People who are Democrats, Republicans or anything else should be charged, put on trial, and be sentenced by the Court when necessary. They all have things to say or not. Remember, Richard Nixon and others, all Republicans, were charged in the Watergate debacle; Bill Clinton, a Democrat, was impeached as President. Even Bonnie and Clyde and their gang, who hated government and banks, paid the ultimate sacrifice for their misdeeds. They were shot dead by sheriffs and Texas Rangers.

Hillary Clinton has not been charged yet with crimes, nor has Obama, nor other Democrats, nor James Comey, who was on the FBI side and should be neutral.

The media constantly gave Obama a pass and looked the other way, ignoring his missteps and possible criminal misconduct, i.e. Russia. His mic was on when he told Medeved he would have more flexibility in his second term. To do what?

On the last episode, “eyesonusa” selected BARACK OBAMA as our topic of interest. Obama is a Nobel Prize winner and was also President of the United States. Yet, eyesonusa put Putin as Prime Minister of his government in this issue and we don’t know how Putin manipulated Obama. The eyesonusa will give you a limited view of Obama in this episode.

The House of Representatives voted “yes” for the Robert Mueller Report to be realized, April 3, 2019.  It was revealed to the American people on APRIL 3, 2019.  It gave Donald Trump a CLEAR ACCOUNT not to be held liable both criminally and civilly. After two years, Mueller’s investigation came up with nothing and cost Americans a lot of money.

On May 29, 2019, Robert Mueller decided to give a speech about his report. It was a lie about it. Mueller said, “Democrats, I am not going to be your savior.” Mr. Mueller decided to retire and say nothing more about it. Whatever he would, would have to be a lie! He would not be talking about Hillary or the King, OBAMA.

Obama: He thinks he is the King of the World, or at least he let’s us think that. But Obama stinks regarding Russia. What does Obama smell like? He smells like Hillary Clinton and her shenanigans while she was Secretary of State, doing her uranium deals. Now that he is no longer president, Putin has no use for Obama.

Now, Obama is no longer king, he’s just a bad writer. But in Obama’s mind, he is still the King and a great writer. He is not a demon, just a bad president. An example would be Obama’s health law is unconstitutional.

Let’s not forget what Obama’s former Administration was culpable of:

Eric Holder involved in Fast and Furious and impeached.

Benghazi: Obama and Hillary lied to victims’ families and the American

Hillary knew what Obama was doing and Obama knew what Hillary was doing
regarding Russia and other things.

IRS scandal. (Lois Lerner) (A horrible thing.)

Others who think themselves like king and queens and should be charged and go to court: Susan Rice, John Brennan, James Clapper, Ben Rhodes, Erik Holder, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Strzok, his lover, Page and many more.

May 3, 2019, Sean Hannity (The TV/radio host) (The Contact Man) said that phase was just starting that evening.  He said that Obama, Hillary C. Susan Rice, James Comey, and many more will charged and go to court following a major scandal.  They will become the major cast, worse than the cast in Watergate. (Refer to past articles of eyesonusa and you will see that we were the first to expose these aforementioned criminals.)

Mark Levin, on May 21, 2019, published his latest book, “Unfreedom of the Press.” You should read it as the title clearly explains what the book is about.

Should anyone be charged thus far? Yes or no? Should anyone be prosecuted? Should anyone be adjudicated? Should anyone be sentenced to prison or not?

How might people find themselves in this process? It starts by someone hears something about themselves; they look at others and finally talk to others; people hear the facts or evidence against them; law enforcement has the authority to investigate; they write reports about you or them; then you or they see a judge. The judge must hear the evidence clearly, call you or them to stand before him and then he will sentence you or them to time behind bars,if you or they have been found guilty.

Remember, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW,(such as, Obama, Hillary, Rice, Comey, and many others). Since Hillary and Obama probably will not be charged, perhaps Putin will give them the proper punishment, because he has in the past.



The only thing we have learned about Washington DC is it talks a lot, investigates a lot and talks a lot more.  Nothing, or any one, is found guilty and does time, except the Republicans, (or if they are the FBI Investigator who was murdered the day before he has to testify about Fast and Furious).  We usually know when someone has committed a crime, what was the motive, he/she is investigated, charged and goes to trial.  If they are found guilty, let them do their time in the penalty box (jail).  Unfortunately, we have learned the legal process has become inequitable.

Sorry, but we have learned that the legal process became inequitable after witnessing countless infractions by Hillary Clinton, her staff and legal counsel. President Obama, you know what Hillary did…and if not, why  didn’t you know what Hillary was doing?  Hillary lied to Congress; she should have been charged!

Both are problems for you, Mr. Obama.  You either knew Hillary  Clinton was working for you as the Secretary of State, or you didn’t, when she approved a  Russian company 25 million dollars for Uranium purchases.

Every one lies.  Republicans and Independents suffered more ….   Mr. Obama also lied to the UN, when he said the Benghazi horror was the result of a video. He also lied to the faces of the Benghazi victims’ families that again, it was a video. He lied to the American people and said it was a video. But no impeachment for him. Why? Not only did he lie, but he blatantly planned a cover-up of the Benghazi incident, along with Hillary, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice,  et al.

Hillary never told the truth about her missing documents (30,000 e-mails).  In fact, she has lied about them to Congress.  She didn’t want talk to Congress again just to stop going to prison, like Michael Cohen!  We think Hillary and Obama has theory against Trump .

So, let”s start where we left off with Mr. Obama.  The internet has 50 Facts or Fiction items regarding Barack Obama, Obama Lies? – Truth! Fiction! and Unproven!  We’ll just address five of these.

  1. Selma got me born.  Lie, because Obama was born in 1961; Selma was in 1965.
  2. Obama used drugs in high school. True.
  3. “An Ebony article moved me to run for office,” Obama said.
  4. Obama said, “Without me, there would be no Ethics bill.”  Unknown if this is true.
  5. Obama said he released his state records. Unknown if this is true.

Next:  you will find this to be truthful…

  1. Benghazi  (Obama said it was a video, which caused the Benghazi incident, but it wasn’t.)
  2. Fast and Furious (Eric Holder, Obama’s AG was also involved in this.)
  3. The money that we gave to Iran. (John Kerry was also involved in that transaction.)
  4. The Syria Red Line (Syria crossed it and Obama ran away.)
  5. Picking HILLARY CLINTON as Secretary of State

Many things took place between Barack Obama and Donald Trump regarding Obama’s birth controversy.  This became the war between these two men (a war that started between Obama and Trump).  A woman named Orly Taitz brought these two men to argue, since Trump took Orly Taitz’ side against Obama. (Obama was born on August 4, 1961 either in Kenya or Hawaii.) Let’s assume that Obama was actually born in Hawaii. He himself has lied about being born in Kenya. It is stated on one of his book jackets in earlier editions. (Later editions, it was removed.) He and his wife have gone to Kenya and stated he was born there. So, at the least, Obama is a liar and at the worst, he became President under false pretenses.

Listening to your favorite station on television or radio, those who are criminally charged and/or found guilty will rarely admit it: Barack OBAMA, Hillary CLINTON, or their surrogates.  These people need to be found guilty in all of the fruits of the law.  From November 2015 to March 2019, we have been writing about the cold-bloody mess of the gone-evil people.

These people need to be charged and tried in a justice system that is equal under the law of the land.  Since ninety percent of the press are liberals, it is their obligation to expose and investigate other liberals, as well as conservatives. GET A LIST OF THE HIGHEST LIBERALS THAT COULD BE CHARGED …


Most liberals have not been charged;  liberals that have not been charged to date … James Comey, Andrew McCabe,  Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein, James Orr, Peter Strzok, et al.

On March 14, 2019, Sean Hannity, a radio and tv personality,  made the following observation!  “figure that the same thing came about with Obama,”  and his abuse of power.  John Mccain,  after he joined Obama, Hillary, and their power, leaked The Dossier. Other people had the very same report!

ROBERT  MUELLER REPORT … He is the Special Prosecutor whose report will be out shortly.  If he has done his report honestly, he will have found Hillary Clinton, Obama, and others guilty.

If they are not charged, we run out of time on Mueller’s investigation of Obama, Clinton, the DOJ/FBI and others.  We should never run out of time on terrible persons!






Over the years, many politicians have been charged, found guilty of destroying their lives and left Washington, DC. They were charged for their involvement in the following statement:

“All agencies finding the facts against a person, or persons, by any government agent         must be charged! You’re going to find crimes against those people and they must be           punished to the fullest extent of the law. We’re going to find a way to file a charge               against the guilty ones and file charges against any person or people.”

How will an accusation begin? Well, we have to find the person or persons.   We have  to start a rumor against someone.  We have to bring the rumor to  Government agents.  The government agency all talk about the rumors and make the decision to find all of the FACTS in the case, charge the person or persons. They have that person or persons to be seen by the Courts. If the person or persons is a republican or democrat and doesn’t want to go to court and have a punishment, they feel the Justice System is above them and they don’t have to comply.

If you haven’t read the last article, “BOOM, FINDING THE FACTS ON HILLARY CLINTON,” take some time now and read it.

All of us for some reason have seen this motion; we have heard that people have been found out to do something, been investigated, found out facts, and have been guilty or not guilty. Now, we’ve seen Hillary going through the same motion and will be going through the same investigation. We don’t know enough about Barack Hussein Obama, yet.

Hillary has given up her SECURITY CLEARANCE ON AUGUST 30, 2018, ACCORDING TO SENATOR CHUCK GRASSLEY, CHAIRMAN OF THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE She continues to be investigated regarding her mishandling of e-mails.

Hillary Clinton has been interviewed, continues to keep going and now it’s time to investigate Obama and his administration.  We need to discover who the real Obama really is, since he has SPENT much of the time lying to everyone over an abundance of years. Many of the agents in the FBI, holdovers from the Obama Administration have been fired or resigned in disgrace as of Dec. 5th, 2018.

Orly Taitz said a few things about Obama;  she took him to court on his birth place. Additionally, he changed his place of birth from Kenya to Hawaii and his Social Security Number that was from Connecticut.

When Donald Trump took office, the DOJ started investigating him. They are still investigating him. What else is being investigated? WHY ISN’T THE DOSSIER BEING INVESTIGATED? What’s happening with that? Under Trump’s Administration, the American People have already reaped the rewards of tax breaks and restructuring. Now the Democrats have The House, but they will not legislate, they will only investigate, investigate, investigate…

When Obama was in office, the Republicans investigated Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, Hillary Clinton, etc. However, they never investigated Obama and his direct connection to the aforementioned scandals. We must find out who Obama really is regarding Benghazi in order to criminally charge him and make sure he goes to Court. Also, Obama manipulated behind the scenes with Iran and gave them almost a half billion dollars and lifted sanctions. All this occurred secretively. Most recently, Obama gave 310 million dollars to lawyers to represent illegal aliens, which is against the law. These are the facts, not fiction.

WHEN YOU CROSS THE LINE, YOU HAVE BROKEN THE LAW…And yet, there are many people who are guilty of crimes (Hillary), but they are not being charged; nothing happens to them. Why not?

We now have connected most of the dots starting with Hillary and other members of the government, but we still need to connect that final dot that might lead us to Donald Trump and BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Obama, as stated above, according to Orly Taitz, was either born in Kenya or the U.S.  His teenage life had a history of using drugs.  He graduated high school and started college at Occidental in California.  After he finished college, he went on to teach at  the University of Chicago. (He refers to himself as a constitutional law professor and even stated, “I actually respect the Constitution.”) (Please read everything else about Pres. Obama.)

After college, Obama became a college professor/community activist. Then, he became involved in politics at the state level, followed by becoming a US Senator. And finally, securing the presidency for eight years. The following is a recap from Wikipedia of some of Obama’s acts:

  • FIRST 100 days in office, Obama directed us to withdraw from Iraq.
  • Obama attempted to close GITMO, but Congress refused to close it.
  • On Oct. 8th, 2009, Obama signed the Matthews-Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crime Prevention Act, protecting gender issues, sexual orientation, and gender identity or disability.
  • One thing that Obama learned was how do I take credit for giving an order to kill the man named Osama Bin Laden. Osama was buried at sea. The American public never got to see him after he was killed.
  • Obama thought so little of himself and America when he bowed to the Saudi Arabian prince.
  • Obama and the Syrian Red Line: Remember when Syria’s president, Assad, gassed his own people? And Obama said that was a red line and if Syria did it again there would be consequences? Well, Assad did it again and guess what? No consequences from the Coward-in-Chief.
  •  Obama states that no person or groups from different countries pass our borders without permission.
  •  Many, many democrats receive pipe bombs sent to them, but they didn’t explode…   Ten or more suspicious packages  received by Obama on down through the mail.
  • 12-07-2018 James Comey was interviewed by the GOP and Loretta Lynch will be interviewed next week.

Hillary and Obama have broken laws. Perhaps Hillary did it first or Obama did it first.  Hillary lost all the e-mails and didn’t say she did. Obama never said he had Hillary’s e-mails. Who do you blame?

The American People know the facts. We are not stupid, even though our leaders think we are. We demand justice. We’re sick of the two tier system of justice, where powerful people get off and the little guy gets prison time. We need to stop using the Statute  of  Limitations.

Over the years, there have been many politicians who have been investigated, charged, and found guilty. Hillary is starting to be investigated again.  Obama still has to be charged and found guilty before he is out of the Statute of Limitations time frame.

A judge made a judgement on 12-7-2018 regarding  Hillary’s emails and not following “government transparency”.   He gave Judicial Watch 10 days to get information from Hillary before the House is taken over by the democrats, when Nancy Pelosi becomes the Speaker of the House.

Bill Clinton is a wildly visible trickster.   He will be investigated soon! It’s just facts…So, we all have seen so many of these folks get investigated.  We would like to see one more.

On 12-11-2018,  three people held a meeting together.  Two of the them kept changing their minds on the years they spent in power in their positions in the Senate and in the House.  This time it was them changing position on the Border Position;  it was Senator Schumer and House Speaker Nancy  Pelosi.  The new President, two years in office was Donald Trump, who won the meeting of the two.

Sean Hannity, 12-11-2018, summed it up by reminding us that Pelosi, Schumer, and Obama in the past were for stronger border security and against illegal immigration. Now they have changed those positions. Why?

On 12-12-2018, a judge sentenced President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Mike Cohen, to prison for three years.  He was taken into custody right after court.

So, if other people are being held accountable, charged, found guilty and sentenced, why aren’t Obama and people in his administration being investigated, NOW!

Now George H.W. Bush has gone to meet his first love in heaven, but hopefully, Obama will be going to Court.






BOOM! Finding Facts-on HILLARY

BOOM!  FINDING FACTS AND BRING THEM ALL TO JUSTICE!! (The Clintons are complicated people.)

Facts are always very important. What is the definition of a fact? According to Reader’s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary,  ” a fact is something that actually exists or has actually occurred; something known by observation or experience to be true or real.”

Bill and Hillary (ages 71 and 70) got every possible break on their way up the political and monetary ladder over their political lives, but now it’s time for them to pay the piper, because, hopefully, Lady Justice will take them down. It will be a WWF fight the likes of which has never been seen. Even Watergate pales in comparison. They have both been corrupt and guilty all this time and you can see it if you’re looking. If we use our imaginations, we can see the corruption in these two people’s lives.

So if you’re going to study and investigate Bill and Hillary, years before you could have started studying them very quickly and you would probably have guessed pretty accurately what they were all about. But, since you are studying them now, their lives and lies have become so complicated and things have surrounded them, you don’t know what to believe or what not to believe. You know the big people, like governor, president, Secretary of State,  can fire anyone they want. In fact, there have been rumors that certain people have, in fact, killed themselves. Bill and Hillary have never been able to escape those rumors of their past. They always come up.

Hillary Clinton is such a complicated person.  We heard a lot about her before now and we don’t know what we will learn before we hear the last of her! Now, even people with responsibility (media, GOP, law enforcement, etc.) are telling us that rumors we have heard about Hillary, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and others are true.

Bill Clinton is no angel either. As president, he was impeached.  Hillary was the Secretary of State when she was involved with Benghazi and also Russia (two very serious things) and lied about her involvement.  Trump was not even President……..yet.

GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION: There are many liars in Washington, DC. We have to find these people, add them to the list and get the facts. Many people have actually died who have been aligned with Bill and Hillary. Bill and Hillary have been called liars.

Hillary Clinton said, “I should have been PRESIDENT as I won the election” (She stated this in an interview on May 2017.). Many people think she should have been incarcerated before-hand.

Hillary has given us much to consider over the years. Let’s look at the chronology of the things she has done as Secretary of State and other times, such as the Benghazi catastrophe and the Uranium deal with Russia, basically a pay-to-play deal.

Another author, A.J. Luttrell,  that holds an account to look at is from the Arlin Report. He writes many articles dealing with the Clintons and others. You can also look at other people writing exposes on the Clintons and others as well over the years.

One of the things that is easy to prove is that they {Hillary, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, who wrote the cover-up memo, and others, collaborated on the Benghazi Cover-up.  “Breaking: they did it–deleted Benghazi e-mails recovered Dec. 20, 2016.” Hillary’s name is tagged to everything. And yet, after many hearings on Benghazi, no one really has been held accountable, except for a few employees that were put on administrative leave and then allowed to resume their jobs in other government positions.

We found out about Hillary and James Comey, former Director of the FBI, on October 12, 2017, and Nov. 20th, 2017 doing the Hillary shuffle–Hillary opens her mouth. The first thing I wonder about are two things: 1)How much chardonnay is going into it and 2) What garbage will be coming out of it.

Another untimely suicide…another Hillary acquaintance, major player in Hillary’s inner circle, “suddenly commits suicide.” Look what he knew. His name was Steven Mostyn. Died on Thursday, Nov. 21st., 2017. He was 46 years old. He was going to step away from politics to spend more time with his family. “He was suffering from mental health issues,” said his wife, Susan Tompkins Buell, a radical environmentalist and member of George Soros’ Democratic Alliance.

Nov. 21, 2017 Bill Clinton quiet about pedophile sex plane…the log will speak volumes. He was on Jeffery Epstein’s private jet, the Lolita Express, which reportedly offered underage girls as passengers to rape and sexually assault. In 2008, Epstein was convicted of soliciting sex of underage girls as young as fourteen.

Hillary’s missing e-mails: IG Report on Hillary is our best shot about Hillary’s e-mails. The rest of her e-mails have still not been turned over and no one has talked about doing so.

Hillary has not been tried yet for Uranium deal with Russia. There is evidence that Obama was involved. Remember, the Rosenbergs were executed for selling State secrets.

Jan. 4, 2018 Justice Dept. investigating Clinton Foundation over pay-to-play allegations. Hillary Clinton backer allegedly paid 500 thousand dollars to fund women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct. This allegation went away like the Dodo bird.

Jan. 18th, 2018 We have to remember that Hill and Bill have been together a long time, thinking and planning what they were going to do in the future. They started in Arkansas. Later, they built their life in D. C. and kept their political power going strong. Then they thought of things that they were going to do regarding Russia, when Hillary was Secretary of State. Today, many people are named that knew a whole bunch about that Trump Dossier. No one ever mentioned Hillary and Bill. We did.

People were saying the following about Hillary over the years: Should have been incarcerated before hand. Conversation about her book “What if….. Hillary and Comey were found out on  Oct. 12th, or thereabouts, 2017. Comey had actually written an exhoneration letter before his investigation of Hillary’s e-mails was even completed.

Sean Hannity set out a large graph on Hillary Clinton on his show on November 2017.  What has been done to charge her?  We know who can do it, so why has it not been done thus far? The AG, FBI, Grand Jury,  Special Counsel or Executive Branch could do it.  So they can say “BOOM” WE ALL KNOW THE FINAL FACTS AND YES, HILLARY YOU’RE GUILTY!

CONCLUSION: Hillary all her life has offered us facts. One major fact is that she has lied and lied. She left her job in Arkansas, she was thrown off the Watergate case, she lied about being shot at during the Balkan War, Benghazi and a host of other things. Not only did she herself lie, but she colluded with others.

After reading the material we have presented to you, you should come up with your own conclusions on Hillary and the others.  The Asst. AG, Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray were testifying before the House Committee on June 28, 2018  regarding Pres. Trump, Hillary, etc. You may want to watch these testimonies.

Hillary Clinton must be stopped!  How do we do it? How do we stop her and Bill now?    Hillary, Bill, and others must all be sent away…let them go up the ladder of success and let them fall all the way down to nothing!

STOP THEM NOW!  Hillary, Jim Comey, McCabe, Lynch and others are going to be checked out by the DOJ. Hopefully, there will be some accountability.

Hillary spoke at Yale ceremony on May 20th, 2018. She even brought a Russian hat to the ceremony.  Hillary cannot stand back ever.

Has Hillary broken the law and will there be justice?  Yes, she has broken the law, but there won’t be justice.  One of the planners of the Benghazi attack only got 22 years. Based on four deaths and countless injuries to Benghazi victims and Hillary’s lying to the families of those victims, she is accountable, should be charged, found guilty and sentenced to death! What a wonderful fantasy! There are a lot of government men and women in office who are looking for Hillary’s punishment in prison! And this is their fantasy!

What is the truth about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and FISA Court, Rosenstein was asked? Rosenstein couldn’t respond!

When reading about Hillary and all these people, we realize how complicated it must seem, because it is complicated. Hillary is asked one question and she throws up a smoke screen or a red herring…or just plain lies. On June 28th, 2018 Hillary, in the British press, compared herself to Winston Churchill. Her hubris is beyond anything imaginable.

On June 28th, 2018 Trey Gowdy grilled Asst. AG, Rosenstein over the politization of the Department of Justice. He questioned why the Russia investigation was taking so long and brought up the term, “Justice delayed is justice denied.” He challenged Rosenstein to just get the ‘damned’ investigation finished, that it was ripping America apart.

Well, Hillary and Bill, you have so many facts leading to you.  It is now time to say good-bye. Justice will come to the right person who pursued your lies. They won’t let you do anymore corruption.

We ALL need to get together, regardless of party affiliation and get rid of these bums: political lawbreakers, criminals, etc. Vote the bums out! Maybe it’s time to look at some new constitutional amendments and/or regulations to clean up agency corruption.

BOOM! BOOM! Look out, Hillary and Bill! The facts are coming for you!

Next article: “Barack Obama was taped in 2013 that the United States of America will not be spied upon. Obama on IG report was direct respondent to Hillary’s direct e-mail account; also direct phone line. Can we find out if Hillary and Obama are on the same page? Although they are different people, their actions are the same.




Hillary Clinton got what she deserved in her “Faked” election!  She lost!

Hillary thought she won the election with the number of  popular votes she received, however she lost the election when she lost the Electoral College. So therefore, she lost again! But according to Hillary, losing is not in her vocabulary! So she stayed around and went to things, like Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th.

Let’s look at how Hillary and Bill Clinton  started  their political lives. If you want to delve into this more fully, there is an abundance of articles, books, and Congressional Records to assist you. Their political lives really began in Arkansas.   They started in the Arkansas government in 1979 when Bill became governor and Hillary became First Lady of Arkansas. Bill allowed his gravitas to get him into trouble as a governor. He got into trouble with Jennifer Flowers, his long-time mistress, and others, however it never prevented him from further politics. Bill and Hillary kept their marriage together and then went on to Washington, DC.

Despite all this, Bill went on to become president of the US and Hillary became First Lady. He wound up being impeached.

After 8 years, upon leaving the White House, Hillary runs for senator of New York and wins. Then she runs against Barack Obama in presidential primary and he gets the Democratic nomination and Hillary loses the nomination. Of course, he appoints her as Secretary of State and keeps her four years. Then we see what she was after she became Secretary of State. After all her trouble, Hillary Clinton seems, as usual, to keep us highly informed of her decisions. In 2016, she again runs for the presidency. However, she loses again, but this time to Donald Trump. But we shall see that this 68 year old woman shall not let us forget what she’s doing next. In fact, we have just learned that she has her name, Hillary, on a soda can.

Hillary Clinton will always be remembered for her role in Benghazi. The American people will not forget her incompetence and neither will the House Committee on Benghazi. She cannot shake Ambassador Chris Stevens  and others, both the wounded and the dead. If you want to read more about Hillary Clinton, you can look at “Special Ops OPSEC”,  in “Breach of Duty” on Hillary Clinton.

Hillary hasn’t forgotten about the presidency. She’s thinking what she wants to do in 2020. However, we have never forgotten and neither has the House Committee on Benghazi.

People have said the following:

Hillary wanted people to wish she had won the election. The net just closed a little tighter around Hillary. They said this, too about Chelsea Clinton. “Chelsea Clinton spreading fake news.”

These people have also spread the facts about Obama.  “Days after Obama’s shadow government is ousted, an even more disturbing discovery comes to light. Lt. Col. Tony Shafer stated,” Obama laid ‘trip wires’ in the intelligence community to sabotage Trump.Obama’s last act was to give 221 million dollars to  Palestine.

On January 24th, four days after Trump takes office, The Dow Jones almost hits 20,000. Since Trump has been in office, he has tried to get his Cabinet in place, he selected his choice for Supreme Court Justice, he has pushed Congress to come up with a replacement for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare),  he is addressing immigration reform,  nullified a trade agreement that was bad for America, eased regulations on coal mining, is promoting oil pipelines, and has kept jobs in America that were going overseas.

Obama wants to learn to learn how ski on wave skis, Trump wants to learn how to be a president, and Hillary wants to win the presidency in 2020! So, we are all aware of what the players are up to regarding the presidency!

Why are we revisiting Hillary? She lost the election and that’s it, right? Wrong. Although she lost the election, there is still the accountability issue. Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, DNC leaks, tampering with Bernie’s primary, Sec. of State pay to play, e-mails that keep materializing on other people’s laptops, etc.. Some of these may be criminal acts, and if so, she doesn’t get to take the 3:10 to Yuma. She has to be prosecuted like any of us would be. So long as these issues are unresolved, we are going to keep reminding everyone about them until some modicum of resolution is achieved. Thus far, nothing has happened. This is one of the reason’s Donald Trump got elected. The average person is tired of the double standard of accountability. Take Lois Lerner, for example. Remember her? The IRS queen. More than ample evidence for prosecution. Instead, immunity for information. And what happened? Nothing. No jail time for anyone. Just big, fat retirement checks. She wasn’t the only IRS bum. There are and were plenty of them. Who cares about indictments? They are as useless as restraining orders. Jail time instead of probation.

Why is there not good news to report on? There is more important bad news to raise to the fans, like Jimmy Joe broke his skate board, little Mary Jane went to the park, and Ted sang a song to fulfill the audience’s desires. And if you’re Hillary, you wouldn’t report the truth on yourself or others; instead you would instigate red herrings.

The government finally enacts laws that will cover protected groups. Protect all people. But they haven’t charged any big power players, such as: Obama, Hillary, and especially Soros.

In all that is said and done by politicians over the years, Republicans and Democrats have said and done many things. Over the course of political life, there have been countless men and women of both parties that have been investigated, brought into Court, found guilty and were sentenced. This will happen again, but we don’t know who, GOP or Dems!

Donna Brazile has just admitted giving the questions beforehand to the Clinton Camp for a town hall meeting and of course Hillary used them for debate prep. With these folks, Hillary, Obama and Donald Trump, we don’t know how far it will take anyone who finds out what they have done to adjudicate them.

Here is what is coming that Obama thinks after eight years he was done, but he’s getting inside with FISA wire-tapping, investigating Donald Trump. We’ll find out in the future how it all unfolds for Trump and Obama.

Hillary is starting over and coming out of the woods.We will also find out what will happen to Hillary and her political future as president, should she win the presidency.







In October 2014,  Eyesonusa.org began an examination of  President Obama’s administration  and many others, who have political and criminal troubles. Eyesonusa.org stated that people should have consequences for their troubled lives. President Obama and Hillary Clinton should be aware of the problems they have caused  the people of America. We have waited for Hillary Clinton’s thirty plus years of her political life and twelve years of Obama’s political life to receive their consequences  by someone in authority.

Other people have misbehaved and have waited for their consequences, too.  Obama and Hillary’s negative characteristics and personality flaws have been on-going for years, and by now they should have been held accountable by the authorities in America and by the American people. All you have to do is print everything bad that both Hillary and Trump have stated in this campaign. Read articles, t.v., and 33 articles from Eyesonusa.org to get your start. Lastly,  Huma Abedin has told the FBI when Hillary tells her she has a new device, she has to forward it to Obama. In turn, he contacts Hillary via e-mail on her new device, using his username/pseudonym. Many Americans have been labeled by others and have received their consequences.

So for Hillary, where do we begin? It started with Watergate and this man named Jerry Zeifman, former counsel to the House Judiciary Committee. Because President Nixon resigned and did not enter the impeachment process, Hillary was not officially fired, but  probably would have been. According to Jerry Zeifman, Hillary “was a liar, she was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

Over the past thirty political years, Hillary’s characteristics have been there. We watched her, Republicans have tried to prevent her from taking public office,  and they looked at Bill Clinton’s immorality with women, as well as his impeachment. So, from Jerry Zeifman one thing that “we knew was she was a liar, an unethical lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House and the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

Here is the investigation on Hillary that you should have received, if we had started it. If Hillary wanted everything to be learned about her, she had thirty years in politics to tell us. For Hillary, she should have told us about Benghazi (everything), Bill Clinton, and the e-mails. And that could have been done a long time ago. Since Hillary hasn’t done it, we have put it to an investigation. Let’s say it’s been a pretty bad investigation, for it’s lasted us thirty years and at least a year and a half more, since she wants to be president.

So let’s start our investigation: Over thirty years Hillary has remained our target. During the last thirty years, there have been many people who have also taken part in her schemes and plots. The first thing that we would have to know is what she and the other people did. We can find out simply by talking to all of them. We could have found out for every person, the good and the bad in it. That would have made things much easier, had we known everything much earlier. A pattern of her amoral, sociopathic behavior is well-documented: for example,Watergate, covering for Bill Clinton’s sexual predation, as well as his impeachment, Rose Law Firm shenanigans, mistreatment of Secret Service when she was First Lady, lying about sniper fire in Bosnia, lying about being broke and now worth almost 200 million dollars. And let’s not forget pay for play Clinton Foundation/State Dept. relationship, e-mail server scandal, bribery, and trying to steal primary from Bernie Sanders. Should there be  consequences for these outrageous behaviors? Absolutely!

From Hillary she admitted she had a private server and she did not want to blame Obama. (Obama emailed Hillary using a pseudonym.) For her admittance, did she have any authority for private server?   A private server should never, under any circumstances, have been at her private residence, because of national security regarding sensitive materials.  So, Hillary has started this whole thing, whether she blamed Colin Powell, President Obama, or anyone else.

If Hillary had been forth-coming with all of her e-mails in the first place, we wouldn’t have to re-open the FBI investigation. If you’re going to start your investigation on Hillary etal, here is the recap:

  1. Hillary had national security and classified e-mails on her personal server (She is responsible for this.).
  2. We have learned that Hillary has a pathology of lying and looks for perpetrators who have a similar pathology.
  3. Hillary has staff who are aiding and abetting.
  4. Hillary received money through nefarious means.
  5. Those who have assisted Hillary are also guilty of the same crimes as Hillary.
  6. Hillary has received countless messages on unsecured devices, instead of through approved government server.
  7. Did Hillary Clinton ever touch any of the specifics, such as classified information, national security, Benghazi, or private server.
  8. Hillary’s hands are in many criminal enterprises!

Now that you started your investigation on Hillary, will you keep it up? So, here are some other people that should be part of your investigation.

So we know a little bit more about Obama, as we have added now Huma Abedin and her testimony to the FBI. If you want to do more on Obama, you can start. On the investigation, you might start with this.  Obama investigation: such as, where he was born, Frank Marshall, his mentor, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko (spent 10.5 yrs plus living in a halfway house, but nothing happened to Obama), Charles Ogeltree, Jr., and  Reverend Wright. We’ve given you your best start. If you want, there’s Donald Trump and others to also investigate.

You are an investigator and you have been studying Hillary over the years. You can tell what she looks like, what she has done, who she has married, how she has behaved, and who she has blamed for her actions. You have been studying what makes the person, or persons, fit into doing a civil case, a felony case, a misdemeanor case, or a non-legal troubling one or a bad one.  When did you, or the others, begin your investigation?  Did you have the motive, or you discover the motive as you developed or progressed?

Well, now that you’ve done the work on Hillary and compared it to our investigation, where would you stand? Since the government won’t do anything about her, what can you do about it? You can vote against her!

Now there is a lot more to be investigated. There’s President Obama, Biden, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Huma Abedin, and many more. Let’s talk about Huma first. There is a video explaining her history with Saudi Arabia and terrorist ties. She worked with the Institute of Minority Affairs, (a radical Muslim agency) as well as The Muslim Students Union. Her mother, Saleha, belongs to the Muslim Sisterhood and is an activist for Sharia Law. Saudi Arabia has funded about 20% of Hillary’s campaign. With this background, Huma should have her security clearance revoked, as well as Hillary. Again, is this enough for you to get started on your investigation of these people?

You have a little about a CORRUPT GOVERMENT!  You have found out about Hillary and her people.  We have found out what Hillary is. Privately, we’ve learned what she has become. Politically, Hillary was a poor Senator and State Officer, and Hillary is a bonafide criminal. What you don’t know is what this government is about to do her, if anything! We’re waiting, too!

Thank God for us. We have done our investigation on Hillary, Bill, Obama, Huma, and others. You may have finished your investigation and found that both candidates, Hillary and Trump, are bad and need punishment, but which of them is the worst?

And if JAMES COMEY does another thing like he did before, just yell at him and say “we’re going to vote our ballot and vote for Trump anyway.”

We have discovered under our investigation that  Presidential candidate, Hillary, is our Liar-in-Chief!

VOTE  WISELY before or on November 8th!

We are American patriots.




Over the years you have seen people tell lies among themselves, or about  wars and the economy.  You know, you can even  tell that some tell more lies than others about the war and economy.  Many lies about the economy are minimized. Over the rest of the journey, those people who have the most lies in their lives about the economy, lie to their families and others about how they spent their money, e.g., they spent 200 dollars, but told everyone they only spent 100 dollars.

What we have to do is tell which are the good people and  expose  the bad people, who must suffer the most severe of consequences.  Have these people shown enough of their individual personalities and lies, or not?  Everyone on this page must be evaluated so that we tell  what kind of individual they were as a kid, a teenager, as an adult.  We must learn that as an adult, they might have still carried a lot of individual personas throughout their adult life.  When we stop and look at these people, we can see how they failed at where they could be.

What we will do is to look at several people here, show a number of them and where their  individual personalities are right now.

So, let’s start with Barak Hussein Obama, our president. We have studied him for the past 7 and a half years.  Obama set the record for the deficit of 19 trillion dollars this year. He inherited a deficit of 8 trillion dollars from President Bush and then over the next 7.5 years,  ran the deficit up to 19 trillion dollars! Therefore he lied by not reducing the deficit!

It is important that we study his early life.  During his early life, we can give  yes’s or no’s about whether he would turn out to be a good teenager. He had some good things about him in his life–his mother, his father, step-father, and his grandparents. Then he had some poor teenager friends: Tom  Topolinski, Choom Gang, and Sohale Siddigi from Pakistan.  And surely, we didn’t expect him to graduate from high school with grades that probably did not warrant graduation, but he did graduate, nevertheless. After all, he did inform us that in his junior and senior year he abused marijuana, cocaine and alcohol.

Then he went to college and of course, we have no idea how he even got into college with those high school grades and where he got his money to fund his education. He went to a number of colleges. We don’t have to announce whether they were good or bad, but let’s just say he met a number of bad people who kept him going financially or otherwise. For example, Bill Ayers, who is an admitted domestic terrorist. President Obama met this insane guy at Bill Ayer’s home, when Ayers helped kick-off his political career.   Interestingly, Obama’s  transcripts are sealed and unavailable to us, the people. Why not?

Obama supported a passive government, ALONG WITH 367 ROUNDS OF DROPPED BALLS OF GOLF!   And we haven’t seen him and his family  sitting and listening to his Pastor, Rev. Wright, since he gained the White House, have we? We will be following him for a little  longer.  We will see if he gets any consequences.

We now go from one good or bad person (Obama) to another good or bad person (Hillary Clinton), but we still see in our individual evaluations of them their individual personalities. As noted above, we saw Obama’s individual personality, and now we will see Hillary’s individual personality.

The next big gun is Hillary Clinton.  Hillary has said she hasn’t told any lies. In college she adopted the Saul Alinsky model and continues to apply it to this day. Hillary and Bernie Sanders should actually be running mates, since they have more in common (Saul Alinsky) than not. It takes one socialist to know one. Hillary is a socialist for everyone else, but for herself capitalism will do just fine. You don’t believe it? Check out the Clinton Foundation, along with her and Bill’s speeches. Who will she be today? Saul Alinsky or capitalist?

Obama has been studied for his ages and he has been  given an evaluation. We’ll bring you our study at the end so you will learn what we evaluated. But now here is Hillary Clinton.

Here is where we really start studying Hillary. There is so much to study…about forty years, going all the way back to when she was a young, practicing attorney on the Nixon Watergate scandal. She was fired from the Watergate team. Then she went on to the White House with Bill  where she was involved in pork belly futures, investing 1,000 dollars and making 100,000 on that investment.  Rose Law Firm billing  records mysteriously showed up at the White House when Hillary was First Lady.

So Hillary has always  wanted to run for the presidency  and now she is. But unlike the other years we had to look at her, we now  had to endure the FBI investigation regarding her tenure while Secretary of State.

Hillary loses no matter what regarding e-mails.   [Check out Catherine Herridge and Pamela Browne’s most recent article of May 30th, 2016: Former State Dept. watchdog debunks central Clinton email claim. (Fox newsfeed under politics.)]  Hillary was exonerated by the FBI and now the  State Department is investigating further.

But we’ll handle Hillary later.

Bill Clinton was a “horn dog” as a governor in Arkansas. The old President, Bill, was known as an “Impeached Disgrace” as well as a “notorious horn-dog!” It’s understandable that he continues with his insatiable desires…that’s who he is.

Don  Trump  should have said he would like to be “Dave” in the movie (1993) of the same name. The character in “Dave,” Bill Mitchell, was making believe he was  president of the USA and was collaborating with his  Chief of Staff, Bob Alexander (played by Frank Langella) who loved money and power and wouldn’t do anything to save those in need. Then Dave wakes up and realizes the presidency is more than just a budget.

June 7, 2016 earned Trump some major talking creds.  He w0n all his primaries that day and made his gigantic conquests against his   foes, Hillary and Bill Clinton!  He said, something like, “I’ll be reading everything about Bill and Hillary on Monday,”   or so he said.  We’ll continue to talk about Trump later.

The last man, at his age, Bernie Sanders, who still wants to be President is going to the convention, but we now know he’s going to support Hillary. We’ll have to see what happens after the Democratic Convention. Bernie will be at the podium giving out his statements.

Over the course of the Republican primary,  politics  was the rapture of these individuals,  Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and fourteen others.  They were all good, but didn’t make out. We’ll talk about these former candidates later, what they were talking about when they were running and evaluate them at that time.

Over the next 6 or 7 months Obama got several choices to make during his ranting life.   About 6 or 7 months from now, he can retire with his wife and his two daughters and work on his memoirs. Perhaps he can write about how he didn’t annihilate ISIS, he widened the racial divide in this country, endangered law enforcement lives and did not encourage upholding the rule of law. We think his influence clearly allowed the AG Lynch to let Hillary off the hook.

Will Hillary get indicted by FBI? This is one of her main problems everyone thought right now. She can try to will it away all she wants, but it is not going away. The State Department has thrown in its own investigation and Hillary has admitted making mistakes with her e-mails. Will the FBI charge Hillary with perjury? And we can’t leave Bill behind.

With the names listed, Obama, Hillary, Bill, Trump and the others, have been given their worse or best as evaluated.  Each have had their good-bad days.  They will have their consequences, full or minimum, and live with either one (We will have our evaluations for Obama and Hillary down the road, and we’ll give you Trump’s a little bit later also.) .

9-14-2016   Speech by Obama on TV showed he underestimated  ISIL and still referred to it as the JV team ….Hillary has to decide whether to stay with Obama or stray down another path from Obama…Time will tell. We shall see.

President Obama gave the  King of Saudi Arabia a Royal salute after his election.  Is that what he was told to do….Is that the  thing we don’t know about him, paying homage to the Saudis? If Hillary wins the election, will she and Bill do the same thing? Time will tell. We shall see.

A thing we can say for sure is why doesn’t anyone believe Hillary Clinton is a major crook? If we were Donald Trump at this moment in his quest for the presidency, we would have to tell him that the first week of July, we would start our speech with this: When are they going to charge Hillary with perjury? The second thing we would say is: Can we get another AG besides Loretta Lynch, so that this action by the FBI could not be called  frivolous? And the third thing Donald would have to  say: Do we have to give this FBI thing about Hillary and a thing about DOJ to Obama who will probably exonerate her?

On 6-28-2016, we got what most wanted:  The Report from Benghazi.  We heard some different bomb shells.  First there was the WH meeting regarding the cover up video.  Second, no one was sent to help until after the fact.  And highlighted, no one, particularly Obama, Hillary,  and anyone else in the Executive Branch would take ownership, especially with the election looming for presidency in 56 days.

Can you guess who was smack dab inside of the 339 page Democratic Benghazi Report and the 800 page Republican report? Not Donald Trump! It was Obama, Hillary, and Panetta talking about Benghazi.

When Hillary heard that the Benghazi Report was done, she could have said, “I’ve heard this stuff for 25 years.”  Maybe she, like others,  have stopped their work long before she began the quest for becoming the first woman President of the United States.  Maybe  she would have stopped her “it was the video” lie.

Then Committee Chair, Trey Gowdy , said, “I simply ask the American people to read this report for themselves, look at the evidence we have collected, and reach their own conclusions.”

The FBI made their decision after the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton on July 5, 2016…”NOT GUILTY…but Highly Incompetent!”    With our knowledge on what she is running for (Madame President),  she will be in charge of her finger on the red button.

The Congressional Committee investigating Hillary’s e-mails  had the FBI Director, James Comey, in for a bunch of questions after he said they had questioned her for 3 1/2 hours on a Saturday.  The Congressional Chairman said that he should have held Hillary for Perjury after all her lies.

Did FBI James Comey  ask Hillary about her first day as Secretary of State and to anyone else if they lied?   Did Hillary ask Bill if Obama would see Bill first or herself?  Did she tell her attorney?  Did she tell anyone else?  Did Hillary even tell PRESIDENT OBAMA anything? (Will talk about that later on BFF paragraph.)

What would you do if you had all these people’s decisions?  When you take  a look at all of them, would you accept all of them or would some fail over the others?  Would you give passing grades of A’s and B’s to Donald Trump (running against Hillary) or would you give D’s or F’s to Hillary?

PERJURY…These people, Obama, Hillary, Lynch, and others, should all be tried for perjury and for failing in their Government roles!

BFF (Best Frenemies Forever) – Obama, Bill, and Hillary became very close after 2008 Presidential election; didn’t they.  Money was just as close to all three!  Did Bill talk to Obama about money, fraud,  or other quid pro quo?  Did Hillary talk to Obama first? If he were a bad president, would she hold him accountable? Remember, Bill was an impeached president, Hillary is his wife, and Obama came third! You can flip it any way you want.

And don’t forget Obama…He has only 6 months left on his job!

We will get back to Donald Trump  after his Republican Convention on 7-21-2016.  He is confident, non-political, positive, and will be the American leader.  Well see what Hillary will say during her convention!

EPILOGUE:  The Report on Benghazi was handed down on 6-28-2016. (See above statement by Trey Gowdy.)  When we watched the movie   “13 hours” on 6-28-2016, we decided that we would leave the confidence of the people of the United States  in your hands.

The field of you operatives Obama, Hillary, WH staff, and others who shared in decisions made, or not made, is like a CEO selling cars for 7 years that economically and financially are  not making it; you all should be FIRED!  But if those above are the leaders of the GOVERNMENT they need to be not only FIRED, but also  IMPEACHED, or tried in COURT.  Or you can find something very immoral those people did, Obama, Hillary,  and the others: lying to the faces of  parents  and families of the victims of the Benghazi attack… Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty.





























What was America like back in 1944? How did we, as students, learn the Constitution and values? Who were our leaders? And who thought about this country? Who sang the songs of just how beautiful and free we all felt? Those were good people and we all saw who were bad in our country.

Since 1941, we decided what was a bad deal, Pearl Harbor, and we sought out those good people, men and women, to fight the bad people, Japan and Germany. These people, who fought in World War II, knew what we had to do to bring our illustrious world back to the number one country in the world, America. Those people who were not in favor of WWII talked against it, brought disfavor to a wonderful country and we were not in favor of them.

This is our country-the United States. We knew what direction we were going in, positive, utmost, and unforgettable. And those that were bad people, we even tried to work with them and lift them up. Unfortunately, politicians don’t seem to know the difference.

Since 1944, we have seen tens of thousands of good people in the United States. They have helped us be  solid, happy and employed. They form together to build cities, counties, states, which makes a marvelous country.

It’s been about two thousand years since Jesus Christ was born. People saw him as good, because he made miracles happen. Others, obviously, were threatened by him and wanted him dead. Since that time, our world has lived with many good examples of people who would give of themselves to live a good life by assisting others. The bad people have chosen their way of living, which is a polar opposite. Sadly, the bad will always be with us.

In the past year  in America, we have seen the best of people: the Military, Physicians and medical personnel, law enforcement, and others. We have also seen the worst: politicians, government agencies, (VA Administration, etc.)  big mouths (the Media), and radical extremists and activists.

So what have the bad people produced? You remember, they have brought us the bad things in life, such as politicians, which have brought the government down, hackers, Isis, and Putin. There have been serial killings and domestic violence.

As we know today, Hillary Clinton has her proponents and her opponents. She has been the First Lady of Arkansas, as well as the First Lady in Washington, D.C. She has also been the Senator of New York and Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. Now she is running for the office of president. But she is facing Benghazi and her own personal Blackberry. Found on this Blackberry, was a personal account which had classified, top secret e-mails. She may be facing an indictment from the FBI, (at least twenty-two top secret e-mails thus far have been found), Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the Department of Justice, and then it goes to Barak Hussein Obama for pardoning.

It is inconceivable how this woman, Hillary Clinton, has clearly broken the law, does not accept responsibility, and continues to run for the presidency. She is absolutely shameless. And her husband is no better–an impeached president, no less.

An ethical, moral person would step down when the FBI started investigating. Even President Nixon had the decency to step down, rather than take the Country through an impeachment process. Hillary was kicked off the Watergate investigative committee, due to unethical practices and she witnessed her husband Bill being impeached. So this person knows the impeachment process of Nixon, how it impacted her behavior (ethical and moral behavior), and she witnessed her husband Bill’s impeachment. And now she is trying to defend herself.

Why hasn’t Obama, Hillary, or any of her proponents in Government talked about Hillary’s Benghazi? Because the focus has now moved to Hillary’s e-mail scandal and there’s no room or time for anything else. Shouldn’t we be hearing more about what Obama is doing? Who’s running this country?

So we’ve all seen good and bad in people. We all know how good evidence proves what  should happen to bad people. For example, we have all seen how OJ Simpson should have been treated in Criminal Court and how he got away with it. But yet, he did something else in Las Vegas, which got him time in prison. Hillary may become president with this thing on her shoulders and then this could turn out badly for her and the Country. We don’t know. It’s still open.


So as of February 1st, 2016, we’ll just have to do this. Obama will be out of office and we’ll have to look back at how he did as president. While we have enough people running for president, we will have to be the people who are smarter and not intimidated by these politicians, Obama or Hillary or other bad people. We have the power.

As this blog comes to press, the Iowa caucuses are occurring. The Iowans must separate the wheat from the chaff…in other words, learning to identify the good from the bad.

Somewhere along the line, the politicians forgot that they work for us. Instead, they think we work for them and this has become a pattern. We have to look at George W. Bush who left an 8 trillion dollar deficit, compared with Obama’s deficit of more than 18 trillion. We’ve got to set the process back in place, that the people want to keep a perfect government, that is listening to us and does what we want, not what they want.


We the people need to think about these things, since the founding fathers outlined our destiny by way of the Constitution. This is what defines our Nation. We have had good and bad politicians. We threw some of the bad politicians out, but there are still many more to dispose of, name them and hold them criminally responsible, if need be. What do we do with the Harry Reids, Nancy Pelosis and Paul Ryans  (a man who gave everything to the Democrats)?

We the people must learn to do things better, do our homework and be more informed. Watching people like Jesse Watters from Watters World is likable, amusing, but shows how lacking we are in general knowledge and specific knowledge of the Nation, Constitution, politics and civics.  We must learn from Watters and other well-informed people in order to advance ourselves in the Nation, Constitution, and political arena.

Our future world will look much better if we learn to be very cognizant and careful.  What if we had no elected officials? How bad could it be?

We the people will learn these things today and will be much better in the future. We are the most powerful people and the Government will soon learn it.












On Friday, the 13th of November, President Barack Hussein Obama said this, “ISIS is CONTAINED!”
On Friday, the same day, FRANCE IS BOMBED!!!

This has defined Obama’s Presidency!
France has settled its outcome into WAR!

Lt. Ralph Peters said on the Bill O’Reilly show on November 16, 2015, “We are AWOL.” ”

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post said this about Obama: “He should lead or resign.”

Other things have happened this month, as well. The GOP of South Dakota is filing an impeachment against Obama, but we will see how that develops.

For EyesonUsa, we will listen to another speech from President Obama. We know who he is. We knew who he was before he was elected. While we are still waiting for Pres. Obama to write the last moments of his presidency, we’ll have to turn our next EyesonUsa on Hillary Clinton, but we will still speak and EyesonUsa will still report. For over the years, we have had enough discussion on whether Hillary lies or not and we’ve already decided whether she does or she doesn’t.

“HILLARY CLINTON LIES!” By Jonah Goldberg July 10th, 2015

EyesonUsa has focused on Obama, but now it’s time to turn our focus on Hillary Clinton, before it’s too late. You know that “Hillary is a LIAR!”, says Jonah Goldberg, July 10th, 2015, at least those who say so will not vote for her on the 2016 elections. Before their 2016 vote, they will hear the same lies, for example:

(From Louder/Chowder blog)
1) “Chelsea was jogging in NYC when 9/11 attacks occurred. It was a lie. She was safely in her apartment at Union Square.”
2) “Walked in Bosnia/Serbia, faced a sniper.”
3) “Dead broke when Clintons left the White House.”
4) “Hillary said she was named after Sir Edmond Hillary.”
5) “Instrumental in Northern Ireland peace process.”
6) “She’s just like you.”
7) “It was a video/Benghazi”

Before we believe Obama and Hillary, they have had their lives spoiled by their multiple conflictions. We don’t have to settle their conflicts anymore. We only have to provide for them this last year. So, we will provide for you, the readers, settling their last years and helping you to provide the best opponent for next year’s election.

After eight years of Barak Obama and twenty-five plus years of Hillary Clinton, we can tell whether Barak Obama is going to finish his eighth year and tell whether she is going to finish out the latest things she’s saying. And from her infamous Benghazi statement, she said, “But, at this point, what difference does it make?” And as Ryan who wrote it, “What difference does any of it make?”

Here’s more, if you’d like to hear from Flurry of Thoughts and OPSEC. Both give more information on Hillary than one would ever care to realize and consider:

“Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater indictment draft sought in Judicial lawsuit.”
“Busted! Hillary’s Benghazi lies go even deeper.”
“OPSEC writes:’We’re releasing our revised and updated report on Hillary’s disastrous debacle in Libya on Sept. 11, 2011.'”
“Hillary, like Obama, unfit.”
“Hillary defends presidents with criminal records.”
“Hillary is a career criminal.”
“Hillary Clinton, Arms Dealer (FrontPage Magazine)”
“Hillary tweeted this during GOP debate: ‘That it’s insane.'”
“FBI expands probe of Clinton e-mails; launches independent classification.”
“Hillary outpacing of endorsements may be rigged.”
“Major donors to Clinton Foundation reveals dangerous stuff.”

As you can tell, Obama has proven to be an undeniably inept president. While percentages show his disapproval, he still will not go along with the percentages against him. EyesonUsa will continue to keep track of how he fills the remainder of his year in office. He will give us only the good things and not show how he is not doing his job.

Over twenty-five plus years, Hillary Clinton has shown much more than Obama. You will find throughout her life she has demonstrated controversy after controversy and we will have to see how she fits in the Benghazi tragedy, and whether or not the FBI takes action against her.

EyesonUsa has seen both Obama and Clinton expose their worse political selves as their political approval has dropped in America and cannot be improved. What we are now looking at is who on the Republican side can do more for America.

Americans have to do much more than what they have in the past. People need to take action against Obama and Clinton. The law, politics, the military, and the press will not have a Constitutional future, because of Obama and Clinton. Everybody has to believe that people have power. We must spread the word about who we are going to elect in 2016.

Watching the last two people, Obama and Hillary, have brought such thoughts, as we shall see, but we see different things, but we don’t act. Everyone has to repeat what Michael Goodwin says: “lead or resign.” Obama will not be here in 2017, as he has made his speeches, held his meetings, made his calls, and used his pen. Hillary, as we have seen over the past twenty-five years plus, has made her speeches, held her meetings, made her calls, and sent her e-mails.

We have to fill in our own truth or consequence for both of them. Chuck Norris has made up his mind. He feels this way about Obama and Hillary after watching them since their college years. They are both socialists like Cloward-Piven and he has studied and watched them.

Americans have to decide what we want in office. Do we want a socialist like the Cloward-Piven types, or something new? If you want to see what happens when socialism is in full force, watch “The Man in the High Castle” based on the book of the same name. If Americans want the socialist ideology to continue, vote for Hillary. But if you want Constitutional values to continue, vote against her.

But, after December 6, 2015, we couldn’t stop listening to Obama and Hillary speak one more time. On December 6th, 2015, President Obama made a speech from the Oval Office to all Americans. Terrorism, Gun control, and Muslims, etc. Needless to say, his speech was not very well-received. His address was weak with no clear messaging on defeating ISIS. Hillary started speaking again and her speeches were the usual lies, based on the December 8th headlines about Benghazi. A Pentagon official stated that U.S. military was ready to go to Benghazi, but never received the OKAY. Obama and Hillary must be subpoenaed regarding Benghazi after this new revelation. We have to expose all the lies.

Donald Trump, on December 8, 2015, threw out another salvo to America; he wants to suspend most foreign Muslims from coming to the United States until we get our immigration systems sorted out. He mentioned two presidents who took such drastic action, Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter. He was attacked by, not only Democrats, but also the press and his own party.

In America, we have also had things to follow: the Constitution, National Security, Military, and those who also use common sense. As you are following this article, President Obama is not using common sense. In America, we have the Federal Government, the state government, county/parish/commonwealths, and city/municipalities. In our Nation, we have defined borders, which we thought would keep unethical and illegitimate vagrants out, but Obama and Hillary have not used their common sense throughout their tenure in government. You can vote for Hillary, but her lack of common sense will continue and take down our goverment and this country further.

So, we have said, “enough is enough.” If Obama has not told the story, he must resign or be impeached. If Hillary Clinton has not been forth-coming in the last twenty-five plus years, she must not win the election in 2016.



We’re going to acknowledge wonderful things and select people who write things that are important to us. We’d like to say their names in our article, but we are not sure that their names can be provided. So, read the article with their exclamation mark and how they say that is what you wanted to say in your article, which is very important. One thing, one person remarked upon viewing the video blog was simply, “WOW!”

Below is a video blog that was posted on the internet. This is a written transcript of that video blog.

“Hey, Barak. My name is Carrie and my name is on multiple government watchlists for what I post on the internet, but I wasn’t always. In 2008, I was actually one of your most hysterical supporters, as you might be able to tell from this t-shirt that’s now vintage. It says ‘You’re my homeboy.’ I waited for three hours in the rain to see Michelle and Stevie Wonder and Oprah campaigning on your behalf, and this is me on the night you were elected, shedding a tear of euphoria because I thought history had been made. But like a lot of Obama supporters, I stepped back for a couple of years and figured I’d let you handle all that change, because you’re the one who was actually selling it anyway and then when I decided that maybe I should google the news to see what was going on in the world, I found that you had become exactly like the George Bush that I use to so vitriollicaly hate and now I know that your advisors don’t always tell you all about the evil things that are going on in your administration, because you’re just too busy-at least that’s what you tell the news, so I thought I’d give you a recap of all the mayhem and crime that you’ve been committing:

*You bailed out bankers and put them in your cabinet.
*You placed Monsanto in charge of your FDA.
*You helped out pharmaceuticals and health insurance companies with Obamcare.
*You expanded Bush’s wars and started new ones with drones, branding yourself a humanitarian war monger.
*You bragged about crippling sanctions against Iran, though they directly affected civilians.
*You extended the Patriot Act and asserted your right to spy on the American people.
*You also asserted your right to detain them without a trial.
*You even seized the authority to assassinate Americans without providing any evidence of their guilt or offering them due process of law.
*You viciously punished journalists and pursued whistleblowers who expose your crimes, though you vowed to protect them when you were running for office.
*You armed Al Queda insurgencies, refused to close Guantanamo, and you, along with Congress, have criminalized protests and still you have the audacity to scold dictators about democracy, protests, and freedom.

Mr. Obama, you are the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on the American people and it’s been a long time since I bought in to it. So, I think it’s about time to burn your shirt.
I absolve myself.

Now Barak, I can admit that I probably hated you more than I hated George Bush, because I felt personally betrayed by all of the lies you told. But really, I should thank you now, because a few years from realizing what a scam you were, I understand it’s not just you- it’s the institution of government that is the problem. It doesn’t matter what political party is in office, doesn’t matter if it’s a liberal or conservative or you or George Bush or anyone who will run for president or any other office in goverment, it’s the institution of government that is violent and forceful and coercive and kills people and subjects them to will with a force, and instead of spreading the same hate that you do with your rhetoric and that you and your fellow politicians decide to inflict on the rest of the world, I would rather spread love and peace and freedom and help people understand that this government that you are currently the head of, but it doesn’t really matter, is strictly violative and doesn’t do anything to help them, only restricts the potential of humanity. And that’s what Id like to share.

So, thanks, Barak.”

Carrie, you’ve had all that you have wanted in space regarding your founding father, Barack Obama, (aka: Barry Sotelo). Your founding father was first elected President of the United States in the year 2008. So, since he has been president, we have learned everything we wanted to know about him (at least we thought we did), until things jumped back at us to know more.

For instance, we know that he has been an individual that had a father who was not even an American citizen. The mother moved to Honolulu, had Barak Hussain Obama and at a hospital that apparently has confusing information regarding his birth record.(Dr. Orly Taitz is still pursuing filing to Court of Appeals and will hear it in 2015.) His mother also wanted him to be taught by his grandparents. We know that his mother lived in Indonesia with her new husband (Sotelo) and Barak.

Barak didn’t spend too much time associating with anyone as a youngster as far as we know, but it is two years of his juvenile life spending much time as a person smoking drugs and skipping school. Along with the above, was his famous history of knowing Franklin Marshall Davis, who was known as a man that was a communist, and someone who talked about juvenile sexual positions (Read 600 page FBI report regarding Davis.).

Throughout his living in Chicago, Illinois, Obama knew well of Tony Resko and his criminal behavior and, nevertheless, he involved himself with Resko and questionable real estate transactions. This is what we want to say about Barak Obama and his friendly first day open house with Bill Ayers. This will be forever dialogued in the future and for that reason we are dealing with it anymore in this essay.

So, by chance, Obama ran for president in 2008 and won and in 2012 he knocked off Mitt Romney. Both of those occasions can be discussed and we can certainly blame Mr.Romney, but unfortunately, the Republicans did not win in 2008 and 2012, which goes to say that no matter what, Obama is a liar. He got three legacies done that are established: Obama Care, stopped our attack in Iraq, and is about to sign an agreement with Iran of no nuclear weapons building. We don’t know if he will have a fourth legacy in the last months to follow or if he’ll have to answer in the future for anything he’s done.

We will now leave Obama and move on to 2016. For us to know more about Hillary Clinton, we’ve already had thirty years of Hillary’s shadowy and shady work in her political career. She was initially a lawyer on the Watergate Committee, whereby she was put off the Committee for unlawyerly conduct. Certainly, there were all Bill Clinton’s shenanigans, which, of course, she was aware of. Hillary went on to bemoan that this was a great, vast, right wing conspiracy aimed at her husband. She is now losing ground in being the Democrat leader in this upcoming 2016 election. We’ll follow up with this as she moves along, giving you a lot more on her e-mail debacle.

Along with following Hillary’s career, we will turn to another high profile figure, General David Petraeus. General Petraeus was convicted of a crime after it was established that he had classified information in his home. In fact, Barry Sotelo, also known as Barak Obama, and Hillary Clinton, have done many things that should be investigated and charged, as we have observed for years.

In this event, General David Petraeus broke one law, as we have known, and suffered the consequences and his long legacy of his career was broken because of this event. Obama and Clinton have had terrible things said about them and they are still being investigated after years of service. When will we hear the real truth in any events they have been involved with, but are not charged? As we now know, these events (Benghazi, etc.) started many years ago under Obama and Clinton, but we still haven’t heard to this day that they have any charges that are being brought against them.

Jill Kelly, a Lebanese-American socialite and Army volunteer, advised the FBI of her fear of being cyber-stalked. This in turn lead to the exposure of General David Petraeus e-mails to his lover, Paula Broadwell. (Refer to David Petraeus in Wikipedia, etal.) Petraeus admitted to offenses on November 8th, and resigned from his CIA post. He actually met with President Obama on November 8th, and President Obama accepted his resignation. President Obama, of course, was facing his November 12th election. This story has a lot to it, but more digging must be done to uncover all the truth, for example: Ms Kelly was also a social liaison during her years of employment, which also adds so much to this story.

We have told you the truth about Obama and Clinton over the past years, and yet our law enforcement agencies have not charged them. According to Mayor Rudy Giuliani, making a presentation to a 9/11 committee, he said that Obama knew about the ISIS movement long before he acknowledged it, and that Clinton has always had to face people about Bill Clinton and even her own involvement in numerous fiascos. As people know from all the things that they have heard and read, people know what is truthful and they will know when they die; the truth and facts will become crystal clear.

People will wear clothes and will eat the same things over the years. Needless to say, they will suffer their thoughts each day and will pursue the same goals. Thusly, when we look at each person, we can make the same statement about their politics. We have known that Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, General Petraeus, and Rudy Giuliani and we can say certain things about each one of them and be pretty accurate. Therefore, we have said our principles for each of them over the years and they can be visualized true or not true. We have said over the years that President Obama has taken the USA Ship of State and has taken it off course, which has brought us into decline. We said Hillary Clinton over the years will be another risk if chosen to become president of the United States. This will be handled by those investigating her this year. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton had countless affairs as a governor and president. Rudy Giuliani has the reputation of being a good mayor.

We have listed the good and bad things that these people have done in their careers. Some people have earned a lot of money by doing the right things. Some people have earned money in devious ways and have been charged and incarcerated for their behaviors. Some men have even earned four stars for their uniforms and we have seen, in a short period of time, that they have lost much. Obama, Hillary and Bill, should lose only one thing that we think they should lose: public respect and adoration.

Well, there is much thanks to give Carrie for your Obama insight and honesty. You have given the readermuch to think about, for a long time to come. Hopefully, when Obama leaves office in 2016, you’ll find Hillary Clinton facing her own “Signs of trouble” in 2016 and beyond.