Captain Obama, Please Acknowledge You Are Not a Leader and Step Aside

( NOTE: The model is to post a piece, have our viewers comment, debate, spread knowledge to other Americans, discover hidden knowledge that is being kept from Americans, and find solutions) has been doing a series of posts on our Captain of the USS Ship of State, Barack H. Obama, which have been covering his rise to becoming the President of the United States and his fall from power. The past six posts have covered some of things learned regarding his childhood, his high school years, his college years, his years as a Community Activist and becoming a Constitutional Professor. Those posts also covered his first run for Senator of Illinois (which he lost), his second run for Senator (which he won-under questionable circumstances), and his run for United States Senator (which he won-and began campaigning for the Presidency of the United States of America) (which he won-surprisingly defeating the “Queen of the Democrats” Hillary Clinton). From the day that he took office, Captain Obama clearly showed Americans that he was not up for the task of being President (a lot of flash, a lot of dash, taking a lot of Americans cash, and selling a lot of gas (known as hot air)(and, the lies just keep on rolling as evidenced by his lack of fulfilling his campaign promises and the number of scandals that occurred on his watch). No truer words were spoken when candidate Barack H. Obama uttered those infamous words, “It’s above my pay grade.”

That should have given a clue and convinced all Americans not to vote for him but, we did. Other Obamaisms should have convinced them too: “You didn’t build that,” “You can keep your doctor, PERIOD,” “We have no strategy.” “We can MANAGE terror!” Words no true leader would ever say! has not been only analyzing and investigating Captain Obama’s words, it has been analyzing and investigating his actions and behavior patterns and they, too, are pretty interesting and it is believed that Americans have been doing the same thing as his poll numbers and job approval ratings have been dropping dramatically. In its last post, concluded that Americans just want Captain Obama to leave the bridge, his watch is for all intents and purposes done, but cannot find the method of removing him from the bridge. Several options were discussed with our Over Sight Committee and several options were proffered: Marginalize Captain Obama by way of the 2014 elections, ride out his lame duck years, move for impeachment, move to imprison him (as there are a number of court cases still pending against him), demand that he step down a la Richard Nixon using the IRS’ Lois Lerner matter as the stepping stone. Surely, we argue with everything that we know and have collected to date all of the smart lawyers and politicians in Washington DC can build a Case-in-Chief against him (Representative Trey Gowdy and Chairman of the Select Committee that is investigating the IRS, a former U.S. Federal Attorney, would know something about building a Case-in-Chief). What is crystal clear is that Captain Obama must step away from the bridge of the USS Ship of State and relinquish his watch aboard the majestic world ship BEFORE he does anymore damage to it. Americans really can’t take anymore of his lies telling us how much progress we have made under his leadership (for we saw he has none) and the ship of state has gone backwards)

One thing that we do know for sure is that President/Captain Obama is stubborn. His leadership motto can be described as So, for the time being Americans it is “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY,” and that is where he immediately went wrong. The USS Ship of State floats and sails in the world, but carries the American cargo, it doesn’t travel on HIS highway. The ship has a long standing Charter, Constitution, principals, values, and laws. Some of our past leaders have forgotten them, ignored them, or think their thoughts and words were more important than them. Some of our past leaders took an oath and kept it, some revered them, some took pride in them, but all of those leaders understood what they meant to the United States of America! Captain Obama, it turns out, was and is not one of those men. Instead he wanted to own them for his own ego, he wanted to divide rather than unite, he wanted to remain biased, he wanted to negotiate, not in good faith, but negotiate not to compromise, he wanted to blame others and not accept responsibility. His highway, it turns out, was covered with litter, instead of building wholesome, healthy, and prosperous communities, states, and the United States. That stubbornness left us where we are today, thinking of ways of firing this Captain of the USS Ship of State and replacing him with hopefully (there’s that word again) one that will be one of the leaders that honor America, take pride in this majestic ship of state, know how to sail her in the right direction, and honor all that she possesses. We need a person who believes that a smothering Federal and State government is unnecessary in our free country, however laws that are just are necessary. Captain Obama has demonstrated disdain for laws; rather his signature law OBAMACARE was shoved down Americans throats and “we’ll know what’s in it when we pass it,” says Nancy Pelosi. We come full circle, how to remove Captain Obama from the bridge?

While Americans are waiting to see if the Impeachment, selective committees, or pending court cases help remove Captain Obama from the bridge, it appears that they are left with only one option at this time, marginalizing Captain Obama by way of the 2014 elections. It is also crystal clear that the GOP has to not only win the House of Representatives, they have to win the Senate, too! To accomplish this feat, All Americans have to come together to: One, talk up this election, talk up what is at stake (the USS Ship of State), Two, spread the word to everyone who will vote, three to have all Americans vote for their nation (not a party or politician) (how’s that worked out for you), and four let these people that you vote for know under no uncertain circumstances do you work for them, they work for you and you can fire them too!

We can only “hope” that Captain Obama will want to “change” his position, take a permanent vacation to visit his favorite golf courses, learn more about this wonderful country, and become the great community organizer that he appears to be as that position seems in line for his pay grade. questions for today are: Do you feel Barack H. Obama was not qualified or prepared to be President of the United States and Commander of the USS Ship of State? Do you feel that he has lied to Americans and to the nation? We repeat, do you feel President Obama should step down a la Richard Nixon? Do you feel that he should fight to hold onto his job? Do you feel that he has been a weak leader? Do you feel that he has been a worse President than Jimmy Carter? Do you feel that more about Barack Obama will come out after he leaves office?


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