In October 2014,  Eyesonusa.org began an examination of  President Obama’s administration  and many others, who have political and criminal troubles. Eyesonusa.org stated that people should have consequences for their troubled lives. President Obama and Hillary Clinton should be aware of the problems they have caused  the people of America. We have waited for Hillary Clinton’s thirty plus years of her political life and twelve years of Obama’s political life to receive their consequences  by someone in authority.

Other people have misbehaved and have waited for their consequences, too.  Obama and Hillary’s negative characteristics and personality flaws have been on-going for years, and by now they should have been held accountable by the authorities in America and by the American people. All you have to do is print everything bad that both Hillary and Trump have stated in this campaign. Read articles, t.v., and 33 articles from Eyesonusa.org to get your start. Lastly,  Huma Abedin has told the FBI when Hillary tells her she has a new device, she has to forward it to Obama. In turn, he contacts Hillary via e-mail on her new device, using his username/pseudonym. Many Americans have been labeled by others and have received their consequences.

So for Hillary, where do we begin? It started with Watergate and this man named Jerry Zeifman, former counsel to the House Judiciary Committee. Because President Nixon resigned and did not enter the impeachment process, Hillary was not officially fired, but  probably would have been. According to Jerry Zeifman, Hillary “was a liar, she was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

Over the past thirty political years, Hillary’s characteristics have been there. We watched her, Republicans have tried to prevent her from taking public office,  and they looked at Bill Clinton’s immorality with women, as well as his impeachment. So, from Jerry Zeifman one thing that “we knew was she was a liar, an unethical lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House and the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

Here is the investigation on Hillary that you should have received, if we had started it. If Hillary wanted everything to be learned about her, she had thirty years in politics to tell us. For Hillary, she should have told us about Benghazi (everything), Bill Clinton, and the e-mails. And that could have been done a long time ago. Since Hillary hasn’t done it, we have put it to an investigation. Let’s say it’s been a pretty bad investigation, for it’s lasted us thirty years and at least a year and a half more, since she wants to be president.

So let’s start our investigation: Over thirty years Hillary has remained our target. During the last thirty years, there have been many people who have also taken part in her schemes and plots. The first thing that we would have to know is what she and the other people did. We can find out simply by talking to all of them. We could have found out for every person, the good and the bad in it. That would have made things much easier, had we known everything much earlier. A pattern of her amoral, sociopathic behavior is well-documented: for example,Watergate, covering for Bill Clinton’s sexual predation, as well as his impeachment, Rose Law Firm shenanigans, mistreatment of Secret Service when she was First Lady, lying about sniper fire in Bosnia, lying about being broke and now worth almost 200 million dollars. And let’s not forget pay for play Clinton Foundation/State Dept. relationship, e-mail server scandal, bribery, and trying to steal primary from Bernie Sanders. Should there be  consequences for these outrageous behaviors? Absolutely!

From Hillary she admitted she had a private server and she did not want to blame Obama. (Obama emailed Hillary using a pseudonym.) For her admittance, did she have any authority for private server?   A private server should never, under any circumstances, have been at her private residence, because of national security regarding sensitive materials.  So, Hillary has started this whole thing, whether she blamed Colin Powell, President Obama, or anyone else.

If Hillary had been forth-coming with all of her e-mails in the first place, we wouldn’t have to re-open the FBI investigation. If you’re going to start your investigation on Hillary etal, here is the recap:

  1. Hillary had national security and classified e-mails on her personal server (She is responsible for this.).
  2. We have learned that Hillary has a pathology of lying and looks for perpetrators who have a similar pathology.
  3. Hillary has staff who are aiding and abetting.
  4. Hillary received money through nefarious means.
  5. Those who have assisted Hillary are also guilty of the same crimes as Hillary.
  6. Hillary has received countless messages on unsecured devices, instead of through approved government server.
  7. Did Hillary Clinton ever touch any of the specifics, such as classified information, national security, Benghazi, or private server.
  8. Hillary’s hands are in many criminal enterprises!

Now that you started your investigation on Hillary, will you keep it up? So, here are some other people that should be part of your investigation.

So we know a little bit more about Obama, as we have added now Huma Abedin and her testimony to the FBI. If you want to do more on Obama, you can start. On the investigation, you might start with this.  Obama investigation: such as, where he was born, Frank Marshall, his mentor, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko (spent 10.5 yrs plus living in a halfway house, but nothing happened to Obama), Charles Ogeltree, Jr., and  Reverend Wright. We’ve given you your best start. If you want, there’s Donald Trump and others to also investigate.

You are an investigator and you have been studying Hillary over the years. You can tell what she looks like, what she has done, who she has married, how she has behaved, and who she has blamed for her actions. You have been studying what makes the person, or persons, fit into doing a civil case, a felony case, a misdemeanor case, or a non-legal troubling one or a bad one.  When did you, or the others, begin your investigation?  Did you have the motive, or you discover the motive as you developed or progressed?

Well, now that you’ve done the work on Hillary and compared it to our investigation, where would you stand? Since the government won’t do anything about her, what can you do about it? You can vote against her!

Now there is a lot more to be investigated. There’s President Obama, Biden, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Huma Abedin, and many more. Let’s talk about Huma first. There is a video explaining her history with Saudi Arabia and terrorist ties. She worked with the Institute of Minority Affairs, (a radical Muslim agency) as well as The Muslim Students Union. Her mother, Saleha, belongs to the Muslim Sisterhood and is an activist for Sharia Law. Saudi Arabia has funded about 20% of Hillary’s campaign. With this background, Huma should have her security clearance revoked, as well as Hillary. Again, is this enough for you to get started on your investigation of these people?

You have a little about a CORRUPT GOVERMENT!  You have found out about Hillary and her people.  We have found out what Hillary is. Privately, we’ve learned what she has become. Politically, Hillary was a poor Senator and State Officer, and Hillary is a bonafide criminal. What you don’t know is what this government is about to do her, if anything! We’re waiting, too!

Thank God for us. We have done our investigation on Hillary, Bill, Obama, Huma, and others. You may have finished your investigation and found that both candidates, Hillary and Trump, are bad and need punishment, but which of them is the worst?

And if JAMES COMEY does another thing like he did before, just yell at him and say “we’re going to vote our ballot and vote for Trump anyway.”

We have discovered under our investigation that  Presidential candidate, Hillary, is our Liar-in-Chief!

VOTE  WISELY before or on November 8th!

We are American patriots.



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