those contingency plans in between. We the people have to move on from Barack Obama, remind those who want to be in leadership positions that they must be up for the task, and remind those again who take the helm that we, the American passengers of this great ship of state, are really in the driver’s seat. We have a strategy: It is to remain upright, it is to remain pointed in the right direction, is to remain strong, to remain free, and to remain the greatest ship in the world fleet. We built this great ship with industry and we can rebuild this great ship with industry. We do so by taking those millions of Americans out of dry dock and put them back to work to rebuild our ship of state. Wouldn’t all of you passengers agrees?

EyesOnUSA.org questions for debate are: Have you all had enough of Barack H. Obama as Captain of our USS Ship of State? Are you in agreement with the four phases listed above? Do you see a different order? Would you add any other phases? Are you beginning to think of 2014 and beyond? Should we begin now to rebuild this great ship of state? How would you begin to rebuild?


3 thoughts on “We hope we’ll change by throwing Captain Obama off the Bridge!

  1. Me says:

    He’s an operative just as his family members were. P.S. Is his mothers SSN still in use? If so, how can it be if she is supposedly dead?


  2. You might want to consult Dr. Orly Taitz website on the subject of Barack H. Obama’s mother’s Social Security Number as she has pursued him for his alleged false documents. Additionally, you might also want to consult the various websites regarding CIA Director James Brenna and his involvement with President Obama’s passport. Thank you for commenting!


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