Over the years you have seen people tell lies among themselves, or about  wars and the economy.  You know, you can even  tell that some tell more lies than others about the war and economy.  Many lies about the economy are minimized. Over the rest of the journey, those people who have the most lies in their lives about the economy, lie to their families and others about how they spent their money, e.g., they spent 200 dollars, but told everyone they only spent 100 dollars.

What we have to do is tell which are the good people and  expose  the bad people, who must suffer the most severe of consequences.  Have these people shown enough of their individual personalities and lies, or not?  Everyone on this page must be evaluated so that we tell  what kind of individual they were as a kid, a teenager, as an adult.  We must learn that as an adult, they might have still carried a lot of individual personas throughout their adult life.  When we stop and look at these people, we can see how they failed at where they could be.

What we will do is to look at several people here, show a number of them and where their  individual personalities are right now.

So, let’s start with Barak Hussein Obama, our president. We have studied him for the past 7 and a half years.  Obama set the record for the deficit of 19 trillion dollars this year. He inherited a deficit of 8 trillion dollars from President Bush and then over the next 7.5 years,  ran the deficit up to 19 trillion dollars! Therefore he lied by not reducing the deficit!

It is important that we study his early life.  During his early life, we can give  yes’s or no’s about whether he would turn out to be a good teenager. He had some good things about him in his life–his mother, his father, step-father, and his grandparents. Then he had some poor teenager friends: Tom  Topolinski, Choom Gang, and Sohale Siddigi from Pakistan.  And surely, we didn’t expect him to graduate from high school with grades that probably did not warrant graduation, but he did graduate, nevertheless. After all, he did inform us that in his junior and senior year he abused marijuana, cocaine and alcohol.

Then he went to college and of course, we have no idea how he even got into college with those high school grades and where he got his money to fund his education. He went to a number of colleges. We don’t have to announce whether they were good or bad, but let’s just say he met a number of bad people who kept him going financially or otherwise. For example, Bill Ayers, who is an admitted domestic terrorist. President Obama met this insane guy at Bill Ayer’s home, when Ayers helped kick-off his political career.   Interestingly, Obama’s  transcripts are sealed and unavailable to us, the people. Why not?

Obama supported a passive government, ALONG WITH 367 ROUNDS OF DROPPED BALLS OF GOLF!   And we haven’t seen him and his family  sitting and listening to his Pastor, Rev. Wright, since he gained the White House, have we? We will be following him for a little  longer.  We will see if he gets any consequences.

We now go from one good or bad person (Obama) to another good or bad person (Hillary Clinton), but we still see in our individual evaluations of them their individual personalities. As noted above, we saw Obama’s individual personality, and now we will see Hillary’s individual personality.

The next big gun is Hillary Clinton.  Hillary has said she hasn’t told any lies. In college she adopted the Saul Alinsky model and continues to apply it to this day. Hillary and Bernie Sanders should actually be running mates, since they have more in common (Saul Alinsky) than not. It takes one socialist to know one. Hillary is a socialist for everyone else, but for herself capitalism will do just fine. You don’t believe it? Check out the Clinton Foundation, along with her and Bill’s speeches. Who will she be today? Saul Alinsky or capitalist?

Obama has been studied for his ages and he has been  given an evaluation. We’ll bring you our study at the end so you will learn what we evaluated. But now here is Hillary Clinton.

Here is where we really start studying Hillary. There is so much to study…about forty years, going all the way back to when she was a young, practicing attorney on the Nixon Watergate scandal. She was fired from the Watergate team. Then she went on to the White House with Bill  where she was involved in pork belly futures, investing 1,000 dollars and making 100,000 on that investment.  Rose Law Firm billing  records mysteriously showed up at the White House when Hillary was First Lady.

So Hillary has always  wanted to run for the presidency  and now she is. But unlike the other years we had to look at her, we now  had to endure the FBI investigation regarding her tenure while Secretary of State.

Hillary loses no matter what regarding e-mails.   [Check out Catherine Herridge and Pamela Browne’s most recent article of May 30th, 2016: Former State Dept. watchdog debunks central Clinton email claim. (Fox newsfeed under politics.)]  Hillary was exonerated by the FBI and now the  State Department is investigating further.

But we’ll handle Hillary later.

Bill Clinton was a “horn dog” as a governor in Arkansas. The old President, Bill, was known as an “Impeached Disgrace” as well as a “notorious horn-dog!” It’s understandable that he continues with his insatiable desires…that’s who he is.

Don  Trump  should have said he would like to be “Dave” in the movie (1993) of the same name. The character in “Dave,” Bill Mitchell, was making believe he was  president of the USA and was collaborating with his  Chief of Staff, Bob Alexander (played by Frank Langella) who loved money and power and wouldn’t do anything to save those in need. Then Dave wakes up and realizes the presidency is more than just a budget.

June 7, 2016 earned Trump some major talking creds.  He w0n all his primaries that day and made his gigantic conquests against his   foes, Hillary and Bill Clinton!  He said, something like, “I’ll be reading everything about Bill and Hillary on Monday,”   or so he said.  We’ll continue to talk about Trump later.

The last man, at his age, Bernie Sanders, who still wants to be President is going to the convention, but we now know he’s going to support Hillary. We’ll have to see what happens after the Democratic Convention. Bernie will be at the podium giving out his statements.

Over the course of the Republican primary,  politics  was the rapture of these individuals,  Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and fourteen others.  They were all good, but didn’t make out. We’ll talk about these former candidates later, what they were talking about when they were running and evaluate them at that time.

Over the next 6 or 7 months Obama got several choices to make during his ranting life.   About 6 or 7 months from now, he can retire with his wife and his two daughters and work on his memoirs. Perhaps he can write about how he didn’t annihilate ISIS, he widened the racial divide in this country, endangered law enforcement lives and did not encourage upholding the rule of law. We think his influence clearly allowed the AG Lynch to let Hillary off the hook.

Will Hillary get indicted by FBI? This is one of her main problems everyone thought right now. She can try to will it away all she wants, but it is not going away. The State Department has thrown in its own investigation and Hillary has admitted making mistakes with her e-mails. Will the FBI charge Hillary with perjury? And we can’t leave Bill behind.

With the names listed, Obama, Hillary, Bill, Trump and the others, have been given their worse or best as evaluated.  Each have had their good-bad days.  They will have their consequences, full or minimum, and live with either one (We will have our evaluations for Obama and Hillary down the road, and we’ll give you Trump’s a little bit later also.) .

9-14-2016   Speech by Obama on TV showed he underestimated  ISIL and still referred to it as the JV team ….Hillary has to decide whether to stay with Obama or stray down another path from Obama…Time will tell. We shall see.

President Obama gave the  King of Saudi Arabia a Royal salute after his election.  Is that what he was told to do….Is that the  thing we don’t know about him, paying homage to the Saudis? If Hillary wins the election, will she and Bill do the same thing? Time will tell. We shall see.

A thing we can say for sure is why doesn’t anyone believe Hillary Clinton is a major crook? If we were Donald Trump at this moment in his quest for the presidency, we would have to tell him that the first week of July, we would start our speech with this: When are they going to charge Hillary with perjury? The second thing we would say is: Can we get another AG besides Loretta Lynch, so that this action by the FBI could not be called  frivolous? And the third thing Donald would have to  say: Do we have to give this FBI thing about Hillary and a thing about DOJ to Obama who will probably exonerate her?

On 6-28-2016, we got what most wanted:  The Report from Benghazi.  We heard some different bomb shells.  First there was the WH meeting regarding the cover up video.  Second, no one was sent to help until after the fact.  And highlighted, no one, particularly Obama, Hillary,  and anyone else in the Executive Branch would take ownership, especially with the election looming for presidency in 56 days.

Can you guess who was smack dab inside of the 339 page Democratic Benghazi Report and the 800 page Republican report? Not Donald Trump! It was Obama, Hillary, and Panetta talking about Benghazi.

When Hillary heard that the Benghazi Report was done, she could have said, “I’ve heard this stuff for 25 years.”  Maybe she, like others,  have stopped their work long before she began the quest for becoming the first woman President of the United States.  Maybe  she would have stopped her “it was the video” lie.

Then Committee Chair, Trey Gowdy , said, “I simply ask the American people to read this report for themselves, look at the evidence we have collected, and reach their own conclusions.”

The FBI made their decision after the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton on July 5, 2016…”NOT GUILTY…but Highly Incompetent!”    With our knowledge on what she is running for (Madame President),  she will be in charge of her finger on the red button.

The Congressional Committee investigating Hillary’s e-mails  had the FBI Director, James Comey, in for a bunch of questions after he said they had questioned her for 3 1/2 hours on a Saturday.  The Congressional Chairman said that he should have held Hillary for Perjury after all her lies.

Did FBI James Comey  ask Hillary about her first day as Secretary of State and to anyone else if they lied?   Did Hillary ask Bill if Obama would see Bill first or herself?  Did she tell her attorney?  Did she tell anyone else?  Did Hillary even tell PRESIDENT OBAMA anything? (Will talk about that later on BFF paragraph.)

What would you do if you had all these people’s decisions?  When you take  a look at all of them, would you accept all of them or would some fail over the others?  Would you give passing grades of A’s and B’s to Donald Trump (running against Hillary) or would you give D’s or F’s to Hillary?

PERJURY…These people, Obama, Hillary, Lynch, and others, should all be tried for perjury and for failing in their Government roles!

BFF (Best Frenemies Forever) – Obama, Bill, and Hillary became very close after 2008 Presidential election; didn’t they.  Money was just as close to all three!  Did Bill talk to Obama about money, fraud,  or other quid pro quo?  Did Hillary talk to Obama first? If he were a bad president, would she hold him accountable? Remember, Bill was an impeached president, Hillary is his wife, and Obama came third! You can flip it any way you want.

And don’t forget Obama…He has only 6 months left on his job!

We will get back to Donald Trump  after his Republican Convention on 7-21-2016.  He is confident, non-political, positive, and will be the American leader.  Well see what Hillary will say during her convention!

EPILOGUE:  The Report on Benghazi was handed down on 6-28-2016. (See above statement by Trey Gowdy.)  When we watched the movie   “13 hours” on 6-28-2016, we decided that we would leave the confidence of the people of the United States  in your hands.

The field of you operatives Obama, Hillary, WH staff, and others who shared in decisions made, or not made, is like a CEO selling cars for 7 years that economically and financially are  not making it; you all should be FIRED!  But if those above are the leaders of the GOVERNMENT they need to be not only FIRED, but also  IMPEACHED, or tried in COURT.  Or you can find something very immoral those people did, Obama, Hillary,  and the others: lying to the faces of  parents  and families of the victims of the Benghazi attack… Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty.




























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