What was America like back in 1944? How did we, as students, learn the Constitution and values? Who were our leaders? And who thought about this country? Who sang the songs of just how beautiful and free we all felt? Those were good people and we all saw who were bad in our country.

Since 1941, we decided what was a bad deal, Pearl Harbor, and we sought out those good people, men and women, to fight the bad people, Japan and Germany. These people, who fought in World War II, knew what we had to do to bring our illustrious world back to the number one country in the world, America. Those people who were not in favor of WWII talked against it, brought disfavor to a wonderful country and we were not in favor of them.

This is our country-the United States. We knew what direction we were going in, positive, utmost, and unforgettable. And those that were bad people, we even tried to work with them and lift them up. Unfortunately, politicians don’t seem to know the difference.

Since 1944, we have seen tens of thousands of good people in the United States. They have helped us be  solid, happy and employed. They form together to build cities, counties, states, which makes a marvelous country.

It’s been about two thousand years since Jesus Christ was born. People saw him as good, because he made miracles happen. Others, obviously, were threatened by him and wanted him dead. Since that time, our world has lived with many good examples of people who would give of themselves to live a good life by assisting others. The bad people have chosen their way of living, which is a polar opposite. Sadly, the bad will always be with us.

In the past year  in America, we have seen the best of people: the Military, Physicians and medical personnel, law enforcement, and others. We have also seen the worst: politicians, government agencies, (VA Administration, etc.)  big mouths (the Media), and radical extremists and activists.

So what have the bad people produced? You remember, they have brought us the bad things in life, such as politicians, which have brought the government down, hackers, Isis, and Putin. There have been serial killings and domestic violence.

As we know today, Hillary Clinton has her proponents and her opponents. She has been the First Lady of Arkansas, as well as the First Lady in Washington, D.C. She has also been the Senator of New York and Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. Now she is running for the office of president. But she is facing Benghazi and her own personal Blackberry. Found on this Blackberry, was a personal account which had classified, top secret e-mails. She may be facing an indictment from the FBI, (at least twenty-two top secret e-mails thus far have been found), Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the Department of Justice, and then it goes to Barak Hussein Obama for pardoning.

It is inconceivable how this woman, Hillary Clinton, has clearly broken the law, does not accept responsibility, and continues to run for the presidency. She is absolutely shameless. And her husband is no better–an impeached president, no less.

An ethical, moral person would step down when the FBI started investigating. Even President Nixon had the decency to step down, rather than take the Country through an impeachment process. Hillary was kicked off the Watergate investigative committee, due to unethical practices and she witnessed her husband Bill being impeached. So this person knows the impeachment process of Nixon, how it impacted her behavior (ethical and moral behavior), and she witnessed her husband Bill’s impeachment. And now she is trying to defend herself.

Why hasn’t Obama, Hillary, or any of her proponents in Government talked about Hillary’s Benghazi? Because the focus has now moved to Hillary’s e-mail scandal and there’s no room or time for anything else. Shouldn’t we be hearing more about what Obama is doing? Who’s running this country?

So we’ve all seen good and bad in people. We all know how good evidence proves what  should happen to bad people. For example, we have all seen how OJ Simpson should have been treated in Criminal Court and how he got away with it. But yet, he did something else in Las Vegas, which got him time in prison. Hillary may become president with this thing on her shoulders and then this could turn out badly for her and the Country. We don’t know. It’s still open.


So as of February 1st, 2016, we’ll just have to do this. Obama will be out of office and we’ll have to look back at how he did as president. While we have enough people running for president, we will have to be the people who are smarter and not intimidated by these politicians, Obama or Hillary or other bad people. We have the power.

As this blog comes to press, the Iowa caucuses are occurring. The Iowans must separate the wheat from the chaff…in other words, learning to identify the good from the bad.

Somewhere along the line, the politicians forgot that they work for us. Instead, they think we work for them and this has become a pattern. We have to look at George W. Bush who left an 8 trillion dollar deficit, compared with Obama’s deficit of more than 18 trillion. We’ve got to set the process back in place, that the people want to keep a perfect government, that is listening to us and does what we want, not what they want.


We the people need to think about these things, since the founding fathers outlined our destiny by way of the Constitution. This is what defines our Nation. We have had good and bad politicians. We threw some of the bad politicians out, but there are still many more to dispose of, name them and hold them criminally responsible, if need be. What do we do with the Harry Reids, Nancy Pelosis and Paul Ryans  (a man who gave everything to the Democrats)?

We the people must learn to do things better, do our homework and be more informed. Watching people like Jesse Watters from Watters World is likable, amusing, but shows how lacking we are in general knowledge and specific knowledge of the Nation, Constitution, politics and civics.  We must learn from Watters and other well-informed people in order to advance ourselves in the Nation, Constitution, and political arena.

Our future world will look much better if we learn to be very cognizant and careful.  What if we had no elected officials? How bad could it be?

We the people will learn these things today and will be much better in the future. We are the most powerful people and the Government will soon learn it.











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