Take a Step Back Captain Obama, Listen to the Drums, and Resign

In our next post EyesOnUSA.org will provide an etiology of our posts since the inception of EyesOnUSA.org to provide the readership with the evolution of the rise and fall of President/Commander-in-Chief/Captain of the USS Ship of State Barack H. Obama. Apparently there are only two ways left open to make Captain Obama leave the ship and to turn over his command: Be impeached or act with honor and resign since justice in the Courts of America has long since ceased to be impartial as evidenced by its numerous rulings in favor of President Obama: In some cases without ever hearing a shred of evidence.

Numerous gallant souls have pleaded with Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, to call for Special Prosecutors regarding Captain Obama’s numerous scandals as well as to begin discussions regarding impeachment. Speaker Boehner has nixed all of the above. Some Representatives are still hopeful that he will begin impeachment proceedings after the 2014 elections. Even the First Lady, Michele Obama, (as stated in our last post) allegedly sent out a fund raising email stating that it is the GOP intentions, to wit: To impeach Captain Obama in 2014.

Since our last post, it is noted that more disturbing facts regarding Captain Obama’s poor leadership, lying and other egregious acts have surfaced! Additional high ranking officers in the Obama administration have added their names and comments such as, Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Former Secretary of Defense and former CIA Director Leon Panetta, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (for obvious reasons-she wants Captain Obama’s job!). Donald Trump continues to bash and criticize Captain Obama’s leadership, policies, and decisions and now staunch supporter, Piers Morgan has even gone on rival Fox News to be interviewed by Sean Hannity to criticize Obama for throwing people under the bus, such as current CIA Director James Clapper and others while Captain Obama continues to take no responsibility. The (big) names against Obama are beginning to pile up and the calls for him to step down are getting louder.

EyesOnUSA.org began witnessing President Obama’s ratings plummeting and more Americans having no confidence in his ability to steer the ship of state. EyesOnUSA.org realized that they wanted him off the bridge, but they lacked their own leadership and know how to remove him. The last few EyesOnUSA.org posts did just that; it provided all Americans with a map and a blueprint of how to go about getting Barack H. Obama to do the honorable thing for America and step down. Heck, even professor Cornell Williams, another early staunch supporter of candidate and President Barack H. Obama recently stated that African-Americans have lost quite a bit of ground since he has been President.

The map and blueprint were simple models however, it would take “We the People” to make them work! We gave Americans a core group of Captain Obama’s five major egregious acts (they could add more if they needed to, such as the new ones listed below). We additionally asked them to discuss the acts with their family, friends, colleagues, and talk show hosts. We then asked them to contact Congress and the mainstream media, not once, but, everyday until Captain Obama leaves office! We asked them to think clearly regarding their 2014 votes and its serious repercussions and will be definitely having a conversation regarding their votes in 2016 as to not get a similar President like President Obama. We told them not to be discouraged by Speaker Boehner’s current stance and be patient but, keep up the drum roll for Captain Obama to step down. This type of pressure worked getting Former Republican President Richard M. Nixon to resign, and he did! The will of Americans will also make Captain Obama resign! It is very doable with “We the People” standing together to make it happen!

Captain Obama’s tenure as President/Captain of the USS Ship of State has two more years to run. As we all know, the ship of state is way off course due to Captain Obama being at the helm. All of his egregious acts occurred on his watch and even though he continues to do so he can’t blame others any longer. That game just doesn’t hold water! What we do know, should Captain Obama not leave the ship, is that more egregious acts will surface and his administration and Captain Obama will continue to produce additional egregious acts. The cover-ups will continue, failure to turn over documents will occur, and conspiracy between key partners, such as Erick Holder, judges, and the mainstream media will continue to try and protect the “worst President in History.” Clearly, more whistleblowers will come forward, damning evidence will continue to trickle out, but it will get out a la Watergate, and more “insiders” will come forward such as Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, and Robert Gates to provide more damning evidence regarding President Obama. More celebrities will turn away from Captain Obama such as, Piers Morgan, and will finally begin to admit that their expectations of him were left on the drawing table. More people such as, Barack H. Obama’s wife, Michele Obama, will speak out regarding their fears that he will be impeached. More Americans are becoming aware of the damage that Captain Obama has done to our majestic ship of state, more people are becoming aware of the number of ongoing investigative hearings, more people are becoming aware of Obama’s and the government’s lies and cover ups, and more people are becoming aware of Captain Obama’ strength, a great orator, but his major weakness, no leadership skills. More Americans are now listening (through social media) how other Americans feel about Captain Obama and their demands for his impeachment or resignation. These lists are growing, more information is being shared, and the drumbeats for his departure are getting louder.

United States Generals are now openly disagreeing with their Commander-in-Chief, Obama’s position regarding ISIL. President Obama met with the Joint Chief Of Staff and others on 10-8-14 and hunkered down on that position despite open opposition to his not “putting boots on the ground” to fight and destroy ISIS, why is he hunkering down? Another surprise surfaced over the past few days. The “weakest President” that was replaced by the even weaker President Obama, Jimmy Carter, came out of retirement to state that President Obama erred when he did not get involved earlier in the fight with ISIL and by not putting boots on the ground quicker.

On October 7, 2014, Bill O’Reilly interviewed former Secretary of Defense Panetta. He kept asking in a number of ways what is holding up this President from reversing his course and totally destroying ISIL. He finally asked him, in words to that effect, “Doesn’t he have the will?” Secretary Panetta appeared to search for an answer, seemingly wanting not to answer his question at all. After a long pause, he stated that Captain Obama does have the will. Well then, Secretary Panetta, what is it? Why has this President been so contrary to what any other President would do faced with a similar set of circumstances? Could the answer be found in his open-microphone comment that he made to the former President of Russia, Alexander Medvedev, “Tell Vladimir (Putin) that I can be more flexible after the (2012) elections.” Does that flexibility have to do with Barack H. Obama’s Muslim history? Do those two things have something to do with talk-show host Glen Beck’s understanding of the Koran and the Sykes-Picot agreements?

Let’s briefly review the Sykes-Picot (secret) agreement of World War I to see if ISIL is attempting to reverse that agreement, which divided up the Ottoman Empire to the victors. Did President Obama and Putin previously discuss this reversal and did they withhold this discussion and information from Americans? With the assistance of Glenn Beck bringing this to the Megan Kelley viewers on 10-8-2014, EyesOnUSA.org researched the Sykes-Picot agreement and learned that Captain Obama has not been very forthcoming with the information found in ISIL founder Abu Bakr Al-Baghadi’s speech on July 14, 2014 at the Great Mosque of Al-Nuri in Mosul. In that speech, Al-Baghadi vowed, “This blessed advance will not stop until we hit the last nail in the coffin of the Sykes-Picot conspiracy.” ISIL, therefore, has a definite purpose and goal, to wit: to reverse that land grab after World War I by the UK, France and Russia who apparently (by secret decree) divided up the Middle East into “zones.” Has anyone in America heard our leader talk about Al-Baghadi’s speech and what was also contained in video put out by ISIL? The answer is a resounding “NO”! Does Captain Obama even know of the contents of Al-Baghadi’s speech and the video (certainly he knew of the alleged Benghazi video) or is he so out-of-touch since he has failed to attend so many briefings. Or, does Obama know exactly what is going on with Russia, Iran, ISIL, caliphates, and reversing Sykes-Picot and is turning a blind eye to it in order to help to reverse the Sykes-Picot agreement, help to return the lands to the tribes, and to parcel off the Middle East to new zones whereby Russia, Eygpt, and Iran become the major players.

A former CIA operations officer Claire Lopez and talk show host Glen Beck have come to similar conclusions regarding ISIL Sykes-Picot objectives and “radical” Captain Obama, who supports a pro-jihadist movement and a reversal of the Ottoman Empire, according to Lopez.  However, she divides the Middle East in a somewhat different trio. The “zones” will not go to Russia, Iran, and ISIL. She describes the zones going to Russia, Iraq, and “Egypt.” Only the believers and mighty warriors will occupy these zones with America completely removed and the “Bush” peace structure completely torn down. The zones will be broken into two major parts with the Sunnis controlling North Africa and Saudi Arabia and the Shites controlling Iran and the entire Persian gulf and the Middle East. Iraq will no longer exist and Russia will return to controlling more of its old territory, including Kurdistan.

It is interesting to note that two independent conclusions derived from a talk show host and a former CIA operative do not seem too far off nor too far fetched given what is currently happening in the Middle East and what is happening as a result of Vladmir Putin and Russia’s aggression coupled with Captain Obama’s constant behavior of wanting to take America out of the Middle East, his failure to engage ISIL, and his apparent back-door agreements with Russia. This “perfect storm,” behaviors, actions, and non-engaging policies seem to have some merit and credence with the likes of Beck and Lopez’ conclusions.

The above possibilities for the Middle East as pointed out by Beck and Lopez are frightening at best. If they are accurate and highly suggesting that Captain Barack H. Obama is somehow complicit in the plan to reverse the Sykes-Picot agreements, then surely we have a Manchurian candidate in the White House and one who never cared how our Federal government was truly performing. It would suggest that his signature act of Obamacare was just a distraction and his Muslim foreign policy was the highest priority on his list; to wit, be a major player and complicit in getting the Muslim nation to reverse the Ottoman Empire Sykes-Picot agreement covertly rather than taking that course of action to the people of the United States.

What would those people of the United States do if they accidently found out that this was Captain Barack Obama’s plan all the while? What if they were able to cut through the fog laid down by the Democrats, the mainstream media, and Barack H. Obama himself? What if they found out that they had been completely duped by all of the distractions in order for this reversal of Middle Eastern lands to take hold? What if they found out that President/Commander-in-Chief/Captain Obama was making himself the most important civil servant and tyrant in Washington DC so that he could control the military, control the press, control the information to the nation so that he could help to control the reversal of Sykes-Picot to help his fellow Muslims get their lands back and help them establish their Sharia Laws? Wouldn’t that be considered treasonous behavior and actions? If at all true, what should “We the People” do?

At this point we do not know if these are truly Captain Obama’s goals and objectives. We do know that these are Al-Baghadi’s, Iran’s, and possibly Putin’s, objectives! However, what we should know is could they be true, are these Obama’s goals and objectives, too, and shouldn’t we at least engage in investigating the Beck/Lopez allegations? If true, wouldn’t that have extremely serious consequences for the United States Ship of State? And, if we find out that they are true, what should we do about a traitorous Barack H. Obama?

We can begin our investigation with the facts that we already know. Barack H. Obama’s father and his family are Muslims. Candidate Barack H. Obama during an interview said that he was a Muslim, then apparently changed his mind. Obama said that he was raised in a Muslim country and loves the sound of the morning call to prayer. We know that one of his brothers is engaged with the Muslim Brotherhood. We know that Obama has brought the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House. We know that Barack H. Obama, our Captain on our bridge of our ship of state, supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. We know that Captain Obama cannot use the word “Terrorism,” and cannot make a speech these days without saying that “we are not at war with Islam! He even went so far as to say, “Islam is not Islamic,” with no reporter even asking, “Just what the heck does that mean to you, Mr. President?” What we don’t know for sure is that his wedding ring allegedly speaks to his loyalty to Allah as was featured in a Newsweek magazine article.

We also know that Captain Obama and his crew will not admit that there is terrorism at the work place. Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter, recently sent a six page letter to Pope Francis espousing Jihad (what many still believe means “Holy War”). Hassan, despite all of the evidence pointing to his act at Ford Hood as terrorism, continued in the letter to claim that he is a “Soldier of Allah” and pledged his allegiance to the ISIL leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, who as we learned above has the main objective of reversing Sykes-Picot. While Captain Obama and his crew want to maintain that Hassan was involved in workplace violence, he sees himself as a Soldier of Allah and at least a follower of barbarian and terrorist Al-Baghdadi. Is Captain Obama’s penchant for not calling terrorism, terrorism just a political thing or is it something more. Is it the method of a Sal Alinsky-type to tear down the United States to rebuild it in Obama’s “transformational” image? Is it his form of distraction to get Americans away from his real agenda: To help Muslims reclaim the Middle East and help Russia rebuild the old Russia, as Beck and Lopez point to in their talks with America? Shouldn’t there be someone digging fast to find out before “We the People” are faced with more of a weakened America? Shouldn’t this be extremely important to America’s standing in the World and our potential collapse under this President who always seems to act too little too late and for what apparent reason?

In another curious apparent unilateral decision by Captain Obama on 10-10-14, Obama is going to close down Gitmo and transfer the prisoners from thereWhy now? It is curious that he would make that decision as he had not been able to close Gitmo despite his campaign promise to do so and his signing of an Executive Order during his first year of Office as there was such blowback when Holder wanted to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in New York and blowback with the trading of five senior Taliban officers for one (“deserter”) Sergeant Bergdahl. Again, so why now, with ISIL on the footsteps to taking over Bagdad and the very expensively built American Embassy?

Growing up we heard the phrase “where there is smoke there is fire.” Is this why the Middle East is burning? Is this why Captain Obama snubs our best ally Israel? Is it his love for the Muslim call to prayer rather than his love to wear an American flag on his lapel? Is this why Obama wants us (the “infidels”) removed from the Middle East to make way for the Caliphate and the reversal of Sykes-Picot, to help out his fellow Muslims? Is this why he stubbornly is standing by and making a minimal effort to fight ISIL to help them get strength, to help them “drive that last nail in the coffin of the Sykes-Picot agreement as ISIL leader Al-Baghdadi says is his objective? Has he used his Muslim Brotherhood brother and other Muslims as conduits to move messages back and forth through back channels to keep coordinated with the plan for reversal? We better know and we better know soon in order to save our own bacon! Since Speaker Boehner is just as hesitant to act, “We the People” better act! We better act soon to find out if Captain Obama is our Manchurian candidate. He has lied to us once…he has lied to us often. Is this another lie and Beck/Lopez are telling the truth? We better know the difference soon!

While waiting, we the people can continue to force Captain Obama from the bridge of the USS Ship of State. As in the EyesOnUSA.org prior posts, he has already committed five major egregious acts and those should have given him a free ticket out-of-town already. It is highly suggested that we the people continue on that path by following the EyesOnUSA.org proffered models to get him to resign. The people must continue to educate themselves regarding Barack H. Obama, study his actions and simply listen to him speak, educate others (spread the word), call talk shows, and call the White House and Congress to demand that he resign; not just one day, but everyday!

And, Captain Obama, take a step back, listen to the drums, and resign immediately!


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