As a labor leader for over 35 years, there is one thing you learn or should learn quickly: you don’t disrespect PUBLIC PROTECTION, i.e. law enforcement! Every Federal, State, and County Budget places the PUBLIC PROTECTION line item at its pinnacle of its “value-based budgets.” Politicians, if they are worth their grain of salt, are putting Public Protection near the highest on the “cash cow” of tax payer sacrifices on the altar to the gods of government.

Everyone in society knows that there are goods and bads in every system including Public Protectors. However, the implicit law of nature is that a politician does not paint all of Public Protection with a broad brush of criticism, slander, or defamation. Each bad officer is plucked from the system with a scalpel and not an axe!

The 31st article from this series of the investigation of the rise and fall of Captain Obama was selected from the bomb thrown by one simple mayor of a city onto his own police force, the New York Police Department. It is the story of a marvelous agency that can go from hero to goat by one man opening up his mouth and delivering both of his feet well down into the depths of his own entrails. Although it will be difficult to find a nexus between Captain Barack H. Obama’s’s investigation and analysis of him and that of the one and now lonely, Mayor Bill De Blasio of one city in America, New York, that nexus will be made within the rest of the following passages. There will be a conduit made between Captain Obama’s political lying, cheating, dirty tricks, and corruption of systems. You will see clearly how Captain Obama ties his corruption and corrupt crews together, adding now Mayor Bill De Blasio.

As most of us have heard, Mayor Bill De Blasio slammed his own New York City Police Force by telling the world that he has had to have a father-son talk with his son regarding how to be afraid of the police. Yes, that is right. You heard it first from the mayor’s mouth, that he has told his bi-racial son to be afraid of the cops! Once easily said, but not mended! Once those words come out of Bill De Blasio’s mouth, they don’t go back in and no apology will be acceped by his officers. They will work for him, but they will never trust him, respect, or forgive him…they will never forget either. Oh, some kiss-asses will to try to get ahead, but hard-core law enforcement types will remember and maintain their allegiances to their badge, duty, honor, and city. Everything else Mayor De Blaiso will do forward will be played and replayed through that prism.

This prism however, began before Mayor De Blasio stated those words to the world. It seems Mayor De Blasio was not too fond of his police department before he was mayor and even ran a campaign against his finest. What he really didn’t understand when he was a simple candidate, was that people who work in law enforcement can be thought of as “cement thinkers.” People are either good or bad, friends or foes, on your side or not on your side. Bill just put himself on the bad side, an enemy, and someone who was not on your side. Their relationship with you, Honorable Mayor, was not and is not going to get much better. You have some miserable three years to go in your tenure as mayor, unless you leave office early.

So you set a dark path for your future in your candidacy, told your son and the world they should be afraid of the cops, and cemented your own fate by telling everyone that your justice system is messed up as well, by aligning yourself with that 4.5 million alleged tax cheat of Tawana Brawley fame, Al Sharpton. Maybe this character, Al Sharpton, can be considered your first nexus and link to Captain Obama. Your photo-op.

If you have read all thirty articles on Captain Obama, a lot more links and nexus will begin to jump out at you regarding Captain Obama, Al Sharpton, and now, Mayor Bill De Blasio. has been attempting to finish an article on the MainStream Media and Captain Obama, however we have been sidetracked with articles regarding Bob Beckel, Jonathan Gruber, Senator Dianne Feinstein and now, Mayor Bill De Blasio. We have just learned that we will have to wait one more week for some new information regarding former CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson regarding an article on her and her lawsuit regarding Erick Holder and the Department of Justice. Mayor Bill De Blasio’s political name can now come along side the likes of Captain Obama, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Tony Reskco, Rob Blagojevich, Saul Alinsky, Hillary and Bill Clinton and other arrogant, narcissistic, and selfish politicians who corrupt our American Governments further. The above group of people have stepped into corrupting their governments, damaging their individual systems in the name of themselves, and leaving their debris on the beach much like the tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean.

This story is not centered around a small time, big city mayor named De Blasio. It is a story of corrupt politicians named De Blasio, Obama, Nixon, Beckel, Holder, etc., who take their beautiful opportunity to positively lead their respective governments to higher levels. Instead, they choose to take their respective system of government to dirty and sully it. They stain it until we can’t find our sunlight of hope, faith, and visions met.

Mayor De Blasio could have stopped in his campaign against the New York Police Department during his candidacy for Mayor of New York. He could have stopped at telling his police department that he had a conversation with his biracial son about fearing his officers or other members of law enforcement. He could have avoided making the divide between his police department and himself wider by not aligning himself with Al Sharpton. But no! Mayor De Blasio couldn’t help himself and continued to make negative comments regarding his officers. On or about January 5, 2015 (a new year), he blasted the New York Police Department yet again by describing the behavior of many of them turning their backs towards him as “disrespectful!” Whether it was or it wasn’t, Mayor De Blasio continued to throw fuel on the fire on their relationship and chose to continue to be at war with his department – not a good situation for any of them. He chose to keep their feud in public, continued to slight the heroes of New York and try to turn them into goats. He seemed to sink to the bottom when he did not come out and chastise Al Sharpton for calling for more protests against the officers, which led to a branch of the protest calling for police officers to be killed in the street. Two police officers were, in fact, assassinated in their cars and after De Blasio made his aforementioned comment on January 5, 2015, two more police officers were shot. Surely, Mayor De Blasio bears some culpability with the latest shootings.

One more story of Mayor De Blasio misses the mark on this explosive issue and his stance of being on the right side. Apparently, he couldn’t stop himself from stepping in the manure by attending the officers’ funerals. He had to keep upstaging himself by throwing his tongue over his shoelaces by upping himself. He visited a wounded police officer in the hospital, one of the latest victims. The wounded police officer apparently went ballistic with Mayor De Blasio, his political boss being in his room with him.

When types like Rosie O’Donnell’s names are mentioned, the Mayor De Blasios of the world will pop up into our heads. There will be a number of De Blasio stories on the horizon and you will find yourself calling to mind a “lug nut” or some other loosey-goosey character-frame name and asking that he follow Rosie’s footsteps out the door of whatever place of employment that she is currently maintaining. Those who follow De Blasio’s “wrong side of the issues” posture will be calling for him to “shut up,” break-up with the likes of Sharpton, resign, or be recalled.

Most likely though, Mayor De Blasio will follow in the footsteps of 1993 Alameda County Chief Probation Officer, Sylvia J. Johnson, who became the Probation Department’s and county’s first African-American CPO; however within the first three months in office, she set a course for herself, like De Blasio will, that damaged her department, county and herself for the next 10 years. She entered office with everyone in the department wanting her to be successful (before they knew of her history). She entered office and within three months “involuntarily transferred” 5 white probation officers for four African-American probation officers out of one unit in an unprecedented move, played the race card, divided the Probation Department, had four Grand Jury investigations focused upon her, a Blue Chip Arizona Boys Ranch investigation and report, a National Institute of Corrections Report, an Alameda County “Healing Focus Report” focusing on her poor management style, a California State Audit, and a Fox Theater Report, which caused her department to receive 31 Citations from the California Department of OSHA for endangering staff and children by making them work in the Asbesos and lead-paint theater without the proper HASMET equipment. She was also involved in several major law suits upon which she lost and she was on the brunt end of a California Appellate Court decision. Mayor De Blasio will follow Chief Johnson and her administration as he has now joined his future problems with not only the Police Department, but he has also committed political suicide with the people of New York.

Nothing De Blasio does will raise him to a higher level with the police and the citizens of New York than he is today. There was nothing that CPO Johnson could do after those initial follies against individuals and the Probation Peace Officers Association that earned her a modicum of respect. Negative news story after negative news story played out her drama in the press. She just kept digging herself deeper and Mayor De Blasio will find himself in the same place every time he opens his mouth. He has put himself on the wrong side of the court.

Mayor De Blasio jumped into the ring with the Police Officers Association and will remain there until he removes himself from the pinnacle of city politics. He will lose, for whatever mistakes Police Officers make, they can always rise to the level of hero with their actions. Mayor De Blasio hasn’t realized that he has a higher ladder to climb in the fickle minds of his citizens when making his political decisions. Your political career is on a tether line and you can’t make it go higher if you fall earlier in your political life. Taking on the police, telling other kids and your children to be afraid of the police, and aligning yourself with Al Sharpton was not the wisest decision to make in your political career, Mayor De Blasio!

Again, did not want to select the mayor of New York as the subject matter for article 31, since our subject matter is focused on the rise and fall of Captain Obama and those who rub shoulders with him. By selecting Al Sharpton, helping to create protests, slamming the Grand Jury, and slamming his own police department, Mayor De Blasio linked himself to the divisive Captain Obama and therefore, he became the natural subject for article 31.

Mayor De Blasio also added himself to those who have tied themselves to the Captain Obama posse of lying politicians, cheaters in governments, and dirty tricksters. Captain Obama, and now De Blasio, move shoulder to shoulder by dividing our United States cities and states by turning them from law and order and into cities of anarchy.

Rather, our leaders, Obama, De Blasio, and Sharpton must teach our people what our system of justice is, that mistakes are made in that system, and however, we have put checks and balances into those systems in order to have the best system in the world. They make our citizens heighten their emotions to crisis instead of steering them to the facts. When crisis arise our leaders need to seize the moments by helping to settle the crisis, calm the seas, stablize the earth, and set a stronger and more positive course of action.

Both men, Obama and De Blasio, could have set that positive course early in their political careers. Many voters thought they had. Then they opened their mouths, divided their country or cities, their governmental houses, sullied their legislation, and chose some very ugly people to join to their hips with them. They chose to marry their words together and chisled them in stone and our photo ops of them are of arrogant men, political liars, defamers of our fine men and women in uniform, and poor leaders in our world, inciters of damage and violence, and dividers of our citizens.


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