On several shows, Fox talk show host Bill O’Reilly has opined, in words to that effect, “We’re amiss as to why President Obama will not say the words that we are fighting ‘Radical Islam Terrorists.’ We just can’t figure it out.” O’Reilly had just discussed a piece he did with Margret MacCallum interviewing State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, who would not touch the words “Radical Islam.” O’Reilly and Fox have now made a huge mystery out of Obama and a non-war on “Radical Islam.” The State Department is basically saying, “It doesn’t matter. We are fighting someone and we are fighting many who have different causes.” “Huh?” asked MacCallum and O’Reilly.

You want to know, Mr. O’Reilly, where Captain Obama learned to be so resistant and adamant about using the term Islamic Terrorism? Well, Mr. O’Reilly, I am going to tell you, however I am not very confident that you will believe it! But, I can assure you, that I have the clinical experience to make my case and I can assure you, so do other clinicians.

Let us travel back in time. Generally speaking, all of us have two courses in life. We either gravitate to following and complying with both our parents or rebelling against them. Since we all have eyes to watch our parents, ears to hear our parents, and brains to think about what our parents tell us, we use them to interact and transact with them on a daily basis. Captain Obama is the exception, as he did not grow up with his father, Barack H. Obama, and therefore, was much more influenced by his mother, his Indonesian Muslim stepfather, and his American grandparents. This early crack in the parental wall greatly impacted Obama, as he devoted a full novel to his father, a Muslim he states.

This 32nd EyesOnUSA.org article regarding the rise and fall of Captain Obama will hopefully, Mr. O’Reilly, come to grips with your question of why Barack H. Obama can’t tie the words “Radical Islam” and “Radical Terrorism” together. We find his question not that very difficult. We, therefore, decided to take time away from our agenda in order to spend time to help out Mr. O’Reilly. Our dissertation will begin with the following: Barack Obama’s conflict of beginning his life living with a single mom, his dilemma with an absent father, his dependency on his single mom, his stand-in step father, abandonment and control issues, testing of adults, and challenging boundaries and limits. As Barack H. Obama moved into his teens, he began to test his belief system and to set his mind in stone. As we will note, Barack, while “evolving” and flip-flopping, doesn’t move much from the extreme left of center. His narcissism, arrogance, and “Head President-in-Charge” stance and posture remains unwavering. He definitely sees himself as the President of the United States and the Commander-in-Chief, however, he has missed quite a piece in his psyche by being a “Compromiser-in-Chief.” Most of us can see this blind spot, but Captain Obama doesn’t, or doesn’t want to see this blind spot.

As children, we all come to the cross roads of the conflicts in our lives. However, is the conflict between our parents raising us one way or our way? Our internal conflicts of compliance to rebellion are very difficult to traverse when we are raised by two, biological parents, but are significantly compounded when we are raised by a single parent or raised by a step-father or step-mother. We look at each parental figure as someone who stands on our pedestal, one who is our hero, one who is our spiritual leader, one who leads us socially, one who provides the rules, the morals, and trusts us with our values of life. We take our leads from them to help shape, frame and form our lives and help us enter into adulthood. Many people will come into our lives and we let some in and push many out, however we are pretty constant in our behavior of where we will fit in our groupings and long life friends. We make our choices.

Mr. O’Reilly, you tell us your stories every night. There is nothing really new here, as Charles Krauthammer can tell you. We simply have to assess your individual elements and dynamics of your behavior. If we continue the search we will find out just who this Barack H. Obama truly is, even if the press and others are not vetting him for us. Barack H. Obama is even eager to help us, since he has written several books regarding the subject and even one seeks help to find out who his father was in his life. Just start looking for the issues and conflicts in his early life. Honestly, Mr. O’Reilly, Barack H. Obama has been leaving enough clues over the terrain to give you a pretty good read on him. You will just have to look for them and connect the dots. You will learn if he is competent, an imbecile, a cheat, a liar, manipulative, or lazy, and you will answer your own question of why he has been defiant to name “Radical Islamic terrorism.” You will also learn if he playing a big game with America and you!

Young Barack questioned his family and friends, tested their boundaries, tested his limits, and challenged them all and apparently thought of himself as intelligent. These tests, boundaries, and challenges added to his belief system and early mindset. Yes, it may have cemented his spiritual order, “No using the term “radical” with “Islam.” It also helped him develop a keen manipulative system and a gift for gab, which, in turn, helped him “evolve” from being against gay marriage to being one in support of gay marriage. It also helped him flip-flop from topic to topic and it also helped him sell the liquor of the columned Gods of Obamacare.

Fact number two, who did he follow in his early life and depend on in his early life? They are all there too, Bill O’Reilly. A second signficant adult enters his life in the form of Barry Sotelo. He even becomes a “Barry” himself. Then there are his grandfather and grandmother, Frank Davis Marshall (who apparently wasn’t a very nice man), and those who would be described as the “sharks of Chicago,” such as Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers (Does he have a hard-time calling Ayers a “Domestic Terrorist” like he does calling ISIL “Radical Islamic” terrorists?). You might look into this dynamic, too! We will just throw in some names here that influenced young Mr. Obama: Jesse Jackson, Santita Jackson, Valerie Jarret, Reverend Wright, Michelle Obama, Tony Rescko, Rob Blagojevich, Rahm Emanuel and Al Sharpton, etc, etc. We’ve given you a vast number of his associates, Mr. O’Reilly. If you are serious regarding answering this question, you can investigate each and every one and put them in one of your “killing books.” (Suggested title: “Killing Barack H. Obama’s dilemma of why he won’t answer the ‘Radical Islamic Terrorist’ question.”)

The facts of his early life began to come together and affix the glue to his being and helped to answer his own question, “Who am I?” For him it is easy. “I will tell you I will compromise with you, but I won’t!” “What I will tell you is that I am transparent, but I’m not.” “What I will tell you about my principles and values are not really them.” ” What I tell you about me and who I am to Allah, is between Allah and me!”

Can’t you, Mr. O’Reilly, just see yourself sitting in a coffee shop with President Obama swapping stories? President Obama takes a sip of tea, using the backdrop of the middle eastern Imam, and tells you, my son, that he is going to tell you one of his favorite parables about the Frog and the Scorpion. He opens up at the bank of the river with the frog sitting on a rock sunning himself. The quiet moment was broken with a voice of a scorpion asking, “Excuse me, Mr. Frog. I don’t mean to disturb your peaceful moment, but I am in need of a ride to the other side of the river, so that I may get some food.” “Why,” exclaimed the frog, “you are a scorpion! If I let you on my back, you will sting me and kill me!” “Heavens no, Mr. Frog, I am just hungry and therefore, I only need a ride from you.” “How can I trust you Mr. Scorpion?” “All I can say, Mr. Frog, is that I am being very transparent with you, because I could have just stung you and eaten you when I came up to you unexpectedly, while you were sunning yourself.” ” Well, that certainly makes sense, Mr. Scorpion. I guess it will be OK to give you a ride across the river. Ok, hop on!” The Scorpion hopped on the frog’s back and they rode off to the middle of the river, where he stung him right square in the middle of the frog’s back. A scream came from Mr. Frog’s mouth when the scorpion’s stinger went deep into his back. “Why, why, did you do that, Mr. Scorpion?” “Why, did I do that,” asked Mr. Scorpion, “because I’m a scorpion! That’s what I do!”

Mr. Obama is a scorpion! That is what he does. He does what Mr. Obama has learned to do and will do what script Mr. Obama wants to follow. EyesOnUSA.org has written 31 articles on who Captain Obama is and has become. You, Mr. O’Reilly, have not been following the rise and fall of Captain Obama and therefore, you are having a rough time, or maybe you are just asking the question for the ratings, to get the right answer for you and your audience. We suggest that you find the previous 31 articles to help you with getting your answer.

Your guests and your viewers have a pretty good handle on answering the question, “Who is Fox show host Bill O’Reilly?” They have watched, recorded, and analyzed you. EyesOnUSA.org has done the same with Captain Obama and we know him like we know you.

Everything we say or do says something about us and solidifies who we are. Everything Captain Obama says or does, the choices he makes, the manipulations he does, the games he plays, and the sides he chooses ARE him! The flips he does and the flops he does are a matter of record. And now in our century, the video tapes he, and you, Bill O’Reilly, say volumes about him.

Just look at his earlier election and Presidential behavior. They are all there. Sending the Churchill bust back to England. What does that mean? Sending an IPAD to the Queen Of England with speeches of him on it. What does that mean? Snubbing Israel. What does that mean? He shows deference to our enemies and disrespect to our allies! He behaves differently than any other President that we have followed in history. No American flag lapel worn here!

This week Captain Obama made yet another State of the Union Address. All of his promises that were made to Congress and the nation were made on those nights. We all were in a position to see what he wanted for the country, which ones that he would come to lie about, and which ones would come true. After his six years in office, they have been analyzed over-and-over again and Fox News just did an analysis of their entirety this past week. Surprisingly, Captain Obama fared better than was expected, which is good or bad, depending on your position as Democrat or Republican. If you were Rush Limbaugh, you would say that you were right, before Captain Obama became President, as you did not want Obama to be the Socialist/Marxist President who ran a Banana Republic Government. We didn’t want our President and Commander-in-Chief leading from behind. We didn’t want Captain Obama leading more like a Muslim leader, rather than a good old fashion American President.

Middle Eastern leaders are well-known for “lying to the infidel!” That is perfectly acceptable. It is part of their craftiness and culture. Just look at the Iranians who have moved closer and closer to a nuclear bomb, while talking to America. It was just announced that a new ICBM missile silo was discovered in Iran while Obama was in “negotiations” and talking with them. Captain Obama has played into this game for his entire administration and Americans have been wondering what is his motive for appeasing Iran’s wishes? Is Captain Obama playing more to his own Muslim motives or is he really looking out for the best interests of America?

Mr. O’Reilly, the answer to your question is right in front of your “investigative” nose! President Obama has given you his birth, his childhood, his teenage years, his family, his friends, and his appointees. He has laid out his reputation. He hangs out with domestic terrorists, race-baiters, has voted present 130 times in the Illinois State Senate, was voted the most radical and liberal United States Senator, and has flipped on most of his promises and positions. He led an apology and appeasement tour. He declared that America is not a Christian nation (but might be changed into a Muslim nation). He continuously praises Islam (which no other president has done in our lifetime) and many feel that Captain Obama believes that Islam is superior to America.

Captain Obama is now known as the first president to bow to a Saudi king. He has lied to us “infidels,” like a Muslim, since he lied directly to America regarding Obamacare and has been absent crisis after crisis. He is always ‘a day late and a dollar short’ to critical events, such as ISIS and “Radical Islamic terrorists.” He is always running away from crises, such as Benghazi and the Foley beheading.

Yes, Mr. O’Reilly, President Obama’s answer is right in front of you. You don’t have to search much or over-dramatize your search for it. As we have said, Charles Krauthammer can help you, if you are looking for a diagnosis. EyesOnUSA.org has provided you with its last 31 articles, chock full of factual signposts of Captain Obama, that would direct you to the answer to your question. He is a biracial child, who was raised by his single mom, step dad, and grandparents. He was a rebellious teenager, an unusual “present-voting” state senator, and one of the most “radical” and “liberal” United States Senators. He has been the most unusual president, who has lied to America regarding the legacy of his presidency, Obamacare and run from crises like a child who is in trouble: from Benghazi, Foley and others. He has apologized for America and slammed it right in the face of the foundation of Christianity. He has been stubborn, arrogant, narcissistic and negotiated with Congress, saying one thing while doing another. It is “his way or the highway” with no compromise in mind. He has leaned to the Muslim World and will NOT go to war with Islam. He therefore, Mr. O’Reilly, can’t, won’t, and will not call those we are fighting “Radical Islamic Terrorists” no matter how many times we ask him or his administrators. He just can’t do that, because in his mind, you, Mr. O’Reilly, and the rest of America are the infidels who should not be on their turf! Everything is George W. Bush and America’s fault, not Islam or the Muslims’ fault. Everything that he has said and done can only lead us to that conclusion. As he has said, “I have lived on three continents,” and I know better. He is who he is and that, my friend, is a scorpion…

You will find, however, Mr. O’Reilly, that this Scorpion is the same as other Scorpion, in that he will not abandon his radical past and cut that umbilical cord. He will continue to associate with his father, his mother, his step father, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Erick Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others. He will continue to show the mask of an ally and just as quickly the stinger of the Scorpion…


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