Nancy Pelosi: Playing and Shaming the President.

The following are called the manipulators. Many people then feel that they are grand manipulators when we get to know them better. Back in the day, men in Congress were the great liars, manipulators and criminals. Today, women are equal to men in that arena. And Nancy Pelosi is the leader and biggest manipulator of the pack.

On December 18, 2019, the House voted to impeach Donald J. Trump by the vote 230 yes, 197 no for ABUSE OF POWER and 229 yes and 196 no for OBSTRUCTION OF CONGRESS. It now has gone to the Senate for Impeachment trial. The fact that there were no BIPARTISAN VOTES BY THE MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE, makes the impeachment process suspect.

Congressman Adam Schiff lied, gave facts that were misrepresented and he did not say what the committee was going to do. What happened to the WHISTLEBLOWER? What if Schiff goes after Mike Pence in his gamemanship?

Why was Nancy Pelosi living in the swamp? She could have started out first that she thought Donald J. Trump was higher when he was a DEMOCRAT. She lost some of her power, since he became a REPUBLICAN, so this was her payback! She, and other Democrats, began to hate him when he became a Republican! The Democrats and Nancy Pelosi are STAINED! Nancy could be president if she follows her game plan; if both Trump and Pence are removed, she would become president.

There are 45 blogs on to begin the Washington fiasco. You want to know the whole truth; please follow each article in order. Please follow each person first, where they were, what they said at the time, what they did, what their steps were, before, in the middle, at the end.

We look at this mess through the years and through the decades to look for its juncture. Do look at Donald Trump, Obama and even both Bushes.

In the beginning, “We will impeach a president,” said Nancy Pelosi. We didn’t know where the impeachment started, as stated above, before Donald Trump took the Presidency or after. Hillary and staff have lost 30,000 of her emails. Before we start impeaching the President, we show where it began!

We all know who did what and when. To investigate someone, we have to ask the nation who, where, what, when, why and how. We know who ran for the presidency when Obama won the first time versus John McCain. McCain had a role in leaking information about the Trump campaign, but we haven’t found out how much thus far, but perhaps a lot more! Obama won a second time versus Romney. We know that Hillary became Secretary of State. She used her power inappropriately to further her own self-serving interests! (Let’s not forget Hillary is married to Bill Clinton.)

During the Hillary investigation, who handed her case to Comey? Then Comey leaked information to the press. Hillary and Comey met and he helped her by not pursuing charges. They both were the conspirators. They both had their fingers in the pie.

We will start to show you how we set this blog in motion with this investigation. In the last 45 blogs, we began with Obama! We will finally set the investigation around Obama first. We will get all of the investigators with the Obama stuff and hand it over to the prosecutors who know how to decipher it and then pass it to the court clerk to get if charged.

Every individual will be first charged singularly. Then all will be charged as a group. Each attorney will have their own private investigators. Each individual that is charged will have their own judge.


Trump and Obama met, with Trump asking the former president about Joe and Hunter Biden. The Bidens are being investigated for breaking the laws of both Ukraine and United States. We will see later what will happen to the Bidens.

Bad people that may be investigated and charged are: Some members of the Press, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Hillary, Adam Schiff, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Jerrold Nadler, John Brennan, et al.

Susan Rice, former NSA Agency head: On Dec. 23, 2019, she interviewed with tv people and told another lie about Joe and Hunter Biden, Ukraine and Benghazi. Ms Rice demonstrates these lies in her new book entitled, “Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For.”

Chanel Rion, a political interviewer on “One America News” had the President’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, on her program on January 3, 2020. Mr. Giuliani made the case on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, breaking a Ukrainian law 343. Following the money, larger payments were made to Hunter of 16.5 million dollars, with more documents coming in the future. (Joe and Hunter Biden seem to be doing some money laundering and other criminal activity.)

Hillary and Bill Clinton were talked about on Chanel Rion’s show. They also were involved in suspicious Ukraine activities. Ms Rion is a skillful interviewer and one should view her program.

We must mention Adam Schiff again. Adam Schiff called Ukraine about Donald Trump, hoping to get information and dirt for impeachment, but failed. He learned Rudy Giuliani was there.

The whole thing is confusing, but it will be made clear in the future.

Who are the bad people in Washington? Some of them are the worst liars; they run and manipulate with others. They take more money on their way to the top. For example: The STEELE DOSSIER: A SHAM REPORT, which connected Hillary to it, but we don’t know exactly how. People were in a bar discussing Trump’s campaign. Hillary/DNC hired Fusion GPS to get evidence on Trump’s campaign. Steele, a former MI6 agent got information to dirty Trump’s campaign, but most of the information was false. Comey presented the dossier to the FISA Court, but the judges were not told that the dossier was not strong.

On January 7, 2020, Lou Dobbs had on his TV program attorney Tom Fitton, head of Judicial Watch, who stated Obama very definitely knew about the Steele Dossier. Also knowing about the dossier were John McCain, the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI and the Clintons. They are all involved in the coup.



Dec. 19th, 2019, Nancy came out and said, “I want him, (Donald Trump) to be impeached, but not out of office. People hate him.”

We’ll see what happens past December 31st, 2019. The bad people, as we stated earlier, should never be forgotten. Maybe we’ll see some favorable things happen, like prison time for these bad actors.

The Republicans will start a mean game with Nancy, but won’t tell her or not whether they will or will not play her game. Unless Nancy tells the truth first; maybe she will leave her job and go home in 2020.

Now, Nancy. Why don’t you start today by making a list of the bad people of Washington, DC, who have extorted money, committed treason against the nation, laundered money, committed bribery and who continue to make a mess out of Washington, DC.! And start with your own party! As of January, 2020, you have had enough time for you to return to San Francisco and fix it all. All that you have said above, you won’t do. And Nancy, Sean Hannity said on January 15, 2020, if you get all that regarding Donald Trump, you will get a CIVIL WAR!

Take your messy file and turn it over to the people of the USA; we will know what to do with it!


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