America Must Always Be Truthful

In Washington, DC, the level of lawlessness has reached epic proportions, from the low-level thug,+6 all the way to the highest level thug politician. These thugs must be tried in the highest court ever, but it has to be fair and truthful.

John F. Kennedy was a Democrat. How do you know what happened to John F. Kennedy? Do you really know what happened? Why or why not? When do you ever find out the truth? The NSA received a lot of your personal information without you even knowing about it. Has the NSA been held accountable? No! Do you remember Jane Fonda? She was the treasonous girl during the Vietnam War! Has Hanoi Jane been held accountable? No! What about the UFO’s appearing all these years, without us knowing what they really are. Who even oversees UFO investigations? Pentagon? Can they be trusted? No! And what about the 9/11 Commission? Probably not. And the COVID-19 fiasco? So much misinformation and disinformation at all levels of government, from municipalities to federal, and all the agencies, such as school boards, health districts, etc.

We will coninue to ferret out the truth about these people: PRES. OBAMA, MICHELLE OBAMA, JOE BIDEN, JILL BIDEN, HUNTER BIDEN, NANCY PELOSI, CHUCK SCHUMER, DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ, AND SO MANY MORE. has spent the last eight and a half years investigating and exposing Obama and his thugs. Consequences have not been delivered thus far, nor do we want to spend another eight and a half years on misinformation, disinformation and cover-ups from the media.


JFK made several missteps as president and he became a victim, because of those mistakes. We are still waiting for the whole truth to be released by the National Archives, as to what really happened to him. Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and Obama should get their punishment and consequences, as well or we will get them by the courts, the people of the country or God!

The blog was started over eight years ago to investigate the above and hopefully warrants will be served, homes and offices will be searched and they will suffer through many investigative interviews.

You may be wondering: what are they going to court for? They will be charged with breaking Federal Laws. Some may even be charged with murder.

They will be charged with TREASON. (18 US CODE and 2381)

They will be charged with LYING UNDER OATH. (18 US CODE AND 1621 PERJURY UNDER SECTION 1746)


They will be charged with SPYING (ESPIONAGE) AND CENSORSHIP. (US CODE 18 CHAPTER 37, 792, ETC.)

They will be charged with EXTORTION…(18 US CODE AND 1951)

They will be charged with ENTRAPMENT…(645 DOJ)

And let’s not forget ERIC SWALWELL, who had been sleeping with a Chinese spy, Fang Fang and taken money!

IN COURT: These trials will be the most gargantuan ever witnessed! There will be high-powered attorneys, with their exorbitant fees, representing the above scum. There will be a never-ending jury pool. The throngs of people viewing the proceedings will do so from sport coliseums. Additional judges will have to be confirmed in order to preside over the longest trials ever.

But now, let’s look at current events. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, forced to resign, will probably face both federal charges for the deaths of nursing home patients and sexual harassment of staff and others. (On 08/07/2021, the Sheriff stated that the investigation of Gov. Cuomo into allegations of sexual assault and harassment had begun.) We will now wait to see what charges, if any, await former Gov. Cuomo.

,Then on the Mark Levin show on 08/07/2021, he interviewed Congressman James Jordan about Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called her a liar. Mr Jordan said Ms. Pelosi hasn’t been asked the question, “Weren’t you, Speaker Pelosi, suppose to notify the Sergeant at Arms that the capitol building was being breached?” Weren’t you suppose to answer this question, Ms Pelosi? Well, we are asking you this question, yet again. We will answer for you. No, you did not notify the Sergeant at Arms.

Then there is the useful idiot, AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She throws around “scientific knowledge” about how the planet earth will be done in 12 years and plants can grow in dirt! But, she is a dangerous, useful idiot, because she is backed by powerful people, who look forward to the demise of America. She is a dangerous, Socialist-Marxist that is at the beck and call of those sinister forces. Remember, Senator Bernie Sanders is her mentor.

In the movie, “The Verdict”, Paul Newman, playing the part of a civil attorney, tells the jury, “You are the law.” We Americans are the law. We are the jury and above the judges! If the courts do not try these thugs, we, the people, will try them ourselves. In the end, the Lord will definitely try them. They will face consequences one way or the other!

On Saturday, August 21, 2021, on Greg Guttfeld Show, Rob O’Neal, Senior Chief Petty Officer, who is credited with killing Osama Bin Laden, said American citizens must be rescued at any cost and anyone in the way of that mission will be killed.

On 08/22/2021, former President Donald Trump, in a speech in Alabama, said this, “Don’t mess with America or we will rain down on you the full force of the US Military,” or words to that affect. As we have said in previous blogs, “Don’t mess with America!”

So untruthful is President Joe Biden that he told another grave lie, when he told us to take a third booster vaccine! Maybe even 4 or more may be required. President Biden also has told this despicable lie, when he told Afghan-Americans, that they only had until Aug. 31st to get out of Afghanistan. Why did he wait until the last minute? Another lie!

Don’t give Joe Biden anything. He has a propensity to claim others’ ideas and make them his own, in addition to his blatant falsehoods. For example, go back and watch Netflix “Designated Survivor”. It’s as if Biden is following the script for America’s domestic and foreign policy. We will delve into this further in our next blog. Remember, even Obama said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f**ck things up!”

On vacation. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should immediately resign or be impeached, not only for past transgressions, but also for congregating at events during the Covid-19 pandemic. On the past weekend of August 21st, Schumer was dancing at a party, where many were without masks. Pelosi, in particular, hosted a gala at her vineyard in Napa, California, where the guests were also without masks.

As far as resignations are concerned, Gen. Milley and the Secretary of Defense should resign in shame immediately. They have proven to be inept and dangerous to the military, as well as to Americans. Let’s also throw Jen Psaki into the resignation pile. She misleads the White House Press Corps, who then mislead the American public. At this point, Biden’s entire cabinet should resign…and any other government employees who do not have the best interests of the American people as their main objective.

Currently, we are leaving Afghanistan, which Pres. Biden has mismanaged to the nth degree. Americans are suppose to be out by August 31st, 2021. Unfortunately, is demanding Biden’s resignation, impeachment or court martialing. But, we will concentrate on Biden, his family, his thugs and their actions, rather than their words in the next blogs. We will also keep our eyes on Obama, his thugs and their actions, rather than their words.

We have discussed liars in previous blogs as being bad people, such as, Obama and his thugs, Joe Biden, his wife, Jill Biden and Hunter Biden. For example, Biden tells lie after lie to deflect the attention away from his son, Hunter, and this is the reason Biden does it. Notice how Biden rarely takes any media questions. He walks away from them.

America used to be number 1. That is no longer true. What happened? Joe Biden happened. But, we will claw our way back, because that’s what Americans always do. Americans are the truth! Joe Biden has f**cked it up, according to Obama. On 08/26/21, four Marines and three others were killed and Biden was nowhere to be found….


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