People who are Democrats, Republicans or anything else should be charged, put on trial, and be sentenced by the Court when necessary. They all have things to say or not. Remember, Richard Nixon and others, all Republicans, were charged in the Watergate debacle; Bill Clinton, a Democrat, was impeached as President. Even Bonnie and Clyde and their gang, who hated government and banks, paid the ultimate sacrifice for their misdeeds. They were shot dead by sheriffs and Texas Rangers.

Hillary Clinton has not been charged yet with crimes, nor has Obama, nor other Democrats, nor James Comey, who was on the FBI side and should be neutral.

The media constantly gave Obama a pass and looked the other way, ignoring his missteps and possible criminal misconduct, i.e. Russia. His mic was on when he told Medeved he would have more flexibility in his second term. To do what?

On the last episode, “eyesonusa” selected BARACK OBAMA as our topic of interest. Obama is a Nobel Prize winner and was also President of the United States. Yet, eyesonusa put Putin as Prime Minister of his government in this issue and we don’t know how Putin manipulated Obama. The eyesonusa will give you a limited view of Obama in this episode.

The House of Representatives voted “yes” for the Robert Mueller Report to be realized, April 3, 2019.  It was revealed to the American people on APRIL 3, 2019.  It gave Donald Trump a CLEAR ACCOUNT not to be held liable both criminally and civilly. After two years, Mueller’s investigation came up with nothing and cost Americans a lot of money.

On May 29, 2019, Robert Mueller decided to give a speech about his report. It was a lie about it. Mueller said, “Democrats, I am not going to be your savior.” Mr. Mueller decided to retire and say nothing more about it. Whatever he would, would have to be a lie! He would not be talking about Hillary or the King, OBAMA.

Obama: He thinks he is the King of the World, or at least he let’s us think that. But Obama stinks regarding Russia. What does Obama smell like? He smells like Hillary Clinton and her shenanigans while she was Secretary of State, doing her uranium deals. Now that he is no longer president, Putin has no use for Obama.

Now, Obama is no longer king, he’s just a bad writer. But in Obama’s mind, he is still the King and a great writer. He is not a demon, just a bad president. An example would be Obama’s health law is unconstitutional.

Let’s not forget what Obama’s former Administration was culpable of:

Eric Holder involved in Fast and Furious and impeached.

Benghazi: Obama and Hillary lied to victims’ families and the American

Hillary knew what Obama was doing and Obama knew what Hillary was doing
regarding Russia and other things.

IRS scandal. (Lois Lerner) (A horrible thing.)

Others who think themselves like king and queens and should be charged and go to court: Susan Rice, John Brennan, James Clapper, Ben Rhodes, Erik Holder, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Strzok, his lover, Page and many more.

May 3, 2019, Sean Hannity (The TV/radio host) (The Contact Man) said that phase was just starting that evening.  He said that Obama, Hillary C. Susan Rice, James Comey, and many more will charged and go to court following a major scandal.  They will become the major cast, worse than the cast in Watergate. (Refer to past articles of eyesonusa and you will see that we were the first to expose these aforementioned criminals.)

Mark Levin, on May 21, 2019, published his latest book, “Unfreedom of the Press.” You should read it as the title clearly explains what the book is about.

Should anyone be charged thus far? Yes or no? Should anyone be prosecuted? Should anyone be adjudicated? Should anyone be sentenced to prison or not?

How might people find themselves in this process? It starts by someone hears something about themselves; they look at others and finally talk to others; people hear the facts or evidence against them; law enforcement has the authority to investigate; they write reports about you or them; then you or they see a judge. The judge must hear the evidence clearly, call you or them to stand before him and then he will sentence you or them to time behind bars,if you or they have been found guilty.

Remember, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW,(such as, Obama, Hillary, Rice, Comey, and many others). Since Hillary and Obama probably will not be charged, perhaps Putin will give them the proper punishment, because he has in the past.


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