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We recently published a parody about Joe R. Biden, Jr., but he was elected president over Donald Trump! Let’s see how he started out. The Democrat replaces the Republican. (And let’s not forget Bernie Sanders, he of the mittens and crossed leg, with memes galore! Bernie on a gurney, because his campaign was on life support…again!)

We could start out with Biden’s about 47 years as a senator and eight years in the Obama/Biden Administration, but we have already written so much about these guys, so let’s just concentrate on the current administration in You can go back and read the past blogs.

So, let’s start with Biden’s Administration to see how he will be as president:

  1. On the first day, Biden signed the executive orders, that appeared to be blank and did not show the actual orders.
  2. Your first day in office – Biden’s broken promise: You said you were going to create jobs. Then one of the first executive orders you did was to get rid of the XL Pipeline, which eliminated about 11,000 jobs and also impacted Canada.
  3. So, who is Joe Biden? He’s full of broken promises and a bully politician. He’s about 47 years of nothing but baloney, lying and plagiarizing.
  4. Where did those 145 million campaign dollars come from?

Since President Joe R. Biden came into office, he has reversed many of Pres. Trump’s immigration policies. The “Catch and Release” policy is back in effect. This policy allows illegal immigrants to enter the United States, where they are given a court date. They are then allowed to roam freely the United States until that court date…if they even show up, doubtful. He has also decided to be BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) with China, Russia and Iran.

How is it that “Nothing Joe” could have even gotten elected to the presidency? After all, he followed other people, such as Obama and the Clinton’s. He doesn’t have an original thought in his head. Joe, Jill, Hunter and other family members: their entire mission in life is to accrue wealth, status and power. (He has 4 houses.) President Biden wouldn’t talk to Donald Trump or anyone else for that matter, because Biden decided to hide in his basement!

Hunter Biden, Dr. Jill and Uncle Jim Biden appear to be involved in criminal activity! They have done all the things we have listed in the earlier blogs and continue to do so to this day. Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Schumer, et al, we fear are just as guilty. None of these people have been charged, tried, found guilty and incarcerated. They are not embarrassed by their actions and have experienced no consequences for those actions. Where is the Durham report to this day?!

On February 7th, 2021, it was reported Hunter Biden’s friend was working as an attorney for the DOJ and will be Hunter’s attorney! What did President Joe R. Biden do for Hunter and what will he do for him in the future?

Vice-President Kamala Harris will learn from the above, but as a former Attorney General of California, she cannot charge anyone with anything! Kamala-Protestors-Pelosi: If you push them (the rioters), they will kill. (A lot of people want them to resign and/or be impeached.) There will be much more unsettling information about Kamala Harris in future blogs.

Looking back, as remembers BLM and Antifa, violence went wrong for the Democrats in places such as Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington, DC and all over California. Democratic leadership didn’t say a word against this violence. In fact, they condoned it and even made excuses for it. One congressman even called Antifa a myth. Getting back to Washington, DC, they tried to accuse Donald Trump of an insurrection and impeached him again! Clearly, Democrats and Republicans cannot be friends and work together.

In the movie “Cool Hand Luke”, the main subject, Luke Richards, got put in jail, ran away and was caught. After a couple times running away, he then was a broken man. He became a little man, thinking he was going to run again. He did the final runaway with his friend, thinking that he had beaten the warden, however, a warrant had been issued. Yet, unbeknownst to Luke, he would get caught, get more time and be sentenced to a stricter penitentiary.

What happened to Cool Hand Luke is what happens to us regular folk. We pay the price for our misdeeds. But people like Obama, Biden, the Clinton’s, Comey, etc., would always skate free. We are going to put a stop to it with the People’s Court.

Regular folk get frustrated and they protest with banners, yelling, chanting and demand consequences for politicians, like Obama, Biden, the Clinton’s…and even Donald Trump. Thus far, Democrats have attempted to hold Donald Trump accountable and have failed both times. The Democrats have not been held accountable and this will further anger and frustrate people.

On February 7th, 2021, Chris Murphy, (D) from Connecticut was on Chris Wallace Sunday Fox News Report and said former President Donald Trump must be tried for inciting riots that took place on January 6th, 2021, which breached the Capitol Building. feels Murphy would have more credibility, if he would also hold accountable Obama, Biden and all former presidents, who have committed crimes during their terms in office.

The people will yell at them, show their signs and gather in large crowds, such as Portland, Seattle and Washington, DC. If they get really frustrated, we have seen them morph from protesting to rioting! But we don’t want protesting crossing over into rioting, so we will take these bad politicians to the United States People’s Court (USPC), thereby giving the protesters their satisfaction.

As we go forward into the future, more and more people will discover the ugliness of the likes of the Democratic Party, especially Biden, Obama, the Clinton’s and all their minions (Antifa and BLM), which participated in attempting to bring down our republic. Democrats are a self-serving group, only interested in furthering their own interests: money and power! They will no longer earn money and they will fall out of power!

The Constitution of the United States says a president holding office who gets in trouble can be impeached, then possibly convicted for treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Obamagate held power for eight years with no accountability! But Obamagate will get consequences through the United States People’s Court, our People’s Court! Since former President Donald Trump was impeached as a private citizen, that opens the door to impeachment of all other presidents…including Obama!

On February 6th, 2021, former President Donald Trump faced a second Senate trial, which could have “disqualified him running for the presidential office or any other office”, should he have been found guilty. Of course, the Democratic Party wanted him to be found guilty, but they failed…again.

Donald Trump faced two impeachment hearings, so President Biden should also be impeached for stating he knows nothing about Hunter Biden breaking the law and for making insane, dangerous executive orders 20 days in office, such as eliminating 11,000 jobs and opening the border to a deluge of illegal immigrants. speaks for the people! When we witness corruption, such as money from lobbyists or dirty foreign money, it is a theft from all of us! We will take those unfaithful parties and demonstrators to the people’s power. They are no longer powerful. Like Luke Richards, who found a greater punishment, corrupt politicians will receive an even greater punishment from the rest of the people! We will solve this through the People’s Court!

When we punish the bad politicians, we will treat them like they are nothing…invisible! We will take their money…all of it! Power and adulation are what politicians feed upon. We will take that away, too! They will be shunned by their own party, because party members know, if they step out of line, they will also be shunned; Pelosi and Schumer, Hillary, etc. come to mind!

All the Obamagate people that have been investigated by the FBI and DOJ, have not been held accountable, except for one low-level attorney who got six months probation. That’s it. We are still waiting for Durham’s report.



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