Bob Beckel, the character from the The Five Program on FOX, openly has admitted from time-to-time that he has lied in political ads and campaigns. “It’s politics,” he says. Did he really say it’s O.K. to lie, according to Beckel? I’m wondering if it is O.K. to lie if you were his children? I’m wondering if it’s O.K. to lie if you are father Barack H. Obama. I wonder if it’s O.K., Captain Obama, to turn your children’s lives upside down.

It was OK to try and turn Karl Rove’s, Dick Cheney’s, and Scooter Libby’s lives upside down if you are Al Franken. Al Franken wrote a book and said that Karl Rove “outed” Valerie Plame. It’s in book print with Al Franken’s name on the front cover. Even Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby got blamed for outing Ms. Plame, Libby got convicted of perjury AFTER the Special Prosecutor knew who actually outed her and there wasn’t really a need for the trial for Libby. He didn’t even have to go before a Court. The Special Prosecutor knew that Richard Armitage of the State Department outed Valerie Plame (However, Ms. Plame and her husband outed themselves before Armitage outed them.). In the meantime, here is little old Al Franken trying to play comedian on a tv station, trying to be a bigshot and write a book on Rove. Was he lying about Rove, did he slander Rove, did he know something that we didn’t know? Did Armitage out Rove and it was actually Rove who outed Plame? Did he ever apologize to Rove? Shouldn’t the Special Prosecutor be disbarred for forcing Scooter Libby into Perjury when he knew all along who outed Plame? It’s OK whatever way it’s supposed to be because our President, our Attorney General, and Mr. Bob Beckel say it’s only politics and we can lie and to turn things upside down.

The only thing missing in the world of Captain Barack H. Obama is a cartoon Captain’s suit, one that would be found in Alice In Wonderland. He would be presiding, as he is now, over a land where up is down, down is up, things don’t make sense, where policy fails and Captain Obama laughs at it, “I guess there were no shovel ready jobs.” Everything in the world is confusing. When Captain Obama and his minions lie, it becomes more confusing.

Let’s look at just some of the whoppers from the likes of Captain Obama, “The evil” Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore. These are real simple: Captain Obama, “You can keep your doctor, PERIOD!” Harry Reid, in words to that effect, “I heard that Mit Romney didn’t pay his taxes.” Nancy Pelosi craziness (which day), again in words to that effect, “We have to pass this bill before we can know what is in it!” All one has to do regarding Bill Clinton’s lies is to say the word Lewinsky. Hillary just tells a story about being shot at at an airport. Al Gore studied under the master Bill Clinton, and found out that he could sell a lot of hot air in Climate Change, formerly called Global Warming. It has been reported that Valerie Jarrett covered up for Erick Holder and allegedly once said that she “covers lies.”

A special lie floored all television viewers when Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, and Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, lied during the convention (not her first time). In this upside down world of Captain Obama and Beckel, she kept both of her jobs!

If one believes Bob Beckel, all of the Democrats lie and have no standards, because it’s OK to lie and have no standards, because they are politicians. All Republicans must lie and have no standards as well, to follow that logic. Many of Americans have studied their politicians over the years and they know for a fact that politicians lie and have no standards and we are in a cesspool as a result. We have expected politicians to lie, however corruption continues into the mainstream media for Captain Obama adding to the cesspool.

It is crystal clear that Captain Barack H. Obama continues to transform the United States into a scandalous country; politicians have been around for a long time. All we have to do is click on the names of the scandals: Solyndra, Shovel-Ready jobs, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, Secret Service, IRS, Benghazi, the VA scandal, ISIL, etc, etc. It is also clear that lies were said, standards were dropped, no ethics, and cover-ups ensued. Captain Obama even brought out the “Executive Privilege Umbrella,” a la Richard M. Nixon, to cover Erick Holder and now, Valerie Jarrett. The message and goal, “If we can’t lie our way out of it, if we won’t give them the documents, then no one who works for me will talk to you,” says Captain Obama.

Attorney General Holder has demonstrated time and time again that he lies. He just recently admitted to doing so in the James Rosen matter of Fox News. He shouldn’t be getting any applause for admitting to lying regarding James Rosen, he should be going to jail and if it isn’t a criminal matter, Captain Obama should have some standards and fire him forthwith…Obama can leave the same day since they are both cut from the same cloth and both complicit. When parents catch their child behaving badly, the child receives consequences. When Obama catches someone lying in government, the offender gets promoted, keeps his/her job, gets to retire when he/she wants to and gets a good job at JP Morgan. We run a great nation into the ground when our leaders lie, have no standards, values, and cover up. This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve seen these acts before. We’ve seen crooks as presidents, we’ve seen liars as presidents, and we’ve seen the withholding of documents that were subpoenaed from Congress by a president who figures that he’s the holder of the documents, instead of all Americans. And, we’ve seen Attorneys General and others as liars, cover-up artists, and yes, probably crooks, if we look deep enough.

What if there are parents in our nation that don’t want our politicians to lie. What if these parents want our politicians to have higher standards. What if we want our parents to have principles and values and to teach them to our children. What if our children look at the President/Captain Obama, the Attorney General, and Bob Beckel and say to their parents, “I want to be just like them when I grow up and not like my parents. I’m going to go to one of the most prestigious universities in the land, Notre Dame, and I’m going to find four more students and cheat on my exams, so that I can play football. It will be OK, because my president, attorney general, and Bob Beckel say that I can lie, cheat, and maybe even steal, because “I’m a politician!”

No, Bob Beckel and Captain Obama, parents and others want honest brokers in our governments. You remember the wonderful story of George Washington cutting down a cherry tree and admitting it to his father! You remember we nicknamed Abraham Lincoln “Honest Abe.” Why did we want to teach our children these stories, if we weren’t looking for honesty?

Bad politicians must be thrown out or they will continue to corrupt our governments. We have done it before and we can do it again! Nixon, Anthony Weiner, “Blago from Illinois,” and Gray Davis from Califorina all left office. Even Charlie Rangel was sanctioned and Bill Clinton and Erick Holder were impeached.

These past six years many Americans have been saying, “I have no clue what direction this country is going in.” Captain Obama said, “I’m going to transform you,” into what? A leader must provide clarity for a country. Americans will follow, if they understand where they are going. The border must be open, the border must be closed, we must have a compromise on the border. Which is it? We want to put more Americans to work, we want to have more Americans on food stamps. We want to have more redistribution of wealth, I want to work for mine and you work for yours, but I will provide you with charity. The Tea Party will demonstrate in Washington, make nice speeches, and clean up after themselves. Occupy will demonstrate in New York, smoke marijuana, rape women, trash the place and throw nothing away. Captain Obama spoke about both: He ripped up the Tea Party, who supported the US Constitution, but supported Occupy, who made a mess, broke laws, and raped women. True Americans watched both of those demonstrations and came away with: We do have a rabble-rousing immature teenager in the White House, that missed two years of high school in Hawaii.

We have the greatest opportunity this 2014 election and another great opportunity in 2016 not only to change politicians and politics, we have an opportunity to go back to common senses, principles, ethics, and values. We can learn many lessons by wathcing protests like Occupy and acts of barbarism like ISIL! We can learn that we don’t want to go back to the cave man and woman days. We don’t want to follow false gods. We don’t want to lie, have no ethics, have no principles, have no values that we, like ISIl, can behead a child or a reporter. We can learn that if we keep falling we will not pick ourselves up and soar. Mr. Beckel, as it said in the program Homeland, “wouldn’t it be a relief to stop lying,” to have higher standards, higher grades without cheating, and high goals for our civilization? Wouldn’t it be a relief to retire the Race Card, the Gender Card, and the “Undocumented Card?”

In a recent poll, 83% of Americans had serious concern for America’s future. They are clear that we are going in the wrong direction with respect to the southern border, immigration, Keystone Pipeline, Iran, Israel, drugs, and with our public health. has spent the past several months covering the rise and fall of Captain Barack H. Obama in an investigative analysis over a span of 25 articles. Unequivocably, Barack H. Obama is arguably the worst president ever! That will be argued forever, however what we can’t deny is that he lied; in his most egregious act he lied to the families of the fallen. His administration lied, and they attempted to cover up and in the process while the children should have been learning from the masters, the college professors and community organizers were lying to them, setting lower standards and showing them few standards. We learned that they were not honorable men and women. Captain Obama and his crew divided our country further by race, class, and economics and we all got worried about the future of our country.

It has been said so many times that our children are our future. If that is true, and not a campaign slogan, then we must teach them the finer things in life and certainly not lying, cheating, stealing, etc. We have to learn and we have to learn how to behave ourselves. The Bill and Hillary Clintons, the Harry Reids, the Nancy Pelosis and the Captain Obamas cannot be rewarded for practicing these misbehaviors; they have to leave office as Richard M. Nixon did. Mr. Holder the only “conversation” we need to have in America today is how to clean up the swamp of policiticans, liars, cheaters, and those who don’t follow the US Constitution. If you want to change it, pass an Amendment and stop playing the games. If you need help you might want to consult Mark Levin, a Constitutional scholar.

We (the people) must stop voting in the dirty politicians and liars and vote them out when we find out that they are lying to us. We have to talk about what type or President and politicians we truly want and what type of government we truly want. We must get rid of the bad ones, fast, and everytime we find out that they are corrupt, unprincipled, unethical, and illegal.

Captain Barack H. Obama has missteered our majestic USS Ship of State. He and his crew have lied to us more than once and we are in a mess. We are in chaos and in crisis. It looks like George W. Bush’s wars will pale compared to what Captain Obama has gotten us into. He lied about not knowing anything regarding ISIL and Bob Beckel says it’s OK to lie to our American passengers. has used the theme of Captain Obama and the USS Ship Of State in our previous articles and now of all tv stations, NBC, recently stated that America is a sinking ship!

No, Bob Beckel, politicians, attorneys general, and presidents lying are not acceptable. Law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard than the citizen. Politicians and presidents are held to an even higher standard than law enforcement. Honest brokers of men and women will right the USS Ship of State again, rebuild her, and provide clarity. It is this trickle down model that keeps this unique American system rightside up and the greatest country the world has ever known. We can start with this election.


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