The past four years on the blog started with Obama and his thugs. The blog exposed the masked and the ugly truth about them and continues with the mask about Joe Biden and his son, Hunter (and other family members). We want to see these criminals held accountable, tried and sentenced by the courts. Or, if not, tried in the court of public opinion! In this Case we want the thugs to get their consequences!

Don’t listen to Obama, his thugs and their attorneys any longer! You have seen what they look like, heard their voices, and know where they were. You have listened for the last time. The CONTROL: they don’t have it any longer! You have become their Good People’s Court!


Good and bad people have evolved over the years, that we have been on earth. We seem to be lasting as good people! We have been succeeding with families, jobs, communities, education and leisure time, while eliminating the bad things. This means putting people in prison that deserve it. Unfortunately, some people who should be in prison, such as Obama and his thugs, have not been held accountable yet. Over the past four years, many have accused Pres. Donald J. Trump of doing misdeeds. but they have not succeeded in destroying him!

Here are some good people we have found: Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Dan Bongino, J. Christian Anderson, Matt Whitaker (former Acting U.S. Attorney General), Tom Fitton of Judicial watch, Melissa Ann Francis of Fox News, Shannon Bream, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Mike Huckabee, Professor John Turley, Jennifer Griffin, Rudy Giuliani, Maria Bartiromo, Charles Payne, Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Scott and Candice Owens. If these people choose the bad side, we will make the change. These people form the GOOD PEOPLE’S COURT!

Here are some of the bad people we have found: George Soros, Obama and his thugs, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer , Governor Gavin Newsom and more bad politicians!

Bad people like bombers, looters, rioters, we all want those people to have their day in court. Hitler and Stalin were bad leaders and the people needed to get rid of them sooner. Hitler, Stalin, Obama and his thugs, the Clintons, Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China also need to face the courts much sooner.

The Democratic Press have not said anything about Joe Biden or his son Hunter Biden. In fact, the press rarely has printed anything negative about Democrats! The owners/CEO’S of the press should all resign or be taken to Court or be tried in the court of public opinion!

On 2012, Katie Pavlich authored a book, “FAST AND FURIOUS: BARACK OBAMA’S BLOODIEST SCANDAL AND ITS SHAMELESS COVER-UP”. She writes, “No scandal is more threatening through the Obama Administration than Operation Fast and Furious. While other scandals involve money, Fast and Furious involves lives, including that of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, gun-downed with a weapon that the federal government put in the hands of Mexico’s Narco-Terrorist.” If she didn’t tell the truth in her book, then why hasn’t been charged!

Ms. Pavlich continued on the last page of her book: “…Just has blood on his hands.” Issa has said, “What we do know is that enough weapons were down there that inevitably more will die, both American and Mexicans. And this program is the kind that will continue unless we get a change in how Justice views things, and certainly in how political appointees are viewing it. That work continues.” Ms. Pavlich has not been accused of lying nor libel nor taken to court.

One of the worst people: On 9-25-2020, Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband was named in the college admissions scandal; of course, things were thought about Sen. Feinstein over the years, such as her Chinese spy driver and her husband’s close business ties with China. We must trust but verify! The press has not written much on Feinstein nor the Democrats!

Richard Nixon, former president of the United States and Watergate, a burglary gone badly. Nixon, the only president to resign a presidency, without admitting guilt. He would say, “I’m not a crook.” Watergate pales, when compared to the current Russian Collusion by Obama, Hillary and their thugs!

Fortieth president of the United States (1981-1989), Ronald Wilson Reagan and Lt. Colonel Ollie North were involved in the Iran/Contra scandal, (although Pres. Reagan denied the bad things about it) and then there was the USMC barracks bombing in Lebanon. Again, in this blog, the good and bad of Ronald Reagan. The good: end of the Cold War. The bad: Iran/Contra and bombing of Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon. Every president has good and bad in their portfolio. Reagan and North were both interviewed by Congress regarding Iran/Contra, with Lt. Colonel North being admonished by Congress.

THE WHO: America has always had enforcement to raise a court case. If the DOJ or a prosecutor feels they have enough evidence to make a case, they will go to court. If there is enough evidence to prosecute former President Barrack Obama and his thugs, it will be done the SAME, as if for any other CITIZEN! They will remain the WHO in this case. Therefore, we will take Obama and his thugs through the People’s Court! For some time now, courts have not been representing the people, as they should. Politicians are not held accountable. Democrats protect their own, no matter what. However, many Republicans under the Trump presidency have been held accountable and even gone to prison. It is time for the courts to return to their rightful position: that of the People’s Courts.

On Sept. 27th, 2014, an article in the blog, regarding our investigative analysis on the rise and fall of Captain Barack H. Obama and his thugs, entitled, “WHERE ARE THE LOUD VOICES DEMANDING CAPTAIN OBAMA’S RESIGNATION?” was published. They have not been to court, tried nor has the public tried them.

Richard Nixon resigned for doing far less, Eric Holder resigned from the AG position and the New York Times mistakenly thought Obama was going to announce his own resignation, when it was actually Holder that was resigning. Obviously, a lot of things were asserted at the time, but the investigation has long been doing its job on Obama and thugs. While the facts may seem boring at times, it is imperative, that we remind you of them.

We tell you a little bit of how the WHO and where he got started and what got done. It began a long time ago with Obama, starting in Hawaii. “Birther” Orly Taitz, a California attorney, filed on January 28th, 2010, with a Washington, D.C. federal court, that Barack Obama is not a qualified U.S. citizen to hold the office of president. She writes in her filing, “This game of hide and seek by AG Holder and US attorneys at best, treasonous, at worst; national security is on the line.”

The suit demanded other things, that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, provide a copy of Obama’s birth certificate. The case was assigned to Chief Judge Royce Lamberth. This demonstrates that Orly Taitz had difficulties in her case, because of three thugs: Judge Royce Lamberth, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder in Washington, D. C. All the thugs’ minds worked together.

THE WHERE: Most of this emanates from Washington, D.C., otherwise known as The Sleazy Swamp. The Where also includes Hawaii, Chicago, Connecticut, New York, Delaware and many other places too numerous to list.

But worse than Nixon’s Watergate is OBAMA AND THUGS: Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, Solyndra, Iran Pay-off, Uranium 1 Deal, etc. JOE BIDEN AND HIS SON, HUNTER’S, plans with China, Russia and Ukraine. HILLARY AND BILL CLINTON’S plans to gain more money and power. And SUSAN RICE will get everything by just following others.

You can read about these activities in countless books. Tell WHEN and WHY and the HOW. And, NOW you’ll become an investigator like the rest of us.

On 10-13-2020, President. Donald J. Trump was checked into the hospital with signs of COVID-19 and released on 10-15-2020. At this time he continues running for president for the next four years. We will tell you more about Donald Trump in the next blog.

THE AMERICAN CITIZENS: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? If Obama and his thugs don’t go to the courts, the American citizens will formulate, get it together with other good people, who will then start a new People’s Court System!

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch knows investigative practices and he has taken Hillary Clinton to court. He has done a great job of digging into Hillary’s misdeeds and exposing them. Currently, he is trying to bring Hillary to justice, but it is an uphill battle.

You have to decide whether the book “Fallout” (authors John Solomon and Seamus Bruner) is a true representation of Obama and his thugs or if it is false. If we read it to be true, then we have sufficient information to hold Obama and his thugs accountable and to have their day in court for We the People. If we interpret the book to be false, then Obama and his thugs are innocent and will go happily on their way.

However, when you read “Fallout”, you will be angry with Obama and his thugs, want to see justice served and see Obama and his thugs in court. Someone from the Dept. of Justice has to be willing to have the courage to indict. First, the DOJ has to determine, if they have enough evidence to make a case. If it feels there is enough evidence, they they must indict. Next, if the DOJ does not do its job, then the American people will!

In “Fallout,” Obama thugs and families, Biden & Hillary, are the main topics. Biden’s quid pro quo, such as, “I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars . I said, you’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours I looked about them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.” January 2018 (Read this book!)

Whoever breaks the law, a politician or regular citizen, must be prosecuted and go to court. This is the law of the land!

On October 14th, 2020, Hunter Biden broke into the news. His computer was dropped off at a computer repair shop, where thousands of emails were discovered, which showed inappropriate business practices and also showed a connection of then VP Joe Biden’s influence over governments to protect and realize monetary gain for his son. The FBI have known about Hunter’s escapades for a long time and have done nothing. They have had possession of his computer for almost a year and have opened no investigation. Rudy Giuliani got a look at the emails and is trying to get the Democrat-run press to expose it. The Democrat-run press have virtually published nothing about Hunter and Joe Biden. Joe Biden wanted Kamala Harris to be VP, should he become president and have to step down or face impeachment. This is yet another example of Obama and his thugs running rampant on our system of justice.

It seems the average American citizen can be brought to court for their BAD BEHAVIOR, with the exception of Democrats and or bad politicians!

Everyone has now heard about Obama and his thugs and families! If the agencies, such as DOJ, FBI. etc. have not done their jobs, then Congress and the Courts can’t hear their cases; the American people will have to take it up!

No person can break the law! Obama and his thugs are citizens who are after POWER and MONEY! How much power and money have they got?!

The legal system, Congressional or court system should do their job, then Americans would have confidence in their system. While hating those who have broken the law, they will feel justified in their positions.

And so we have the EVIDENCE for the numerous crimes committed by Obama, his thugs and more. If the courts or others do not give them sentences or consequences, they win. In the court of public opinion, the WORLD knows and will give the USA our sentence or consequence in the WORLD COURT!

Obama and thugs, what they’ve done badly in their lives, we’ve never heard all of it. If we had heard about it, they could have been taken to Court a long time ago. Certainly, we could have brought them to the Court of Public Opinion a long time ago!

They must go to court and if they don’t go to court, perhaps the good people we mentioned above, can set up the court to answer what we have described above!

The GOOD PEOPLE, as we have mentioned above, can be afforded to start the GOOD PEOPLE’S COURT! For their work, America can be higher for the world.

EVIDENCE: Tony Bobulinski, on 10-22-2020, gave testimony on the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox TV that he has enough evidence that shows Joe Biden and Hunter Biden have been thieves! Mr Bobulinski was interviewed by the FBI a week earlier and hopefully, Congress will interview him at a later date. He has been on TV and either he will tell the truth about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden or if not, and he is lying, he should go jail! Why hasn’t the FBI acted on this? Why is the FBI waiting so long?

October 24, 2020, Congressman Jim Jordan and Congressman Tom Collins told Maria Bartiromo that they need to have SUBPOENAS handed out to Obama and his thugs.

On 10-25-2020, President Donald Trump appoints Amy Cony Barrett to be Supreme Court Associate Justice (52-48 vote) . Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas (been a Supreme Court Justice since 10-23-1991) swore in Justice Barrett. She gave an instrumental argument to bring JUSTICE back to America.

EPILOGUE: Every person will answer a cry for truthfulness, but with a denial first of all. We asked them over and over to finally get over their guilt. You have become an instrumental investigator now to find these people, Obama and his thugs, guilty of what they have done and you know you were right about providing evidence of their GUILT!

You know the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY AND THE HOW of what they did and get them to Court and to their sentence! When Obama and his thugs won’t comply with the truth, the only thing to remember is to begin a People’s Court with Good people!

We want America to be first in truth.


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