I was going to call this article, “Shooting myself in my foot really hurts,” but I think the new title fits. After making her decision to release the CIA’s Torture, Detention, and Interrogation Report, Senator Dianne Feinstein might have admitted that she was following in the footsteps of Senator Harry Reid and Captain Barack H. Obama, two dirty, lying political tricksters. The above title “FOLLOWING IN MY BAD LEADERS FOOTSTEPS” BY DIANNE FEINSTEIN, became the better title for this article.

When it finally occurs to you that you have written 29 previous articles covering the rise and fall of Captain Barack H. Obama, the Chicago crowd, political liars, political thieves, and dirty tricksters from both sides of the fence, your 30th article is just going to include one more: this time in a colored pant suit with a dressy scarf. Though you’d known it deep down for a long time, you’d never thought that this lady of government was going to be one of your major articles regarding corruption in government. Clearly, you’d never thought that her name would be center page with the likes of Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, Erick Holder, Al Sharpton, and Captain Barack H. Obama, the worst seaman to command the United States Ship of State. But the helmsman of the intelligence bridge of the ship, Dianne Feinstein, seized the moment by dropping a bomb on the innards of the spy unit, James Brennan and crew, with her lopsided and one-sided report to the Commander-in-Chief, Captain Obama.

Senator Dianne Feinstein was heading straight into a wonderful career at the end of 2014. She has had some impressive days (which we’ll enter into in a little bit). Impressive speech after speech, campaign after campaign, a county office here, a city Mayorship there, a Senatorship and the Chairmanship of the Senate Intelligence Committee at hand. One of her most impressive speeches was made at the memorial for four police officers in Oakland, California.

Her bio included being Mayor of San Francisco (served out assassinated Mayor George Moscone’s term) and a failed California Governor race in 1990. She had other distinctions, like failing to march in gay parades in San Francisco and there is controversy as to whether she opposed the Blue Angels flying over the city for being too noisy during Fleet Week. A true liberal who likes to ban guns and assault rifles, she pissed off the police force because she provided details regarding serial killer Richard Ramirez during a press conference. But her political career seemed to be sailing along and she landed in the United States Senate in 1992 moving all the way up to the Senate Chair of the Intelligence Committee.

You would have thought she would be wrapping up her political career with a tidy legacy…the Super Bowl of all reports: “How I finally destroyed President George W. Bush and his Waterboards!” “Surely, someone, and maybe even good old George, would be going to prison for torturing Osama’s boys! If five years of investigation and 40 million dollars don’t bring that “bastard” down to his knees, nothing would,” she must have thought once or twice. “Hell, I’m following one of the best liars in this town. Captain Obama has lied through his teeth and still is in this town and they can’t get rid of him.”

Senator Feinstein seemed to be a different political animal. Every time you saw her moving her way through her political life, she seemed to be deeply respected, or at the helm of the Senate Committee, she seemed to be in control, honorable, and truthful. She always seemed to provide factual information and reports on topics. She seemed to command that buzz word, transparency, unlike her counterparts Barbara Boxer or Nancy Pelosi. They seemed to be shadier, untruthful, political liars, partisan, and just plain “kookier.” (Remember Barbara Boxer beating up the general because he called her ma’am?) More words of praise were given to Senator Feinstein and one would never suspect that it would be she to out the CIA mentioned above, that she would fall so fast from the pedestal above. But then the floor seemed to drop out!

In just a few days, Senator Feinstein was being spoken about in the same sentences as Captain Obama. Now people were speaking in terms of her providing Pinocchio facts to the public, questioning prior reports she had made where they never questioned her before, and blatantly going after the CIA as payback for them spying on her colleagues and herself. It appeared that after the Democrats took a licking in the 2014 elections and lost both the Senate and the House to the GOP, the Democrats were about to begin to eat their young, that the seams of the Democrat juggernaut were about to burst open, and all hell was going to open up.

Some believe the attack by Senator Feinstein began with her lies regarding the number of drone strikes and deaths. They indicated that the lies began in 2009 until 2012. Senator Feinstein was in the Senate during those years, so she should be pretty clear as to what those totals were. She apparently reported that the total for the Pakistan drone deaths totaled only 36, when the actual total was 291, 64 of them being children. Those totals also apparently didn’t include totals for Yemen and Somalia. This discussion opened up the flood gates for ripping into a closer look inside the career of Dianne Feinstein and her legacy. How was she going to get the genie back into the bottle after going after President George W. Bush, John Brennan, and the CIA?

Individual Senatorial Choices: Chairman Senator Dianne Feinstein had to make her own choice of what to do with this five-year, 40 million dollar, Torture Investigation. Was she going to release the Panetta Review, 6000 pages of documents or a 500 page summary? Remember, President Obama was the most “transparent” President in our nation’s history of presidents; but wait, she didn’t really work for him! She was a Democrat, true. She ran and won a seat in the United States Senate, true. And she became the Chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee, true. Didn’t she really work for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid? No one really knows for sure, it seems. What she did know was that she had some explosive information, had spent a lot of money on this investigative report, had some big names hanging in the wind, and had only two weeks to go before her chairmanship ended to the Republicans. She had to make her choice of where to dump the report, how far would she go, and what venue to use. She knew one thing, if she didn’t get it right, she could be called a traitor. It was simple: she would just follow Senate Majority Leader Reid, who constantly brings up explosive lies on the floor of the Senate and never seems to get into trouble. She had her answer. She would bring up the document on the floor of the Senate, as well, or so it was reported.

EyesOnUSA.org could report word-for-word what other newspapers and talk shows brought up after Senator Feinstein dumped her “flawed” Torture Report,” but we wouldn’t be able to get all of that information out to our viewers. We will simply refer you to the Los Angeles Times and the article written by John Yoo who was quite intimate with the practice of torture, since, as an attorney, he wrote many legal documents covering the legality of Waterboarding and some other 11 or 12 techniques. We will simply summarize Mr. Yoo’s Los Angeles’ Oped. Clearly, Mr. Yoo was not very pleased with Senator Dianne Feinstein releasing the 500 page Torture Report Summary on the floor of the Senate, standing behind its protections.

Simply put, Mr. Yoo blasted her report to the other Senators and to the world, that the report she released had been “cherry picked,” was not bipartisan, and refused to interview witnesses to the torture events. He further noted that “several former CIA Directors had rejected her account of the facts and it could not be trusted.” He was clear to write: “Why the program (of Waterboarding, etc.) had been approved, for three (3) specific reasons: (1) “Al Qaeda were not POW’s under the Geneva Convention, fought for no nation, killed civilians, and beheaded civilians and reporters, such as Daniel Pearl.” (2) “The United States of America had trained its military in these techniques without physical or long-term mental health harm.” (3) “The United States of America suffered 3000 deaths on 9/11 and billions of dollars in damage with more attacks from Al Qaeda promised to come.”

One would think that if the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee choses to go to the Senate floor to specifically release a 500 page document regarding Americans torturing people, that would be a pretty damning report and one in which Senator Dianne Feinstein would be calling for the torturers to be called out, arrested, tried, and spend long years in prison, maybe even face the death penalty. You would be betting that most named in the report would definitely be getting his handcuffs tried on this very moment. Wouldn’t you think that person would be at least losing his or her job and drummed out of the government forthwith. Well, you see in the Captain Obama Administration, where we live in an upside down world of government, nothing seems to go the way it is supposed to. Many can’t repeat what Senator Feinstein is calling for after this great appearance on the Senate Floor to release this God-awful report on the torture of other human beings. Inadvertently, some of those mentioned in the report have become somewhat heroes and those who have been mentioned in the report have become somewhat villains; but they were suppose to be heroes like Ms. Feinstein. Something backfired here. This was supposed to be Ms. Feinstein’s last hoorah, exposing the CIA, getting back at them, and their heads were going to roll. Surely, the United Nations, the Hague, and Geneva were going to take some kind of action, maybe through the World Court. Surely, something was going to happen to the likes of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, George Tenet, James Brennan, Jose Rodriguez, (Director of the National Clandestine Service of the CIA), John Yoo and the most named man in the Torture Report, the workaholic of the Central Intelligence Agency, Robert Eatinger.

It seems that Robert Eatinger, “the true believer” of the CIA, who had “no political bone in his body,” was named some 1600 hundred times in the report. If it ever looked like someone was going to be filleted by his own sword, it was going to be good old Eatinger (even though Mr. Eatinger had a reputation of being one person who always wanted “to do the right thing”). Despite a lot of talk about Waterboarding and torture, since President Bush and Vice President Cheney wanted to attempt to ensure that we were not going to have a massive attack on the homeland while they were in office, their “secret” detention and interrogation program was not the best kept secret in the land, as it seemed everyone in America was talking about it; the higher-ups in government were briefed on it frequently, the higher-ups lied that they were not briefed on it frequently, and they even approved of it. One of them, Senator Rockefeller (D), even allegedly told the CIA to “do more.” The program was apparently going along smoothly under the guidelines; no one enemy combatant was getting hurt, information was pouring in, and none of those who were administering the program went to trial or to jail. It was now the year of 2014, America had suffered no massive attack like 9/11 (we had a lot of baby ones, though), George W. Bush and Cheney had finished their two terms, hadn’t been tried for using torture, (suffered a little in the polls) and saw a new novice of a president, Captain Barack H. Obama come into office to drive home a new type of “take care of our enemies by droning them to death.” He didn’t worry about the torture problem, he just killed those that HE wanted to, without a Prima Facie case, warrants, and due process, even though some were US citizens. Those who were selected for the drone program, just had to be on foreign ground, hiding out, and an American citizen. You see, Captain Obama determined that he wasn’t going to take that old, nasty citizenship document away from you (Afterall, it didn’t make any sense to have one anyway, as he didn’t care if you were an illegal alien or not.); we think you needed to be droned and by God you were going to be.

So,what was the problem with Mr. Eatinger and Senator Feinstein? Why was he in her cross hairs? Did he get into those cross hairs because he somehow wanted her Senate staff to be criminally investigated by the Department of Justice? Again, for a more detailed discussion of the CIA-Senate feud, you are referred back to Mr. Yoo’s Los Angeles Op-ed piece and other reports on the subject. However, it is important to discuss the dynamic of CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, because it can get very ugly, destroy careers and reputations. It can drive processes into a tail spin, whereby good and honest people get hurt or destroyed and evil, more powerful people get elevated or even promoted to higher levels.

It is clear that despite nearly thirteen years from 9/11, a torture, detention, and interrogation program (off American turf), legal opinions, hearings, millions of documents, and video tapes (destroyed), no one had ever been held accountable. That was not going to stand in the way of Senate Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein. She would not leave her Chair without dropping her last bomb on the CIA, Robert Eatinger, Jose Rodriguez, Dick Cheney and good Old George Bush. If she could somehow sink George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, so much the better. All it would take is a little 500 page summary report of the torture, detention, and interrogation program, her standing on her protected Senate Floor, and getting out of Dodge in a couple of weeks… The magical scenario.

She even had the back drop: 9/11, torture, detention, interrogation program, some legal opinions, lots of documents, destroyed videos, spying on Senate staff, and some names to throw in to scapegoat. Robert Eatinger, just play the fool and do what you think is the right thing to do, report someone from the Senate staff to the Department of Justice (or be at least the person who allegedly did that).

In 2010, Senate staffers apparently crossed over the lines (and not following protocol) and examined CIA documents. These documents were apparently found on a classified CIA computer network in Virginia. The gold nugget they discovered was entitled, “The Panetta Review.” This information was provided to Senator Feinstein, who ran with it, alleging that it showed “gross CIA misconduct during the then secret detention and interrogation program (waterboarding, etc.). In January of this year, CIA searched the computers used by the Senate investigators and confirmed they had obtained the Panetta Review. The CIA, presumably Robert Eatinger, the CIA’s top lawyer, referred the case to the Justice Department.

Christmas of 2014, surfaced the two names that Robert Eatinger apparently turned over to the Erick Holder’s DOJ, Alissa Starzak and Daniel Jones, both with the Senate staff and both with their hands wrapped around the Panetta Review sneaking this review in a stealthy fashion a la Sandy Berger from the documents he “socked” out of the National Archieves for the Clinton group. Sandy only got a slap on the wrist. We will have to wait to see if Starszak and Jones will be held accountable with long prison times or will their clever names be turned into the name of their new law firm…Starzak and Jones Panetta Review, Esq.

Samuel Richard “Sandy” Berger, (Democrat) former National Security Adviser under President Bill Clinton (remember him, the Impeachment President, and his infamous, unethtical wife Hillary Clinton), plead guilty to taking classified papers (a Misdemeandor) to removing and destroying records on terrorism in 2003. Berger, not like Starzak and Jones, simply walked away from the Archives (not once, but twice) by an “honest mistake,” so he said. His honest mistake cost him a $10,000 fine, a three years suspension of his National Security Clearance and apparent other conditions. Apparently, he took five copies of an article by Richard A. Clark and shredded at least two copies of the article with scissors. Again, the “devil is in the details'” but for our purpose, here are the patterns of behavior by the likes of our bad leaders, political liars, cheats, and dirty tricksters, such as the likes of the Clintons, the Lois Lerners, the Jonathan Grubers, the Starzaks and Jones, the Captain Obamas, the Erick Holders, and now the Senator Feinsteins, and on and on and on. It is always the old addage, “Oh what a wicked web we weave,” when we hang out with politicians.

What to really watch for here is the comment by Senator Dianne Feinstein regarding Starzak and Jones implication of stealthily taking the Panetta Review. “They didn’t do anything,” says Feinstein. Translation: “I’m sticking with them, but I better be careful here or I will be caught up in treason.” T

For our purpose here, it is not important for us to name names, the programs, the government infighting, or who is or is not held accountable (As stated above, usually people aren’t held accountable, they are promoted.). The purpose of this article is to simply report the dynamics of those players in government who spend a lot of time talking, reporting on each other, taking notes, but getting not much done in holding people who take care of our greatest institutions accountable.

While Senator Feinstein used her last two weeks in her chairmanship of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the floor of the Senate to try to drop a major bomb, it seems to have imploded on her. These games have been played before with presidents, Democrats and Republicans both, lying, cherry-picking information, remaining partisan in their reporting, sinking people who have fallen out of favor with them over the years, and lying about their own transparency. When one is in Washington, DC as long as she has been there, you obtain your PHd. in politics. She learned from the best political liars, cheats, and dirty tricksters right on her own Senate Floor in the names of Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, and Dick Durbin. Some pretty good mentors, such as Barney Frank, Joe Biden, and oh yes, Republican senators have come before her to see to it that she had a good foundation of rubbing dirty elbows with the best of them.

We don’t know how this drama is going to play out with Senator Feinstein. Heck, we don’t even know if the information that she or others have provided is true. We can just hope that Americans will continue to read all of the reports that they can, search the tabloids and the media, and keep trying to discover the truth in an attempt to hold someone accountable. We have really seen too much with the Captain Obama Administration’s lack of transparency, lies, dirty tricks and his minions like Senator Reid and Feinstein. What we would like to see is that those politicians, who follow in the dirty footsteps of their leaders, suffer some sort of accountability, even if it is only exposing them for their games and manipulations.

It would be wonderful if we the people, who pay all of these power grabbers, would get them prison times for all of their law violations (“No man/woman is above the law,” “We are a nation of laws,” and the most famous one, “we are all equal under the law.”) Scooter Libby goes to prison for lying to the FBI. Sandy Berger goes to jail for stealing from the National Archives, but Captain Obama, Erick Holder, Hillary Clinton, Sue Rice, and Jay Carner don’t! It is high time that these folks play by the rules, tell the truth, and stop playing their dirty tricks. Dianne Feinstein needs to follow other leaders and not the ones just ahead of her and help to restore our fantastic American governement. Maybe we would begin to have more respect for it. Maybe we would truly begin to follow positive, healthy, and truthful role models to lead America.

Senator Feinstein took a leap of faith and stood on the Senate Floor to expose the torture report, expose her two Senate Staff to breaching CIA protocols, and expose the Democrats to releasing a “lopsided” report. In her zeal to get Bush, Cheney, and the Republicans she also exposed herself to following her bad leaders and political hacks. What is crystal clear is that Senator Dianne Feinstein is moving out of her powerful position as Chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee by January of 2015 and forever damaging her legacy and total life’s work.

Captain Obama will be leaving in 2016. If Speaker John Boehner had some guts, Captain Obama might have been out sooner with all of his baggage of scandals over the past six years. Maybe when other Republican and Democrat politicians decide to become clean politicians, honest brokers, and positive healthy role models, they will help restore our once proud government to prominence.


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