Over the years, many politicians have been charged, found guilty of destroying their lives and left Washington, DC. They were charged for their involvement in the following statement:

“All agencies finding the facts against a person, or persons, by any government agent         must be charged! You’re going to find crimes against those people and they must be           punished to the fullest extent of the law. We’re going to find a way to file a charge               against the guilty ones and file charges against any person or people.”

How will an accusation begin? Well, we have to find the person or persons.   We have  to start a rumor against someone.  We have to bring the rumor to  Government agents.  The government agency all talk about the rumors and make the decision to find all of the FACTS in the case, charge the person or persons. They have that person or persons to be seen by the Courts. If the person or persons is a republican or democrat and doesn’t want to go to court and have a punishment, they feel the Justice System is above them and they don’t have to comply.

If you haven’t read the last article, “BOOM, FINDING THE FACTS ON HILLARY CLINTON,” take some time now and read it.

All of us for some reason have seen this motion; we have heard that people have been found out to do something, been investigated, found out facts, and have been guilty or not guilty. Now, we’ve seen Hillary going through the same motion and will be going through the same investigation. We don’t know enough about Barack Hussein Obama, yet.

Hillary has given up her SECURITY CLEARANCE ON AUGUST 30, 2018, ACCORDING TO SENATOR CHUCK GRASSLEY, CHAIRMAN OF THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE She continues to be investigated regarding her mishandling of e-mails.

Hillary Clinton has been interviewed, continues to keep going and now it’s time to investigate Obama and his administration.  We need to discover who the real Obama really is, since he has SPENT much of the time lying to everyone over an abundance of years. Many of the agents in the FBI, holdovers from the Obama Administration have been fired or resigned in disgrace as of Dec. 5th, 2018.

Orly Taitz said a few things about Obama;  she took him to court on his birth place. Additionally, he changed his place of birth from Kenya to Hawaii and his Social Security Number that was from Connecticut.

When Donald Trump took office, the DOJ started investigating him. They are still investigating him. What else is being investigated? WHY ISN’T THE DOSSIER BEING INVESTIGATED? What’s happening with that? Under Trump’s Administration, the American People have already reaped the rewards of tax breaks and restructuring. Now the Democrats have The House, but they will not legislate, they will only investigate, investigate, investigate…

When Obama was in office, the Republicans investigated Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, Hillary Clinton, etc. However, they never investigated Obama and his direct connection to the aforementioned scandals. We must find out who Obama really is regarding Benghazi in order to criminally charge him and make sure he goes to Court. Also, Obama manipulated behind the scenes with Iran and gave them almost a half billion dollars and lifted sanctions. All this occurred secretively. Most recently, Obama gave 310 million dollars to lawyers to represent illegal aliens, which is against the law. These are the facts, not fiction.

WHEN YOU CROSS THE LINE, YOU HAVE BROKEN THE LAW…And yet, there are many people who are guilty of crimes (Hillary), but they are not being charged; nothing happens to them. Why not?

We now have connected most of the dots starting with Hillary and other members of the government, but we still need to connect that final dot that might lead us to Donald Trump and BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Obama, as stated above, according to Orly Taitz, was either born in Kenya or the U.S.  His teenage life had a history of using drugs.  He graduated high school and started college at Occidental in California.  After he finished college, he went on to teach at  the University of Chicago. (He refers to himself as a constitutional law professor and even stated, “I actually respect the Constitution.”) (Please read everything else about Pres. Obama.)

After college, Obama became a college professor/community activist. Then, he became involved in politics at the state level, followed by becoming a US Senator. And finally, securing the presidency for eight years. The following is a recap from Wikipedia of some of Obama’s acts:

  • FIRST 100 days in office, Obama directed us to withdraw from Iraq.
  • Obama attempted to close GITMO, but Congress refused to close it.
  • On Oct. 8th, 2009, Obama signed the Matthews-Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crime Prevention Act, protecting gender issues, sexual orientation, and gender identity or disability.
  • One thing that Obama learned was how do I take credit for giving an order to kill the man named Osama Bin Laden. Osama was buried at sea. The American public never got to see him after he was killed.
  • Obama thought so little of himself and America when he bowed to the Saudi Arabian prince.
  • Obama and the Syrian Red Line: Remember when Syria’s president, Assad, gassed his own people? And Obama said that was a red line and if Syria did it again there would be consequences? Well, Assad did it again and guess what? No consequences from the Coward-in-Chief.
  •  Obama states that no person or groups from different countries pass our borders without permission.
  •  Many, many democrats receive pipe bombs sent to them, but they didn’t explode…   Ten or more suspicious packages  received by Obama on down through the mail.
  • 12-07-2018 James Comey was interviewed by the GOP and Loretta Lynch will be interviewed next week.

Hillary and Obama have broken laws. Perhaps Hillary did it first or Obama did it first.  Hillary lost all the e-mails and didn’t say she did. Obama never said he had Hillary’s e-mails. Who do you blame?

The American People know the facts. We are not stupid, even though our leaders think we are. We demand justice. We’re sick of the two tier system of justice, where powerful people get off and the little guy gets prison time. We need to stop using the Statute  of  Limitations.

Over the years, there have been many politicians who have been investigated, charged, and found guilty. Hillary is starting to be investigated again.  Obama still has to be charged and found guilty before he is out of the Statute of Limitations time frame.

A judge made a judgement on 12-7-2018 regarding  Hillary’s emails and not following “government transparency”.   He gave Judicial Watch 10 days to get information from Hillary before the House is taken over by the democrats, when Nancy Pelosi becomes the Speaker of the House.

Bill Clinton is a wildly visible trickster.   He will be investigated soon! It’s just facts…So, we all have seen so many of these folks get investigated.  We would like to see one more.

On 12-11-2018,  three people held a meeting together.  Two of the them kept changing their minds on the years they spent in power in their positions in the Senate and in the House.  This time it was them changing position on the Border Position;  it was Senator Schumer and House Speaker Nancy  Pelosi.  The new President, two years in office was Donald Trump, who won the meeting of the two.

Sean Hannity, 12-11-2018, summed it up by reminding us that Pelosi, Schumer, and Obama in the past were for stronger border security and against illegal immigration. Now they have changed those positions. Why?

On 12-12-2018, a judge sentenced President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Mike Cohen, to prison for three years.  He was taken into custody right after court.

So, if other people are being held accountable, charged, found guilty and sentenced, why aren’t Obama and people in his administration being investigated, NOW!

Now George H.W. Bush has gone to meet his first love in heaven, but hopefully, Obama will be going to Court.






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