Dorian Johnson, Mike Brown’s copart in the convenience store robbery and approximately 1 1/2 hours later was being interviewed by a tv reporter. Shortly into the interview, I began criticquing the story to my wife (You see, I did these types of investigations and interviews for over 40 years with at-risk children and at-risk adults, a specialist in the field.) and began to point out spots where he wasn’t telling the truth (something I’ve been saying in writing for the past 27 articles regarding Captain Barack H. Obama regarding his lying, cheating, and dirty tricks.). Mr. Johnson was telling a whopper, I told her, to save his butt from prison. No one who had just had a copart shot and killed by at least 6 bullets would have given anyone that much detail! Someone must have told this 22 year old from any side of the streets, that when you have just been in a strong-armed robbery and your copart was just shot and killed next to you, that the first thing you do is “shut your mouth” and “lawyer up as he was complicit in both.” It just didn’t make any sense.

One of the first things investigators look for is whether the person that you’re interviewing is “talking to reveal” or “talking to conceal.” Mr. Johnson was clearly “talking to reveal,” but why? His copartner and he had now been involved in at least two felonies within a short span of time and here he is spilling his guts out. However, the pieces of his guts were not coming together in a complete picture and not making much sense. I was going to keep my eye on Mr. Johnson, but I knew right then and there that Mr. Johnson was lying and Mr. Brown appeared to be the cause of his own demise. In my opinion, Mike Brown was the “But for.”

The “But for Rule” in law is defined as follows: “One of several tests to determine if the defendant (Mike Brown) is responsible for a particular happening. In this test, was there any cause or would it have occurred “but for” the defendant’s (Mike Brown’s) actions? Example: “But for” defendant Smith’s speeding, the car would not have gone out of control and therefore the defendant is responsible. This is shorthand for the action that was the “proximate cause” of the damage.” Shorthand here for our purpose: “But for” had Mike Brown and his copartner not gone into the convenience store, committed a strong-armed robbery, assaulting the convenience store owner, not been compliant with Officer Darren Wilson, he would be alive today! Mike Brown caused the actions that day and contributed mightily to his demise.

In short-hand, “But for” Dorian Johnson’s lies to a reporter immediately after Mike Brown’s dying, the riots in Ferguson and elswhere might not have been caused. He can now be called a “But for,” too! However, I will have to throw in yet another “But for.” Had Captain Obama, Erick Holder, Al Sharpton and others not insinuated themselves into the mix, not rushed to judgment, or pushed the racist narrative and instead, waited patiently for due process to take its course, we would have had a more peaceful solution (as thousands of cases are handled each day in America). If Officer Wilson would have been charged, tried, sentenced, and incarcerated, it would have happened right here in America without all their premature interference. They make it sound like it has never happened in our history and they make it sound like white officer killings of African-Americans are much worse than African-American on African American killings, when the reverse is true. That statistic never seems to come pouring out their mouths before charges are levied. Would a reporter please ask the Obamas, Holders, Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons why they rarely address this statistic?

Or, maybe we should be asking if Reverand Johnathan Gentry of the West Angeles Church of God, Los Angeles as he had some pretty colorful descriptions of Al Sharpton, Erick Holder, Captain Obama and others. He called them “race baiters” and “rioters.” He pointed a question directly at the African-American population: “Are you happy?” “No, you are not,” answering his own question. He continued in his fiery talk on YouTube, “You have to be the change, not the whites!” Reverand Gentry could have asked as well, “Why should the white cops and white population trust you?”

We do have an unfortunate history however, when the RACE CARD, GENDER CARD, RELIGIOUS CARD, OR GAY CARD are played prematurely and it is not a good one. Emotions get shot to the sky, multiply, tear at the fabric of our communities. Immature young men and women who really don’t have a dog in the fight, who don’t give a damn about the first, fourth, or any amendment, see the tragedy like a child on the walk home from school as an opportunity to run, jump in the puddles and play in the mud; only this time it’s to play at looting, turning over garbage cans, and throwing Molotov Cocktails.

“But for” Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson, Obama, Holder, Sharpton, rioters, and race card players couldn’t play the game. “But for” Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson, there wouldn’t even be a Darren Wilson, Obama, Holder, Sharpton, rioters, or race card players. There wouldn’t have even been a game to play. But Mike and Dorian chose to begin the game, chose what crimes to commit, chose their attitudes, chose to comply with Officer Wilson or not, chose to assault him or not, or for Dorian, chose to lie to the reporter or not. He chose to lie and the rest is history of what this lie caused and cost: a riot and more ill feelings. The others could have just waited to see if it was Dorian Johnson, who had just participated in a strong-armed robbery with Mike Brown, rather than tear into Officer Wilson. In fact, the only person appearing to be doing his professional job was Officer Darren Wilson and I’ll go into that later.

Unfortunately, as a Probation Officer for forty years, I have seen just too many of these types of cases. It is definitely a tragedy for the parents and extremely hard to understand. They have to blame someone, if the child gets killed at the hands of another. If it is a police officer, the police officer will be blamed. If it was the child who had just got their driver’s license and took the family car out with permission, took a curve exceeding the speed limit, rolled the car down a bank and hit a tree killing himself, the parents will still be looking for someone to blame to justify their anger. They cannot look to blame their child and be angry at him, nor can they look inside of themselves at that precise momemt, at least not until their anger subsides. They will have to start out blaming the engineers and architects who built the curve, the lighting, and the tree for killing their baby boy! We have to wait until the parents get some equilibrium before we can really talk to them about the tragedy, in order for it to make sense…if ever. [But a Probation Officer might have to talk with parents about other cases which caused their childen’s deaths and we can’t sugar coat it…the discussion would have to be real as nothing would get done that would be healthy or helpful if it was built on lies!]

Clearly, the Sharptons, the Holders, and the Obamas didn’t know or care about these facts of working with parents. They know how to roll into a Ferguson-greiving town, jump on the parents, raise the emotional level, and play and exploit the emotional RACE CARD! If they would have looked impartially and objectively from afar, they would have seen that the facts were not leading to a racial killing, instead leading to a “But for” criminal offense that was leading to a tragedic ending. We will be demonstrating the “But for” Rule in the Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson matter below.

We start off our “But for” day where we begin all of our “But for” days, at the beginning of our day and we go about establishing our “But for” timeline, actions, and events. Apparently, Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson did not stay at each other’s houses the night before, but met up in the morning. Darren Wilson met up with his BAND OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS from the men and women in blue to begin his day of patrol. He would later, like so many officers in law enforcement, realize that he would be abandoned by many of them, when the bullcrapola hit the fan. Of the two, Dorian is the only one who gets to tell the Grand Jury what he did that morning and even speaks for Mike. He feels in his waking up that he wants to go and get “rillos” (Cigarrillos) from a friend, who works at the convenience store and smoke some marijuana. He had lost his job and had been looking for another one. He meets up with Mike Brown in front of his apartment and they “chat it up” for awhile, before Mike goes up to see the friend that was actually not at work, but up in his bed sleeping. While talking, Dorian reports, he and Mike discuss sports, clothes, school, rillos, and marijuana. They decide to walk to the store to get some rillos. While talking to the Grand Jury, he invokes that neither Mike Brown nor he asked each other, if they had any money. Interestingly, as they only knew each other a few months, they quickly established that they had smoking marijuana in common and then engaged in a robbery. The video of doing their strong-armed robbery is a matter of record and we know what these two were up to precisely at that moment (which helps to establish our precise “But for” timeline). We also found out what Officer Darren Wilson was doing precisely at that time; he was helping to save a life. Let us repeat, he was doing his job…”HE WAS HELPING TO SAVE A LIFE!” Officer Wilson did not have larcency, aggression, or escaping in his head as Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson had in their minds. Officer Darren Wilson was doing his job of saving a life on his mind (not as Mike Brown’s mother accuses Officer Wilson of later wanting to “killing someone!”). This is highly significant! Maybe Obama, Holder, Sharpton and others should have stopped, listened, and waited for those distinctions to be made first, before they took the actions they did. Maybe they would have given Officer Darren Wilson the benefit of the doubt, before they rushed to judgment; instead they victimized two perpetrators who actually had larcency in their hearts, and villified the fine officer with six years exemplary and meritorious service, who obviously had empathy and compassion in his heart to help save a life, clearly not “A WHITE COP WHO WANTED TO KILL HIMSELF A BLACK CHILD!” How heartless, biased, and race-baiting was that statement?

We simply say that “But for” Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson not meeting up that morning, if they met up and not talked about marijuana and “rillos,” went to the store (with apparently no money), robbed the convenience store, assaulted the store owner and walked out knowing that they had just committed a crime and with an attitude, they would not have met up with Officer Darren Wilson and Officer Wilson would still be helping out with the person in need! If that scenario of “But for” Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson’s actions and non-compliance behavior when they met up with Officer Wilson continued, not following simple instructions, pushing Officer Wilson’s car door back in on him, punching him at least twice, reaching in for his gun, getting shot INSIDE the vehicle, running away and then returning, Mike Brown would not have gotten killed!

The other non-helpful people, Obama, Holder, Sharpton and others, including Juan Williams, keep pushing their trumped-up point that Mike Brown “did not have a gun.” They conclude, Mike Brown “could not harm Officer Wilson and should not have been killed. Officer Wilson, therefore, did not have to take out his gun and kill him.” You’ll notice they never mention the size difference, Mike Brown around 6’4″ and 290 pounds, while Officer Wilson is sizeably less. I challenge all of you out there to go to your YOUTube and look up the 6’4″ about 290 pound African-American father, that had been stopped by an approximately 5’9″ blond white female police officer on a traffic stop. She was just going to give him a ticket and send him and his 12 year old daughter on their merry way. With one punch he knocked her out, but was not going to stop and he pummeled her, putting her in the hospital, almost killing her. Had Officer Wilson seen that video before? The African-American father was overheard telling his daughter, as they drove off, “I’m not going back to prison again!” Did Officer Wilson know anything about this 6’4″, 290 pounder, Mike Brown, who had just done a STRONG-ARMED ROBBERY WITH ASSAULT some few minutes earlier, that had pulled him away from a life-saving event? The answer, Attorney General Erick Holder, Al Sharpton, Juan Williams, and Captain Obama, is a resounding and emphatic “NO!” Did Officer Wilson know if Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson ever participated in the infamous game of “VIOLENT FLASH MOBBING KNOCKING-OUT GAME OF WHITE VICTIMS,” another resounding “NO!” [Here is our question Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Juan Williams, and especially mainstream media (which we will be bringing up later), DID YOU EVER DO ANYTHING ABOUT “VIOLENT FLASH MOBBING KNOCKING-OUT GAME OF WHITES?”

Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson knew what they had just done and how they had just done it. They knew it was an act of aggression and they had known whether they had used a weapon or two, or not. They knew how many people they assaulted, as well. Officer Wilson simply did not know who and how many he was confronting or if they were armed. He did not know why they were not complying with following his simple instructions that even his mother and father would give him growing up. And, he even learned that they were becoming more combative with him, which was not going to end well. He might have even seen the YouTube video of the father (same size as Mike Brown) beating up the female officer. He probably wished that Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson would have learned from their mommas and pappas, such as this lesson, “If you don’t stop climbing up that tree, you’re going to fall down and break your neck!” Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson, if you don’t stop your “But for” misbehavior today, this could end up badly for one or the both of you!

No one else in that community knew the answers to those questions, as well as the few that claimed to know. They apparently made poor witnesses, according to the Grand Jury. But of course we do what we do best in America these days. The Grand Jury would end up taking it on the chin, when they didn’t come up with the answer the community was looking for, a white police officer tried for killing a black teenager no matter what the hard evidence and factual witnesses pointed to on the street. Go around Ferguson and the other cities that rioted in America and ask them this one question: What was the timeline of the entire event, was Officer Darren Wilson’s gun fired in his police vehicle and what significance did both of those factors mean? They couldn’t tell you, but EyesOnUSA.org Oversight Committee will.

Here is the precise timeline: August 9, 2014, 11:48 am, Officer Wilson responds to a sick call.
August 9, 2014, 11:51 am, Strong-Armed Robbery, Aggression and Assault at convenience store, as well as a 911 call to dispatch. August 9, 2014, 11:51 am, dispatch call regarding robbery to officers in the field. Officer Wilson breaks off from his sick call and encounters Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson walking down the middle of the street on Cantfield. Officer Wilson asks them to move from the middle of the street, “Come on guys, get out of the street.” Brown and Johnson both refuse and begin to argue and curse Wilson. At 12:04 pm, a second officer arrives, followed by a supervisor, who observed Mike Brown lying in the street. (Johnson admits that Brown and he had run away from Wilson, after Brown was shot INSIDE Officer Wilson’s vehicle and Johnson admits to hiding behind a parked vehicle. As stated above, Dorian Johnson’s interview with the reporter is highly suspect.) Witnesses testified that Mike Brown would not let Officer Wilson get out of his car, “bum rushed” him, pushing him back into the vehicle, punched him at least twice, went for Officer Wilson’s gun inside the vehicle and was shot inside the car. He subsequently ran away from the officer, turned around and began to “bum rush” him again and was shot and killed. [It is noted that the stop, confrontation, and shooting occurred between the 12:01 pm and 12:04 pm timeline and the shooting apparently took less than 91 seconds in both locations.] Both the robbery and the shooting took place over an approximate 400 meter area, from the convenience store to where Mike Brown was found dead.

It did not take long for Dorian Johnson’s story to go viral. Johnson couldn’t have scripted it out any better. Ears and listening began to slam shut! The “community” started to come alive and go viral, as well. On August 10th, the word went out, “Mike Brown didn’t do anything and he wasn’t even armed. He didn’t assault that white officer. No one shot the officer’s gun in the car. That cop shot him in the back, he had his hands up, and he was running away.” Of course, none of this was true, but the ears were closed for repairs. Of course, it became clear that is wasn’t going to matter if everthing could be corroborated, the community had them a white officer, who shot and killed an unarmed “black child,” who didn’t do anything to get shot and killed. Even our infamous “community activists,” Barack H. Obama, Erick Holder, and Al Sharpton gave up of their time to come out again to put their community activist work together…why wait for the facts, if they could get the jump on the run and stir up some community, unsuspecting of what was going to fall down on their heads. In fact, we will even bring in more to help out; we won’t let them old facts out! Sure enough, they came, stirred the pot, used those tried and true statements, the police department began getting death threats and they certainly weren’t going to leave out that old white killer, Officer Wilson. The police department received their first death threat on or about August 11, 2014. (Did you hear any of those community activists, Attorney General Holder, or President Obama calling for people to protect the police department, Officer Wilson and his family, businesses or anyone else in the community? No? Crickets? Did the mainstream media call for calm or call to give Officer Wilson the benefit of the doubt? No? Or that there are Peace Officer Bill of Rights in our land? No?

On that same day, August 11th at 11:00 am, the FBI had already called the Ferguson Police Department and indicated that they were going to do a “parallel investigation” with them. Mike Brown’s blood had not even dried on the street nor had Mike Brown’s blood dried in Officer Wilson’s vehicle, however here was the FBI calling two days later to horn in on the case. For those of you who don’t know, this is highly unlikely, as “Agents of Record” don’t like someone coming in to investigate their case, unless they ask for help…What was the FBI’s bum’s rush? Coincidently, Officer Wilson’s name and subsequently his address, was released around 2:00 PM to the mainstream media (the same mainstream media that hardly prints a negative word regarding Captain Obama). Could there be a leak by someone like, oh, Captain Obama or Erick Holder to the FBI and to the mainstream media? An Agent-of-Record would not release that type of information and jeopardize his or her case. One day later, other curious things were being called for, that would really begin to turn this case on its head.

[Ironically, the blood that made a difference was the blood of Michael Brown. The blood splatters from the physical evidence turns out has nothing to do with racism. One of the reasons Darren Wilson was not charged was because of the way Mike Brown was running to charge at him again!]

Someone was circulating a list of demands around 10:00 am on August 12th. Apparently, it was difficult to get ahold of, however at noon, “The Reverend Al Sharpton” began to demand justice for Mike Brown. Sharpton picked up the talking stick and did such a wonderful job, that Captain Obama made him his liaison to Ferguson and the White House. Huh? Captain Obama and Erick Holder subsequently began opening up regarding the Mike Brown and Officer Wilson shooting. Did anyone from the mainstream media ask them why they were interferring in the case few days after the event? No? We are sure the Agent of Record would have liked them to and also would have liked to tell them to stay out of it, since there were already too many chefs in the kitchen. It was clear from this time, that the case was out-of-control!

To get yourself back in control (after you read the timeline and the aforementioned material), simply take out a piece of paper and pen and place them on your table. Go to the internet and look up the Mike Brown timeline. Write three names at the top of the page: Mike Brown, Dorian Johnson, and Officer Wilson. Write down anything you find about anyone of them down the page. Lastly, after reviewing this material, you decide who you would support: Brown, Johnson, or Wilson. If you are an “honest broker,” there is no way that you would go for anyone other than Officer Wilson: the same way that the Grand Jury did. Anyone who has an ounce of sense, listens, and thinks for themselves, will have come up with the same conclusion. Yet, community activists and your Constitutional law professor, President Barack H. Obama, prejudiced the case against Officer Wilson and threw out his Peace Officer and Constitutional Bill of Rights. We’ll go into more of this a little later, as they did even more to Officer Wilson and his new wife.

As we know, this is not the first time that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Erick Holder, Captain Obama and others have done this slight of hand to others. Clearly, they are cherry-picking cases like this to dig their claws into, in order to enrage America, when the opportunity arises. Their Modus Operandi is pretty crystal clear: make it a white-black case, get the vulnerable parents on their sides, play the race card, hit the papers, hit the bricks, and file those lawsuits. Their blueprint, map and model have to be hanging somewhere to follow the script, within hours of the event. But, it is high time to fight back and level the playing field. EyesOnUSA.org will help you level the playing field and this is the way. Pick up another piece of paper…

Write this at the top: “BLACK TEENAGER (17) SHOOTS NEWLYWED SOLDIER AND EXECUTES HIS PREGNANT WIFE!” List their names: MACYO JOELLES JANUARY – STAFF SGT. DAVID DUNLAP (37) – WHITNEY BUTLER (35). We don’t know what the baby’s name would have been. Ms. Butler was shot execution style, while she lay over her husband’s body. Mr. January had just committed the following crimes before he committed the murders: Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, Burglary, and Theft. Who would you have supported? We don’t know who Sharpton, Holder, Obama, or others would have supported, because, you see, it matters to them who is white and who is black, and that group are the ones that say black children don’t have any value when the white cop is not charged, even if there is no evidence to charge the white officer. Where do you think you would have lined up on this case?

For six years, Officer Darren Wilson felt that black men, women, and children had value. He obviously cared for the people of Ferguson by stopping to aid one of his sick souls. He didn’t wake up in the morning to go out and “kill him a black person” that day,as Mike Brown’s mother suggests. Nor does Officer Wilson suggest the burning down of his city, as Mike Brown’s stepfather suggests. Nor does he suggest to “keep fighting” and “keep our boxing gloves on,” as Al Sharpton wants the African-Americans to do. Simply put, while Officer Darren Wilson was looking at the people of Ferguson as people, that he wanted to help make better and protect, some of those same people were looking back at him “as a white man,” or worse “as a white racist cop,” who just would love to kill him a black child! People who spew the vemon and hate forget to tell you one thing, the facts of the case! They forget to tell you that “BUT FOR” MIKE BROWN, WE WOULDN’T HAVE FERGUSON THE WAY IT IS TODAY!

“But for” Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson not getting together that morning, Officer Wilson could have stayed with his sick call. “But for” Brown and Johnson going to the convenience store and committing a strong-armed robbery, Officer Wilson would not have been called from his sick call. “But for” Brown and Johnson walking down the middle of the street instead of like normal pedestrians, Officer Wilson wouldn’t have directed them off the street like children without common sense, upbringing and know-how to respond respectfully to Officer Wilson and converse with him in a civil manner. And, “But for” Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson aggressivly confronting Officer Wilson, “bum rushing” him several times, pushing him back into his police unit, punching him at least twice in the face and head, and going for Officer Wilson’s gun, Mike Brown wouldn’t be dead today and Officer Wilson could be out on patrol maybe to help other sick citizens of his city.

No, “But for” Mike Brown’s responsibilities and actions, not Officer Darren Wilson’s, none of us would care about Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson going over to the convenience store to get some “rillos” and smoke some more marijuana. We just have better things to do. Mike Brown’s mother also has better things to do with her life. Mike Brown could have listened to her instructions for the world. “Don’t be a ‘but for,” Mike,” she could have told him. “Don’t rob a convenience store, assault and bully the convenience store owner or they might call the police on you and if they do, answer the officer’s questions and follow his simple instructions. If you don’t, the risk is you going to jail, or worse, be killed. Don’t be a ‘but for’ child, Mike. I want you to go to grandmother’s house tonight.”

If you have worked in the law enforcement professions, you have said this morning prayer, “Lord, please let me come home tonight!” No law enforcement officer that I’ve worked with wakes up in the morning to go do harm to his or her community and no law enforcement officer wants to leave the force like Officer Darren Wilson did: “RESIGN FOR THE GOOD OF THE DEPARTMENT.” Officer Wilson gave six good years to the city of Ferguson and the citizens… what did they give him in return for his $45,000 a year in salary? They didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt that “he did his job correctly!” Where was his support system? Where was his BAND OF BROTHERS at his time of need? All too often, businesses and law enforcement want you to build a team, teamwork, and a family in their businesses, but when the crapola hits the fan, the ears and listening closes and we shut off looking for facts; the wagons don’t circle around the Officer Wilsons, instead insiders and outsiders circle the “but for” groups, haters, and those that make up the vile. In this case, you want to burn yours and other cities down.

“What if” Mike Brown and Dorian just did the right thing that day. They just went and bought their “rillos,” warmly greeted everyone, walked back home and saw an old, trusted friend, Officer Wilson, and said hello to him and talked about clothes, sports, and college as Dorian reported the conversation he and Brown had that morning in front of Dorian’s apartment. “What if” they all did that on that morning? They would all be having a great day in their City of Ferguson and Officer Wilson would still be looking for more sick people to help. We know what kind of heart Brown and Johnson had that day, a larcenous one. We know what kind of heart Officer Wilson had that day, an empathetic, compassionate, and loving one.

We all make choices in our lives, everyday. Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson made choices and Mike died. We could be the rioters and looters who chose to go out and have more “but for” days. More law enforcement officers have to choose to go to the streets and arrest their citizens and risk injuring them or risk injuring themselves. We could begin to take control, minimize the protest, put a frame around it, contain it and begin how to teach each other. The positive could overpower the negative, if we push back against the Sharptons, the Holders, and the Captain Obamas. [EyesOnUSA.org had not chosen to do an article regarding Ferguson, as it wasn’t on our agenda, “but for” those three and others inserting themselves into the fray.] Again, why did they cherrypick this tragedy and leave themselves out of others? A good question. However, since we have written 27 articles on the rise and fall of Captain Obama and his lies, cheating, and dirty tricks, we had to investigate and analyze him regarding the Ferguson mess, as well…and he hasn’t stopped yet regarding the small city of Ferguson and Mike Brown. Again, with Captain Obama it’s the things that he doesn’t tell you that can make a difference. While he isn’t telling you that he is a good role model, he doesn’t tell you Mike Brown did not have a good role model at home. It seems that before Mike Brown’s stepfather got up on a vehicle, telling the crowds in Ferguson to “burn this bitch down,” he was doing time in prison for drug dealing, according to reports. Captain Obama and Al Sharpton just seemed to leave out this little fact, along with the ones discovered by the Ferguson Grand Jury.

We did see some old patterns jumping to the top, such as those we learned from the dirty tricksters in our last article. People like Officer Wilson become targets by the likes of Sharpton, Holder, and Captain Obama. They become the “white cop,” “murdering” a black child (not adult, but child); they connect with the vunerable family members; they play the “race card” and they home in on repeated mantras, such as “He was an unarmed teenager,” and steer the audience away from the teenager’s behavior. They try to paint the picture of this “child” that they want you to have, embellish the story for the teenager and away from, in this case, Officer Darren Wilson. Oh, I forgot, and before the public has ALL OF THE FACTS! When the facts do come out, they still want to make sure that the family sues anyway, forgetting the “but for,” of Mike Brown and the story of Dorian Johnson. They poison the well, they conveniently forget the statistics, and they help to maintain and encourage the racial divide in the nation.

Officers like Darren Wilson and his wife will be sorely missed in his city of Ferguson, since he was just a good officer for six years. His city pushed him out by not supporting him, calling him racist, and “but for” those evil people, he would have remained in Ferguson to “do his job well.”

We don’t know what is wrong in the cosmos where we side with two, who go to rob a convenience store, bully a shop owner, confront a police officer, taking him away from his sick call, “bum rush” him several times, punch him about the head and face several times, and go for his gun. Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson didn’t learn too much from their families, which contributed to Mike Brown’s demise. And yes, Juan Williams, for the umpteenth time in a life and death scenario, Officer Darren Wilson had the right to take Mike Brown’s life and not lose his. And if you can’t believe that a 6’4″, 290 pound unarmed man can kill you, go and watch the video of the father of the 12 year old daughter who put a female officer in the hospital with his bare hands…and stop saying that line, because like Al Sharpton’s rhethoric, it is not the facts.

And now back to you, Captain Obama. We have heard your rhetoric for years. We teach our parole agents, probation officers, and police officers how to listen to bull crap and how to develop a bull crap ear. We have listened to yours for over 6 years. You have no credibility or integrity, PERIOD! Your National Debt has topped 18 Trillion Dollars and after the audcity and gall to call President Bush “unpatriotic” for the spending that occurred on his watch. Now you once again want to SOLVE THE WRONG PROBLEM, A RACIAL KILLING OF A BLACK YOUTH BY A WHITE COP. Which it wasn’t! You’ve played this lie before to sell your health care sham, lied again to sell your mental heatlh scheme through your gun control, and lied regarding Benghazi video. Now it’s your lie regarding Ferguson! You take the lies of an Al Sharpton over an honest Officer Darren Wison and help to destroy his city, make him resign, along with the possiblity of his wife. A young couple who loved their jobs while you elevate Sharpton to your Washington DC in-crowd. Shame on you, but we have seen it all too often from you.

Unfortunately, your damage will continue for another two years. The “Political Correctnes Police” will continue to put such great officers in peril when they “second guess” themselves at a periless time. Officer Darren Wilson, or any other officer who might have to fire his weapon, cannot ask himself in the middle of arresting someone if he has persmission to fire his weapon. He should know, but the people like you, Captain Obama, who do Monday Morning Quarterbacking, the “JV’s,” will never tell him…you don’t want to be held responsible. You don’t keep the focus on Mike Brown’s and Dorian Johnson’s “But for’s,” you keep the focus on the honest broker, Officer Wilson.

Captain Obama, your country will not begin to turn around, until you take it in a different direction or you just make the noble gesture and resign. You were a Constitutional professor. Well, start acting like one. Start leading and teaching that we are a nation of laws, such as the “but for” rule; start teaching your Americans to their children the civility that you once spoke about, and you can begin with yourself; you must be the best role model that you can be. Office Darren Wilson showed you how to be a role model. He should not have left his department and his city, as he was an honest broker and a consumate professional, but left for the good of his city. You have two more years; let’s see if you have the auditicity to change for the good of our country.

And P.S., you can stop hiring the likes of Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Erick Holder, and Al Sharpton…they just bring you down in stature. You can also tell your friends over at the mainstream media that you give them permission to do the honorable thing, report the news honestly, objectively, and impartially. We Americans would also like to hear it. “But for” the mainstream media, politicial politicians who are liars, cheaters, dirty tricksters, manipulators and race baiters, we would have just an awesome UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!



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