Captain Obama’s Most Egregious Acts

[ continues with its series on the rise of Barack H. Obama to the Presidency of the United States, Commander-in-Chief, and Captain of the USS Ship of State and his fall from the graces of Americans and power. The series presents a unique perspective as we explore what leadership skills Barack H. Obama brought to the table and to the bridge of our ship, which skills led to his demise, which skills he used to get the USS Ship of State almost sunk, what events brought him off the bridge, and why American passengers of the USS Ship of State (the voters), should never vote for someone having the same types of warning signs, red flags, and ideology as did Barack H. Obama before he took over the helm of the ship. Moving along our theme of “Captain Obama,” we now explore his most egregious acts while in office and on the bridge.]

The last series of posts have brought to the most critical juncture in the life of the Captain of our USS Ship of State, Barack H. Obama. As previously stated, Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee will begin this month, and the elections in November will be held. Either the GOP will be winning the Senate or they won’t, it will just be a matter of record. Either the GOP will be able to push the results of Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee down the road further or they won’t. We just won’t know where we will be as a nation and as a Congress in November and after that. It will be what it will be so we will just have to set the elections results aside for the moment and pick them up in December.

Our work on the rise and fall of Barack H. Obama will now shift to his most egregious acts. We can begin by labeling them egregious acts, felonious acts, unconstitutional acts, illegal acts, anti-American acts, immoral acts, or impeachable acts. Captain Obama has even labeled them himself (as discussed below). The felonious acts have been cited by Dr. Orly Taitz (also known as the “birther queen” for pursuing Barack H. Obama, aka: Barry Sotelo and Harry Bounel), who has been pursuing him for approximately the past five years in Court. These felonious allegations have been pursued through Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse who continues to report that the case is still open. The unconstitutional acts have also been alleged by a number of sources who argue that President and Captain of the Ship of State Barack H. Obama has abused his authority and violated the US Constitution through the use of recess appointments, and making his own unilateral law by doing an end-run around Congress and other illegal acts.

When Barack H. Obama was running for President as candidate Obama he called President George W. Bush “un-patriotic” for running up the debt. He therefore, has labeled himself “un-patriotic” since he ran up the national debt at a greater level than President George W. Bush did. Some of the immoral acts committed by Captain Obama centered around his lying about not knowing about Fast and Furious (see the Assistant Attorney David Odgen tape regarding Fast and Furious): In particular, lying to the parents of those killed at the border and Benghazi and to the nation regarding the “video,” and “You can keep your doctor, PERIOD!” His latest alleged lie was not knowing about ISIL even though he had been briefed about it a year earlier. We can throw in “Cash for Clunkers,” “shovel-ready” jobs (whereby Obama laughed when they weren’t “shovel ready” even though he caused millions of tax payer dollars to be spent; they weren’t laughing), and we can throw in Solyndra and General Motors as embarassments and early scandals for which impeachment proceedings should have begun. The hand writing was on the deck of the USS Ship of State that our American passengers (voters) were going to be taken on the worst journey of their life. The November elections will take care of themselves, but we might be able to move the impeachment needle to fruition by focusing on Captain Obama’s most egregious acts while at the helm of the USS Ship of State and push Speaker John Boehner and his Select Committee to move the impeachment process to trying Captain Obama in the Senate. spoke of impeaching Captain Obama long before it became water cooler talk. It became clear that when presidential candidate Barack H. Obama was not properly vetted by the mainstream media that something was rotten in Denmark. When he lied about his relationships with domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, anti-American Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and convicted felon Tony Reskco there was something rotten in Denmark. When he became cutsey with his birth certificate, college transcripts and grades, college writings, his readings and his publications, something was rotten in Denmark; the red flags hung high for all Americans to see. When his handlers pulled full-court presses on the likes of Rush Limbaugh, his brother David Limbaugh, Fox News Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mark Levine and refused to debate them, something was not only wrong in Denmark, that stench came all the way from Chicago, Illinois. Lastly, when we learned that he voted “present” 130 times in the Illinois State Senate and was voted “the most liberal Democrat” when he was in the United States Senate, the red flags hung around the White House for all Americans to see; however we wanted, and some argue, needed an African-American in that White House for all the world to see, no matter the cost of placing an ill-prepared, unvetted, and inexperienced nautilus and novice at the helm of the most majestic world ship of state. The inexperienced nautilus and novice became the most toxic and narcissistic, arrogant, incompetent, ineffective, irresponsible and according to many the worst President ever and one who should leave office early.

David Limbaugh, Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, pointed out many of Captain Obama’s “crimes” and “impeachable” acts in their books “CRIMES AGAINST LIBERTY (LIMBAUGH), “IMPEACHABEL OFFENSES,” (Klein and Elliot) The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office (copyright 2013) (Other acts followed in this post were committed by Captain Obama after 2013.). This post will discuss some of the aforementioned egregious acts as presented by the others mentioned and will discuss others not mentioned or focused on in their discussions or writings.

The following egregious acts are the worst acts committed by President/Captain Obama as viewed by the Oversight Committee and they warrant further investigation by the mainstream media, Congress, and the American passenger (voter). These acts demand impeachment proceedings, trial, removal from office, and possible prosecution. President Richard Nixon had to resign for his egregious acts and left office early; President Clinton was convicted of perjury for having sexual relations with a Washington DC intern in the Oval Office and lying to a Grand Jury; he was even disbarred for his egregious and immoral acts. We cannot have selective supervision and oversight of our Presidents…they must be held to the same standard; no one is above the law, it is written.

So what are the egregious acts as committed by Captain Barack H. Obama? Dr. Orly Taitz states that Barack H. Obama lied to the American passenger (voter) about his own identity and should have never been proffered to the voter in the first place for using fraudulent Social Security numbers, bogus Selective Service application, and other fraudulent documents. According to Dr. Taitz, he should have never been allowed on the ballots in all of the 50 states and for these reasons should not only be President, he should be in prison! We will have to see if she finally gets her days in the multiple courtrooms before Obama leaves office as she has run into protracted hearings, stalling, and the Obama lawyer jugernaut teams. Judge Andrew Napolitano says as well that Captain Obama could get 10 years in prison. David Limbaugh, in his book “CRIMES AGAINST LIBERTY” published in 2010, listed a plethora of violations and crimes: Fraud against the electorate; Crimes against the public trust; Crimes against good governance; Crimes against the Union (divisiveness of states); Crimes against the Constitution and rules of law; Crimes against the private sector; Crimes against the American industry; Crimes against the American interests; and, taxing and spending America into bankruptcy, were all on his Table of Contents pages. Lastly, and most importantly, Crimes against the national security. Mr. Limbaugh could write a detailed book on each of these subjects. Oh by the way, he did! As usual, the mainstream media gave little, if any, coverage to Mr. Limbaugh’s book to see if it had merit; just one of the many crimes committed by the mainstream media against the American passenger/voter.

Aaron Kilein and Brenda J. Elliott’s book, “IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES,” published three years later in 2013, sounded the alarms yet again regarding Captain Obama. This time simply not saying that crimes had been committed by Captain Obama but, “impeachable offenses” have been committed by President Obama, the Captain of our USS Ship of State. Their call was not only to say that crimes have been committed by him (and to identify which ones), their call was for impeachment proceedings to begin. Again, we heard crickets from the mainstream media and from House of Representative Speaker John Boehner early on in 2013. We did hear from Boehner later on in 2014 and he said that he was not going to move for impeachment. Did he ever familiarize himself with Dr. Taitz’ allegations and court cases, did he ever familiarize himself with Limbaugh’s, Klien’s, Ellott’s allegations and books, did he ever familiarize himself with Judge Napolitano’s opinion regarding Captain Obama seeing the inside of a cell for 10 years? If he didn’t, then he is just as incompetent and negligent as Captain Obama and he, too, would need to be removed from the ship of state. If he was adhering to his Oath of Office, he would need to cause an investigation (or more) into the above crimes and impeachment allegations. Their blueprint for this case-in-chief investigation regarding Captain Obama has already had its foundation built for him by Taitz, Limbaugh, Klein, Elliott, and Napalitano and they might not have listed Captain Obama’s most egregious acts. might be listing for you now and maybe our Oversight Committee and the American passenger/voter can speak loud enough for the mainstream media and Boehner to wake up and set the impeachment train in motion. most egregious acts by Barack H. Obama began when he was candidate Barack H. Obama (We can’t substantiate Dr. Taitz’ allegations regarding his birth and identity, however we have our own suspisicions given our own investigation.). Barack H. Obama’s first egregious act was lying and withholding information from Americans regarding his associations. As stated above, the list is many, however domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, Reverend Wright and Tony Reskco certainly come to mind. The lying and withholding of information stained the chrome armour of this new knight in shinning armour who was going to change and transform the world, we hoped! The lies continued to be perpetuated on the American passenger/voter who only saw the potential spotless white suit worn by this spit and polished African-American Captain of the USS Ship of State because he advised them that he was going to be “the most transparent” Captain of the Sea. Unfortunately, he lied about that, too, and the armour became tainted and more tainted, stained and more stained.

We saw exactly what type of President/Captain he was going to be when he began to pick his crew. The susectible passenger/voter always starts out feeling good about their hiring of their next President/Captain and they always start out feeling that what they are told is what is really happening. They find out later that wasn’t the case. They felt Obama selected Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State to mend fences and reward her for her great showing in the primaries. That wasn’t the case at all as we later learned. It was to keep his enemies closer, particular Bill and Hillary Clinton and to keep her in check. His decision wasn’t magnanimous at all; it was for his political life and for his reelection. Another lie to the American voter.

The pre-presidential candidate and early president brought us the lying Barack H. Obama and the lying President/Captain Obama. He obviously broke trust with the American passenger/voter and we should have seen through all of these lies and broken trust and not reelected him to the highest office in the land and to the Captain of USS Ship of State (or any President Republican or Democrat for that matter who lies and breaks trust with Americans). The United States of America and the majestic USS Ship of State deserves people held to the highest office in the land with the highest standards. So, the most egregious act committed by candidate Barack H. Obama and President/Captain Obama is BREAKING TRUST WITH THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES! He broke the trust on numerous pre and post presidential occasions and found it hard to find that trust once he lost it! He crossed over that boundary as he later allowed Assad to walk all over his “red line.”

Even though President Obama became less trusted with the American passenger, he remained at the helm of the USS Ship of State and even was rehired a second time. Apparently, we the people could care less that we had “no confidence” in the Captain of our ship. We didn’t seem to care where Captain Obama was going and how much he was going to spend to go. The above led President Obama to commit the third of his most egregious acts: Continue to destroy your predecessor while committing worse acts, i.e. spending the people’s money like a drunken husband in Las Vegas spending his family’s money. We can replace Captain Obama’s name with the nickname CAPTAIN BLAME. We could list here the numerous times and occasions that President Obama blamed George W. Bush, however they are a matter of record. It is believed that we can stipulate those times and occasions are true and factual and we believe that we can stipulate that President Obama took those egregious acts of spending to record levels. He, thus, did, in fact, commit his third major sin and egregious act of BLAMING the last person who held his watch, Commander George W. Bush, and then spent more money on Commander Barack H. Obama’s watch by record numbers. Had the mainstream media taken the time to nickname Obama based upon his individual egregious act, they could have as easily come up with the nickname, “Hypocrite-in-Chief!”

Over the six years that Barack H. Obama has been in office and at the helm of the USS Ship of State, the mainstream media could have come up with a (four) score of a number of egregious Captain Obama acts that would have qualified him for more nicknames. Captain Apologist, Captain Appeasement, Captain “cash for clunkers,” Captain “Shovel-Ready,” Captain Solyndra, Captain Afghanistan Surge, Captain Libya, Captain Release of 5 Taliban prisoners, and Captain Dependency (another record). However, while the acts committed under those ranks are egregious enough today’s post centers around the most egregious of them in the opinion of the Oversight Committee: The first being a breach of trust of the American public, taking their money out of their pockets and spending it at greater levels than ever before, and thirdly, SPYING ON AMERICANS at greater levels than before.

Spying that occurred on Captain Obama’s watch through the NSA, IRS, and the CIA have made the movie “1984” compared to taking a picture with a Kodak camera to the taking one with the Hubble telescope…there is no comparison! Not only has big brother invaded your privacy, your bedroom, he’s in your phones, your clubs, your papers, your computers, and, through Obamacare, he’s in your medical records (Obama’s signature legislation). From his own record, we see that he continues to want to control the American passenger/voter through limiting their rights, such as, gun control, property, food, and water, and the limit of those rights. These are not the commands as given by Captain Bush! Captain Bush’s infrastructure was to be dismantled by Captain Obama (see campaign promises below) and replaced by what many feel come from the Sal Alinsky dismantling of government (the transformation) and the rebuilding (in our likeness) of the Sal Alinsky Socialist/Maoist-like government. Whatever the President/Obama government would look like know one really knows because the David Axelrods, Bill Ayers, and the Reverend Wrights are not saying. However, what we can say is that you, the American passenger/voter on the USS Ship of State are being SPIED UPON while you are taking a shower below decks.

While Captain Obama and his crew go about the business of spying on Americans throughout their lives, he set out some of his departments (IRS, NSA, DHS, CIA, etc.) to go further. He wants to look into their politics through their applications to their government and through their non-profit and T-Party politics. One of his compartments that was set upon the American passenger/voter and non-profit organization was Lois Lerner and the Internal Revenue Service. Again, we are looking at Captain Obama’s egregious acts and the one that jumps out for us is the institution of the IRS, and now we learn Inspectors Generals, have taken a major hit in independency. Both the IRS and the Inspectors General, as well as the EPA and Eric Holder’s DOJ, are no longer INDEPENDENT; they have become German Shepard’s for Captain Obama and his minions. They have broken their own trusts with the American passenger/voter by requiring political responses to what is supposed to be free from political power, have not provided information and documentation in a timely fashion, blocked, stonewalled, and covered-up investigations as to wrong-doing by the Obama administration. In other words, they have not been very forthcoming and transparent as candidate Obama promised.

This will be one of the most powerful paragraphs in this post. Along with the above, candidate Obama made campaign promises that President Obama and Captain Obama broke. This would not be the first time that this phenomena occurred in a Presidential campaign nor will it be the last. However. the American passenger/voter needs to be the one to put a stop to this practice as we will never know where our Captains will take us on their bridge and “we will continue to end up some place else.” They can put a stop to this practice by limiting terms in office, voting out those politicians engaging in egregious acts as Captain Obama did and expecting them to say what they mean and mean what they say. Simply put, message to politicians, if you don’t want to break the trust of your passengers, don’t lie! If you want to have a fiduciary relationship with their passengers, don’t overspend their money. If you want to be able to look into their eyes, don’t look into their bedrooms! If you want them to have confidence in your system, don’t send them to a place that wants to look into their political records. If you want them to feel protected, then do all you can to protect them!

Captain Obama, you took your Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not some other Constitution or religion, or even the world. Your main possession are the people of your good ship USS Ship of State. Your are to protect them with all of your heart, strength, and resources and by the way, you have the USS Constitution to guide you; it’s all there if you look for it. They trust you to do so…there’s that word again, TRUST!

We come to your most egregious acts President/Captain Obama for which there is little forgiveness: Your treatment of the families of those who have fallen on your watch…Those acts are already emblazoned in your head and mind as you know that you committed them and so do the passengers. It is the most egregious act TO LIE RIGHT IN THE FACE OF A MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER OR OTHER FAMILY MEMBER when they have lost a loved one in the service of their nation. Captain Obama, you lied on numerous occasions and mothers like Pat Smith (mother of Sean Smith) want to know why! She wants to know why the President of her country and Commander of the ship of state would tell her that her son died because of a video! Other parents such as Christopher Stevens’ family and the other families of those men who died with him want to know why as well. A Navy Seal’s father who died in a helicopter flight in Afghanistan wants to know why he was lied to about the day that his son died and wants to know why his son and the other seals were exposed by our government. Others want to know why you couldn’t make a decision to rescue James Foley on time and why he and his fellow reporter had to have their heads cut off. There is no acceptable apology or appeasement like you tried to give the world for the United States when you entered office for your egregious acts as lying in the direct faces of those family members.

No Mr. Obama, crimes such as David Limbaugh speaks about or Elliot and Klein’s impeachable offenses won’t get you out of office unless someone lights a fire under Speaker Boehner to get him to investigate your high crimes and misdemeanors and bring charges against you. No Mr. Obama, it has to come from within you to make the decision to step down as Richard Nixon did. It will take you to acknowledge not the crimes, not the scandals and investigation, it will take you to acknowledge that you lied directly to parents who lost their loved ones serving this great nation and you. However, as we shall see in the next post the makings to make the right decision do not lay within you. Richard Nixon told us that we needed to know “if our President is a crook.” We won’t know about that and you for sometime like we had to wait for Nixon. The jury is still out if you have one moral fiber left in your soul…we do remember you got nothing from attending church with the Reverend Wright for 20 years…at least you tell us you didn’t hear anything controversial from Reverend Wright and a man, such as yourself, wouldn’t attends church for that long wouldn’t lie or would you!

You have committed these egregious acts as candidate, President and Captain Obama. We don’t have to wait any longer about your potential as a candidate, your potential after you beat out Hillary Clinton, or even your egregious acts since entering office. No, Mr. President/Captain these acts are already in the hopper…you have done them already! You broke the trust of the public coming into office, you lied to the people over and over again, you blamed others and did more egregious acts yourself demonstrating your immense hypocrisy. You perpetrated a fraud on not only America but, with the families of our fallen. You told us the only way you got your news was from the press, but in reality you concocted and perpetrated a fraud regarding the Benghazi video. No, Mr. President/Captain Obama not only did you associate with undesirables (for which you have a Constitutional right) you had to lie about it and then continue to appoint them such as Van Jones, etc. We can only predict that your egregious actions will continue for the next two years unless Taitz, David Limbaugh, Klein, Elliot, and Napolitano are successful “in kicking the impeachment can down the road. We could, of course, watch you do the honorable and manly thing like Richard Nixon and resign from office acknowledging what you did to the people of America, the families of our fallen, and the majestic and exceptional USS Ship of State.

In case you haven’t figured out your more egregious acts candidate, President/Captain Obama, we will repeat them one more time: You have broken the trust with Americans. You have lied and spied on them at greater levels that your predecessors. You have continuously blamed your predecessors while you spent more of Americans money and put their children etc. in debt. You have lied about finding out your information from the press (where are your morning briefings). Lastly, and more importantly, you lied directly in the faces of those families who have lost their loved ones and knowingly promised to get them information as to how their sons and daughters, etc. while perpetrating frauds regarding a video. You might no be impeached, found guilty, or sent to prison for these egregious acts but, that doesn’t mean that you didn’t do them. They are already in your heart or mind and they are there until you choose to act on them.

Dave Limbaugh, Elliot and Klein, and even maybe Speaker John Boehner may not succeed in getting President/Captain Obama to leave office. Certainly lying directly in the faces of the fallen hasn’t caused Captain Obama enough internal pain to attack his conscience to force him to do the honorable act. It may take someone who knows, simply, how to negotiate and does so everyday, like Donald Trump. Mr. Trump might have given Americans the solution to leave the bridge of the USS Ship of State. On 9-10-14, Mr. Trump tweeted, in words to that effect, “President Obama if you resign today I will give you the opportunity to play golf for life at all of my golf courses.” Here is your opportunity Captain Obama, do the right thing and resign.


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