Your Blueprint to Getting Captain Obama to Resign

[ has been doing an investigative analysis on the rise and fall of Barack H. Obama. It has analyzed his birth, his adolescence, and his rise in state and federal politics and lifted on golden wings to the Presidency of the United States. Never since John F. Kennedy has such a young man with a great speaking voice (while using a teleprompter) and charisma flown so high so quickly and dove to earth so quickly. By creating his own mess, his tenure as President has been covered in scandals, lies, and cover-ups. Despite Hollywood and the mainstream media protecting him, just like an out-of-control addict, he could not keep away from screwing up his greatest opportunity. had predicted when Barack H. Obama was just a Presidential candidate that his tenure as President was going to end up badly. However, few would believe that prediction nor would they dare to peer through the fog of the Obama hype and snake oil to get a crystal clear view of this charleton. We pointed out his demise through his lack of preparation to be President, his undesirable associations, his undesirable appointments, his obsessive blaming of George W. Bush and others and his equal obsession of not accepting any responsibility. We discussed his scandals, pointed out his massive lies, massive mistakes and misjudgments, and we certainly couldn’t understand his logic for his decisions which were on many occasions too little and too late and appeared to go against American ideals (more Muslim in leaning than American). In the past several pieces we pointed out his most egregious acts, the options for him to be removed or volunteer to leave office and in the last piece advised of a blueprint for Barack H. Obama to take ownership of his messy Presidency and man up and resign from office a la Richard M. Nixon. As stated above, were in the vanguard of stating unequivocably that Barack H. Obama should never had been elected President, should have been properly vetted by the mainstream media, should have never been embraced by Hollywood, and should have never been pushed down the throats of Americans along with Obamacare by Democrats. called for investigations that would lead to Congressional Hearings that would have led to an impeachment trial in the Senate [knowing full well that the likes of Harry Reid and Diane Feinstein would have underminded a conviction as they did in Bill Clinton’s trial (“His behavior doesn’t rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors” argues Feinstein and she would undoubtedly follow the same path if luckily a Senate trial would be held.). Knowing the likelihood of John Boehner following his Oath of Office soon faded as he clearly stated that impeachment was not on the table. EyesOnUSA.Org began to raise the issue of discussing with its readers the possibility of Captain Obama, as we refer to him since he is the Captain of the United States Ship of State, of resigning. As Captain Obama, he has taken the US Ship of State off course, overspent our budget, and embarrassed his command by mistreating and lying to the family, friends, and colleagues of our fallen. indicated that a map and a blueprint would be proffered in the current piece and we honor that commitment here.]

Nearly several years ago many of us began to discuss the proposition of whether or not President Barack H. Obama, given the extremely poor job by the mainstream media of vetting candidate Obama, would ever know the truth of what type of man was about to lead the nation. The mainstream media and the Democrats failed the nation by blocking this information and failed us by not investigating serious allegations of fraud made predominantly by Dr. Orly Taitz. The game of demonization by the Democrats of individuals, such as, Dr. Taitz was taken to a new art form. When Barack H. Obama was adopted into celebrity-hood by Hollywood it became extremely clear that should the House of Representatives move to impeach him, it would be nearly impossible.

Despite a plethora of scandals and Congressional investigative hearings, impeaching Captain Obama became almost a moot point when Speaker of the House John Boehner openly stated that impeachment was not on the table and most likely would not be on the table in the future. Boehner clearly was ignoring the efforts of his own investigative committees and the facts that they were uncovering in those hearings which produced substantial evidence of cover ups by President Obama and his administration, substantial evidence of lying to Americans, and more than able evidence that this President had taken the US Ship of State way off course. Simply put, not vetted candidate Barack H. Obama was not suited nor prepared to be President of the United States and Captain of the ship. Boehner was also somehow missing the signs and sounds of the beating drums getting louder and louder by Americans for his impeachment and removal. Certainly, was doing its part to investigate, provide input to the public on the various scandals under its prior moniker the DTC (Debate Time Club) on Facebook. Also simply put, any other President with so much baggage and corruption would have been in the House impeachment process a long time ago! We will just have to wait for Speaker Boehner to join the rest of us. Until then we will continue to seek President Obama’s resignation due to the five egregious acts that we know that he committed.

We listed President Obama’s scandals in numerous pieces; they have been reported on at least Fox News, and as stated above there have been numerous Congressional Hearings conducted on each one of the scandals. We will therefore, leave those scandals to be worked through Speaker Boehner’s office. We listed Captain Obama’s five egregious acts in the past two pieces. Since he has committed several more since that piece was published, we will relist those five coupled with the new ones. considers the following five acts as President/Captain Barack H. Obama’s most egregious acts: 1.) His associations with domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and others during his pre-Presidential years, 2.) His appointments of those who would harm America and Americans, 3.) His obsessive blaming of George W. Bush and accepting no responsibility for his watch, 4.) His incessant lying, 5.) His lying directly in the faces of the families, friends, and colleagues of our fallen heroes and his lying directly to Americans time-and-time again. Since reported those five most egregious acts by Captain Obama, he committed at least two more: Saluting two men of the Marine Corps on his Marine One helicopter in a very inappropriate manner, and having yet another picture of himself taken in the Oval Office during a Security briefing with his feet up on the desk. Only Bill Clinton (for obvious reasons) and President/Captain Obama have disrespected the Office of the President in such a manner, yet Americans are supposed to respect them and the Presidency of the United States of America. Later learned this week was the story of Al-Aulaqi, who was the first American citizen that was killed when Captain Obama ordered a drone attack on him. The story reads that Al-Aulaqi worked with the FBI in 2003 and further went on to state that an FBI agent had saved him from arrest at an airport despite an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The immediate question that came to mind was, “Was this American citizen killed by a drone in Yemen because Captain Obama had known that he was an FBI informant and knew too much rather than simply being associated with terrorists?” once again calls upon all Americans to voice their opinion on whether or not Captain Obama should remain at the helm of the USS Ship of State., for one, says “Absolutely not” and he should resign a la Richard M. Nixon (who made quite a mess of things himself)! Should the people decide to move, has proffered the following model and blueprint for their consideration.

As of today, does not stand alone in calling for Captain Obama’s resignation and Americans can no longer say that getting Barack H. Obama out-of-office is impossible. We’ll show Americans one path to the objective. It will be difficult, but it is very doable! Americans can read the following comments from some very distinguished people and continue to witness the ship of state taking on water with more resignations from the Captain Obama crew. If they can resign, so can Captain Obama!

On October 1, 2014, we learned that Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned! She resigned one day after taking a bashing in front of a Congressional Hearing for not protecting President/Captain Obama and his family. Although she had been with the Secret Service for 30 years with an apparent unblemished record, she was forced to resign. She handed her resignation to DHS Director Jeh Johnson who abruptly stated, “She handed it in and I accepted it!” This is the same Jeh Johnson who is being sued by Dr. Orly Taitz for his handling of the illegal immigrants from Central America. (Look for his resignation in the near future as well.).

As you will note in’s previous pieces we have used the theme of Captain Obama and the USS Ship of State throughout. That thread is now being used by others such as Fox News Talk Show Host Sheppard Smith who on 9-30-14 quoted a government official who stated that “He is surprised that there has been no assassinations at the White House” (referring to incidents at the White House which led to Ms. Pierson’s downfall and resignation). To that comment, Sheppard Smith replied, “How long will it take to right this ship!”

Unfortunately for Mr. Sheppard, the ship of state will not be righted and be steered in the right direction until the Captain, Barack H. Obama RESIGNS! Also as previously stated, the drum beats louder today for just that, the President’s resignation as more and more people are coming to that conclusion and seeing the damage pile up on Captain Obama’s watch. Also on 9-30-2014, Congressman Allan West joined that drum beat. Congressman Alan West is quoted as saying, “No more excuses. Barack H. Obama is a liar…He should resign. The first African-American President has been a disgrace!”

Skeptical Americans fear that a race war will erupt should President/Captain Obama be impeached or resign. They see no other scenario occurring. They have little faith in their fellow Americans who do see the “content of his character,” his failure to lead, his egregious misconduct, and the weight of his scandals. Impeachment has crossed even his own wife, Michele Obama’s, mind. On October 2, 2014, it was alleged that Michele Obama sent out a fund raising email seeking 1 million dollars because the GOP will start impeachment hearings should they take control over the Senate and the House after the November 2014 elections. As previously stated above, the likelihood of that happening at this time is slim to none since Speaker Boehner has made no gestures to go there. But, there is some other good news for those who want to see Captain Obama “clear the bridge:”

For those skeptics who believe that Captain Obama will not leave the bridge early counters with the following new information. Former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta unloaded on President/Captain Obama in his newly released memoir, “Worthy Fight.” In his book, Panetta appears to agree with former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates that Commander-in-Chief Obama made the wrong decision to pull out of Iraq early. A clear crack in the armour of the Obama administration. Another break from the staunch Obama supporters came by way of Piers Morgan who also has made statements opposing Obama’s leadership and he has apparently left the farm. The White House press appears to be more aggressive in their questioning of Obama’s policies and decisions after having a fall out with the White House and Hollywood synchophants have been extremely silent. More people are now questioning Captain Obama’s decision to not have people who are coming in from other countries and are sick to be detained and quaranteened until they are cleared. Noteably, President George W. Bush was in favor of this practice and policy. And with the resignation of the Secret Service Director, the rats are clearly leaving this United States Ship of State.

Former Congressman West and all Americans’ only major concern right now appears to be how to make Captain Obama resign before the ship has sunk. proffered a map and a blueprint on how to make that happen; and witnessing the above the process of making him leave appears to be happening. The snowball just needs to keep getting bigger and roll right into the White House so that Obama will know that there is no other alternative but to resign and go to his new home.

The map and blueprint will be repeated in this piece with a few more suggestions for all Americans to consider and follow: More of us have to be added to the snowball and stand up and be counted. As proffered in the last piece, we have to have the courage of Panetta, Gates, and Alan West and make our voices felt. The model to do that is a very simple one: We all come together and cite Obama’s five core egregious acts to our families, our friends, our colleagues (use more if you feel the need to do so, however the core five are extremely important to stay amongst your individual and collective list). Next, we make our voices heard calling for Captain Obama to resign by contacting our representative and Senators; not once, but everyday! The tidal wave and the flood of our discontent with Captain Obama’s leadership must continue to build until that is the only thing that Washington DC and this nation hears. “We the people” must take back this country from this out-of-control Captain of the ship of state. Washington DC must see our “tweets,” our Facebook posts, our emails, our phone calls and even our snail mails; should that not work our bodies must go to the streets of Washington DC demanding his resignation. Boehner and impeachment may never come and therefore, with 62% of Americans disapproving of President/Captain Obama’s job approval, it is time that Americans explain to him loud and clear what that means, as we did to Richard M. Nixon, resign or be impeached!


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