On July 4, 2014, after many years, I finally finished putting together my suggestions to help solve the Immigration dilemma. I called it the BORDERS OF RIGHTS. I then drafted letters to a select body of people from Bill O’Reilly, Speaker John Boehner, and President Barack H. Obama. I began my letter thusly, “Dear Bill O’Reilly, et. al, as you will note, I have given a lot of thought for the United States to take control of its border issues. I have spoken to many who are extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with President Obama and his administration and quite frankly, are extremely tired of the “blame-game.” Many of us believed that President Obama was going to push through law and amnesty in his first two years in office, like Obamacare, since he had a super majority. He didn’t, but waited until November 11, 2014, to take unilateral Executive Order action, without Congress. For your edification I haven’t sent out the letters yet.

My suggestions were just that, my input into the process. It was my proffer of helping Americans and politicians wrestle with the issues of immigration, put a frame around the picture and fill in the immigration frame, until we had a blended masterpiece that provided crystal clear water clarity.

My 27th article IMMIGRATION – BORDERS OF RIGHTS on comes one week after publishing my latest article DIRTY TRICKS BY BOB BECKEL, RICHARD M. NIXON, AND CAPTAIN OBAMA, which discusses political lying, cheating, and dirty tricks played by a host of politicians over the life of our country, Captain Obama being one of the most skilled of them. It also discussed Jonathan Gruber and OBAMACARE and makes the case of why Gruber should be in prison and Captain Obama, should be at least IMPEACHED. And just this week, Captain Obama nailed yet one more nail in the IMPEACHMENT COFFIN with yet another lying, dirty trickster, UNILATERAl (AMNESTY) IMMIGRATION EXECUTIVE ORDER speech!

The purpose of this article is to provide the viewer a review of Captain Obama’s Executive Order speech, compare it with the real facts, proffer an immigration solution, my BORDERS OF RIGHTS, along with supportive thoughts by the undersigned. It is strongly felt that Captain Obama (the helmsman of the US Ship of State) continues to take us in the wrong direction and towards taking us under. We only have to listen to his own words for which he switches back and forth like a clapper in a bell that never can settle, but can just make loud narcissistic noises to satisfy himself. He certainly was not a child who learned how to share or an adult who learned how to work with others and compromise. Additionally, he is not a skilled negotiator who cares about negotiating in good faith, as he continues to stab his opponents in the front (instead of the back) immediately after saying that he is going to work with them. This week’s speech was no exception and if the Republicans and Americans even suspect that they are going to trust the next word out of Captain Obama’s mouth, they must quickly realize that they will never ever save themselves from Captain Obama or themselves. Once the review of Captain Obama’s immigration speech is made, my review of the BORDERS OF RIGHTS will follow.’s 26th Article, DIRTY TRICKS BY BOB BECKEL, RICHARD M. NIXON, AND CAPTAIN OBAMA, took us to the dirty, shady, and slimy world of the politician, from David Segretti, Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Bob Beckel, to David Axelrod. Lying, cheating, and dirty trickster campaign managers and dirty politicians became the norm and the mainstay of ALL political parties. We learned from Captain Obama’s speech on November 20th, that it is not the immigrant who has to “come out of the shadows,” it is the dirty, lying politician, in particular, Captain Obama, that has to come out of the slimy shadows.It is he who continues to lie, cheat and do dirty tricks!

Several weeks after the November 4th elections, it was President Obama who said that he didn’t lose the election and it was he who was again willing to work with Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and the other Republicans. It was Captain Obama who had stated on at least 22 occasions, that he could not go around the Unites States Constitution and Congress to do what he was about to do unilaterally. But clearly, after the November 20th speech, he did just that; he unilaterally changed the law! He therefore, played a political trick; he cheated and he lied once more. He perpetrated yet another FRAUD upon all Americans and the Republicans and probably snookered Democrats as well! This FRAUD now went from “GRUBERGATE” to “IMMIGRANTGATE!” Yet another BAIT AND SWITCH; from one short term scandal to the next short term scandal!

From Article 26 to Article 27, and a dissecting of Captain Obama’s November 20th speech, we discovered what a lying, cheating, and dirty trickster politician he is, how he can’t rise from the slime and the shadows, continues with his behavior pattern of setting up his opponent, is disingenuous, is narcissistic, will not deviate from his path, while saying that he is willing to compromise and work together; he will continue to tear at the fabric of our society a la Saul Alinsky. He will never become AN HONEST BROKER, not in his short political lifetime. His November 20th speech is replete with the aforementioned evidence and will expose him for all to see. You will note it is not necessary what you see that is important and critical, it is what the skillful political liar, cheat, and dirty trickster want you to miss; just ask Lee Atwater and the other dirty tricksters. So let’s take a deeper look into their world.

THE FIRST THING CAPTAIN OBAMA AND HIS COHORTS FORGOT TO MENTION IN THEIR NOVEMBER 20TH SPEECH IS THAT IMMIGRATION ISSUES ARE MORE THAN A ONE COUNTRY PROBLEM! IT IS NOT ONLY THE UNITED STATES PROBLEM, SO WHY DOES ONLY THE USA HAVE TO SOLVE IT? It is Mexico’s problem and Guatemala’s; it is El Salvador and Nicaragua’s problem, too! If Captain Obama was truly a principled person and not a dirty trickster and liar, he would maintain his principled statements regarding redistribution of wealth. Mexico, El Salvador, or any other country would be asking themselves, why are our people so sad with our countries that they want to leave here and what can we do to keep them here? Mexico, the USA and the other countries could then enter into discussions and negotiations to keep more families in their own countries.

But the liars, cheaters, and the dirty tricksters are already ready, if we posed the question, “Who owns the problem of immigrants from other countries?” They want you, Americans, to believe it is you and only you that can solve it. So, they already have a ready-made excuse to play at your liberal guilt (which you buy into so frequently). They tell you in their oh, so sad faces, that they don’t know where these 12 million people are, that many of those people had the babies of their dreams here and we can’t send them back (even if it was their policies, not ours, that brought them here through open and unsecured borders first, gave them entitlements and jobs that kept them here). Funny, other immigrants kept coming in the front door, but where were their politicians to trumpet their call and herald their bravery?

Instead, the dirty politicians called on Americans’ lack of courage, guilt and lack of compassion for not wanting the “illegal alien” to follow their dreams of getting their opportunity in America. When that tug at your heart wasn’t working, they played their next two favorite cards: the illegal immigrants were running from the violence of their countries and “it’s always about the children,” when we need to manipulate Americans the most (just ask Nancy Pelosi).

Again, what Captain Obama failed to mentioned in his November 20th speech is what were the illegal aliens running to…a violent nation, THE USA! Has Captain Obama even returned back to his own city of Chicago, the murder capital of the nation? Are the illegal aliens that are living in America and working so hard watching what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri on their 55″ big screen TVs? Are these so-called religious illegal alien Catholic families also watching on those same TVs the gay parades, the attorneys’ commercials regarding divorce, or how to get an abortion at Planned Parenthood? Are these the same religious folks that don’t want to play by the rules, wait their turn (despite the dangers), work hard in their own country to get ahead and then venture out in a legal fashion? They love their children so much that they would send them thousands of miles with cartel members and coyotes? No, wait: these are the religious folks that Captain Obama and his cronies tell us about, that are so frightened that they make a choice to leave their wonderful Mexico, catch a ride or walk, without much water, with strangers and rapists, with their little children (or send them alone), to a country with opportunity, so they can hide out in the shadows and pick fruit. That, my fellow Americans, is the baloney they want to continue to feed you, even up to November 20th and they rely on you not questioning them and standing back, instead of saying to yourself that there is another way to solve the immigration problem!

For example, did you once, during President Obama’s speech, ask yourself if Captain Obama really had to take this drastic step? Couldn’t he have waited longer? Couldn’t he at least try to work with the new Congress and Senate? Couldn’t he come up with other solutions, such as call on Mexico first? I know I did and I will be presenting them below. Did you even ask yourself, “What has President Obama done to solve this immigration problem?” For example, how many times has he met with the Presidents of Mexico? What were their solutions? How did they respond to keeping the citizens in Mexico? What help were they seeking? How would they help us find those “in the shadows” in our country and get them back to Mexico? Would they even try or do they want their problems to remain in our country in an OUT-OF-SIGHT, OUT-OF-MIND fashion. Funny, when I hear the representatives talk about amnesty for those in the shadows, I have never heard them say one word of how those families are missed back in Mexico! They never talk about not knowing where they are and that they can’t find them in the shadows.

They truly aren’t in the shadows, Captain Obama, now are they? You seem to know there are 12 million of them, because you keep referring to them. Mexican relatives know where they are, because they continue to receive money from their paychecks. Have you asked them? Are Mexican Federales looking for them? Have you asked their Americans bosses, since they are writing out those paychecks? And, if you haven’t asked them, why not? Are businesses paying them under the table? Isn’t that illegal? And seriously, Captain Obama, don’t principals, school office managers, special education teachers, and nurses know who the illegal alien children are and know where they live? Don’t our law enforcement know who these 12 million people are? Why don’t you just stop lying?

We will be getting onto other dirty politicians and their game of lying, cheating, and dirty tricks in the future, but let’s stay with Captain Obama’s immigration masterpiece of charlatanism for the moment. Let’s see how the Lee Atwater’s, Donald Segretti’s, Karl Rove’s, Bob Beckel’s, and the Captain Obama’s teams put their snake oil together to sell to us by busting them out through this barn of manure, dribbling out onto the floor of American University on November 20th, by breaking his speech down for our Oversight Committee and all of America.

Any speech to our own citizens begins with the basics. It has to have a critical topic to discuss with them-tonight, IMMIGRATION. It has to have the date, time, and place announced so that we can have 70 million people there to hear, like the famous JFK/Nixon sweat-fest (In Obama’s case, he just likes to speak to himself/no questions, challenges, audiences or confrontations, please.). It has to have a sense of urgency, drama, and “I’m so important that my team will select the viewing media.” It has to be only heard once from Captain Obama, that his team will only let it be read just before the speech itself (after all we wouldn’t want the public to read it before they know what’s in it-before we get it shoved down our throats like OBAMACARE, WHICH WE FOUND OUT, IT TURNS OUT, TO BE A BIG FRAUD!). Lastly, and most importantly, we learned a long time ago that Captain Obama has an AVOIDANCE REACTION DISORDER, since he has to immediately leave town after giving one of these stressful speeches (usually to Las Vegas a la right after the Benghazi scandal erupted).

What caused his disorder to erupt, whereby he left town and what caused all Americans with an ounce of sense to visit their en suite bowl? All we really need to do now is to take a look at the main ingredients in the recipe that he fed us of the garbage he called his immigration plan. They are all there and if you are like many of us, we got to watch his speech only once and then we had to read it again over and over on the computer to really dissect the lying politician, cheat, and dirty trickster’s immigration game plan. Oversight Committee will save us all some time by just telling our viewers just some of the lies and manure. Our dirty tricksters once again used the “blame-game” in an attempt to move the immigration agenda along (and it isn’t want you think it is to play nice with the illegal immigrants), to put the blame on the Republicans. They once again used the “bait and switch” method, which we will go into below. They attempted to use manipulation through guilt, white angst, and religion; again that will be covered below, and the most important element is what they didn’t cover and that is what you have to watch and listen for through honest brokers, who will tell you and look into that important piece yourself. We can share and provide some of that information right here at For example, one of the pieces that Captain Obama left out of his speech is that the demagogue is Obama himself! He also left out of his speech the fact that he is acting UNCONSTITUTIONALLY, and acting without the consent of the governed. Clearly, he didn’t ask anyone of us if we wanted him to do that or to set that precedent.

So let’s really take a good look at this speech. In fact, we suggest you pull it up on your internet and take several good looks. You might learn more regarding immigration than you did when you followed Gruber, Reid, Pelosi, and Captain Obama regarding OBAMACARE into your en suite bowl.

Captain Obama tried to sell his audience on November 20th that we hadn’t “gotten past the two poles of debate” regarding the immigration problem; we hadn’t! The House of Representatives and the Senate had not had their meeting of the minds and Obama did not have his own immigration bill on his desk. In fact, in his speech he stated that he had to act alone, though in his prior taped interviews he said he did not have the authority to act alone on at least 22 occasions; he went on to say on November 20th that all the Republicans had to do was to “pass a bill.” (This of course is yet another bait and switch. All he would do is either have Harry Reid not move it forward like 370 previously passed House bills or Captain Obama would veto it, because it has too much of the GOP in it, and we all know now that Captain Obama does not negotiate in good faith.)

Captain Obama indicated he demands accountability from every important player in his administration to solve the immigration problem; he left out that he demands accountability from Mexico (since the majority of immigrants comes from Mexico). Leaving Mexico out of your speech, Captain Obama, is very convenient, as you don’t have to explain to Americans why you don’t include them in your accountability equation. Why haven’t you included Mexico, Mr. President? Oh, that’s right-you haven’t thought outside the box to find solutions beginning right at the main source of the immigration leak… MEXICO!

We instead, begin with Captain Obama’s speech with the main “Pole” that Captain Obama leaves off, MEXICO! From our vantage point so much can be done with MEXICO regarding their own immigration problems, however Captain Obama is doing nothing “transparent” for us to know. If he had done something over the past six years many of the 12 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS may not have missed their court dates and may have returned home already. If the President of Mexico and Captain Obama put their heads together (Oh, you don’t have his name?), they might have come up with some solutions by now…or maybe some of their workers could have thought outside of the box and come up with something. We suggest that before Captain Obama swallows the whole pill of Immigration, that he drop back into MEXICO and give them some more tries. At least start with MEXICO’S PROBLEM BEFORE OPENNING YOUR SPEECH TO AMERICANS. For example, “Good Evening Americans, I am beginning my speech to you tonight by advising you of my meetings with the President of Mexico…His name is President Nieto. I just looked it up before coming out here tonight. We have been working on their immigration problem.”

Even though you left Mexico out of your “pole equation,” you did move to your “threshold responsiblity,” border security. We do find however, that you say a lot of good things you have done, but you leave out a lot and surely hide a lot. You left out what we wanted to know. What have you done, specificially, about it? What happened to that wall that you and Janet (Napolitano) were supposed to build? What happened to all those National Guard men and women that were requested by Bill O’reilly when you took office and more recently by Governor Rick Perry? If fact, weren’t you responsible due to your policies of insuring more illegal aliens taking a stroll across the Rio Grande? We would rather you talk longer than 15 minutes so that you would fill in a lot of those gaps.

Captain Obama, you keep talking about “boots on the ground” (not putting them overseas, but putting a bundle on our border), but once again you fail to tell the truth and not even close to the whole truth on that subject. We Americans have watched your tarmack squabbles with the Governors of Arizona and Texas and you even sued the Arizona Governor. You and your Attorney General were responsible for “handcuffing” their law enforcement officers and helped to tear down the bridges they built between their respecive agencie after 9/11. All law enforcement officers are shuddering in their boots after your unilateral anmesty latest fiasco takes hold…what another Captain Obama nightmare! From Laurel and Hardy, “Another fine mess you have gotten us into.”

You state in your latter part of your speech, Captain Obama, that “the bottomline is that the southern border is more secure than any time in our history.” You were so smug regarding that statement that you even repeated it twice! But, we beg to differ with you, for if it were true, why do we still have 12 million illegal aliens running around America and running over their victims driving illegal cars after coming back many times? Don’t think so…another political lie and another dirty trick. You’ve pulled those lies and dirty tricks too many times, Captain Obama, and your credibility is shot. We just don’t believe a word that spews from that mouth any longer, especially when we are all watching that forked tongue that continuously speaks from both of its sides.

We are really having trouble here reporting on your immigration speech, especially after writing our 26th article, DIRTY TRICKS BY BOB BECKEL, RICHARD M. NIXON, AND CAPTAIN OBAMA. We hear our stomach wretching and preparing itself so we are only going to comment on one more of your Novemeber statements and ask the viewers to just reread the entire speech several times. They would want to be careful though as to how much they want to digest of Captain Obama’s lies so as not to visit their en suite bowl too much.

Trying to a be a leader and CEO who has/is doing something about immigration, you stated that businesses must be held accountable for hiring illegal aliens. Anyone who lives in America and keeps abreast of the illegal alien issue, is laughing at you, Captain Obama, and they are laughing quite hard. You are so out-of-touch! You have said time and time again that you don’t know where your 12 million Americans are; we can tell you. Just ask us! They are on our street corners standing around in large groups. They are in trucks driving them around to day jobs. They are in our factories working and collecting illegal paychecks. They are on their way to work taking and picking up their illegal alien children that have no documents. They are paying their bills, usually in illegally gotten cash under the table, to the places they rent, which they should not have without their documents that Nancy Pelosi talks so proudly about. And yes, they are in our hospitals and welfare departments to get more money and more entitlements. They are here and they are not so much in the shadows.

If you want to find them Captain Obama, just put one of us in charge. We will go back to the source of the leak, Mexico, in no time and do you know why? Because in their not so-underground network, they would be putting the word out to them that we are looking for them and we are sending them back to Mexico (all 12 million) and yes, we will be giving them our BORDERS OF RIGHTS to take with them. Because clearly, they would be set on notice that we mean business, we mean what we say, and we say what we mean! Oh, by the way, if you want to help us to do it even faster, you can stop the Political Correctness Police, eradicate “Sanctuary Cities,” and stop giving out drivers licenses to those who sneak across our borders! You can pass harsh laws carrying stiff jail times to those who harbor or give refuge, as that is akin to bringing women across state lines to engage in prostitution, which is still frowned upon in the United States.

With all of this hard work on IMMIGRATION, Captain Obama, we think that you might be moving yourself towards another one of those Nobel Peace Prize types of awards, especially since you tell such great stories, like the lady that wrote the poem for the Statue of Liberty. However, we don’t see that happening, because you keep lying to the people who live here legally and because you left out a bunch of material with this story, as well. You see, LEGAL immigrants (which you keep conflating back and forth between the legal and the illegal) came through Ellis Island and yes, there was a rhyme to that reason, too, by the folks back then. It seems they didn’t want any illegal ones here, particularly those who might be carrying infectious diseases, such as with the Ebola mess you recently created. All this work on immigration just might get you the STATUE OF ILLEGAL ALIEN in some port. We can have a fine poet write an inscription for you.

We know that you are putting a lot of heavy weight on these 4-5 million that you are starting off with, however you might want to rethink that, as they, too, haven’t proven to be too trustworthy and credible with the truth, much like yourself. Remember, those who came from El Salvador, et. al. were directed (a rule) to go to Court! Well, it looks like they skipped out into the shadows, too. Would you like us to find them for you, too?

Remember, MEXICO owns the problem; however we will help MEXICO solve it. Oversight committee proffers the following plan of action to move the United States forward and out of this Constitutional quagmire and dilemma. Obama laid out his, the Senate says they passed theirs, and Obama wants the Republican House to pass “their bill.” While Obama waits, I will put my BORDERS OF RIGHTS and my simple model on the table. To solve any problem, one must first decide what the essence of the problem is, analyze the elements, frame it, provide the tools to solve it, options as to what the results will look like, and most importantly, WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF THE SPRING OF THE POOL! The people of the United States already know that the majority of illegal aliens (stop saying undocumented people) came from MEXICO! We need to evaluate and analyze the reason(s), do a needs assessment, and begin to solve the problem by questions such as these: What has MEXICO done or been doing to fix their own leaking illegal alien problem? What have they done to secure their own side of the border? What have they done to build up their own opportunities in their country? What has Mexico done to pass and enforce laws to keep their people in their own country and what happens for leaving it without Mexico’s permission? What have they done to search for their citizens and bring them back to MEXICO, when they have left without that permission? What have they done regarding the violence in their own country that is allegedly causing their own people to leave their families and homes? How are they working with America to minimize the problem of their countrymen, women and children leaving their soil? How are they helping to get their families across to America legally? How are they helping to bring the “12 million” people out of the shadows first, without dragging America out of the Constitutional system to a demagogue system of one, Captain Obama? OUR FOCUS MUST SWITCH BACK TO SOLVING THE ILLEGAL LEAK FROM MEXICO, NOT WORRY WHAT THE REPUBLICANS ARE NOT DOING OR WHAT A NEW EMPEROR SHOULD BE LAWLESSLY DOING!

One way to begin is to first adopt my July 4, 2014 BORDERS OF RIGHTS. In my accompanying credo to setting up the boundaries for people thinking about crossing our borders I concluded that my letter was born out of a frustration with the “blame-game” of politicians, in particular, Captain Obama; he continuously blamed George W. Bush, while accepting none for himself, including his current unilateral Executive Order regarding changes to the illegal alien problem in an unconstitutional fashion. Further, Captain Obama has never presented a clear, concise, and cohesive plan to fix it! What he presented was a chaotic mess, a Saul Alinsky scheme to tear us down and build a new world order, that came out upside down and headed in a who knows what Captain Obama Wonderland built upon lies, cheating, and dirty tricks lacking a solid foundation.

Anyone who has studied architecture, systems organization, or building a business plan have learned ways to build successful models. Again, our immigration problem is nothing more than following a plumbing model of how to fix a leak. First question: Where does the leak originate? First answer: MEXICO. We begin with MEXICO, who owns their first question to solve: Why are people leaving us and how do we keep them here? We then help Mexico, if they want our help, with building the concept model, organizing it, directing it, and implementing it. We then have our first American problem: Captain Obama doesn’t want to lead and he wants to lead from behind! Why would he want to direct Mexico to take control of their problem when Obama wants to pull America in the opposite direction? It just wouldn’t make sense. When Captain Obama doesn’t know how to lead, when Captain Obama doesn’t know what the rules are, when Captain Obama is trying to make up his own rules, why should any illegal aliens know what the laws are, let alone abide by them. It was for these reasons, and many, many more, that I decided to create the BORDERS OF RIGHTS (for illegal aliens) so that they would know what the rules and boundaries are. I wanted to establish clarity for everyone. I want to let everyone know what a border is and why it is critical for a sovereign nation and its citizens and I want to let them know that they are sacred. AS I WOULD SAY, IF YOU ARE NOT FROM OUR COUNTRY, THIS BORDERS OF RIGHTS INFORMS YOU THAT YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO ENTER OUR COUNTRY, “PERIOD!”

I broke down my immigration model, simply: Those who enter legally. Those who want to work. Those who enter illegally. Those who enter the United States who have criminal records and backgrounds. Those who are escaping their country due to violence. Implementing the aforementioned model will begin to get our immigration house in order. Additionally, it will simplify the model for Mexico, as well. They will begin their model with my BORDERS OF RIGHTS as well! It should not be too hard to figure out what they need to do to begin to solve their problem, as well. The box that we put around this model looks like this: If you are in our American house legally, GREAT! If you are in our American house ILLEGALLY, NOT SO GREAT! YOU ARE LEAVING WHETHER IT BE YESTERDAY, TODAY, OR TOMORROW! YOU ARE GONE! If you want to come to get work, DO IT LEGALLY! IF YOU ARE HERE ILLEGALLY, YOU ARE GOING BACK FORTHWITH! IF YOU HAVE A CRIMINAL HISTORY AND RECORD, WE DON’T WANT MEXICO’S PROBLEMS (TO COME HERE LEGALLY, YOU WILL NEED DOCUMENTATION FROM BOTH MEXICO AND THE UNITED STATES THAT YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO LEGALLY BE HERE! THE SAME GOES FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO LEAVE THEIR VIOLENT COUNTRIES (WE SEEM TO HAVE ONE, ALSO.). YOU WILL NEED BOTH YOUR COUNTRY AND OUR PERMISSION TO ENTER AMERICA AND A LEGAL DOCUMENT THAT SAYS YOU HAVE BOTH OF THEM. Is this clear? You can’t enter our country ILLEGALLY! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? NO EXCEPTIONS! AND IF YOU DO ENTER ILLEGALLY, THEN YOU WILL BE DEPORTED TO FACE TRIAL BACK IN MEXICO! NO EXCEPTIONS!

To be sure, we have even written it out for you (We suggest that you fly it over to Mexico and drop it on all the people, so that they have their own copy.). Be sure to print it in both English and Spanish. It is their BORDERS OF RIGHTS and we believe that it is crystal clear!

BORDERS OF RIGHTS By: Norm Santos July 4, 2014

[We have a right to establish and protect our borders-You have NO RIGHT to breach them]
[We have a right to keep you from crossing our borders ILLEGALLY-You have a right to LEGALLY pursue your dream]
[We have a right to establish the Immigration and Naturalization Service and our laws-You have a right to use it]
[We have a right to set you on notice regarding our intentions of having you legally in our country-You have a right to enter our country LEGALLY and declare your real intentions and items brought into our country with you]
[We have a right to respect those immigrants who have entered our country LEGALLY. You, or anyone else, do not have a right to slap them in the face by entering our country illegally and tapping into our resources or feel entitled to them]
[We have a right not to put a strain on our resources for you if we don’t want to, you didn’t earn them, we did-You have a right to be treated fairly with dignity and with respect when you enter legally]
[We have a right to provide whatever resources we have to others-You have a right to seel resources when you need them in a LEGAL, proper fashion]
[We have a right to keep order under our laws in our house-You, as our guest, have no right to breach or break that order, increase chaos, or disrespect our house]
[We have a right to offer, or deny, citizenship to our immigrants-You have no right to illegally receive AMNESTY for your ILLEGAL entry]
[We have a right to offer you employment opportunities and subsistence-You have a right to pursue employment to enhance and enrich the quality of life for your family and for yourself, however you have no right to expect it, ESPECIALLY UNDER THE TABLE, from the United States of America, if you enter our borders ILLEGALLY}


Jonathan Hunt, not to be confused with Obamacare liar, Jonathan Gruber, made news this week, but for doing something truthful and honest. He became a UNITED STATES CITIZEN by doing it the good old fashion way, he came in by way of the front door! Mr.Hunt took his Oath of Citizenship with other new citizens and he was smiling and tearing up all at the same time. The same for his new neighbors who had not broken the law, or lived in the shadows, or who didn’t want to pay taxes. Mr. Hunt didn’t want a free ride, he wanted American freedom.

Today, the same day Mr. Hunt received his legal citizenship, Captain Obama received four pinnochios from the Washington Post for lying about President George W. Bush in his November Immigration speech. It seems from the two stories presented above that Captain Obama identifies with the behavior of the illegal aliens while George W. Bush believes in the Hunts of America; the men and women who don’t break the law to become a citizen or want everything, including their freedom given to them.

The next time Captain Obama announces that he is going to give a speech to the nation, you might want to ask yourself some questions first before you watch it. Be sure to have pen and paper handy; a computer if your fast. Ask yourself what was on his plate just before the announcement. Was it really the subject for the night or was he dodging yet another scandal? Remember, Grubergate had just broken, but Captain Obama had to make this speech to the nation regarding Immigration without giving sufficient time for the Republicans, who had just mightily won the 2014 November elections, to work on crafting an immigration bill that could get by both Houses of Congress and his Veto pen! Afterall, the Impeachment Drum began to get louder after Americans found out they were lied to and found out that Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Gruber, knew they were “stupid.” After all, nothing had happened to any of them after all of the other scandals.

Ask yourself if this speech was so darned important to interrupt your life; why did he only speak for 15 minutes, take no questions for clarifications to make sure that we all understood the issues, including those south of the border, and wisk off to Las Vegas as he did after the Benghazi scandal? Do your own review of what you observed in Captain Obama’s speech and what he clearly left out and why. Be creative with your analysis. For example, even before Captain Obama took office, he was having problems regarding his own birth with the birthers. Dr. Orly Taitz and others filed lawsuit after lawsuit against Barack H. Obama, aka: Barry Sotelo, Harry Bounel. We never seemed to get an answer on any of his own immigration cases, as Captain Obama and his force of attorneys fought the birthers in the courts for years (And who paid for his attorneys?), and it seems the judges never heard one witness or saw one piece of evidence in all that time. Do we call this justice? That is one immigration case we sure would like to come to fruition, with all of the answers in the house of justice. Why do you think he has fought them so hard to keep his immigration case in a state of flux and why do you think that he is obsessesed with changing the immigration laws? Makes you wonder what is his hidden agenda behind making an immigration speech two weeks after saying that he would work with the Republicans…maybe he couldn’t control how they handled his own immigration case.

Remember, when dealing with lying politicians, cheaters, and dirty tricksters, there is more to their speech than meets the eye. Just ask Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Richard M. Nixon, David Segretti, Bob Beckel, Jonathan Gruber, and Captain Obama. Make sure that you review all your information regarding your OBAMACARE plan; it just doesn’t seem to be right! Next time you listen to one of his speeches, take a look at his agenda, his lies, and his promises, and remember the above-noted people, the snake oil they sold America, and watch for their hands going deeper into your pockets. And, if there is one thing you can’t do, it’s to give them your TRUST!

Our “bottomline,” Captain Obama, is that you listen to the consent of the governed. We don’t like it when politicians lie, cheat, and play dirty tricks on us. We need to call them out, vote them out, and throw them out be they Republican, Democrat, or Independent. Our poem begins and ends this way; Captain Obama gave a speech this November Day, he lied, he cheated, and tried to pull a dirty trick, we caught him yet again, and impeached him like Tricky Dicky. His only image remains today on the statue on the Island, not to liberty but to the Illegal Alien.


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