We won’t tell you who the whistleblowers are, if they claim to be male or female. We won’t tell you where they come from or where they are employed. We won’t even tell which language they use or if Schiff talked to them or even if he ever saw them, according to Adam Schiff.

We didn’t see the whistleblower, him or her, ourselves, but the whistleblower was the main thing who wasn’t even seen in the impeachment hearings.

This is how Adam Schiff handled himself at the impeachment hearings.

Nancy Pelosi made herself look like the stupid person that she always was. She tried to show us what a bad-ass she was, by tearing up President Donald Trump’s SOTU Address behind his back! The act of tearing up the speech is against the law.

We want our money back! The Bad One, Nancy Pelosi, has taken 32 million dollars from SSI to pay for the impeachment trial! We want our American money back! Nancy, you take our American money and misuse it! Get away from our SSI money! Nancy, you are not a good Speaker at all!

What do we do with all the bad, government people?

So, let’s talk about more people who have wanted to run for office. Mike Bloomberg, who wanted to run for president, would have probably named Hillary as his running mate! As mentioned previously in my blog,, Bill Clinton stationed his foundation in Harlem, NY after his presidency was over. The world still is not dealing with many things that haven’t been fixed yet, like the Clinton’s, Obama’s and other bad-asses.

Then there is the difference between bad Republicans and bad Democrats.

Roger Stone got 40 months for lying. The Democrats, Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Lois Lerner, Comey, etc., have all told lies to the American people and didn’t get punished. If we lied to Congress, we would be in trouble. When Congress lies to us, how come they are not punished and don’t go to jail? All bad politicians need to have a sentence! Both good and bad Americans will remember who they are and that they were bad.

Donald Trump remains the president now. Pres. Trump says Nancy Pelosi will start again to try and impeach and she has probably already started to impeach him again. Already, Pelosi and Schiff are discussing forming an investigative committee with subpoena power to look into the response to the pandemic Corona Virus. If Donald Trump is an evil president, he will be punished and possibly go to prison.

On February 23, 2020, President Trump and President Mody of India made two speeches to 110,000 Indians. The Democratic Indian people are familiar to the American people. We feel that both Presidents Trump and Mody were honestly representing their countries, but we have years to see if they remain truthful. We’ll have to see if some whistleblowers show up in a few years.

We’ve all seen the good and the bad in people. They started out as teenagers, all the way through adulthood. Some don’t get into any trouble, don’t have consequences nor pressure of any kind and make amends. Later, the bad people just continue in their badness. Some are Republicans, some are Democrats or Independents.

With all the good people that have lived a good life, would you like to think of the bad fools living among us? We guess not! We have noted that most bad persons were identified when they were young and grew older, but still continue to live a life of mistreating us. Their behavior as adults should be no surprise. They exhibited this behavior young and as teenagers.

One, the whistleblower Philip Haney, was found dead and suicide was ruled out, according to the El Dorado Sheriff’s Dept. Recently, we have talked about those, like Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, that may have knowledge of the deaths of certain people.

On Saturday, February 2, 2020, South Carolina had its presidential primary. The characters, Biden, Warren, Sanders, et al., all wanted to win it, of course. Joe Biden won the South Carolina primary and took it away from the others, which started his acceleration toward the upcoming presidential election.

Now let’s take a look at that good and bad Joe Biden. He is being investigated by Ukraine for breaking their laws. What if he is found guilty by Ukraine and has been elected President? What if he would be brought to our attention by a whistleblower? Could Mr. Biden then be impeached? Now, a woman has charged him with sexual assault.

A federal judge has summoned Hillary Clinton to his court to sit before him and answer questions on her use of a private email server. It has taken six years for us to get a real view of her. Hillary took to court on crutches. It has taken Judicial Watch six years to get Hillary in a courtroom.

Most people know the difference between a good person and a bad person. We don’t know a person is bad until they give us a clue. We don’t know a politician might be bad until they say something on television or other media, while they run for a seat. You know the politicians who have run for his/her seat many times and won, like Chuck Schumer. He has saved his seat many times. His constituents obviously think he is good. The minority constituents think he is bad and the court should hear it.

On March, 2020, Chuck Schumer gave no doubt that he is a bad person, when he verbally broke a law, by threatening the Supreme Court. Millions witnessed it. To this day, he has not been held accountable.

Recently, Gun Owners of America, demanded Governor Cuomo red-flag, arrest and strip Chuck Schumer of his guns. They also want his armed body guards stripped of their guns. Their reasoning: if ordinary citizens were to threaten the Supreme Court, they would immediately be red-flagged, arrested and their guns confiscated.

Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential primaries and said she is going to fight, because everyone needs a mother. Everyone should be their own responsible person and don’t have some other mother! Will she continue to do this for the mothers in the future? After all, she lied about her ethnicity, her children going to public school and her being fired from her job, when she was pregnant. Therefore, can she be trusted as a politician? We don’t trust her. has reached the same conclusion, since we began about three years ago or so; Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Schiff, et al, are the main Democratic bad people. We would ask who are the whistleblowers and if they would have testified, but Adam Schiff would not tell us who the whistleblowers were and what information they had.

The above-mentioned people will not be investigated, charged, found guilty or sentenced. They will only be found guilty in the court of public opinion. Why didn’t Adam Schiff allow the whistleblower to testify? This is what makes Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the above-mentioned people evil.

In closing, we law-abiding citizens are sick and tired of waiting for people like Hillary Clinton to be held accountable in a court of law and sentenced. It has taken six years for Hillary to be brought before a jusge. What we need now is someone to blow the whistle on Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and others, so they may go to court, also.


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