Where Are the Loud Voices Demanding Captain Obama’s Resignation?

[EyesOnUSA.org continues with its investigative analysis on the rise and fall of Captain Obama. Our pieces have continued with a look at Barack H. Obama’s beginnings, his high school days, his college days, his early beginnings as an Illinois States Senator, his days as a United States Senator and as President, Commander-in-Chief, and Captain of the United States Ship of State. We have described his associations, his appointments, his flip-flops, his lies, his distortions, and in our last piece his five most egregious acts for which he should resign. Along the way, we have built a blue print and roadmap for the people of the United States to begin to fire Captain Obama from the bridge for dereliction of duty. We wanted to make our map for his departure as simple as possible so that the youngest of voters could understand and act upon it.]

The most recent polls show Captain Barack H. Obama, as we refer to him since he captains our most majestic ship of state, at a 38% percent job approval rating, particularly with foreign affairs. How low would your job approval rating have to be before you are asked to exit the door and told that you would not be invited back? Yet, after the last EyesOnUSA.org piece, which described Captain Obama’s most egregious acts while at the helm and provides the blueprint for his departure the people’s voices have been silent and Congress apparently hasn’t received any type of communication demanding his resignation or impeachment! Are we just so resigned to the fact that the first African-American president will not be forced out no matter how bad he is or what he does. Isn’t that what would be called “reverse racism” in the good old days?

Since we described in depth Captain Obama’s five most egregious acts, he went onto play his version of the race card to the United Nations Security Council. We must continue to remember, since his advisors and he remind us all of the time, that he was a Constitutional Law Professor, who doesn’t mind violating anyone’s Constitutional and due process rights. During his speech, he chose to bring up the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri by Officer Darren Wilson. He did not care that Officer Wilson had not been charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced, or allowed to appeal should he be convicted. As President of the United States, he simply prejudged Wilson’s case, prejudiced his case, and tried to be cutsy with bringing this irrelevant local matter to that international body in the first place. His groupies will try to spin his way out of this outrageous act, however if you know President Obama, he purposely chose this international stage to bring this local matter onto it and once again attempt to make a moral equilavency when there isn’t one.

Another most egregious act occurred while Commander-in-Chief Obama departed his Marine helicopter. He chose to salute the two Marines at the bottom of the stairs with a cup of liquid in his saluting hand in a very shameful and condescending manner. He chose this time to be disrespectful as he had just sent our pilots into harm’s way to strike at ISIL. Again, what we heard from his groupies were more excuses for Captain Obama’s behavior and more spins. If they weren’t so sad it would be downright laughable.

What we have learned regarding Captain Obama’s time at the helm is that while we have been able to report a plethora of pre and post Presidential scandals, lies, and now seven egregious acts, there are always more popping up. We learned during the aforementioned strikes, that Obama and his minions had known about and had been tracking an extremely dangerous group of Al Qaeda, Khorasan, with their own favorite explosive expert amongst them for the past two years, all the while telling us Americans that “Osama Bin Laden is dead” and Al Qaeda is on the run. He forgot to mention that the man who was responsible for the shoe bomber and other assorted terrorist acts was still alive and plotting more of these acts against more unsuspecting Americans. It seems obvious since they had been “tracking him for two years” you think they would have leveled one of those home-grown drones into one of his safe haven bathrooms and blown him up to his 72 virgins a long time ago like he did in Yemen killing an American citizen who had not even been convicted of a crime.

If Captain Obama can send his drones to kill Americans who have not been convicted because Obama felt that this American citizen had committed egregious acts, as we identified in our last EyesOnUSA.org pieces against America, certainly Captain Obama could resign for committing seven egregious acts against America as well; and now he has a role model to follow. EyesOnUSA.org has learned that Attorney General Eric Holder has resigned. We proffer this statement, “If AG Holder can resign from office earlier than his term, so can President/Captain Obama as we have urged him to do in our last several pieces, due to his most egregious acts. AG Holder made his own history of making egregious acts, including informing America that Captain Obama and Holder are “life long friends.” This translates into a major conspiracy and conflict of interest in running the Department of Justice! We could break into an assortment of AG Holder’s egregious acts here, but that is for another time and another place. Let’s just put and exclamation mark on them being “life-long friends” by saying their friendship gives us the exact reason as to why Captain Obama never fired Holder despite his numerous egregious acts.

Any person having so much baggage prior to becoming Attorney General (for example, the pardoning of fugitive multi-millionaire Mark Rich), and his accumulative baggage as Attorney General (such as being held in contempt of Congress)(A House of Representative’s resolution had been introduced to impeach Holder) would have been fired by an honest President. By not doing so, Captain Obama adds another egregious notch to his skinny belt. Again, Americans should be crawling all over this confession by Holder and this added egregious act by Obama.

EyesOnUSA.org has provided a history of Barack H. Obama, his controversies prior to becoming President, a political history of Barack H. Obama, a listing of his scandals, and his most egregious acts: now including Holder. We have provided the options for Captain Obama’s removal from the bridge of the United States Ship of State. In our last piece, we provided the five most egregious acts for which no one should escape removal from office and we provided a clear list of options for his removal, along with a blueprint for the people of America to do just that. The blueprint discussed acknowledgement of those five most egregious acts, organizing a movement for his removal, initating a campaign to Congress and following through with the plan for his removal. Former President Richard M. Nixon resigned, Attorney General Eric Holder resigned and certainly Captain Barack H. Obama can and should resign. We the people just need to help him think that it was his idea.

Candidate Obama promised to get the United States out of both Iraq and Afghanistan and close down Gitmo. He was on his way, however he would not listen to others as not to so prematurely. Precisely one year ago he bragged about Osama Bin Laden being dead and Al Qaeda on the run, as well as fulfilling his promise to get us out of those countries. This month he had to announce to the world that we were now in a “war” with ISIL and would start bombing Iraq and Syria. We sometimes forget that he did the same thing to Libya. This isn’t the only time candidate Barack H. Obama, President Barack H. Obama, and Captain Obama did a major flip flop or provided confusing directives and once again our US Ship of State had no clue what direction we were going under his leadership due to confusing statements made by Secretary of State John Kerry, General Martin Dempsey, and President Obama who collided on their statements whether this was a “war” or just a “counter insurgency!”

Captain Obama is a very dangerous leader who has constantly made the wrong decisions for whatever reason and the United States of America has suffered and Americans have no confidence in his word or in him as evidenced by his extremely poor job approval ratings.

We must launch our blueprint for his removal immediately before more egregious acts are performed by him, before more damage is done, and before we continue to be driven in circles by his leadership, run aground, or sink by nuclear explosion. You laugh at this visual. Consider his negotiations with Iran as of this date. He appears to be caving into them on their nuclear demands (he has already pulled back the sanctions on them) in favoring of a limited partnership to fight ISIL.

We here at EyesOnUSA.org can only proffer our blueprint again and hopefully, we the people will begin to see that there is a way out of this mess! Here are the steps to the plan again: 1.) Acknowledge Captain Obama’s Five (now seven and counting) most egregious acts, his associations, his appointments, his overspending, his scandals, his lying in the face of the families, friends, and colleagues of our fallen heroes. 2.) Tell others of these scandals and have them tell others. 3.) Tell your Senator and your Congressperson that you will no longer stand by and let Captain Obama do more harm and demand his resignation. 4.) Tell the mainstream media to do its job and report the above noted history, scandals, and egregious acts in a fair and impartial manner. 5.) Do this consistently, shout loudly, and follow through until Captain Obama has left the ship of state.

On September 26, 2014, it was reported that the New York Times sent out the following tweet: “Watch Obama’s resignation press conference here! Unfortunately, what they forgot was the name Erick Holder. It was Captain Obama’s press conference for yet another crew member leaving the wandering or sinking ship. Was this a “Freudian Slip?” Was this part of a wish list by one the periodicals in the mainstream media who was now tired of covering for Captain Obama? Was this a (not-so) direct message to Barack H. Obama that the natives are surrounding his wagons and are about to move in to impeach him? Whatever it was (even if it was an accidental error), it was the New York Times reporting Obama’s press conference to announce his own resignation! Again, if Richard M. Nixon can do it, if Erick Holder can do it, if the New York Times can report it, even Captain Obama can do it…he just needs a little encouraging and yes, even we can do it, encourage him to either resign or be impeached…We are just awfully tired of his acts!

You now know that “we the people” can force the Captain of our USS Ship of State to step down from the bridge. So where are those loud voices shouting for Captain Obama to resign? Let’s get this tidal way rising! (Note: Use as many egregious acts as you remember, however we believe the above-noted acts would do the job of getting him out-of-office.)


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