On Friday, the 13th of November, President Barack Hussein Obama said this, “ISIS is CONTAINED!”
On Friday, the same day, FRANCE IS BOMBED!!!

This has defined Obama’s Presidency!
France has settled its outcome into WAR!

Lt. Ralph Peters said on the Bill O’Reilly show on November 16, 2015, “We are AWOL.” ”

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post said this about Obama: “He should lead or resign.”

Other things have happened this month, as well. The GOP of South Dakota is filing an impeachment against Obama, but we will see how that develops.

For EyesonUsa, we will listen to another speech from President Obama. We know who he is. We knew who he was before he was elected. While we are still waiting for Pres. Obama to write the last moments of his presidency, we’ll have to turn our next EyesonUsa on Hillary Clinton, but we will still speak and EyesonUsa will still report. For over the years, we have had enough discussion on whether Hillary lies or not and we’ve already decided whether she does or she doesn’t.

“HILLARY CLINTON LIES!” By Jonah Goldberg July 10th, 2015

EyesonUsa has focused on Obama, but now it’s time to turn our focus on Hillary Clinton, before it’s too late. You know that “Hillary is a LIAR!”, says Jonah Goldberg, July 10th, 2015, at least those who say so will not vote for her on the 2016 elections. Before their 2016 vote, they will hear the same lies, for example:

(From Louder/Chowder blog)
1) “Chelsea was jogging in NYC when 9/11 attacks occurred. It was a lie. She was safely in her apartment at Union Square.”
2) “Walked in Bosnia/Serbia, faced a sniper.”
3) “Dead broke when Clintons left the White House.”
4) “Hillary said she was named after Sir Edmond Hillary.”
5) “Instrumental in Northern Ireland peace process.”
6) “She’s just like you.”
7) “It was a video/Benghazi”

Before we believe Obama and Hillary, they have had their lives spoiled by their multiple conflictions. We don’t have to settle their conflicts anymore. We only have to provide for them this last year. So, we will provide for you, the readers, settling their last years and helping you to provide the best opponent for next year’s election.

After eight years of Barak Obama and twenty-five plus years of Hillary Clinton, we can tell whether Barak Obama is going to finish his eighth year and tell whether she is going to finish out the latest things she’s saying. And from her infamous Benghazi statement, she said, “But, at this point, what difference does it make?” And as Ryan who wrote it, “What difference does any of it make?”

Here’s more, if you’d like to hear from Flurry of Thoughts and OPSEC. Both give more information on Hillary than one would ever care to realize and consider:

“Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater indictment draft sought in Judicial lawsuit.”
“Busted! Hillary’s Benghazi lies go even deeper.”
“OPSEC writes:’We’re releasing our revised and updated report on Hillary’s disastrous debacle in Libya on Sept. 11, 2011.'”
“Hillary, like Obama, unfit.”
“Hillary defends presidents with criminal records.”
“Hillary is a career criminal.”
“Hillary Clinton, Arms Dealer (FrontPage Magazine)”
“Hillary tweeted this during GOP debate: ‘That it’s insane.'”
“FBI expands probe of Clinton e-mails; launches independent classification.”
“Hillary outpacing of endorsements may be rigged.”
“Major donors to Clinton Foundation reveals dangerous stuff.”

As you can tell, Obama has proven to be an undeniably inept president. While percentages show his disapproval, he still will not go along with the percentages against him. EyesonUsa will continue to keep track of how he fills the remainder of his year in office. He will give us only the good things and not show how he is not doing his job.

Over twenty-five plus years, Hillary Clinton has shown much more than Obama. You will find throughout her life she has demonstrated controversy after controversy and we will have to see how she fits in the Benghazi tragedy, and whether or not the FBI takes action against her.

EyesonUsa has seen both Obama and Clinton expose their worse political selves as their political approval has dropped in America and cannot be improved. What we are now looking at is who on the Republican side can do more for America.

Americans have to do much more than what they have in the past. People need to take action against Obama and Clinton. The law, politics, the military, and the press will not have a Constitutional future, because of Obama and Clinton. Everybody has to believe that people have power. We must spread the word about who we are going to elect in 2016.

Watching the last two people, Obama and Hillary, have brought such thoughts, as we shall see, but we see different things, but we don’t act. Everyone has to repeat what Michael Goodwin says: “lead or resign.” Obama will not be here in 2017, as he has made his speeches, held his meetings, made his calls, and used his pen. Hillary, as we have seen over the past twenty-five years plus, has made her speeches, held her meetings, made her calls, and sent her e-mails.

We have to fill in our own truth or consequence for both of them. Chuck Norris has made up his mind. He feels this way about Obama and Hillary after watching them since their college years. They are both socialists like Cloward-Piven and he has studied and watched them.

Americans have to decide what we want in office. Do we want a socialist like the Cloward-Piven types, or something new? If you want to see what happens when socialism is in full force, watch “The Man in the High Castle” based on the book of the same name. If Americans want the socialist ideology to continue, vote for Hillary. But if you want Constitutional values to continue, vote against her.

But, after December 6, 2015, we couldn’t stop listening to Obama and Hillary speak one more time. On December 6th, 2015, President Obama made a speech from the Oval Office to all Americans. Terrorism, Gun control, and Muslims, etc. Needless to say, his speech was not very well-received. His address was weak with no clear messaging on defeating ISIS. Hillary started speaking again and her speeches were the usual lies, based on the December 8th headlines about Benghazi. A Pentagon official stated that U.S. military was ready to go to Benghazi, but never received the OKAY. Obama and Hillary must be subpoenaed regarding Benghazi after this new revelation. We have to expose all the lies.

Donald Trump, on December 8, 2015, threw out another salvo to America; he wants to suspend most foreign Muslims from coming to the United States until we get our immigration systems sorted out. He mentioned two presidents who took such drastic action, Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter. He was attacked by, not only Democrats, but also the press and his own party.

In America, we have also had things to follow: the Constitution, National Security, Military, and those who also use common sense. As you are following this article, President Obama is not using common sense. In America, we have the Federal Government, the state government, county/parish/commonwealths, and city/municipalities. In our Nation, we have defined borders, which we thought would keep unethical and illegitimate vagrants out, but Obama and Hillary have not used their common sense throughout their tenure in government. You can vote for Hillary, but her lack of common sense will continue and take down our goverment and this country further.

So, we have said, “enough is enough.” If Obama has not told the story, he must resign or be impeached. If Hillary Clinton has not been forth-coming in the last twenty-five plus years, she must not win the election in 2016.


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