We’re going to acknowledge wonderful things and select people who write things that are important to us. We’d like to say their names in our article, but we are not sure that their names can be provided. So, read the article with their exclamation mark and how they say that is what you wanted to say in your article, which is very important. One thing, one person remarked upon viewing the video blog was simply, “WOW!”

Below is a video blog that was posted on the internet. This is a written transcript of that video blog.

“Hey, Barak. My name is Carrie and my name is on multiple government watchlists for what I post on the internet, but I wasn’t always. In 2008, I was actually one of your most hysterical supporters, as you might be able to tell from this t-shirt that’s now vintage. It says ‘You’re my homeboy.’ I waited for three hours in the rain to see Michelle and Stevie Wonder and Oprah campaigning on your behalf, and this is me on the night you were elected, shedding a tear of euphoria because I thought history had been made. But like a lot of Obama supporters, I stepped back for a couple of years and figured I’d let you handle all that change, because you’re the one who was actually selling it anyway and then when I decided that maybe I should google the news to see what was going on in the world, I found that you had become exactly like the George Bush that I use to so vitriollicaly hate and now I know that your advisors don’t always tell you all about the evil things that are going on in your administration, because you’re just too busy-at least that’s what you tell the news, so I thought I’d give you a recap of all the mayhem and crime that you’ve been committing:

*You bailed out bankers and put them in your cabinet.
*You placed Monsanto in charge of your FDA.
*You helped out pharmaceuticals and health insurance companies with Obamcare.
*You expanded Bush’s wars and started new ones with drones, branding yourself a humanitarian war monger.
*You bragged about crippling sanctions against Iran, though they directly affected civilians.
*You extended the Patriot Act and asserted your right to spy on the American people.
*You also asserted your right to detain them without a trial.
*You even seized the authority to assassinate Americans without providing any evidence of their guilt or offering them due process of law.
*You viciously punished journalists and pursued whistleblowers who expose your crimes, though you vowed to protect them when you were running for office.
*You armed Al Queda insurgencies, refused to close Guantanamo, and you, along with Congress, have criminalized protests and still you have the audacity to scold dictators about democracy, protests, and freedom.

Mr. Obama, you are the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on the American people and it’s been a long time since I bought in to it. So, I think it’s about time to burn your shirt.
I absolve myself.

Now Barak, I can admit that I probably hated you more than I hated George Bush, because I felt personally betrayed by all of the lies you told. But really, I should thank you now, because a few years from realizing what a scam you were, I understand it’s not just you- it’s the institution of government that is the problem. It doesn’t matter what political party is in office, doesn’t matter if it’s a liberal or conservative or you or George Bush or anyone who will run for president or any other office in goverment, it’s the institution of government that is violent and forceful and coercive and kills people and subjects them to will with a force, and instead of spreading the same hate that you do with your rhetoric and that you and your fellow politicians decide to inflict on the rest of the world, I would rather spread love and peace and freedom and help people understand that this government that you are currently the head of, but it doesn’t really matter, is strictly violative and doesn’t do anything to help them, only restricts the potential of humanity. And that’s what Id like to share.

So, thanks, Barak.”

Carrie, you’ve had all that you have wanted in space regarding your founding father, Barack Obama, (aka: Barry Sotelo). Your founding father was first elected President of the United States in the year 2008. So, since he has been president, we have learned everything we wanted to know about him (at least we thought we did), until things jumped back at us to know more.

For instance, we know that he has been an individual that had a father who was not even an American citizen. The mother moved to Honolulu, had Barak Hussain Obama and at a hospital that apparently has confusing information regarding his birth record.(Dr. Orly Taitz is still pursuing filing to Court of Appeals and will hear it in 2015.) His mother also wanted him to be taught by his grandparents. We know that his mother lived in Indonesia with her new husband (Sotelo) and Barak.

Barak didn’t spend too much time associating with anyone as a youngster as far as we know, but it is two years of his juvenile life spending much time as a person smoking drugs and skipping school. Along with the above, was his famous history of knowing Franklin Marshall Davis, who was known as a man that was a communist, and someone who talked about juvenile sexual positions (Read 600 page FBI report regarding Davis.).

Throughout his living in Chicago, Illinois, Obama knew well of Tony Resko and his criminal behavior and, nevertheless, he involved himself with Resko and questionable real estate transactions. This is what we want to say about Barak Obama and his friendly first day open house with Bill Ayers. This will be forever dialogued in the future and for that reason we are dealing with it anymore in this essay.

So, by chance, Obama ran for president in 2008 and won and in 2012 he knocked off Mitt Romney. Both of those occasions can be discussed and we can certainly blame Mr.Romney, but unfortunately, the Republicans did not win in 2008 and 2012, which goes to say that no matter what, Obama is a liar. He got three legacies done that are established: Obama Care, stopped our attack in Iraq, and is about to sign an agreement with Iran of no nuclear weapons building. We don’t know if he will have a fourth legacy in the last months to follow or if he’ll have to answer in the future for anything he’s done.

We will now leave Obama and move on to 2016. For us to know more about Hillary Clinton, we’ve already had thirty years of Hillary’s shadowy and shady work in her political career. She was initially a lawyer on the Watergate Committee, whereby she was put off the Committee for unlawyerly conduct. Certainly, there were all Bill Clinton’s shenanigans, which, of course, she was aware of. Hillary went on to bemoan that this was a great, vast, right wing conspiracy aimed at her husband. She is now losing ground in being the Democrat leader in this upcoming 2016 election. We’ll follow up with this as she moves along, giving you a lot more on her e-mail debacle.

Along with following Hillary’s career, we will turn to another high profile figure, General David Petraeus. General Petraeus was convicted of a crime after it was established that he had classified information in his home. In fact, Barry Sotelo, also known as Barak Obama, and Hillary Clinton, have done many things that should be investigated and charged, as we have observed for years.

In this event, General David Petraeus broke one law, as we have known, and suffered the consequences and his long legacy of his career was broken because of this event. Obama and Clinton have had terrible things said about them and they are still being investigated after years of service. When will we hear the real truth in any events they have been involved with, but are not charged? As we now know, these events (Benghazi, etc.) started many years ago under Obama and Clinton, but we still haven’t heard to this day that they have any charges that are being brought against them.

Jill Kelly, a Lebanese-American socialite and Army volunteer, advised the FBI of her fear of being cyber-stalked. This in turn lead to the exposure of General David Petraeus e-mails to his lover, Paula Broadwell. (Refer to David Petraeus in Wikipedia, etal.) Petraeus admitted to offenses on November 8th, and resigned from his CIA post. He actually met with President Obama on November 8th, and President Obama accepted his resignation. President Obama, of course, was facing his November 12th election. This story has a lot to it, but more digging must be done to uncover all the truth, for example: Ms Kelly was also a social liaison during her years of employment, which also adds so much to this story.

We have told you the truth about Obama and Clinton over the past years, and yet our law enforcement agencies have not charged them. According to Mayor Rudy Giuliani, making a presentation to a 9/11 committee, he said that Obama knew about the ISIS movement long before he acknowledged it, and that Clinton has always had to face people about Bill Clinton and even her own involvement in numerous fiascos. As people know from all the things that they have heard and read, people know what is truthful and they will know when they die; the truth and facts will become crystal clear.

People will wear clothes and will eat the same things over the years. Needless to say, they will suffer their thoughts each day and will pursue the same goals. Thusly, when we look at each person, we can make the same statement about their politics. We have known that Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, General Petraeus, and Rudy Giuliani and we can say certain things about each one of them and be pretty accurate. Therefore, we have said our principles for each of them over the years and they can be visualized true or not true. We have said over the years that President Obama has taken the USA Ship of State and has taken it off course, which has brought us into decline. We said Hillary Clinton over the years will be another risk if chosen to become president of the United States. This will be handled by those investigating her this year. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton had countless affairs as a governor and president. Rudy Giuliani has the reputation of being a good mayor.

We have listed the good and bad things that these people have done in their careers. Some people have earned a lot of money by doing the right things. Some people have earned money in devious ways and have been charged and incarcerated for their behaviors. Some men have even earned four stars for their uniforms and we have seen, in a short period of time, that they have lost much. Obama, Hillary and Bill, should lose only one thing that we think they should lose: public respect and adoration.

Well, there is much thanks to give Carrie for your Obama insight and honesty. You have given the readermuch to think about, for a long time to come. Hopefully, when Obama leaves office in 2016, you’ll find Hillary Clinton facing her own “Signs of trouble” in 2016 and beyond.


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