Our last EyesOnUSA.org article (article 25) on the rise and fall of Captain Obama began with a statement that Bob Beckel of The Five on FOX made regarding that it is OK for politicians to lie and how they do it all of the time. Numerous accounts of politicians lying have been reported over the years; John F. Kennedy lied, Richard M. Nixon lied, Bill and Hillary lied, Captain Barack H. Obama, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Jonathan Gruber lied and committed dirty tricks, too! We guess that it is alright for “two wrongs to a make a right” according to the their logic. They seemed to be neither embarrassed, bothered by it, or apologetic. They clearly do not revere themselves as a role model and care less if younger people are following in their footsteps in an honorable fashion. We at EyesOnUSA.org cannot and will not stop here though, with just politicians lying, and we will never accept, condone, or sanction the long-held view “that if that other Democrat lied, cheated, or used dirty tricks, then it ok for us to do it too.” It’s simply NOT!

Donald Sigretti, of Richard M. Nixon ilk, took “Political Dirty Tricks” to a new height. He was followed by the likes of Bob Beckel and Captain Obama. The purpose of the previous 25 articles was to investigate and analyze Barack H. Obama from a young child, a teenager in Hawaii, a college student, a State Senator, a US Senator, and the President of the United States and do a thorough and comprehensive study of him, since the mainstream media failed miserably to do their jobs. We did this to expose this young man so that the EyesOnUSA.org Oversight Committee would provide the American voters with more informed information to help them pick better leaders in the future and not to fall into the same traps. We have provided information on Captain Obama’s egregious behavior, from lying about his associations, his appointments, his lying regarding the National Deficit, his blaming George W. Bush for all the faults of the nation, while not accepting any blame for himself, the unemployment, his scandals, lying to Americans regarding Obamacare, and his lying to the families of our fallen lost souls. In article 25, we took you through Bob Beckel’s world of the Political Liar and today we take you through the Political World of the Dirty Trickster and alleged crooks.

We will introduce our readers to Donald Sigretti’s dirty tricks, some of Bob Beckel’s, some of Captain Obama’s and point out some of Bill and Hillary’s that will aid you, and one of the worst, MIT Professor and Obamacare architect, Jonathan Gruber, who admitted to lying about OBAMACARE to get it past Americans, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and the Supreme Court; we will proffer an argument as to why Gruber and others need to be arrested and/or impeached. The voter, should Hillary Clinton decide to run for office in 2016 and should voters have even an idea that they want to vote for her, think twice, as Bill and Hillary have had their own previous scandals (unless that particular voter likes political lies and dirty tricks and wants to teach their children the tricks of the political trade to raise yet another generation of liars, cheaters, and dirty tricksters).

Touching upon Karl Rove, in 1970 it was alleged that he stole thousands of sheets of paper from a political opponent and printed up a party flier indicating that there would be free beer, girls, and a good time to be had at a particular location to support the opponent. Unfortunately, none of if was true, which did not cast the opponent in a favorable light. This seemed like such an innocent prank, however it damaged the opponent’s campaign to some degree. We later learned that Rove went on to practice more dirty tricks in moving to elect other politicians, including George W. Bush. He came to be known as the “Architect” of the Bush campaign.

Donald Sigretti was born in 1941 in San Marino, California. He became an attorney and a civil lawyer who transformed into helping to run a campaign for Richard M. Nixon in 1974, using sabotage against Democrats. He was Special Assistant to Dwight Chapin, a Deputy Assistant in the Nixon administrator under John Haldeman and he apparently worked with G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt. His most “DIRTY TRICKS” included the distribution of illegal campaign literature, such as Harry “Scoop Jackson” having an illegitimate daughter; and for having a homosexual relationship and being arrested. The illegimate child never existed, and he was never arrested. He also attacked Senator Ed Muskie’s stance on Israel and much,which was more serious than printing up a beer flier.

Now we move up to the most unspeakable, literally, political campaign: Barry Sotelo, Harry Bounel, aka: Barack H. Obama. Beginning in 2007, the people of the United States meet what will become the Global Warming politician of the world. Was he born in Hawaii? Is he a Muslim? Did he get married in a Muslim wedding? Who paid for his college? How did he get into college after missing his last two years of high school and did he do drugs? How could he attend a church for 20 years, but didn’t know what the reverend was all about? How could sit on a board, but didn’t know that one of the board members had been infamous domestic terrorist Bill Ayers or that the person he bought property with was a crook? (Tony Resko) And better yet, how could he be running for the highest office in the land without the mainstream media vetting him or even appearing to care. How could we let these facts and concerns go unanswered and turn into the biggest DIRTY TRICK of all time, Obamacare! How could the mainstream media and other Democrats protect Barack H. Obama and turn him into Captain Obama, the Captain of the mighty United States Ship of State and let him accumulate such scandals as Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Cash for Clunkers, no shovel ready jobs, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the Secret Service scandal, the Iran-Drone scandal, and with the following confession by MIT Professor, Jonathan Gruber, (which we all suspected), Obamacare, the biggest FRAUD perpetrated on the United States of America and the biggest DIRTy TRICK!

Moving up to 2014 for a moment to show that the “Dirty Tricks” are still here to stay, we move to the top of the class, Bob Beckel, who takes such great pride in bragging about how he loves to wallow in the mire of Political Lying and Dirty Tricks, another Jonathan (Beckel) Gruber. He just can’t seem to wait to come up with yet another line of what his team of tricksters did in the past. For example, he recently boasted to his co-hosts that he once was involved in the “withholding of votes” from pollsters and dumping them into the count later. He didn’t state how he was able to pull that off and it clearly stunned one of his co-hosts, Kimberly Guilfoyle. She seemed to react to his boasting in her mind by saying to herself, “Are you really confessing that you withheld votes from being counted in front of a former Prosecutor?” Isn’t this FRAUD? Isn’t that a crime let alone a Dirty Trick? To find out the extent of Beckel’s tricks, we would have to interview and investigate him in-depth. We might find out that Beckel’s hero was Lee Atwater, the Boogie Man, “Americas evilest man,” back in his day.

A documentary was produced in 2008 on Lee Atwater entitled, BOOGIE MAN, THE LEE ATWATER STORY, which every American must watch regarding men and women and their “Dirty Tricks” and why we all should study up on them, find out who is behind them, hold them accountable, and consequent them as they tear at the fabric of America. We need to be clear that we are narrowing our attention on dirty tricks regarding campaign tactics and not other cons or frauds, as that can get quite confusing and difficult to prove. Lee Atwater transformed Presidential Campaigns to a new plateau in politics and integrity, such as using “Boogie Music” to infiltrate and rub shoulders with a wide range of people. The dirty tricks contemplated by Lee Atwater and those mentioned above and below will become crystal clear. For example, the Willie Horton matter and campaign commercial. Lee Atwater was apparently behind it…

Mr. Atwater’s “Dirty Tricks” surfaced in the Presidential campaign between Michael Dukakis and George H.W. Bush and took the nation to new heights and lows. Willie Horton raped a woman while on furlough from a prison program that Dukakis supported. Dukakis was vilified in the commercial, became the bad guy, and lost the election. Clearly, it was Atwater’s “tearing down his opponent” approach and use of “street brawler tactics” at Dukakis, with the twisted element that Dukakis some how supported African-American rapists and was soft on the likes of black criminals by using such soft programs. Dukakis could not get past this new type of paint that was just dumped upon him, which continued to be dumped in other dirty tricks tactics. He was later asked what he would do if his own wife was raped and definitely was not prepared to answer that explosive dirty trick question that had obviously been set up by Mr. Atwater, it is said.

EyesOnUSA.org could present a plethora of Dirty Tricks in history and their detail, however the list is endless, very detailed and which could cover volumes. Thank goodness for the internet, as it has already done that for us to help us in our understanding of our lying, cheating, dirty trickster politicians. The internet notes 10 of the dirtiest tricks in history and EyesOnUSA.org will use just these 10 as references and summaries to give Americans a way to identify them in the future for their investigations of dirty politics. The internet begins with Number One: The Richard M. Nixon Sabotage of the Paris Peace Talks. Simply put, Richard Nixon sent a private message to the President of South Vietnam stating he could get a better deal for Vietnam, if he won the Presidential election. President Lyndon B Johnson found out about the secret traitorous message, however for some reason did not expose it. (This example of Nixon’s Dirty Trick “secret message” kind of reminds us of Obama’s 2012 “secret message to Putin” before his reelection. What was Obama promising to Putin if he won reelection, Ukraine?)

Number Two: The Brooks Brothers Riot: Occurred in the Al Gore/George W. Bush Presidential Campaign of 2000 and played out in Florida. Gore was trailing by a small number of votes and went into a recount. A riot broke out during the middle of the recount which halted the count and the time limit for counting ordered by the Court. Bush went on to secure the Presidency with this Republican orchestrated Dirty Trick a riot. Number Three: The Morey Letter of 1880 took place during the James Garfield/General Winfield Presidential Campaign. A prejudiced pall over Chinese people plagued America at that time. Despite a low percentage of Chinese in the country at that time, Chinese were feared to be taking American jobs (a trumped-up Captain Obama ploy today?). The Morey Letter was a trumped-up support by Winfield for the Chinese, which cost him the election. Number Four: Debategate of President Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan saw Carter’s campaign book and talking points stolen by someone presumed to be from the Reagan campaign and used against him to defeat him in the campaign: a third debate that Carter didn’t even want to participate in, but was talked into it. Despite committee hearings and FBI investigations, no one was charged, however Bill Casey, a Republican campaigner, was highly suspected. It is noted that Casey went on to be CIA Director. Number Five: The Nixon Plumbers – Daniel Elsberg of the Pentagon Papers gave Richard M. Nixon much to think about Washington DC “leaks!” So, “I’m not a crook,” Nixon put a “plumbers’ unit together (Presidents can be so creative and problem-solvers) of CIA agents to “fix the leaks.” He simply took funds from his reelection office (CREEP) and applied it to the Plumbers. They were pretty creative. Watergate come to mind? Number Six: The Thomas Jefferson Letters – No, not Thomas Jefferson, too? A Dirty Political Trickster? In 1800 (back then?) those running for the Presidency were forbidden from participating in their own political campaign. Jefferson found a way, though. He had a “PAMPHLETEER” print up numerous slanderous pamphlets against his opponent, John Adams. Of course, the pamphleteer, James Callender, printed up “POLITICAL LIES” (AND THOSE “POLITICAl LIES” ARE STILL WITH US INTO 2014, STILL DESTROYING CAMPAIGNS, REPUTATIONS, CHARACTERS, OPPORTUNITIES, AND CAREERS!).

“With a little help from my friends” as the song goes, New Hampshire Republican Chairman, Chuck Mcfee and others were found guilty and spent several months in prison for their Dirty Tricks during the 2002 political campaign of Democrat Jeanne Sheehan and Republican John Sununu. Seems like the race was close and “the smart ones” figured out that phones were important to move critical information around to each campaign organization and to “get the vote out.” When the party can’t do that in a timely fashion, it seems to put a “wrench” in the communications’ motor, when one party suffers by the cutting off the phone lines in New Hampshire, it loses; that’s what happened to Sheehan. This would fall to number 7 of all-time Dirty Tricks on the list.

We seem to be able to spend a lifetime talking about Lee Atwater’s Dirty Tricks. Oh wait, someone did and we already mentioned the Lee Atwater documentary, Boogie Man. We simply refer our EyesOnUSA.org viewer back to that great piece as Mr. Atwater has his own room in the history of Dirty Tricks and that is Number 8. The room even has its own name, “Cut Throat Tactics.”

When we are talking about subjects for our Political Lies, Cheats, and Dirty Trickster” tactics, we simply go back to those tried and true character flaws: sex, drugs, and illegitimate children to sink our political opponents and our information against them doesn’t even have to be true…just assassinate and destroy them is our “Dirty Trickster” motto. As we have seen, we can even be more creative, such as using their “electro-shock therapy” against them or their phone system. Unfortunately for John McCain, it was his “love-child rumor” in his 2000 campaign with George W. Bush, which helped to sink McCain’s ship in this primary. It seems that old Karl Rove teemed up with his buddy Bush to use that old “Jefferson lying political pamphlet” and fuel it with “whisper” campaign juice (and throw in a pinch of the old south segration-sauce to cook up a great scandal of Texas Chili-sized Political Lies Flavor) to send the campaign into “code blue” and cardiac arrest. The Bush/Rove Dirty Trickster simply sent out a flier stating that McCain had an illegitimate minority love child. Turns out the child was his out of compassionate adoption with his wife. McCain, it is rumored and whispered, doesn’t think much to this day of Bush and Rove. Gee, we wonder why?

These Presidential campaigns can certainly stir up some heat as we can surely see. Sometimes even the weather can cause some problems for them as Richard Nixon saw in the 1960 political campaign. Nixon and his opponent decided to use TV (never done before) as the medium for their debates. During a hot one (weather-wise) Kennedy decided to use professional make up and Nixon decided to use something called “Lazy Shave.” (It proved to be his demise.) Kennedy’s team knew that Nixon was a sweater and they (in their Democrat Dirty Tricks fashion) decided to turn up the temperature. Like with that Texas-sized Dirty Tricks Chile, 70 million tv viewers witnessed a sweating-hogged-sized Nixon roasting and sweating. He lost and threw in his handkerchief (using his handkerchief all night long) and another campaign was lost by them darn old dirty tricks. This one made our EyesOnUSA.org Number 10 Dirty Trick as reported on the internet and into our current article of Bob Beckel, Jonathan Gruber, Captain Obama and more. Through the Dirty Trickster world, how did these three people help to either teach, create or promote and get this bad bill past the nation, which turned out to be the greatest FRAUD of today, OBAMACARE?

Is this the answer? The Trickster Sigretti begat the Nixons who begat the Roves who begat the Atwaters who begat the Beckels who who begat the Dick Morrises who begat the Clintons who begat the Obamas, the Reids, the Pelosis, who begat the Grubers and others. If the dirty lying politicians don’t stop coming to putrefy the nation, they will place a stain that will petrify our hearts to revere our new founders and keepers of our sacred US Constitution. It is clear that Jonathan Gruber will be never be put on a plane with any of our Founding Fathers of our greatest documents. Obamacare will never come close to the USS Constitution, but Jonathan Gruber will definitely go down in history as a stellar Dirty Trickster!

EyesOnUSA.org Oversight Committee just learned that the above Political Liars, Cheats, and Dirty Tricksters impacted yet one more American and talk show host. Melissa Francis, who had worked at CNBC from 2003 until she left in 2012. just reported on or about November 15, 2014, the executives at CNBC created a hostile work environment for her through fear, intimidation, and forced silence regarding her reporting of the truth regarding OBAMACARE! It seems the honest broker and business host prided herself in educating her audience and illuminating them with true, economic facts. THE OBAMACARE MATH JUST DID NOT ADD UP” and she wanted to provide them with the facts, such as you wouldn’t be able to keep such trivial things as your private doctor, your health insurance, and that you would be taxed, lies that Captain Obama was saying were true. Fortunately, along came Jonathan Gruber who confessed that business talk hosts like her were telling the truth and Captain Obama and he were not; they were the ones who were lying to Americans, which helped save her business reputation, helped her to get another job at their rival network, and helped to save her sanity. (See what political lying, cheating and other dirty tricks can do and who they can impact? Here is Melissa Francis’ own concrete example!) Is Reresentative Joe Wison, who, in September 2009 called President Obama a liar on the open floor of of the House of Representaivs, vindicated now, too?

The chain of the bad behavior of political dirty tricks will go on and on unless there is a concentrated effort by the people of the United States Ship of State to take the lead and stop them. The people must take the time to identify what the laws change to against that bad behavior from operating in America. We must take the time do the following work: Identify who are political liars, cheats, and dirty tricksters and where they will be coming from in our future society, establishing specific laws and codes against them, ferreting out the perpetrators, arresting them (since it clearly comes under con and Fraudulent behavior), holding them accountable, responsible, penalizing their lives and taking “torturous measures”, as they have no problems taking with us. It should be noted that David Segretti only got 4 1/2 months for his Dirty Tricks, while his opponents lost the greatest opportunity in their lives: to serve as President of the United States of America.

So what did Jonathan Gruber do that was so bad, you ask? Well, for one thing, he did at least three things. He told Americans in three taped interviews, of all things, the truth. But, of course, it was after he told Americans a big fat lie, and more lies, regarding Obamacare (He was one of Obamacare’s architects from MIT.)… You remember “the architect” Karl Rove, don’t you, the “Dirty trickster? But this Dirty Trickster and his boss, Captain Obama, topped them all, to date, as there will be more coming. They only perpetuated that biggest fraud in the history of the United States, or as they would put, “only playing politics, only a little con.” They only shoved OBAMACARE down the throats of Americans who wouldn’t have touched it had they known the exact truth, or as Nancy Pelosi said, passed it before the politicians read it or knew what was in it! Here is what Americans didn’t know, but wanted to know before it was shoved down their throats and for which Mr. Gruber told us, that Captain Obama, his cronies, and himself lied to us everyday regarding Obamacare and as we will see below another talk show host tried to warn us regarding their lies and suffered for wanting to tell the truth to us as well!

It seems Captain Obama, his cronies, and Mr. Gruber couldn’t tell Americans that OBAMACARE wouldn’t be costing a lot of money, it wouldn’t be costing Americans a fortune! Apparently, there wouldn’t be enough young people to pay enough taxes to fund it, as too many of them would have to be paying for the elderly ones, however Obamacare would let them stay home until they reach the age of 26 years old; they could go to school or work from home. Americans wouldn’t be charged a tax. It would be only a “fee” and Captain Obama and his merry liars would argue and lie this very point in front of the Supreme Court. Captain Obama would even get directly into the bag of Dirty Tricks himself by telling the grand whopper of all, “You can keep your doctor, PERIOD! You can keep your insurance, PERIOD!” It is the big old bad insurance companies who are at fault here! The bag of thieves even went so far as not only to lie to Americans, Congress, and the Supreme Court, they also lied to the Congressional Budget Office regarding the cost of OBAMACARE!

Coming away from watching poor old Jonathan Gruber taking a drubbing on national tv (and now even by old Captain Obama himself), except for the mainstream media, regarding the outed videos of his confession, and watching him try to raise our sympathy for having to endure “tortuous measures” of how to tell Americans their charlatan lies to get us to buy their snake oil, we are feeling no pity and sympathy. We now have simply painted them as very big frauds and liars, including the Presiden of the United States, Barack H. Obama.

Conartists and politicians of fraud always seem to be the last ones to know that they are perpetuating their cons and frauds. In their delusion and arrogance, they are simply only hitting us with their con “for our best interests.” They know how to take the money out of our pockets, take it from us, put it into their hands, and redistribute its wealth, to buy for us what we would not want to buy for ourselves…how generous of them! To them, no one reached for those types of stars of heroism better than magician Saul Alinsky, Bernard Madoff and his Ponzi scheme, only it was the private sector this time; it was a community organizer, a Constitutional scholar and college professor, and an alleged fraud with other people’s documents; it was Captain Obama. He teamed up with another college professor from MIT, Jonathan Gruber.

What is so sick is that none of these actors believe that they will be held accountable or punished for this gigantic fraud! They believe that they are above it all, privileged, arrogantly egotistical and elitist, narcissistic and enabled. Americans are drunk in their loss of government and political innocence once more, in their masochism to let such a jerk like Jonathan Gruber refer to them as “stupid”, who needed to be lied to in order to take their money and pass a bad bill! They are also confused as to what to do except vote the bums out. WE THE PEOPLE SHALL INVESTIGATE THEM, ARREST THEM, MIRANDIZE THEM, JAIL THEM, TRY THEM IN A COURT OF LAW, AND IF FOUND GUILTY, INCARCERATE THEM IN PRISON (NOT IN MINIMUM SECURITY) FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME! We the people don’t say that they conned us; THEY DEFRAUDED US!

We the people (all of the people) need to know the definition of the term FRAUD. We need to learn how to smell it, taste it, and most importantly, hear the bull coming from the con artist, the political liar and Trickster! EyesOnUSA.org will begin its education of our viewers with this very article and hopefully they in turn will share it with others until all Americans will become experts in seeing to it that the political liars, cheaters, and Dirty Tricksters are eradicated, having met the criteria of the legal definition of the term FRAUD.

Again, we consulted the internet and, lo and behold, there it was for all to see: FRAUD- (Federal Law 42-CFR 455.2) We quote, “A false representation of a matter of fact, whether or by conduct by false and misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed – that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury. Fraud is commonly understood as dishonesty calculated for advantage. A person who is dishonest may be called a FRAUD! In the U.S., FRAUD is a specific with certain features. Common in buying or selling, including intangible property, stocks, bonds, and copyrights. (AND HEALTH INSURANCE CALLED OBAMACARE!)

Fraud must be proved by showing that the defendant’s actions involved 5 separate elements: (1) a false statement of a material fact, (2) knowledge of the defendant(s) that the statement is untrue, (3) intent on the part of the defendant(s) to deceive the alleged victim(s), (4) justifiable reliance by the alleged victim(s) on the statement, and (5) injury to the alleged victim(s) as a result.”

It is critical for all Americans to know the definition of FRAUD in order to FIGHT BACK and HOLD ACCOUNTABLE the POLITICAL LIARS, CHEATS, and DIRTY TRICKSTERS! For what you, the OBAMACARE VICTIMS just read, are the exact elements perpetrated on you by Jonathan Gruber, Obama and others in their own words that was done in their commission of the Federal “High Crime and Misdemeanor,” called FRAUD! They made material statements, they knew their statements were untrue, there was intent on their parts to deceive you, you believed and trusted that they were telling you the truth. and there is definitely injury to all of us Americans (in many, many ways)!

EyesOnUSA.org has established the EyesOnUSA.org oversight committee to get all Americans into a “shared consciousness,” as General Stanley McCrystal (ret.) would say and a movement for cause that will get us all moving in the same direction to deal with the “lying politicians,” the “Dirty Tricksters,” the “political corrupters,” the “charlatans and con artists,” the “hucksters,” the “political thieves,” the “politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouths,” and most importantly, those people who enter service to others to be “honest brokers.” It will be a Herculean task to turn the majestic United States Ship of State around and replace it with an honest captain and crew who will do the right thing, all of the time, for the people. It is not only doable, it can be done and will be done; it is beginning right here and right now with the EyesOnUSA.org and its oversight committee: A committee that will grow beginning with this current investigative analysis of the rise and fall of Captain Barack H. Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, other Democrats, other political liars, other Dirty Tricksters and Jonathan Gruber!

General McCrystal gave us our motto, too: YOU CAN’T STEER ANYTHING UNTIL YOU GET IT MOVING! Our former DTC (Debate Team Club), which was created on Facebook, became so popular and successful, that it grew into the EyesOnUSA.org website and blog and Oversight Committee. Our investigative analysis of Barack H. Obama has grown into twenty-six articles, numerous viewers, and investigation of Obama and his coparts. It has helped to expose his numerous scandals and most egregious acts. We have proffered a model and created a blueprint to show him the door through an honorable resignation a la Richard M. Nixon. We have continued to show America the likes of the political underground and darksides via back channels through political lying, dirty tricks, and corruption and by way of the confessions of Jonathan Gruber. We are steering you, America, to become honorable, notable, and magestic once more.

We the People have to decide today if we want dirty tricks and politicians operating in our society to continue to erode and stain the fabric of our government and nation. We can only look to other countries and their elections to see if we want to model ourselves after them with their corrupt governments, corrupt elections, Banana Republics, and dictators to decide. We must only tolerate zero-corrupted politicians and elections through honest campaigns and their campaign workers, using the merits of the issues, candidates’ honest positions, and the “content of their character,” and not their gender, their sexual orientation, or their skin color rhetoric, but only decide through the consciousness of our hearts and independent votes! We don’t need political dirty parties to tell us or spin us on how to do that, if we just learn the issues, stay on top of them, and vote what is right for us.

In our journey to clean up politics and politicians, we have started with this 26th article to show our American passengers those routes, the maps and the blueprints, taking us to the heights of diagnosis of the political diseases, lies, thefts, and dirty tricks, and to eradicate the political Ebolas, such as the Obamas, Pelosis, Reids, Clintons, and Grubers. We will be building models to identify the good and the bad politicians, to investigate the bad ones and to bring them to justice with a system in which they don’t slip through the cracks without being held accountable, where they will be enjoying the Ponzi Salad in the Barnard Madoff Room of the Beverly Alcatraz prison for quite a while. Bad politicians will no longer be getting away with the lies, tricks, cons and frauds any longer! To these political liars, cheats, dirty tricksters, maniuplators, shills, and charlatans who premeditatedly want to hookwink us; THERE WILL BE NO MORE IMMUNITY!


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