On August 4th, 2014, was born. The blog was created originally to investigate Pres. Obama and his administration’s crimes. Sadly, to date, very few consequences have been meted out to Obama or his minions. Each person in Obama’s administration, who has committed a crime, needs to be held responsible. We have not seen that yet. We are waiting for Durham’s report to see where the accountability will fall…if at all. (To date, Durham’s team is still working on the report, but no new information has been released.) That aside, we will show you how each person needs to be treated the same way under the law.

Let us remember that the Lord gave Moses a pretty good cheat sheet on how to live our lives: The Ten Commandments. For those of you that need to brush off those clay tablets, they were basically a list of rules to follow to live a decent life. But more than that, they were a covenant between the Lord and his people.

THE WORLD—The Lord created the universe and then zeroed in on earth, creating living creatures, especially HUMANS, AMERICA—AND WE, THE PEOPLE—We are still the people, both GOOD AND BAD! We, the people, know, which are good and which are bad. We said, that the bad people, after going to court, need to be punished. Obama and his crew, who are overwhelmingly bad, have not gone to court nor been punished these past eight years. Katie Pavlich, who named names of wrong-doing in the Obama Administration, has yet to be called to court to testify against the Obama Administration and defend her expose of the Obama gun-running operation, in which a border agent was killed. Good people know that Katie wrote the truth and backed it up in her book, “Fast and Furious”.

Every morning when the Senate is in session, Berry C. Black, the Senate chaplain, says an opening prayer before the Senate. He says a prayer upon which the Senate listens and reflects. He will address a specific topic, like the death of a DC police officer, challenges to the country and conflicts in the world.

Pres. Biden: The Lord sees all, knows all. But somewhere along the way, Joe Biden thinks he knows even more than God! On March 25, 2021, the untruthful and lying President Biden held a press conference. Fox News was not called upon! The truth was not told, but God was listening!

President Biden spoke on March 31, 2021, regarding fans on the first day of sports returning to the stadiums, vaccination progress and Dr. Fauci. He went on to say, that he listens to the experts and science! Biden said, “I trust Dr. Fauci.” Dr. Fauci has had a questionable relationship with the Wuhan lab of virology through the NIH. Was Donald Trump right all along? Looks like it.

First Lady, Jill Biden, loves President Biden for Philly sports and the importance of pay equity between men and women in sports. The First Lady is a liar, as demonstrated in the last article and she and the Biden crew are liars and opportunists in everything. Later, we will devote more time to her and her conniving.

We will expose more about Pres. Biden’s son, Hunter, in the future. But here is something we know at this time. Hunter Biden is denying responsibility for the computer that he dropped off to have repaired. He never picked it up nor paid the bill. His signature, however, is on the repair shop receipt. He is a liar! Recently, he wrote a book, “Beautiful Things”, released April 6th, 2021. We will discuss his Russian interference claims later. Hunter also purchased a gun at a gun shop. His wife, Hallie, took the gun and threw it in the trash can by the store. Why? Returning later to retrieve the gun, it was gone. The Delaware Police were then notified.

Since the gun was discarded not far from the high school, there were concerns high school students might get their hands on it. Who notified the Delaware Police? Amazingly, the Secret Service showed up at the gun owner’s shop, demanding the sales paperwork. Palmiere, the shop owner, refused and the Secret Service left.

The gun shop owner turned the paper work over to the ATF. Joe Biden claims he has no knowledge of the Secret Service visiting Palmiere and the Secret Service has taken the official position stating they did not send agents to the gun store. Whole lot of lyin’ and denyin’ going on. Many unanswered questions about the gun incident still exist. Why hasn’t Hunter been charged, as well as his wife, and why hasn’t Joe Biden been charged for his shenanigans in the Ukraine?

Remember Orly Taitz and her lawsuits against Obama? Did Obama ever reside in Connecticut and did he get a social security card issued from that state? By now, we should certainly know, if he did.

And Katie Pavlich, who had her book, “Fast and Furious”, as well as John Solomon and Seamus Bruner, who wrote “Fallout”…Did they make their points against Obama, Erik Holder, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton? Yes, they certainly did!

And then there’s Kamala Harris. She will try to force us to do her bidding in the near future, even though it has been over 71 days with more to follow, since she was tasked with solving the border crisis. The border was supposedly closed on May 27th, 2021 and still she has not visited it nor the hard-working Border Patrol agents. She is really under the radar and we really don’t know much about what she is currently doing. She recently demonstrated that she is dumber than a box or rocks, when she spoke at the Annapolis Commencement.

How do we get you to remember? You must read the Mueller Report for starters and again, when can we expect the Durham Report? Democrats and the media lied to protect the Steele Dossier and the Russian collusion story. They continue to this very day. FAKE NEWS! suggests watching or listening to Mark Levin on television, radio or podcast to find out about these current affairs. Afterwards, discuss with others, topics Mark has presented. Don’t be afraid to speak up and defend your point of view with facts.

We would like to live in a wonderful, peaceful world, but we can’t. Everything is topsy-turvy; up is down and down is up. Everything we were taught in kindergarten doesn’t work: being kind, doesn’t work; sharing doesn’t work. Crooked politicians succeed; the morally corrupt succeed; breaking the rules brings success. While birds are still flying high in the sky, those high-profile people that need to be punished are still not punished. Years later, we are still waiting.

The Lord looks at those government liars every day! There they are: Obama, Biden, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, Alan Schiff, Comey, Swalwell The Spy, Holder, Rice and so many more that haven’t been held accountable by our legal system.

There is Obama and his loot and Biden capitalizing on his 47 years in public office, as well as his family realizing financial gain through his government and political connections. The Clintons have their foundation and Pelosi and Feinstein have their business ties. And there are many more from both parties reaping financial gains, due to their political connections and government employment. They have all demonstrated the never-ending fleecing of the American people! Not only is it continuing, it has gotten worse.

Last chance Christ – These elites, Obama, Biden and others, think they are more powerful than “We, the people,” but they are NOT! We will watch them forever!

“We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” That line from the movie, “Network”, shouted by Albert Finney, describes perfectly what many people feel today, coupled with feelings of hopelessness and frustration.

Biden, Obama, the Clintons, the Democratic Party and others have been around dark money forever. But we, the people, will never stop until they are held accountable, where we will induct them into the political Hall of Shame. WE THE PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL AND OVERCOME!



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