Here’s Why Captain Obama Won’t Resign

[ has been doing a series of pieces on the rise of President/Captain Barack Obama and his fall. Our last piece described Captain Obama’s most egregious acts and why he should do the honorable thing, a la Richard Nixon, and resign. However, it is also crystal clear that this man does not have it in him to do the honorable thing and resign! Today’s piece poses some of the reasons why].

We get right to the point with this week’s post. It has become crystal clear that Barack H. Obama’s tenure as President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief, and Captain of the USS Ship of State has been a disaster on so many fronts and we have listed many of them in our previous posts. It has gotten to the point whereby he could be impeached on any one of them, pick one. There are too many scandals to count, from Solyndra, Cash for Clunkers, shovel-ready jobs, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the IRS. Captain Midas, as we can also nickname him, has made a mess out of everything he has touched and make no mistake about it, he is directly responsible for the messes because he, himself, told us so…He is the man in charge and the second coming; the world was going to change just because he was elected President. Many Americans feel that the House of Representatives had been building a case for impeachment since he was elected and by the number of investigations they opened due to the scandals, however we haven’t seen any real movement in that direction yet; in fact, Speaker of the House John Boehner says he’s not going to go in that direction.

We felt that there wouldn’t be any changes at the top of our USA food chain after President Obama had been reelected in 2012, despite the early scandals and poor showings in the debates, plus the mainstream media being in bed with President Obama. We knew the GOP and those Democrats who saw them tying their rope to the wrong comet were looking for ways for Captain Obama to leave the bridge of the ship of state. Investigations leading to possible impeachment were moving too slowly, the mainstream media would not aid in his leaving by reporting scandalous stories or doing independent investigations, and the 2014 elections were not here yet. We said that while Captain Obama should not have been reelected for a plethora of reasons, he was more likely to finish out the last two years of his office. We knew the majority of Americans had decided that he was the worst President in history and definitely not one for the times as the nation needed a “war-time” President, not one who was going “to cut and run” and apologize for the nation. They were extremely frustrated that he was still in office!

But wait! gave the country and Captain Obama an out. HE COULD RESIGN! We even went so far as to tell him what he did to resign and why he should resign. We listed five main reasons: As a candidate, he broke the trust of the public by lying about his associations and his history. He continued with this pattern through his appointments as President. In an “un-patriotic manner,” he outspent all other presidents. He lied to the public and attempted to cover up his scandals and five, he lied to the families, friends, and colleagues of our fallen (the most ergrious scandal) directly to their faces. Again, these are the egregious acts that Barack H. Obama did himself. That is crystal clear, indisputable, and indefensible.

Are they criminal offenses or are they impeachable offenses, only time will tell, but they are reprehensible and egregious acts against the public and we the people shall be able to remove the Captain from the bridge and hire someone who acts better and will take us to higher ground. They are acts that a person with a good, solid conscience, moral upbringing, honor and ethics would have and step down unilaterally. He appears not to possess those attributes as it is more important to keep his position, his power, and his control over others. Before we look deeply into Barack H. Obama’s psyche we need to look at some other psyches in the nation perpetrating some outrageous and egregious acts and how fanatical thinking doesn’t hold them accountable. We can then begin to get a handle on why Captain Barack H. Obama will not resign!

There is one game that all Americans need to stop playing if we are going to get to the crux of doing exactly what is needed in America at this time: To drive a very damaging President and Captain of the USS Ship of State from the bridge since he has been sailing our ship in circles and not in a very good direction. Americans have to stop giving Barack H. Obama, that little kid from Hawaii, a break and stop making excuses from him.

We will do that when we hold Barack H. Obama accountable for his own actions and words and bring him into the real world and not our made up fantasy of this President. This week the NFL saw several of its players perpetrate some very violent and abusive punishment on their so-called loved ones. Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens punched his girlfriend in an elevator and knocked her silly. Adrian Peterson allegedly abused his four year old son by beating him with a branch so badly that he bloodied the minor’s legs. Yet, in both cases, fans wanted their celebrity football players to play the next Sunday, not skipping a beat. Arguments for whether future incidents of such violence and abuse be met with such leniency can be heard at a later time, however these two men already battered and bloodied their victims and they need to be dealt with just as swiftly as how they battered and abused their victims. They need to be held accountable for exactly their own behavior, not a fantasy football player’s violent and abusive behavior. During the previous weeks, two reporters and a British worker were beheaded by an ISIL terrorist on the field of battle and Captain Obama advised the world that he wanted to kill them through the air and get other countries to help. He, the President, clearly did not make any excuses for how the terrorists went about their business of beheading, there were no calls that these terrorists be taken out of the game, nor excuses made of the families or culture they had come from, and that they were needed that next Sunday on the field. He simply wanted to bomb them and hold them accountable for their actions. One extreme to another you say, yes, but maybe each perpepetrator of violence against innocent or unsuspecting victims has to be dealt with as swiftly as possible to tie their behavior to their own individual acts and hopefully, understand fully what the ramifications of those acts should be, to hold them accountable, and if necessary remove them from their position before they do more damage to their victims.

Ray Rice injured and damaged his victim. Adrian Peterson injured and damaged his sons, and Barack H. Obama damaged what he promised to make better, the United States of America…there is clear and convincing evidence of each of those incidents. In Barack H. Obama’s case there were many, many more (and larger) incidents that damaged America and Americans. The scale of what Captain Barack H. Obama and his crew perpetrated on America and Americans is like what the earth looks like from one of the galaxies, a pinprick. Yes, Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson exercised poor judgment and poor control in their personal relationships and parenting. ISIL beheaded at least two reporters and a worker and killed many others and Captain Barack H. Obama, the community organizer, the Constitutional Law Professor, the absent Senator, the most liberal Senator, and the wannabe golfer wantingly injured the USS Ship of State, but why? Why, after committing these egregious acts will he not be held accountable and suffer consequences for his decisions and actions or do the honorable act and step down from the bridge?

We could consult the DSM-5 to get a clinical picture of Captain Obama’s psyche. The DSM-5 will provide us with a plethora of terms and descriptions that could apply to Captain Obama. We could look into the sections of Borderline Personality, Narcissistic and Megalomaniac Personality, Ego Maniac, Dispassionate, Entitlement, Enabled Personality, or Trumped Up Personality (our new term), and also terms that have been added to him by Democrats and the mainstream media, such as “historical, a leader, and the most prolific speaker (from a teleprompter).” He is so exhilarating that “he sends tingles up my leg,” says TV commentator Chris Matthews. Everyday that candidate ran for the Presidency of the United States his legend, and the hype, grew. He was so special, and this was such a special moment in history, that he could not be treated like any ordinary President-elect. We had to move his inauguration to a coliseum in Colorado with columns. A grand carriage and a throne with beefy men to carry him were the only things missing from this gala. Not only was Barack H. Obama not vetted by the mainstream media, no juicy story about him that ordinarily the mainstream couldn’t wait to run against other Presidential candidates were given one inch of space in their periodicals, such as, producing a fraudulent birth certificate, hanging with racist reverends who operated gay houses, or possessing fraudulent documents such as Social Security cards or Selective Service Applications. No rumor, gossip, or possible truth was going to be run in any liberal paper no matter how juicy or titillating or truthful it may be. The mainstream media could have saved us a lot of heartache had they done their job and provided the nation with an unbiased media.

It took a while for talk-show panelist and journalist, Charles Krauthammer, (and this piece), to point out the following: On September 20, 2014, Mr. Krauthammer began to deliver our’s central argument of this piece as to why Captain Obama does not have it in him to do the honorable thing to resign despite the numerous scandals, lies, and other major egregious acts committed solely by him. Quite pointedly and frankly, Mr. Krauthammer, in a “layman’s diagnosis,” stated that Captain Obama is a “narcissist,” and a “legend in his own mind,” who is incapable of listening to people and one “who has surrounded himself with sycophants while living in a cocoon.” He continued, “He doesn’t know much or listen,” and thinks of himself as an emperor such as Napoleon. “The Presidential elections have given Captain Obama validation,” Krauthammer suspects. feels that we can get hung up on looking for the precise diagnosis, look for the right person to make that diagnosis, such as Charles Krauthammer, look for the right, fair and balanced panel to discuss the diagnosis, wait for the most objective, impartial, and neutral newspaper reporter to report on the diagnosis, or wait for the most bipartisan Select Committee to investigate the diagnosis, move it to the House of Representatives, wait for their impeachment vote, and the Senate trial to see if Captain Obama is found guilty and force him from office. Or, we can simply agree on the things that we already know for sure. Captain Obama has already committed the above: He lied to get elected, he lied about his associations, he appointed people that would damage the nation, he called his predecessor “unpatriotic” for overspending and then went out and spent more; he lied about a video and tried to get it covered up as well as other scandals, he lied to the families, friends, and colleagues regarding their loved ones and their deaths. These are the egregious acts that Barack H. Obama did himself and they are the truth, indisputable, and indefensible and he must not be left in Office. Because he has been overinflated, overhyped, overprotected, over validated, and over done in his own mind he will not step down. He is just too self-important to…himself! The nation will get on without Captain Obama but, Obama, again in his own mind, feels that the nation cannot get on without him at the helm. No, Captain Obama, the nation has had many Captains of the Ship of State in the past and will have many more in the future to steer our ship of state. We don’t need you! We would just like to have a new one sooner rather that wait for 2016! So, please put your ego aside for just one moment, take a breath and say a prayer, as Richard M. Nixon did, and take your last White House helicopter ride out of town.

We pause for a moment taking in that visual of Richard M. Nixon lifting off from the White House and replace him with Barack H. Obama in our visual. Since this is a reality piece we come down to earth and realize that Barack H. Obama isn’t going anywhere on his own…He doesn’t have that kind of psychological metal, has been unrealistically hyped and validated, and is delusional, deluded, and lives in a distorted world. As noted, in previous pieces the impeachment process seems light years away from a decision on impeachment, Dr. Orly Taitz appears to be hung up in the biased judicial system and she will probably see Barack H. Obama (aka: Barry Sotelo and allegedly Harry Bounel) finish his term of office in 2016, and the 2016 elections are still two very long years away. Therefore, the chances of Captain Obama staying at the helm are pretty high, unless he changes his mind and abandons ship. It has been done before with Richard M. Nixon and it can be done again with Barack H. Obama. “How, you ask?” first begins with you, our readers, and then the people of the United States. You must first acknowledge and agree that Barack H. Obama has committed the aforementioned FIVE EGREGIOUS ACTS. Do your own research and we are sure that you will find the evidence. Next, spread the information to others through your own individual networks and encourage others to do their research. Then contact the press and Congress and advise them of these five most egregious acts…you might find others (and we are sure that you will if you dig deep enough) however, these five should suffice if we all acknowledge and agree upon them, move them forward, and lastly, we the people and our government demand Captain Obama’s resignation. How do we know that we can do this…we built a grand stage with columns just for him didn’t we? We can certainly demand that he does leave the stage (exit stage left), and that he leave the other house with the columns that we foolishly and blindly put him into.

It certainly can be done…We have seen his approval rating dive to 38%! The voices need to grow louder and longer, but with the egregious acts of Barack H. Obama being yelled the longest and loudest. The White House and the Congress need to hear EVERYDAY about Captain Obama’s most egregious acts and they need to hear a steady voice demanding his resignation. Barack H. Obama might not be listening according to Charles Krauthammer but, maybe he hasn’t hearD all of us calling for one thing…HIS RESIGNATION as we won’t let him, or any other President, mistreat the families of the fallen, lie, or steal our money. PS: Note to Captain Obama…take your staff with you!


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