BOOM! Finding Facts-on HILLARY

BOOM!  FINDING FACTS AND BRING THEM ALL TO JUSTICE!! (The Clintons are complicated people.)

Facts are always very important. What is the definition of a fact? According to Reader’s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary,  ” a fact is something that actually exists or has actually occurred; something known by observation or experience to be true or real.”

Bill and Hillary (ages 71 and 70) got every possible break on their way up the political and monetary ladder over their political lives, but now it’s time for them to pay the piper, because, hopefully, Lady Justice will take them down. It will be a WWF fight the likes of which has never been seen. Even Watergate pales in comparison. They have both been corrupt and guilty all this time and you can see it if you’re looking. If we use our imaginations, we can see the corruption in these two people’s lives.

So if you’re going to study and investigate Bill and Hillary, years before you could have started studying them very quickly and you would probably have guessed pretty accurately what they were all about. But, since you are studying them now, their lives and lies have become so complicated and things have surrounded them, you don’t know what to believe or what not to believe. You know the big people, like governor, president, Secretary of State,  can fire anyone they want. In fact, there have been rumors that certain people have, in fact, killed themselves. Bill and Hillary have never been able to escape those rumors of their past. They always come up.

Hillary Clinton is such a complicated person.  We heard a lot about her before now and we don’t know what we will learn before we hear the last of her! Now, even people with responsibility (media, GOP, law enforcement, etc.) are telling us that rumors we have heard about Hillary, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and others are true.

Bill Clinton is no angel either. As president, he was impeached.  Hillary was the Secretary of State when she was involved with Benghazi and also Russia (two very serious things) and lied about her involvement.  Trump was not even President……..yet.

GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION: There are many liars in Washington, DC. We have to find these people, add them to the list and get the facts. Many people have actually died who have been aligned with Bill and Hillary. Bill and Hillary have been called liars.

Hillary Clinton said, “I should have been PRESIDENT as I won the election” (She stated this in an interview on May 2017.). Many people think she should have been incarcerated before-hand.

Hillary has given us much to consider over the years. Let’s look at the chronology of the things she has done as Secretary of State and other times, such as the Benghazi catastrophe and the Uranium deal with Russia, basically a pay-to-play deal.

Another author, A.J. Luttrell,  that holds an account to look at is from the Arlin Report. He writes many articles dealing with the Clintons and others. You can also look at other people writing exposes on the Clintons and others as well over the years.

One of the things that is easy to prove is that they {Hillary, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, who wrote the cover-up memo, and others, collaborated on the Benghazi Cover-up.  “Breaking: they did it–deleted Benghazi e-mails recovered Dec. 20, 2016.” Hillary’s name is tagged to everything. And yet, after many hearings on Benghazi, no one really has been held accountable, except for a few employees that were put on administrative leave and then allowed to resume their jobs in other government positions.

We found out about Hillary and James Comey, former Director of the FBI, on October 12, 2017, and Nov. 20th, 2017 doing the Hillary shuffle–Hillary opens her mouth. The first thing I wonder about are two things: 1)How much chardonnay is going into it and 2) What garbage will be coming out of it.

Another untimely suicide…another Hillary acquaintance, major player in Hillary’s inner circle, “suddenly commits suicide.” Look what he knew. His name was Steven Mostyn. Died on Thursday, Nov. 21st., 2017. He was 46 years old. He was going to step away from politics to spend more time with his family. “He was suffering from mental health issues,” said his wife, Susan Tompkins Buell, a radical environmentalist and member of George Soros’ Democratic Alliance.

Nov. 21, 2017 Bill Clinton quiet about pedophile sex plane…the log will speak volumes. He was on Jeffery Epstein’s private jet, the Lolita Express, which reportedly offered underage girls as passengers to rape and sexually assault. In 2008, Epstein was convicted of soliciting sex of underage girls as young as fourteen.

Hillary’s missing e-mails: IG Report on Hillary is our best shot about Hillary’s e-mails. The rest of her e-mails have still not been turned over and no one has talked about doing so.

Hillary has not been tried yet for Uranium deal with Russia. There is evidence that Obama was involved. Remember, the Rosenbergs were executed for selling State secrets.

Jan. 4, 2018 Justice Dept. investigating Clinton Foundation over pay-to-play allegations. Hillary Clinton backer allegedly paid 500 thousand dollars to fund women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct. This allegation went away like the Dodo bird.

Jan. 18th, 2018 We have to remember that Hill and Bill have been together a long time, thinking and planning what they were going to do in the future. They started in Arkansas. Later, they built their life in D. C. and kept their political power going strong. Then they thought of things that they were going to do regarding Russia, when Hillary was Secretary of State. Today, many people are named that knew a whole bunch about that Trump Dossier. No one ever mentioned Hillary and Bill. We did.

People were saying the following about Hillary over the years: Should have been incarcerated before hand. Conversation about her book “What if….. Hillary and Comey were found out on  Oct. 12th, or thereabouts, 2017. Comey had actually written an exhoneration letter before his investigation of Hillary’s e-mails was even completed.

Sean Hannity set out a large graph on Hillary Clinton on his show on November 2017.  What has been done to charge her?  We know who can do it, so why has it not been done thus far? The AG, FBI, Grand Jury,  Special Counsel or Executive Branch could do it.  So they can say “BOOM” WE ALL KNOW THE FINAL FACTS AND YES, HILLARY YOU’RE GUILTY!

CONCLUSION: Hillary all her life has offered us facts. One major fact is that she has lied and lied. She left her job in Arkansas, she was thrown off the Watergate case, she lied about being shot at during the Balkan War, Benghazi and a host of other things. Not only did she herself lie, but she colluded with others.

After reading the material we have presented to you, you should come up with your own conclusions on Hillary and the others.  The Asst. AG, Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray were testifying before the House Committee on June 28, 2018  regarding Pres. Trump, Hillary, etc. You may want to watch these testimonies.

Hillary Clinton must be stopped!  How do we do it? How do we stop her and Bill now?    Hillary, Bill, and others must all be sent away…let them go up the ladder of success and let them fall all the way down to nothing!

STOP THEM NOW!  Hillary, Jim Comey, McCabe, Lynch and others are going to be checked out by the DOJ. Hopefully, there will be some accountability.

Hillary spoke at Yale ceremony on May 20th, 2018. She even brought a Russian hat to the ceremony.  Hillary cannot stand back ever.

Has Hillary broken the law and will there be justice?  Yes, she has broken the law, but there won’t be justice.  One of the planners of the Benghazi attack only got 22 years. Based on four deaths and countless injuries to Benghazi victims and Hillary’s lying to the families of those victims, she is accountable, should be charged, found guilty and sentenced to death! What a wonderful fantasy! There are a lot of government men and women in office who are looking for Hillary’s punishment in prison! And this is their fantasy!

What is the truth about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and FISA Court, Rosenstein was asked? Rosenstein couldn’t respond!

When reading about Hillary and all these people, we realize how complicated it must seem, because it is complicated. Hillary is asked one question and she throws up a smoke screen or a red herring…or just plain lies. On June 28th, 2018 Hillary, in the British press, compared herself to Winston Churchill. Her hubris is beyond anything imaginable.

On June 28th, 2018 Trey Gowdy grilled Asst. AG, Rosenstein over the politization of the Department of Justice. He questioned why the Russia investigation was taking so long and brought up the term, “Justice delayed is justice denied.” He challenged Rosenstein to just get the ‘damned’ investigation finished, that it was ripping America apart.

Well, Hillary and Bill, you have so many facts leading to you.  It is now time to say good-bye. Justice will come to the right person who pursued your lies. They won’t let you do anymore corruption.

We ALL need to get together, regardless of party affiliation and get rid of these bums: political lawbreakers, criminals, etc. Vote the bums out! Maybe it’s time to look at some new constitutional amendments and/or regulations to clean up agency corruption.

BOOM! BOOM! Look out, Hillary and Bill! The facts are coming for you!

Next article: “Barack Obama was taped in 2013 that the United States of America will not be spied upon. Obama on IG report was direct respondent to Hillary’s direct e-mail account; also direct phone line. Can we find out if Hillary and Obama are on the same page? Although they are different people, their actions are the same.



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