Violence, riots, looters and bad politicians are becoming the worst elements in America’s culture during this time. Crime, including murder, attempted murder, attempted harm to victims and their families and other people, take place by those people! It is all horrendous!

Someone who becomes violent in their life does not start out angry, but we can see it develop over time. Much of this violence is probably displaced aggression. There is a big difference between protesting peacefully and rioting. We have to develop strategies to deal with the violence, riots and looters, who embed themselves within the peaceful protesters. Good people have learned to deal with their inner-anger and do not go out and act on it. People must not act on their anger through violence. Some people might want to burn down Starbucks, but they don’t. They control their anger. We might look into giving the rioters, looters, and bad politicians new prisons and/or media attention! It will be giving people more needed jobs.

What is America? July 4th, 1776, America declared her independence from Great Britain to become her own country; she is still here after 244 years. America is the best place on earth. We have about 330 million people, plus probably another 20 million illegals. Can’t we all get along!

On May 16, 2020, another episode of violence began with another thing that happened in America, the George Floyd (age forty-six) matter. Hopefully, we’ll see all the evidence before the conclusion in the case. Also, we’ll determine the cost to America, before we give an evaluation.

When George Floyd died, violence, rioting and protesting started. He was 6’4 and he weighed about 223 pounds. He was a strongly-built man. He was arrested eight times and sentenced for Armed Robbery. He was called a bad person.

Mr. Floyd was killed by four officers! They have not been tried yet, but as a result of their actions, riots and mayhem started in various cities. We’ll see how this follows up in the courts in the future.

Right after Mr. Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis, MN police, the violence, rioters, and looters began to destroy the city, due to the ineffective, no good mayor, Jacob Frey (D).

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio (D), have a “rocky relationship”. New York has had an abundance of COVID-19 cases, which has caused a lot of damage in New York. Gov. Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio are both bad and have ruined the state of New York and New York City immeasurably, but both refuse to take responsibility.

Roger Stone is one of Pres. Trump’s most loyal supporters. In January, 2019, the FBI raided Stone’s home at 3:00 AM, with a CNN crew also on the scene. Then on January 19, 2019, special counsel Robert Mueller indicted him with one count of obstruction, five counts of false statements and one count of witness tampering.

Stone was committed by a Federal judge on false statements, witness tampering and obstruction. On 2019, a Federal judge gave him 40 months in prison, a twenty thousand dollar fine and 250 hours community service. But on July 10th, 2020, Pres Trump commuted Stone’s sentence, which was to begin on July 14th, 2020.

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent/author, NYPD officer, testified on George Floyd’s death. (See article by Betsy Swan and Melanie Zamora, 06/09/2020.) Bongino stated watching the video of Floyd being detained, was “difficult to watch.”

Bongino went on to state ,”When I was in the 75th precinct in New York City Police Dept., the golden rule was when the cuffs are on and the subject is controlled, the fight is over.”

Bongino went on to take pot shots at Jerry Nadler. “He’s an intergalactic laughing stock, who should resign in disgrace,” called Ted Lieu a liar and Eric Swalwell “a failed human being.”

On August 28th, 2020, Bongino and his wife were victimized allegedly by ANTIFA, as they were exiting the Republican National Convention on their way back to their hotel. They managed to get safely back to the hotel. It’s worth mentioning that in the morning, members of the “protesters” were also staying at the very expensive Washington DC hotel. Who funded this?

On 7-13-2020, you could have watched the film the Verdict with Paul Newman regarding evil and bad professionals. It was about a doctor trying to discredit a great former nurse by changing the numbers on the patient’s record.

It was a great film with the ending quite troubling. Charlotte Rampling worked with James Mason, the other attorney in this case. They lost the the court case and Paul Newman won.

We never got to hear George Floyd’s story, because violence, riots and looting began in various cities, which set the motion on a higher level!

7-15-2020 – Former Congressman Trey Gowdy on violence: He has 20 years of having no losses as a prosecutor in court. He was amazed at the excuses AOC ( Alexandria Ocasio Cortez) (D)) was making for the looters and rioters. She blamed it on their being afraid to pay rent and having to steal bread to feed their families. Nothing could be further from the truth! According to Trey Gowdy, no one in New York has been charged with stealing bread!

7-15-2020 – A lot of chiefs of police, police officers and deputies have been beaten up by rioters. Recently, there was a riot in Milwaukee and the chief of police authorized the use of tear gas to break it up. He has been demoted!

7-17-2020 Black Lives Matter, the organization, is a Marxist entity, which funnels its money to ACTBlue, a Democratic Party organization. There is a difference between the Black Lives Matter movement and Black Lives Matter, the organization. That being said, “All Lives Matter!”

7-28-2020 AG William Barr testified at the Congressional Judicial Hearing, but he was not heard like he should have been. He is considered a fine, honest, intellectual man who wasn’t allowed to tell us what he knows! He wasn’t allowed to say much at the hearing nor demonstrate his honesty. The Committee rules are not fair and they should be given five minutes to ask questions and he should be given five minutes to respond.

8-11-2020 – Ex-VP Joe Biden (D) has decided on Senator Kamala Harris, (D) California, as his running mate. Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Newsom, Willie Brown, and Kamala Harris have lived and worked in San Francisco. Under their leadership, San Francisco has become the Titanic.

On August 22, 2020, violence continues in Portland, Oregon; The pro-police and anti-police groups clash with each other! Additionally, there were anti-police riots!

One determined man, who spoke at RNC on 8/24/2020, was ANDREW POLLOCK . HIS DAUGHTER, MEADOW, WAS MURDERED on 2-14-2018. She was a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and was killed by another student, who killed 14 students!

Hershel Walker, an EX-NFL football star and all-around good guy tells us that he has known Donald Trump for 37 years and he found him not to be racist. In fact, he likes him!

Sec. Ben Carson said, “President Donald J. Trump is one of us!” Other RNC good people doing the RNC Convention made many uplifting speeches.

On Aug. 30, 2020, another shooting occurred in Portland, Oregon. Mayor Wheeler would not accept the responsibility for it happening. Instead, in his speech on television, he said that Pres. Trump should assume responsibility for it. If he listened all the way, Pres. Trump has been offering everything he could to stop this, before it happened. So, if the Democratic mayor would have accepted help from Donald Trump earlier, Portland would not have had to endure so much rioting and violence.

Lori Lightfoot, the ineffective Democratic mayor of Chicago, has allowed violence and rioting to continue in her city. She has not asked for assistance from any government entity to help her citizens. In fact, she had additional police protection for the block on which she lives, because she said she has a right to the protection. Mind you, the homicide rate in Chicago is soaring; apparently, the citizens of Chicago don’t get the same protection as their mayor.

We found out that the following people are very bad: Who do you listen to then? OBAMA, BIDEN, HILLARY, BILL CLINTON, James Comey, Valerie Jarret, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, John Brennan, James Clapper AND THE OTHERS, WHO HAVE TOLD THOSE LIES? These are bad politicians!

How about Obama? How about the little boy who was born in Hawaii? How about the Obama thugs? You must remember these bad politicians and thugs, who over the past eight years were in the Presidential Offices. They took us through Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, Sec. of State Clinton, ISIS, AG Erik Holder (who was impeached by Congress), Iran pay-offs and Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton by accident at the airport, discussing grand kids and making small talk. The significance of Hillary having to testify shortly thereafter and the coincidence of Lynch and Bill Clinton meeting, cannot be overlooked.

For all these bad politicians and others, there have been no consequences nor punishment to date , except for republicans! And for all the violent, rioters and looters, they must also suffer the consequences.


How do we neutralize violence, rioters, looters and bad politicians? How do we minimize the cost of such bad behavior? Those people have made their CHOICE! We will award them their consequences and punishment! THAT IS OUR CHOICE!!

Violence, rioters, looters and bad politicians have been around as long as Vikings, Romans, English and countless others and will be here unless we do something about it now and in the future. Every year the violence, rioters, looters and bad politicians are known for only wanting to fulfill their agendas, rather than what is really best for the people.

Violent people show their violence by inflicting pain on their victim(s). The acts of violence range anywhere from minimal acts to fatalities! The next step, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York City and any other cities suffering riots and violence is that governors must take up the charge by calling up the National Guard to take control by any means necessary! The FBI should start immediately investigating domestic terrorist ties. recommends that each of the bad people be investigated fully and then receive the right consequences and punishments for their actions. If local, state, and the FBI don’t do it and the bad people in Congress won’t act, we must find a way to accomplish it until we get justice ourselves! If necessary, recall DA’s that are refusing to prosecute.


A new beginning. We must start by thinking new thoughts regarding violence, rioters, looters and bad politicians. We have how they first got that way. We must show them who we are and not accept their actions and in fact, reject and repel them. For example, mayors of cities have encouraged and even participated in those violent acts, but we will no longer allow it. Another example: tearing down statues. We will not allow that either. We will no longer accept these actions by these violent rioters, looters and bad politicians. They either change or they will fall!

We need to have law enforcement, courts and others learn how to deal with increasing acts of violence, rioters, looters and bad people. We need to punish and deal with them. We actually do need to build more prisons. For example, no more “no bail needed”, no lighter sentences and no parole and/or probation for repeat offenders. We need prosecutors and courts, who will hold these criminals accountable. If the prosecutors and courts can’t get the job done, we’ll get rid of them, too through recalls.

It is now at the point where law enforcement may not be able to defend us. Look at Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, New York City and even Washington, DC as an example. We must step up and defend ourselves. Additionally, we must be brave, go forward and hold very powerful, bad and evil politicians accountable, such as the Clintons, Obama, Bidens and any other bad politicians that might be elected in the future.

If President Donald J. Trump behaves in the same way the above-mentioned bad politicians have behaved, he, too, must face the music. If he continues to work hard as President, perhaps he will be re-elected. Perhaps Vice President Mike Pence may be the next president following Pres. Trump.

Why does pick out these tough violators in this piece? The Chicago violent ones that say they’re going to shoot all of the police, to the lady that recently went into a hair salon, Speaker Nancy Pelosi…thought she was free to do anything in government. Oh, and by the way, isn’t Gavin Newsom Nancy Pelosi’s nephew? Every country that reads the aforementioned statements in probably thinks we are bad, violent folks or bad hypocritical politicians! has shown us GOOD PEOPLE, THE VIOLENT, RIOTERS, LOOTERS AND THE VERY WORST PEOPLE. It is now up to you to determine who are the good people, who are the bad people and vote accordingly! Remember, we also vote for county prosecutors and judges, as well as other federal, state, county, municipal and regional offices. Look down the ballot.

The violent, rioters, looters, and bad politicians, have not returned the cost towards how much they owe to the debt of the United States Of America! They will continue to add to the cost and we will continue documenting them, but it will change dramatically for the better, if we build more prisons and facilities for mental health.

America will no longer tolerate the likes of ANTIFA or any other Marxist, communist, socialist entities, radical Democrats or Obama and his thugs. We will drive them out, as we have always done. WE ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

On 8-28-2020, Trey Gowdy said this on Bill Maher’s show. “I’m a prosecutor and I only LIST THE FACTS!” So we have listed the facts!

Americans are great and fantastic people. We are always looking to make life better for the current and next generations.

Long live the American Spirit and God Bless America!


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