Hillary Clinton got what she deserved in her “Faked” election!  She lost!

Hillary thought she won the election with the number of  popular votes she received, however she lost the election when she lost the Electoral College. So therefore, she lost again! But according to Hillary, losing is not in her vocabulary! So she stayed around and went to things, like Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th.

Let’s look at how Hillary and Bill Clinton  started  their political lives. If you want to delve into this more fully, there is an abundance of articles, books, and Congressional Records to assist you. Their political lives really began in Arkansas.   They started in the Arkansas government in 1979 when Bill became governor and Hillary became First Lady of Arkansas. Bill allowed his gravitas to get him into trouble as a governor. He got into trouble with Jennifer Flowers, his long-time mistress, and others, however it never prevented him from further politics. Bill and Hillary kept their marriage together and then went on to Washington, DC.

Despite all this, Bill went on to become president of the US and Hillary became First Lady. He wound up being impeached.

After 8 years, upon leaving the White House, Hillary runs for senator of New York and wins. Then she runs against Barack Obama in presidential primary and he gets the Democratic nomination and Hillary loses the nomination. Of course, he appoints her as Secretary of State and keeps her four years. Then we see what she was after she became Secretary of State. After all her trouble, Hillary Clinton seems, as usual, to keep us highly informed of her decisions. In 2016, she again runs for the presidency. However, she loses again, but this time to Donald Trump. But we shall see that this 68 year old woman shall not let us forget what she’s doing next. In fact, we have just learned that she has her name, Hillary, on a soda can.

Hillary Clinton will always be remembered for her role in Benghazi. The American people will not forget her incompetence and neither will the House Committee on Benghazi. She cannot shake Ambassador Chris Stevens  and others, both the wounded and the dead. If you want to read more about Hillary Clinton, you can look at “Special Ops OPSEC”,  in “Breach of Duty” on Hillary Clinton.

Hillary hasn’t forgotten about the presidency. She’s thinking what she wants to do in 2020. However, we have never forgotten and neither has the House Committee on Benghazi.

People have said the following:

Hillary wanted people to wish she had won the election. The net just closed a little tighter around Hillary. They said this, too about Chelsea Clinton. “Chelsea Clinton spreading fake news.”

These people have also spread the facts about Obama.  “Days after Obama’s shadow government is ousted, an even more disturbing discovery comes to light. Lt. Col. Tony Shafer stated,” Obama laid ‘trip wires’ in the intelligence community to sabotage Trump.Obama’s last act was to give 221 million dollars to  Palestine.

On January 24th, four days after Trump takes office, The Dow Jones almost hits 20,000. Since Trump has been in office, he has tried to get his Cabinet in place, he selected his choice for Supreme Court Justice, he has pushed Congress to come up with a replacement for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare),  he is addressing immigration reform,  nullified a trade agreement that was bad for America, eased regulations on coal mining, is promoting oil pipelines, and has kept jobs in America that were going overseas.

Obama wants to learn to learn how ski on wave skis, Trump wants to learn how to be a president, and Hillary wants to win the presidency in 2020! So, we are all aware of what the players are up to regarding the presidency!

Why are we revisiting Hillary? She lost the election and that’s it, right? Wrong. Although she lost the election, there is still the accountability issue. Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, DNC leaks, tampering with Bernie’s primary, Sec. of State pay to play, e-mails that keep materializing on other people’s laptops, etc.. Some of these may be criminal acts, and if so, she doesn’t get to take the 3:10 to Yuma. She has to be prosecuted like any of us would be. So long as these issues are unresolved, we are going to keep reminding everyone about them until some modicum of resolution is achieved. Thus far, nothing has happened. This is one of the reason’s Donald Trump got elected. The average person is tired of the double standard of accountability. Take Lois Lerner, for example. Remember her? The IRS queen. More than ample evidence for prosecution. Instead, immunity for information. And what happened? Nothing. No jail time for anyone. Just big, fat retirement checks. She wasn’t the only IRS bum. There are and were plenty of them. Who cares about indictments? They are as useless as restraining orders. Jail time instead of probation.

Why is there not good news to report on? There is more important bad news to raise to the fans, like Jimmy Joe broke his skate board, little Mary Jane went to the park, and Ted sang a song to fulfill the audience’s desires. And if you’re Hillary, you wouldn’t report the truth on yourself or others; instead you would instigate red herrings.

The government finally enacts laws that will cover protected groups. Protect all people. But they haven’t charged any big power players, such as: Obama, Hillary, and especially Soros.

In all that is said and done by politicians over the years, Republicans and Democrats have said and done many things. Over the course of political life, there have been countless men and women of both parties that have been investigated, brought into Court, found guilty and were sentenced. This will happen again, but we don’t know who, GOP or Dems!

Donna Brazile has just admitted giving the questions beforehand to the Clinton Camp for a town hall meeting and of course Hillary used them for debate prep. With these folks, Hillary, Obama and Donald Trump, we don’t know how far it will take anyone who finds out what they have done to adjudicate them.

Here is what is coming that Obama thinks after eight years he was done, but he’s getting inside with FISA wire-tapping, investigating Donald Trump. We’ll find out in the future how it all unfolds for Trump and Obama.

Hillary is starting over and coming out of the woods.We will also find out what will happen to Hillary and her political future as president, should she win the presidency.






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