Sunday talk shows on October 12, 2014 bloviated ad nauseam regarding the upcoming November, 2014 elections. “What is on the voters’ minds?” they opined. Was it the economy? Was it ISIL? Was it Ebola? Was it closure regarding all of the investigative hearings taking place in DC and whether or not they would be finally ending with possible impeachment proceedings finally being started regarding President Obama? What were the voters thinking? Each talk show guest, some being reporters, gave their most intelligent thoughts and speculation of what the voters had in their minds and what they were talking about at the dinner table.

Not one talked about Captain Obama, as EyesOnUSA.org refers to him, being absent from Washington, DC on a four day fund raising trip while the above hot button items were shorted out. He wasn’t in town to help put the USS Ship of State’s economy back together. He wasn’t in town as Commander-in-Chief to direct our “counter insurgency campaign” against ISIL nor even advise Americans regarding ISIL leader Al-Bagdhadi’s stated major objective, to wit: “To Hammer the last nail in the coffin of the Sykes-Picot agreement,” and remove all infidels, as found in EyesOnUSA.org’s last article, “Take a step back Captain Obama, listen to the drum beats, and resign.” He wasn’t in town to direct efforts regarding the Ebola virus which appears to be getting a foothold in the United States with yet another case being announced. He wasn’t even in town to discuss why he sent 3000 of our military to help with the Ebola outbreak in Liberia to help contain the virus without telling us of his plans to return them without bringing the virus back to us with them. In short, none of the Sunday talk show guests and reporters talked about the number one item on the voters minds’ as being their thoughts regarding the failure of leadership by Captain Obama on so many fronts including our number one concern, dividing this country further. HIS POOR LEADERSHIP WAS THE NUMBER ONE THING ON THEIR MINDS!

EyesOnUSA.org can unequivocally say that this article jumped to the forefront after reading Stephen F. Hayes article “Failure Upon Failure” written on or about October 12, 2014. Mr. Hayes writes about Captain Obama’s promises and about his failure to deliver on them. Even though he advised that this was a “very lengthy” article in speaking to a talk show host, (about the length of one full page), EyesOnUSA.org feels that Mr. Hayes should have been more specific and detailed as it was viewed as a very critical (if not the most critical) reason of what should be on the front burner in the minds of the voters regarding the elections of November 2014: The failure of leadership in America over the past six years, a failure that saw the biggest hype in a candidate (for “historical reasons”) with the highest expectations leveled at a President to a Presidency delivering “failure upon failure” and scandal upon scandal. Former President Richard M. Nixon was forced to resign after just one scandal, “Watergate,” and after just one “cover up,” again Watergate. Yet, President Obama has divided a nation further, has failed to lift up even the African-American population even after such a “historical election.” He was supposed to be the “most transparent President,” also in history, yet, he has engaged in cover-up after cover-up and continues to refuse to turn over thousands of pages of documentation and sought after emails even after subpoenas and FOIAs were issued, as well as orders to do so by various judges. By continuing the charade of “transparency,” Captain Obama will keep damning documentation from Americans for years to come, and he knows it! He had failed to turn over his Birth Certificate, college applications and transcripts, failed to report to America who paid for his college, vigorously fought Dr. Orly Taitz and attorney Larry Klayman regarding being improprerly voted in as President of the United States and possessed fraudulent documents.

Plaintiffs have lost all the way up to the Supreme Court without the lower Courts and the Supreme Court ever listening to the evidence or the calling of one single witness and despite these cases lingering for years without a real trial taking place. How does that happen in the United States of America when “everyone is entitled to their day in Court” and their case heard! How does that type of lawlessness happen under the most transparent President who isn’t pushing, overseeing, or firing those who are obstructing justice? Clearly, a conspiracy between the President and his Attorney General, Erick Holder, exists or how else does one explain this new phenomena in America. Whether we like or don’t like a Plaintiff, Prosecutor, or defendant we at least let them tell their individual stories, call their witnesses, and produce their evidence! This is what Americans want for their system of justice, fairness, impartiality and no obstruction of justice by their President and Attorney General to save their own bacon.

Not one Democrat can say that what has been said regarding Captain Obama’s poor Presidential performance and his scandals are not true! He bailed out Wall Street and no one went to jail, fact! His administration loaned money to Solyndra even though they were about to go bankrupt and they lied about it, fact! His “Cash for Clunkers” scheme was a failure, fact! Obama and his administration sold guns to the Mexican cartel and they lied about it and Brian Terry was killed with one of the guns, fact! [see the former Assistant Attorney General, David Ogden’s March 2009 video stating that Obama approved Fast and Furious] Both Erick Holder and Obama lied about it stating they knew nothing about it, fact! Captain Obama has stated he’s known “nothing” about other scandals as well until he read about them in the press (but, of course he’s lied about that as well, fact!) Captain Obama and his minions also knew nothing regarding another scandal whereby other Americans were murdered, Benghazi. Despite being advised that Benghazi was under a terrorist attack within 45 minutes of the violent assault, Captain Obama and others stuck to the story for more than two weeks that the murders were caused by a “video,” clearly to protect his political agenda of getting himself reelected in the 2012 elections, fact! And of course, the biggest fiasco is the passing of a mega-law, Obamacare, without anyone reading it, throwing money at it to set it up, and having it fail on rollout, fact!

We could go on an on to detail everyone of Captain Obama’s failures but, for the moment let us just leave it with the scandals as stated above. But, before we move on we can help ourselves by reminding Americans that talk show icon, Rush Limbaugh, early on in Obama’s tenure stated that he wanted him to “fail.” However, we can’t leave this statement here as the Democrats have tried to do time-and-time again! No, Rush went further and continued with the following, in words to that effect, “I want him to fail if he is going to turn America into a socialist country!” Clearly, Mr. Limbaugh’s fears were founded as we reached a record number of Americans on the dole on food stamps. He was nicknamed “the Food Stamp President” by Newt Gingrich. However, we didn’t have to wait long for both Limbaugh and Gingrich quickly being labeled racists, despite a healthy number of whites as well being out of work and on the dole on Captain Obama’s watch, fact!

Here is where EyesOnUSA.org feels that despite candidate Barack H. Obama thinking himself as a modern day Abraham Lincoln, we feel he did just the opposite of Lincoln. Rather than to fight for unity, equal justice under the law, and better race relations, he began to put a bigger divide between the races and the classes. Because he is the first African-American President in history, sadly he actually is making it worse! Americans were hoping and expecting better. EyesOnUSA.org will mention just a few of the more salient episodes of dividing the country.

The most divisive egregious acts that opened up the racial divide occurred during the campaign. Former President Bill Clinton accused candidate Obama of playing the “Race Card” against him. Second, a Boston police office arrested a non-compliant professor and is called on the carpet and hauled off to a “beer summit” with the professor and the newly-elected President. It became clear that Obama made incendiary comments regarding the officer, who was taken to task, decided to have his Presidential beer summit to appease his critics and tried to overcome their criticisms; it failed! Captain Obama insinuated himself into yet another black-white racial matter when he jumped into the Trevon Martin alleged murder, already attempting to poison the well against George Zimmerman by saying “if he had a son he would look like Trevon Martin.” George Zimmerman was acquitted! Another young man, Mike Brown, was shot and killed by Missouri police Officer, Darren Wilson. Neither Captain Obama nor his Attorney General, Erick Holder, could wait to take sides against the officer and for shooting and killing the black teenager Brown. Erick Holder even went to Missouri and spoke with Brown’s parents, however no fire-side chat between Officer Wilson and himself, again poisoning the well before trial against a white Officer Wilson and a black individual. As with the numerous scandals mentioned above, there are numerous potentially explosive racial episodes that should have been handled in a much more appropriate way in order to bring Americans closer together instead of the way Obama and Holder handled them, which only put yet another crack in the divide. In fact, Captain Obama decided there wasn’t enough fuel on the fire and he pointed yet another finger in the eye of all Americans when he appointed Al Sharpton to be his advisor in the Brown/Wilson matter: This is the same Al Sharpton who fraudulently lied regarding the Tawana Brawley matter, this same Al Sharpton who threw fire on the Trevon Martin matter, and the same Al Sharpton, who had gone to Ferguson Missouri to throw fuel on the fire of the protestors who have been rioting for weeks.

Erick Holder has not had a problem in helping to cause more of a racial divide in our country. He joined in on both the Trevon Martin and Mike Brown cases and made statements that do not help in bringing us together. He is the same Erick Holder who early on in his and Captain Obama’s tenure called America “a nation of cowards” when it comes to discussing racism in America. Many of us have been waiting years for Captain Obama and Holder to take us up on it, just set a date, time, and a location and you will have millions of Americans show up, with our bravery. Even one of Erick Holder’s whistleblowers describes Holder as running a corrupt Department of Justice and cites Holder’s refusal to try the New Black Panthers members who stood in front of a polling booth with clubs and refused entry to white voters. Again, we could go on and on, however EyesOnUSA.org has made the two aforementioned points, that Captain Obama’s Presidency is a failure given all of the scandals and their divisive acts.

The OJ Simpson trial brought us a number of memorable moments to point us into the path of our racial divide. It brought us the “Dream Team,” the “don’t rush to judgment syndrome” when the defendant is an African-American,” but definitely rush to judgment when a black teenager that was shot had just been involved in a strong armed robbery. However, he was shot by a white police officer. The judgment will quickly be made, race baiters and inciters will come from all over, the celebrity Sharptons and Jacksons will point African-Americans to rush to judgment and give them the implied and implicit permission to riot, because “yet another white cop murdered a black teenager.” We just learned that another teenager, an innocent young man who didn’t deserve to be shot and killed by a white officer, had gun residue on his hands and clothes from the gun that he fired at the police officer first. Even though the officer acted in self defense and the shooting was justified, where are those same race baiters, judgers, and inciters now to offer that officer, his department and his family their deepest apology? By the way, the gun that the young man used had been stolen and he had a picture of himself with the gun. As Nancy Pelosi would say, “We can’t use the word illegal gun, it was undocumented.”

But those two points, ISIL and race relations, don’t cover the third major dividing factor, class warfare. We will refer to them as Occupy and the 1%. We will refer to them as labor, management, and government. We will refer to them as big federal government and limited government. We will refer to them as Federal Government and more control over private business. We will refer to them as big government and private citizens. We will refer to them as self-reliance or being on the federal dole. We will refer to them as the rich, the smaller middle class, and the new larger class through more entitlements. We will refer to them as the “War on Women.” Again, we can go on an on, however we feel Americans who are watching this administration get our points really well. These are the new divisions conceived of by the Captain Obama administration and they are getting wider each day. The fracking administration.

Many of us watched an eloquent speech made by President Obama. On his Presidential watch, there wasn’t going to be “any red states, or blue states, only the United States,” he said emphatically. However, just words! He could always “talk the talk” but, couldn’t “walk the walk.” He made yet another speech to Americans after Congresswoman Gabbie Gifford was seriously shot by her assailant for us to become more civil to one another and to come together. It wasn’t to the level of a famous “four score” speech by his role model Abraham Lincoln, however Americans were listening and they were watching to see if he would someday practice what he preached. The answer came quickly in yet another speech to blame someone else for his irresponsibility. Captain Barack H. Obama could not get away from dividing America. He divided the liberal news from the conservative news. He divided our allies. He divided environmentalist from pragmatist, he divided socialist, Maoist, and Saul Alinskyite from American capitalist who possessed American values and ideas (he went so far as to put many of them in his Administration along with the Muslim Brotherhood). And finally, with the aforementioned beer summit and sons like Trevon comments, he further divided blacks from whites! Now, we believe you get the idea why leadership matters, to unite all of us and not work hard to divide us with cheap rhetoric!

During this past week, Whoopi Goldberg joined Erick Holder in his “conversation” with America regarding racism. On two separate shows on the View she blasted Ann Coulter and another guest and came at them that they both don’t know what it is to be black. Clearly, she too, was not trying to bring them together (the show is a matter of record and can be viewed at any time). Both Erick Holder and Whoopi would have been honest brokers had they admitted just some of the faults of African-Americans and find ways to bridge the racial gap. But, neither of them did; they simply blamed the white man for everything wrong in the black communities around the country. Clearly, they look to their role models Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Captain Barack H. Obama! And both of them brought their thoughts on the subject with an underlying tone of anger which neither of them seem to be able to get past no matter how much money, position, or status that they have achieved and accumulated. Both of their displays begged the question, “African-Americans have come a long way, despite their adversity, but both of them don’t seem to see it or because they want the whites to give them something more; what do you want?” Perhaps Americans can have that “conversation” that Obama, Holder, and Goldberg need to have to help unite all of us Americans. All they need to do is set the date, time and a big enough venue and I’m sure Americans will show up…we always do!

When conversations are drummed out by consistently over talking someone, drowning out or diminishing responses, or ganging up on those who have opposing or additional views, only a monologue occurs. To have a true dialogue of ideas or on the issues it takes almost a 50-50 split of each other’s air space. You have clearly witnessed those lopsided dynamics on the View, which are a matter of record. You have witnessed Erick Holder call an entire nation “cowards” for not having that racial conversation, however he will do it only in a speech and will no questions on the subject. Who is the coward, who is the leader? Certainly Holder and Captain Barack H. Obama are the cowards who are afraid of the follow-up questions.

The leader of the free world isn’t a leader when he does not hold back hateful rhetoric. He must truly lead us to being Americans, lead us out of a poor economy, and know how to bring people from around the world to respect America. He must make intelligent decisions when we either have to get out of a war, or, heaven forbid, know when we have to go to war! Great leaders have impeccable timing and never seem to be behind the curve. Clearly, Captain Obama has not been a pro-active President, but has been behind the curve when it comes to his Presidential decisions and agendas. His former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, admitted, in words to that effect, to talk show host Bill O’Reily, that Captain Obama is not engaged in a leadership presidency. “He is leading this nation by crisis.” Once Barack H. Obama got elected president, his “hope and change motto” for America and the world changed to “we are all going to hell in a hand basket” according to the Fox News Poll of 10/14/2014. Of the fifty-eight percent (58%) polled, forty-eight percent (48%) of those were Democrats. EyesOnUSA.org suggests that everyone become familiar with the results of those polls.

It seems that Captain Obama sold the electorate a lot of snake oil during his first campaign in 2008. The “most transparent President in history” withheld a plethora of damaging information regarding his scandals, cover ups, and other secrets and facts from the electorate as to insure, not what was in the best interest of the nation, but just to get reelected. He is now withholding the General’s report from the public until after the November 2014 elections regarding Sargeant Bergdahl, who allegedly deserted his post and yet who Obama traded Sgt Berdahl’s freedom for five high level senior Taliban officials. Again, not such a transparent President.

Many Americans feel directionless, that we don’t know where we are going, that this most transparent President never has a plan or tells us what it is. Many truly feel that we are upside down and truly “going to hell in a hand basket” and Captain Obama cannot lead and/or steer the United States Ship of State. We don’t know where we are going, because we don’t. We know we are going to end up somewhere else (from the book of the same name).

Some of the greatest lines about any Presidency and leadership came from a simple movie, “Dave,” with Kevin Kline. Appearing before an emergency session of Congress, the President, Kline, answered to Congress regarding criminal allegations made against him. Refreshingly, he owned up to the misconduct (unlike another President who has no problem blaming others while accepting no blame for himself). (Paraphrasing Kline) “Under other circumstances we wouldn’t be talking about the above-reported scandal so openly in Congress.” However, he went on to say, in words to that effect, “Let’s talk about it.” He described the charges and flat out owned up to committing them. He then apologized to the people of America. President Kline, if you will, then spoke some words that real people, not actors, should live by if they were President. He made the following points: Again in words to that effect, “I forgot to do the job. a temporary job. I forgot how to make the people’s lives, not mine, better. I did not live up to (the hype) part of the bargain nor their expectations (which were set too high for Barack H. Obama). I should have cared about you more than me. Right now I’m not too popular.” Candidate Barack H. Obama became too much of a celebrity too soon, too big for his pants, and believed his press clippings…he became too popular despite lacking a teenage foundation, a abominable voting record in the Illinois State Senate (voted 130 times “present”), being voted the “most liberal United States Senator,” and one that lacked substantial experience. The one thing that he left at the door after his lavish and gauche inauguration, if he ever had any, was his leadership.

Those Americans who still foolishly cling to believe in his Presidency, or who do not feel that we are going to hell in a hand basket, or still believe Captain Obama did not steer us off course, or he does not possess unsound judgment, or he attempted to cover up his scandals, need to refer back to the previous 23 articles by EyesOnUSA.org.

Those articles were written as a result of an investigative analysis of the rise and fall of Barack H. Obama. In this evolutional study we visited the early days of Obama and his teenage years (missing his last two years of high school to cut school, smoke dope, and hang out with his friends). The articles explore some of the earlier allegations by the “birthers” and the “birther queen,” Dr. Orly Taitz (who can’t seem to get a break in Court for trying to get Barack H. Obama held accountable for being ineligible to run for office and by using fraudulent documents). In our most crucial article, we describe the Five Most Egregious Acts committed by Barack H. Obama, to wit: As a candidate lying to the electorate regarding his associations, as President appointing people who did not have the best interest of America in their hearts, overspending our budget while calling out George W. Bush as un-patriotic (Obama outspent Bush in 4 years while Bush spent less than Obama in 8 years). Additionally, it appears that there have been more scandals under Obama than any other President in history. Most egregiously, he lied in the face of our American families, their friends, and collegues’ faces regarding Benghazi. As a President and as a purported leader he lacks integrity, he lacks credibility, and more Americans, who are not still in denial, have no confidence in him.

There are more egregious acts than the five listed above and EyesOnUSA.org mentions them in article number 23. However, Martin Luther King described the very essence as to why Captain Obama must leave office immediately! He has divided a nation into classes and widened the racial divide. It is because of the “content of his character” and not the “color of his skin,” as will be dealt with in the next EyesOnUSA.org article. The most egregious act up to this point is that of dividing our country! Captain Obama has created a wider divide in our United States Ship of State by his own behavior as noted above. Rather than our nation coming together in times of war and terrorism, he has only pitted one faction against the other, rich vs. poor, ethnicities against ethnicities, allies against the USA, private businesses against government, and Americans not trusting their government as we have ever seen before.

Your poor leadership has divided a nation, Captain Obama, and it happened on your watch! Like Dave, you lost sight, if you ever had it, to do your job and be better for your people and not just yourself. No, Mr. Obama, we knew what Mr. Abraham Lincoln did for this nation during his time as Captain of the USS Ship of State, and no, Mr. Obama, you are no Abraham Lincoln. He knew how to lead a nation…He was a President for all of us, however you have failed to be like him…



  1. David Avery says:

    I agree with your report, unfortunately, sheepble like my wife and many others do not understand the arguments, because they do not want to believe or think any conservative is a radial.
    Benghazi did not happen as it was actually reported, hearing the Economist as it occurred. No wonder much of the world is losing their faith in our government.


    • Unfortunatley, people who are bound a party or other bias have a very difficult time with facts. Even Judges (who are triers of fact) sometimes forget them or the merits of the case. My suggestion has been for many years that everyone in the United States vote independent so that they can vote their conscience, the facts, and not tied up to the dollars of their party. They can support the best person for the job, not the best party. You might want to tell your wife to just look into and study just one of the scandals on Captain Obama’s watch. What would she do if someone, such as a Republican, do exactly what Obama has beein doing…


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