He was as big as a storm! You knew when he was on the street corner. One could not miss him, while he was selling his wares, “loosies.” Eric Garner dies this past July, not because of allegedly selling these illegal cigarettes, but because reportedly a team of police officers made a horrific mistake while taking him into custody, yet another Eric Garner arrest: a father of six children. So the initial story goes.

New York has found its world deep in snow this year, hardly digging out from one snowstorm before heading back deep into another one. But the “Perfect Storm” had not hit yet. You see, New York was waiting for July to blow by August, September, October, and November, until Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson kicked up the dust in Ferguson, Missouri first. All New York had to do was be a little patient; Eric Garner and Global Warming would be on its forecast and Ferguson would be giving Mr. Garner help. Coming in via express mail for Mr. Garner’s storm were none other than Captain Barack H. Obama, Erick Holder, Jesse Jackson, and the infamous Al Sharpton, after departing Ferguson. They were not only bringing their power, they were bringing similar cases with big distinctions, and helping the Storm Player Agitators with recruiting tools, signage, and language. If they could help the storm be successful, they would. This giant of a man didn’t need much help getting the attention, did he? He didn’t need any help from them, but they would give it to him anyway. Everyone watched the video and clear issues with his “loosies” arrest arose but, who, if any, of the officers or their African-American Female Sargeant were culpable? Could this be a “team of police Officers and their Sargeant being arrested or no one being arrested?

The convergence of Mike Brown, Dorian Johnson, Darren Wilson and Ferguson would come together once the Ferguson Grand Jury rendered its decision, with Al Sharpton and crew stealing the line from Dorian Johnson, “He had his hands up,” (Mike Brown didn’t; Dorian Johnson lied.). Ferguson began to burn with the help of Mike Brown’s stepfather’s explosion, “Burn this bitch down,” to send to New York’s protest, if needed. Al Sharpton kind of likes the “He had his hands up” line and he will be taking it to other venues. It is an irrelevant line for the truth, but it helps his cause, he feels…and anything to help out Al, Holder, and Captain Obama. It didn’t take long once Ferguson died down, the Grand Jury of New York completed their work, Al and the crew sneaked into town, organized, and the “Perfect Storm” was on its way.

Have you ever been in a storm? Of course you have. We can handle rainy days. Heck, we even play in the puddles. During a pretty good storm, we stay indoors as much as we can. We don’t like to drive, walk, and get hurt by a traffic or other type of accident. A snow storm is “cool;” again, we like to play in the snow. Drive, No! A “PERFECT STORM” however, presents something different to traverse around in, as we shall see.

I’ve been in several blizzards in my life. The world and time stood still at those moments. Suffocation and myopia took over and moving from this world to the next galaxy seemed very possible. Anything you told me would have convinced me that you were God. If you told me that only 25 blocks from where we were, right there it was raining gold and little elves with pointy green toes were picking up the gold rain drops in silver buckets, I would have believed you, until I could get myself out of this blizzard to check for myself. I still maintained a healthy portion of skepticism, that I would be sure that there wasn’t a gold rain storm, but I wouldn’t know until I got out of that storm.

My first blush with the Eric Garner New York Perfect Storm Protest began by seeing the video of Mr. Garner being taken down from the back by a New York police officer. I had reviewed these types of tapes before, being a Probation Officer, a Self Defense Instructor, an Investigator, and the Probation Peace Officer President for eight years; not only had I arrested people before, taught people how to do such holds before, investigated similar large clients, and defended such peace officers, I reviewed thousands of cases in my career. Clearly, I had a lot of experience and I knew what I was looking at and what I was looking for…the truth is sometimes, more often than not, in the middle.

Of course, there were a lot of reporters talking about the Garner Perfect Storm Grand Jury Hearing about to break. There were talk show hosts holding court; there were transitioners to bring us the information from Ferguson to New York, including me, who had just written my 28th article for regarding my investigative analysis on Captain Barack H. Obama, entitled “BUT FOR” MIKE BROWN – FERGUSON. My 29th article was going to finally take me to Captain Obama and the mainstream media, but like so many of us under the same weather station, I had to follow Eric Garner’s Perfect Storm to New York and divert from them for another time.

Just mentioning these players did something else; my hair on the back of my neck went up and so did my skepticism. While I readily accepted the fact that the officer was probably going to be in prison for a while a la Johannes Mehserle(Oscar Grant), I wanted to see the video tape a second time, a third or more. It seems that I have something about videos, since this thing called BENGHAZI, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney, and Captain Obama. I just needed to look at it again and away from my first blush and a cup of coffee, to many more blushes and a lot of coffee and some thinking and dissecting. You see, when I hear the names of Susan, Hillary, Erick, Jay Carney, and Captain Obama, I remember the names of Obamcare, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc. and I don’t get a “tingle down my leg” like Chris Matthews; I shudder down my spine, hold onto my wallet, and keep an eye on my Constitution.

I began to research the case, listen to talks shows, and watch the video as many times as I could. You see, my first blush only brought some information,as my interests were fractional, however the radiation of my eye beamed brighter the more I studied the case and other partials of other matters began to seep in, kind of like when the blizzard stopped blowing and the sun began to shine through. As an investigator, it pays to slow down, gather, observe, become more professionally distant, and listen. It is quite an art and a science combined.

So I went back to the scene of Mr. Garner’s death and asked myself, what is missing? I began to dissect the crime scene video and I began where all good investigations and investigators begin: at the beginning. Someone wanted him arrested. Why? Who? Unless someone else shows up, it is the store owner. Sound familiar? The store owner also wanted Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson arrested in that video, as well. But unlike in the Brown/Johnson video, where we see the store, we see the robbers and the assaulters (Brown and Johnson), we even get to see the crime, the taking of the “rillos.” When we open on the Garner arrest video, we see Mr. Garner surrounded by a lot of police officers (What is it with these street video hustlers always starting off in the middle of the show?). All of the videos like this thing should begin with a warning label: The suspects in this film are just accused, but in a short period of time will be pleading innocent. Mr. Garner doesn’t disappoint us, he pleads innocent like reading from a script. He seems to know that he is about to go into custody as one of the shorter police officers begins to advise him. Mr. Garner somehow even seems to make himself taller and the police officers seem to make themselves smaller. It must be some kind of trick photography from our street telephone cell photoman. This is a nice place to begin telephone cell photoman, but not where investigators would begin or the courts, for that matter. We need a little more before the US Sherlocks and trier of facts want to finish with the case. We need those things like facts and evidence, etc. before we can tell you things in accordance with the Constitution and the laws. That is where justice begins, Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Jackson, and Constitutional Law Professor Captain Obama!

So, could we go back a few steps further? Can we ask someone to help our viewers with this question (You see, we want our viewers to learn as much about this case, before they take some words from Al Sharpton, Erick Holder, and Captain Obama to send them all over the streets of New York looking foolish.), “How did the arresting team (including a female African-American sergeant, who is in charge) arrive at the arrest site (looking around the same time)? Did they have a pre-meeting to brief the arrest? If so, what was the location, time, and was the sergeant the only administrator on site? Did the team go over the game plan for the arrest of Mr. Garner? Had this team arrested him before? Had Mr. Garner been physical with the team officers and had he resisted? How many times had he resisted before? What could be the likelihood he would resist this time? How many police officers would likely be involved in the actual physical arrest? Would the team need to bring more arresting tools or use different techniques or the usual techniques? Would they need to advise Mr. Garner very soon upon their arrival, that he was under arrest and read him his Miranda Rights before they “move-to-contact?” Would the sergeant, or other administrator(s), assign the police officers their stations around Mr. Garner and their assignments, before they got to the arrest spot? Would the African-American sergeant put the plan (arrest) in motion and execute the arrest? Was she in charge? And, what was the other African-American police officer assigned to do?

Shouldn’t the likes of Sharpton, Holder, and Captain Obama have asked these questions, long before they made their black/white comments to America? Should these fellows have asked these questions, if they were going to get involved at all, before they sent uninformed Americans out onto the streets to burn them down? Shouldn’t they have asked these questions responsibly and in the best interest of uniting America instead of helping to divide it? Shouldn’t they have? Why didn’t they?

If you wanted to join with a protest down Broadway, wouldn’t you want to learn more of the answers to these questions, before you made a fool of yourself by just listening to Al Sharpton, Holder, and Captain Obama and sponging off an old protest from Ferguson? I sure would, unless I was just going to an event like Woodstock, New York.

When a leader executes commands by either a hand sign or a verbal sound, the team goes in motion and executes the arrest. Is that what happened here? Unfortunately, many of our citizens have been down this path before and we learned that Mr. Eric Garner had been arrested approximately 31 previous times. He was, therefore, no stranger to the arrest process. He was no stranger to the cadence, no stranger to the sound, to the feel and probably to the police officers’ and his own heartbeats. He is also aware of where he is at the time, knowing that he is not going home for dinner that night, or maybe more nights, since he has been down this path some 31 times before and not for just selling “loosies,” but apparently for assaults and resisting arrest, as well. Many in law enforcement would have been referring to him as an “habitual criminal” by now. Is the picture kind of becoming clearer by now? Did Sharpton, Holder, and Captain Obama send you down the wrong trail? Did they make out just the police officer as the hide to run after, in case that dirty, old mean Grand Jury wouldn’t do its part and indict the white police officer? Why wasn’t the African-American sergeant indicted, since she was in charge? If illegal or undue force was being used, why didn’t she step in to correct or stop it?

Our police officers would love to have one thing, a perfect plan. Law Enforcement officers hate it when we have to make a spontaneous or surprising arrest. We like to have time to discuss it, plan it out, and would really like to have an administrator or supervisor there to be in charge and tell us what to do. We don’t want any mistakes, as those mistakes will likely fall back on us and the perpetrators somehow will skate. Usually, when law enforcement’s plans are not constructed well, they fall apart and usually they don’t have a good Plan B. Usually, Plan B’s aren’t good anyway. Does anyone know if this team had to use plans B, C, or D that day (couldn’t tell very much from that itsy-bitsy little cell phone camera)?

Whatever plan was used, if it wasn’t a spontaneous arrest, it didn’t going well for the arresting team. Police Officer Pantaleo, the target of racial venom by Al Sharpton, Erick Holder, Captain Obama and others, was having a difficult time applying his initial hold, which appears to be one arm of his underneath one arm of Mr. Garner and one wrapped around his head. But like so many when making team arrests, the pile shifts, and no one is where they are supposed to be…whoops! Go to Plan B. Plan B is called, “Now what do we do, boss? Boss. Boss…anyone see the sergeant?

This section stops here for us to reveal the “hidden agendas” of Sharpton, Holder, and Captain Obama. We need to really think deeply regarding, not the motives of the arrest team, but what are the hidden motives and agendas of the African-American LEADERS: Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and Obama! WHY ARE THEY JUMPING OUT FRONT AT THIS VERY MOMENT TO SEEK OUT STATUS AND PROMINENCE? In order for honest broker protests, we need not only to look into our hearts to see if they are pure, we also have to look into the hearts of those who prematurely and with bias, pull us into those protests, AND ASK US TO JUMP INTO THE CONTROVERSY WITHOUT A HANDLE ON THE FACTS, ON THE EVIDENCE, AND THE LAW.

We need to have our objective, unbiased, and solid LEADERS take us down the road to sanity. They need to sit us down and stand us up to take a stand on honest investigating, meticulous searching for the facts, evidence, the truth and standing by the findings: Not what the untoward small leaders would lead you to: chaos, lawlessness, and burning down our own towns and cities, like what Sharpton, Holder, Jackson, and Captain Obama encouraged these past several months. (Not like the small time leader Senator Diane Feinstein just did, as we will review in our Article 30 regarding her lopsided release of the “CIA Torture Report.”) They jumped to the front of these parades too quickly, they did not ask for the facts, they did not wait for due process, they did not wait for professional explanations, etc. Rather, they spoke vilely of the white police officers, called for their trials, and called for “justice!” I don’t know how you see them in their days in front of the camera, but it sure did remind me of the leaders of the mobs addressing them to gather up a posse to “lets find them and make sure that they are at the end of a rope.” Those were scary days for all of us and I’m sure we go back to those days in our minds, when the cameras hit the streets with mobs, turning cars over, burning them and the crowds breaking off and turning to the businesses to loot and burn.

Ferguson received that extra fuel from our chorus of Sharpton, Holder, and Captain Obama, exploded it in Ferguson and we saw the results. We began to shudder for New York when we learned of Police Officer Pantaleo’s plight, however something seemed to change. The New York protest was different from Ferguson, so far. After the verdict from the Grand Jury, we observed that a protest was mounted, however there was no looting, burning of buildings, or police vehicles; at least not for the first few days. The protest did get bigger, however. Maybe the crowds were getting smarter, because of the two, New York seemed to realize that protests against officer brutality and excessive force seemed to have a better chance to succeed than the Ferguson protest, thanks to Dorian Johnson’s lies regarding Mike Brown raising his hands to surrender. New York protests got bigger, and so did other cities in the nation, especially since it had been stoked greater by Sharpton, Holder, and especially Captain Obama (who continued to stoke it and bomb it on BET on or about 12/7/14: A capital and infamous day to stoke and bomb something).

The essence of Article 29 is to demonstrate for our viewers ways to educate yourself in order to make sane decisions and choices and not simply grab the rope behind the leader’s wagon and follow him down the road, yelling the phrases that they made up for you and keep repeating them, even if you have found out those phrases to be false. Dorian Johnson told the press that Mike Brown had put his hands up to be arrested. “THAT WAS A FLAT-OUT LIE,” according to Grand Jury witnesses and stated in the report, which was, in fact, released by the prosecutor. Al Sharpton dismissed witness testimony and in Ferguson kept repeating the phrase. That statement was picked up and has been used in New York and four Saint Louis Rams football players raised their hands at the opening of their game. They looked like fools at the dance and anyone in New York who was raising their hands while they were protesting, looked like the same dunces: right to protest, wrong shoutings, and not factual statements…So first thing to do while dressing to go down to protest, DO NOT LISTEN TO AL SHARPTON, JESSE JACKSON, ERICK HOLDER, AND CAPTAIN OBAMA. THE NEXT STEP IS DO NOT SAY A LIE FROM A PREVIOUS PROTEST; it takes the starch out. THIRDLY, DON’T LISTEN TO MIKE BROWN’S STEPFATHER, WHO IS TELLING YOU TO BURN DOWN THE TOWN. According to reports, Mike Brown’s stepfather is a drug dealer, who has been to prison, who is now out wanting to burn down his town. Not the kind of guy I want on my side in any protest.

My 29th article for is on the heels of “BUT FOR” MIKE BROWN – FERGUSON. The two articles should really be read together. While there are some similarities, there also are some very important differences. It might be a learning experience to line these cases up side by side and these two articles, to see what you see and to learn as much as you can.

You may be able to learn from my sixth grade flag football game regarding this experiment. Playing quarterback in my first game ever, I asked my running back very naively before the game started (since our all white team was playing a predominately all black team), “Are all black players tough?” (Heck, I didn’t know, all of my family was from Hawaii.) “Naw, they aren’t tough! All you got to do is hit them in the shins and they’ll fall down!” Well, we ran the ball around the right side, I gave the ball to my right half back, lowered my head and hit my opponent in his left shin, and practically knocked myself out! That was the hardest surface I had ever hit at that time in my life. Needless to say, from that moment on, I stopped asking such idiotic questions, stopped listening to other people without checking the facts, and just flat-out stop following leaders that simply don’t want you to have all the facts, so that they can lead you only in their direction. I’d rather that you take the longer routes of doing the fact-hunting yourself and having the fun of finding them yourself. I don’t want to disclose where all the Easter Eggs are, I want you to find where they are! Why do you want to be in a picket line with a sign that was made up for you, rather than bringing one that you made up with the actual facts on them. Do you want to be the protester in Ferguson with someone else’s sign that says “HANDS UP FOR MIKE” or a sign in New York that reads, “I CAN’T BREATHE?” You might not know if difficulty in breathing caused Mr. Garner’s death, but you would at least know if it was relevant to his death.

So let us stop for a short moment to take a took at what in such a short period of time, the Mike Brown and Eric Garner’s protests demonstrated. The protestors blew as another Nor’easter into New York and into Mr. Eric Garner’s perfect storm. Do you think they were an accident? You might want to think that again. There were forces behind those winds of protests and not all having to do with Mike Brown and Eric Garner, but with more sinister influences that can take a tragedy and move it into a movement to satisfy hidden agendas. All of us must take a step back and watch the forces at work. We have to watch their actions, their timings, their decisions, and ask ourselves, what are their motivations? Why did some people travel long distances to those areas to protest for the likes of a Mike Brown and Eric Garner, someone who steals “rillos” and someone who sells “loosies?” Was it truly because they were killed by white cops?

I’ll give you a concrete example: Donald Trump. Here is a phenomena to study. Ask yourself this question: “Is Donald Trump going to run for President?” If you bet “NO,” you will win. Mr. Trump talks a good game, however his agenda is to stir the pot, bring attention to himself, and therefore to his business. He has demonstrated that his sole agenda is advertisement for the Trump Empire. He throws out these salvos against Obama to stir up business for himself. If he is down a few million, you might hear from him again, and if talk show hosts need a guest, there he is on the air. But, don’t just listen to someone tell you about this phenomena, CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF AND SEE WHAT YOU FIND OUT!

It’s the same thing with getting involved in protests. Who is running the show? Look into them more deeply before you walk onto the Amtrak track in front of the train. Yes, you read that. Protestors from the Oakland/Berkeley area actually jumped in front of an Amtrak engine, because of Mr. Garner in New York. The Brown/Garner storm made quite a u-turn west to California and onto a train track. Don’t we really have to sit our children down and find out what we are feeding them, that they would take these two protests that far? What nexus did they make from Mike Brown’s tragedy to Eric Garner’s tragedy to lying down in front of Amtrak for possibly THEIR OWN TRAGEDY? What statement is that making and for whom? Did the LEADERS of these movements, Al Sharpton, Erick Holder, Jesse Jackson, and Captain Obama see those movements of people in the future for their future civil actions? Will we blame any of those leaders for those children’s deaths, because they wanted to show their way to demonstrate for the causes of the Mike Browns and Eric Garners? Its looks kind of silly now, don’t you think, Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Holder, and Captain Obama?

The Brown tragedy and the Garner tragedy could be true teaching moments for our nation, not exploitation of our agendas. To satisfy the sinister political and hustler needs, sometimes it is simply easier to try to hide them in plain sight and to attempt to divert attention away from them like the movie “Wag the Dog.” Remember, in the movie the plot was, “the President of the United States was caught in a scandalous situation just prior to his reelection and hires a spin doctor from Hollywoood to manufacture a phony crisis by using the mass media.” Does this sound like it would apply with the Ferguson and New York protests and with the elevating of Brown and Garner, the “Rillos Brothers” and “Loosies” salesman? Have you seen this picture before throughout Captain Obama’s scandals? What was happening just prior for Captain Obama and Al Sharpton?

Ask yourself, why did the President of the United States of America, Captain Obama, the Attorney General, Erick Holder, and a talk show Reverend, Al Sharpton get all wrapped up in the old strong-armed robbery case of a Ferguson, St. Louis young man and then a 38-year-old father of six, who had 30+ prior arrests for assaults and resisting arrest in New York? Do they really have that much time in their oh-so-important schedule to take on these cases from their own work loads of fighting ISIL, IRAN, and Korea or from running away from Congressional Hearings looking into the IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi and Erick Holder’s own impeachment? There is your first clue, if you really want to know what really happened with the likes of little old Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

Saint Louis and New York authorities could have handled those cases just as well by themselves as they have before. They have a history of handling cases all the time, so what made these cases the exception? Was it the timing of the day? Did the leaders of the nation or a talk show need to drive the agenda away from themselves? Maybe you’d want to start with the other exceptions and ask yourself what happened to them. How did they play out: for example, the OJ Simpson case, the Oscar Grant case, the Trevon Martin case, the Mike Brown case, and the Eric Garner case. Ask yourself what were these cases about, who were the high rollers involved, and what were the outcomes (after all the hullabaloo)?

The most important thing to do for you however, before you go off half-cocked and protest, is to keep your eyes opened! Take some very good looks around. You, for the players in the drama, look for the hidden agendas, the facts, and the evidence. Become your own CSI, before you decide what the issues are for yourself. Don’t just pick up a sign, march down a street, throw a rock, throw a Molotov Cocktail, burn a building, or lie on an Amtrak track, and not even know why you are doing it.

Maybe there are better, more civil ways to protest. Maybe it is listening to one’s own ears, gathering your own information, coming up with your own conclusions, and looking for as much information on a matter as you can find. For example, if you were looking for the Mike Brown’s copart’s Grand Jury testimony TODAY, you wouldn’t find it! Isn’t that suspicious? Apparently, Attorney General Erick Holder (who you remember got into the Mike Brown matter way early on) would not let it be released, because HE directed the Mike Brown case to be federally investigated. wrote an article on the Mike Brown matter entitled, “BUT FOR” MIKE BROWN – FERGUSON and opened the article with my listening of Dorian Johnson noting that he lied to a reporter regarding Mike Brown “HAVING HIS HANDS UP,” when he was being shot by Officer Darren Wilson. Al Sharpton moved that line to be the mantra of the Ferguson riots and protests, which morphed into the Eric Garner New York Perfect Storm riots. Wouldn’t you think the New York protestors, if they even gave a damn about the integrity of their protests, would have wanted that piece of information, before they marched down the street to look silly?

Mr. Garner, although he doesn’t know it, is the Perfect Storm of Protests. This giant of a man will allow the nation to take him and learn from him as to how to handle the next protests: For example, what to watch from our leaders of the movement, what to take, or not from them before we move onto the street, and what slogans and sayings to take, that really mean what they say. Mr. Garner will also ask us to stop and dissect each frame of the tragedy and ask us to ask ourselves a lot of questions. Was it a team arrest? Was there a briefing before the arrest? Were there instructions directed at the arrestee? Were there warnings? Were there Plans A, B, and C? Was someone in charge and giving out supervision and commands? Was there a shift, when the arrest began? Who ended up where and was everyone alright? Did someone need medical attention? Was it given in a timely fashion? Can we learn from this arrest? Can we check the statistics on these kinds of arrests? Do they show any patterns? Do we need more training or do we need to change our training? Do we need to train our protesters? Are we charging the right people, all of them, and with the right charges or are we listening to the Sharptons, Jacksons, and Captain Obamas as to who we should charge because they are telling us. Are they picking out all races, crimes, etc. to charge or are they cherry picking when they need to divert the attention from their own scandals? For example, you might want to look into the discovery of the 4.5 million dollar tax bill owed by Al Sharpton and his run for the Ferguson Airport.

People say that you were not such a bad man, Mr. Garner. Frankly, I do not know if you were or were not. I know, that because of your tragedy, we have met some pretty shady characters, who have come out of the woodwork again and have left a lot more damage in the wake of this storm, that will need cleaning up. Your storm may be subsiding and we’ll be able to hear again the clarity of the law and not the noise of the wag the dogs. Maybe it simply was meant to be this way, because you have brought yet another opportunity for humanity to learn some lessons. Maybe today’s lessons can be entitled TODAY’S LESSONS FOR TODAY’S PERFECT STORM: HOW TO RUN A BETTER, SMARTER, AND PERFECT PROTEST.



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    • Hello Ceclia! Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I so appreciate your feedback and insight. I’m a new blogger and am learning the ins and outs of how to blog properly and will do as you suggested regarding Aemikimi’s Rank Plugin. I will have to research 11 spot; I’m not even sure what that is! Thank you for informing me where you were able to find my blog. May I ask what you enjoyed about the post and are there are things you would like to read about?

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